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 11/20/2013 2:24 PM
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This Open Letter is published on this link. So you can pass this link around.

The previous related open letters are on these links.

This open letter is being sent to the members of these groups where we have an email address for the person.:
  1. Members of the Irish Parliament
  2. Senators of the Irish Parliament
  3. Irish Newspapers


1A. Ireland is Dying

In my last Open Letter to you all I referred to this link where you can read, and please allow me to quote.

"About 40,000 Irish people moved to Australia in 2011 and 2012, with 5,000 settling permanently. The Minister said the situation was a gain for Australia but a drain on Ireland. He said he looked forward to emigrants returning as the economy improved."

I would also point you all to this article. Published on August 30th 2013. I quote:

"Ireland's rate of emigration is continuing to increase and at one stage one person was leaving the country to live abroad every six minutes - the highest number since modern records began in the late 1980s.

New figures published on Thursday show 397,500 people have emigrated since Ireland's financial crisis began in 2008, with most travelling to the UK, Australia and Canada in search of work.

During the same period 277,400 people have returned or moved to Ireland, giving a net outward migration figure of 120,100. In a 12-month period from April last year, 10 people left every hour."

"Almost a third of 15 to 24-year-olds, who grew up during an era when highly paid jobs were plentiful, are now out of work and even those with jobs have seen their wages slashed.

More than a third of people leaving the country in the 12-month period to the end of April were between 15 and 24 years of age. Some 50,900 of the 89,000 people who emigrated were Irish citizens while the rest were nationals from other countries."

Ireland is dying and you people have killed it. And in the same period you have persecuted me while granting citizenship to my former wife and children you have shipped 40,000 of your people out to Australia.

So I have written a letter to your criminal peers in the Australian parliament, and Australian media and suggested a new slogan.

1B. Ireland is Dying

 That slogan would be:


Irish people do not welcome Australian people even of Irish descent.

Irish people do not care when Australians are victimised by the Irish Courts.

Irish people are flooding in to Australia and stealing jobs and stealing welfare and stealing property.


And keep firing them until they learn to treat Australians in Ireland fairly and justly.


Fire them until they get THEIR politicians to provide citizenship and visas like WE have provided citizenship and visas!!!


It has a certain ring to it, doesn't it?!

I wonder what your Irish Ambassador in Australia is going to make of me sending messages around saying:


I would just like to remind each of you that since you are such hypocrites that you have so recently shipped 40,000 Irish people to Australia to take Australian jobs and live on Australian welfare?

I rather think that your fellow Irish Men and Women are going to say that you paying me damages for not meeting your obligations under EU Legislation and giving me a work permit would be very fair indeed.

My fee is EUR800 per day from each of you. Since April 2012. It's going to add up ladies and gentlemen.

2A. The Ongoing Case of Jennifer Toal

I also wrote quite a detailed Open Letter today to the members of parliament in Australia. Most of it is not relevant to you Irish Members. It is mostly about the introduction of a limited state of conflict because the Australian Guvmint has unlawfully incarcerated a client of mine and is injecting him with drugs unknown as well as keeping him in solitary confinement.

These are ACTS OF WAR and WAR CRIMES. So a state of limited conflict with named enemy combatants has been claimed into existence in Australia.

This is something that I did more than a year ago for the land known as Ireland because there is no prospect of any of you members of parliament turning over a new leaf and starting to act like decent human beings any time soon. I think we can all agree that you members of the Irish Parliament intend to remain criminals until we route your out of your den with crowbars or bullets, which does not concern me.

The full Open Letter is available on this link.

But something else interesting has come to light over recent months. You might not be aware that Jennifer, the one you people openly supported commit the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse. The one whom you were presented evidence that she was a prostitute and who also openly admitted to be an adulteress. That fine character of a woman that you used your taxpayer money to support.

There was an outstanding question as to how it might be that she manipulated the father, Bill Toal, and her brother, Michael Toal (also a known ASIO agent) in to supporting her in her crimes.

Well Jennifer's little sister Suzanne confided in her in 1989 that her father had sexually molested her as a child. Jennifer repeated the allegation to me at the time asking my advice.

Suzanne Toal, at the time, was on drugs and living a "car crash" life. Her testimony would be very suspect in any reasonable court. The only three people who knew about this allegation as far as I am aware were Suzanne, Jennifer and I. But what if her drug additions and "car crash" life were the result of her childhood sexual abuse as is so often the case?

I repeated this allegation about a year ago to the local police in Wagga Wagga. We all know who dilligent police like to be when a credible allegation of female child sexual abuse comes up no matter how old. That is a rather touchy subject in Ireland, right?

Well imagine my surprise when the local police refused to investigate. So I put the allegation on to the facebook of Catherine Burn, the Deputy Commissioner of NSW Police. She used the incredibly lame excuse that publishing such an allegation might "prejudice proceedings" to delete it from her facebook with 400 people linked to it.

This was at the same time Rolf Harris, a national icon, was being pilloried in the main stream media in the UK and Australia for allegations that were even older by a woman who was an ADULT at the time of the alleged incidents.

The excuse was so lame that it got me thinking. Who could get the Deputy Commissioner of NSW Police, a well known man hater and feminist, to refuse to investigate female child sexual abuse? You can see how good a question that is because by refusing to investigate such a crime Catherine Burn would be destroying her own "feminist credentials". A feminist female deputy commissioner NOT investigating a female child sexual abuse case?


That had to be political. Someone who can affect her pension since she is not going to be promoted any more. And that means ASIO. And that means Michael Toal was involved in that suppression of investigation.

But why would Michael Toal involve himself in suppressing an investigation of his father as far as sexually abusing his sister goes?

2A. The Ongoing Case of Jennifer Toal

If anything Michael Toal would WANT to get to the bottom of the situation if his father did, indeed, sexually abuse his sister....unless....unless.....unless.....and I am sure you can see where I am going with this.

The ONLY reason that Michael Toal would have to use his ASIO connections to suppress the investigation as to whether his father sexually abused his sister is:


THEN it ALL makes sense. The pieces fit together perfectly.

Jennifer, knowing of the child sexual abuse allegation from Suzanne put pressure on her father by blackmailing him with the threat of making the abuse public if he did not support her in her crimes against me. This is for certain. No question.

When Michael Toal decided to get involved with the situation the first thing I told him to do was to go check his facts with Jennifer. But he didn't, he openly attacked me. Why?

Because Jennifer found out, or knew, that he too sexually abused, perhaps even raped, his little sister and she threatened Michael with exposure if he did not use his ASIO connections to use tax payer money to attack me and slander me.

As I said. This all makes sense now. It fits perfectly. Michael Toal would go to the ends of the earth to cover up his sexual abuse of his sister, even if it meant covering up his fathers sexual abuse of his sister as well. Together they would continue to do Jennifer's bidding to commit crimes against me rather than hold Jennifer accountable for her crimes because they both had a deep dark secret to hide. Sexually abusing, perhaps even raping Suzanne Toal when she was a minor.

Of course, a woman who is sexually abused as a child does not ONLY tell her sister. It was just a matter of time before someone else that Suzanne had confessed being the victim of this crime to saw my public denouncement and confirmed that she too had been told by Suzanne that she was a victim of child sexual abuse by Bill Toal. The evidence is starting to come out.

So, how does this involve you members of the Irish Parliament? Well? In your haste to "support the goddess woman" and "persecute the devil incarnate man" what you have ACTUALLY DONE is to persecute an honest man of honour and integrity and to support a woman who is so evil that she even used her own sisters child sexual abuse to take you for a ride on your welfare euros.

That's right. You used your taxpayers money to pay for welfare benefits to a woman who had MUCH more money available to her than the average Irish woman. You paid her welfare, you paid her legal aid, you paid her counselling services while all the time she acted like a "victim".

But in truth she was a criminal who was so vicious, so cruel, so callous, she used her own little sisters child sexual abuse as a bargaining chip to blackmail her father and brother into committing further crimes against me.

Now. How do you members of parliament feel about the way you spent your taxpayers money? Indeed? How do your taxpayers feel about the way you spent THEIR MONEY?

And what does it say about the sort of people you WANT IN IRELAND? You actually paid for and supported a woman so evil that she used her own sisters child sexual assault to make money for herself FROM IRISH TAXPAYERS! I am pretty sure your taxpayers are going to have something to say about that, right?

I just thought all you members of parliament might like to know just exactly the sort of person you supported....versus...just exactly the sort of man you persecuted.

Such fine judgement shown. No wonder the country is in such a mess with your people running it.

Well done.
5. All comments welcome

Thanks for reading.

Best regards


Your brother peter/joschua
Mens/Womens Business Associations
Re-introducing the rule of Law to Australia and Ireland
despite the opposition of our politicians.
If you would like to have a friend added to these mailouts to our politicians and media please suggest they write to

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