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 9/2/2013 5:02 AM
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This Open Letter is published on this link. So you can pass this link around.

The previous related open letters are on these links.

This open letter is read into the public on this your tube video:

This open letter is being sent to the members of these groups where we have an email address for the person.:
  1. Members of the Irish Parliament
  2. Senators of the Irish Parliament
  3. Irish Newspapers


1. Comments on the State of WAR in Ireland

Gentlemen and Ladies,
It has been one year since I issued the claim of a state of WAR on the land known as Ireland. Interestingly enough, there has not been a single politician, police officer or even reporter interested in following up on this claim. I have publicly told many thousands of people that this claimed state of war exists and suggested that new courts of law would be a good idea.

The "sheeple" of Ireland slumber on totally oblivious to the remedy for the criminality of your members of the Dail. It is very interesting watching from a distance how weak and cowardly Irish men have become. Many of them say to me "I am not a coward because my ancestors fought the british" thereby trying to make the claim that the actions of another man 90 years ago somehow make him "brave"! Talk about delusional.

I am now telling Irish men that since they are not willing to sit on juries and not willing to take up arms against their oppressors then they are getting exactly the level of tyranny that they are willing to tolerate and quite rightly and deservedly so.

I saw the farce of a "fathers rights group" go and hold a protest outside Enda Kennys house. I asked them what they achieved by that and they were "upset" that I pointed out Enda Kenny was a criminal who should be put on trial and "protesting" outside his house was a complete waste of time.

Indeed, I told them that since it was lawful to walk up to Enda and put a bullet in his head that would seem like a much more appropriate way to warn all the other politicians that fathers had finally decided to "get serious".

Alas no. The fathers of Ireland remain meek little "sheeple" who would never do what their forefathers did which was shoot those who would impose tyranny on their children.

But I wonder how long this can last. How long will it be before an "Irish Anders Breivik" emerges. And if that happens? How are all you politicians going to explain to people how you consented to a state of WAR for more than a year rather than come to the table to talk about how to re-introduce the rule of law in Ireland.

2. Comments on Mass Migration to Australia

Now even I got a good laugh our of this one.  I am sure you all saw the Irish Times Article on 2013-08-26. If you didn't you can click here. I will quote the article in question in this email because I am going to read this into the public record and post it around web sites in Ireland.


Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht Jimmy Deenihan yesterday thankedAustralia for providing employment for so many young Irish people in recent years.

Addressing an audience of more than 500 at a commemoration of Ireland’s Famine in Sydney, Mr Deenihan said skilled Irish people were able to move to Australia thanks to its “very accessible visa system”.

About 40,000 Irish people moved to Australia in 2011 and 2012, with 5,000 settling permanently. The Minister said the situation was a gain for Australia but a drain on Ireland. He said he looked forward to emigrants returning as the economy improved.

Speaking at Hyde Park Barracks in the city centre, he spoke about its close links with the Famine.

“Over 4,000 Irish girls aged 14 to 20 who were in workhouses as a result of the Famine came to Australia on an assisted migration scheme between 1848 and 1850. Those who arrived in Sydney were housed initially at Hyde Park Barracks,” he said.

Yesterday’s event was the fifth International Irish Famine Commemoration, which honours Famine victims but also celebrates the strong Irish communities that developed in cities around the world as a result of emigration at that time. Such events have taken place previously in Boston, New York, Liverpool and Canada.

Mr Deenihan linked Ireland’s experience of the Famine to its strong commitment to development aid.

“A key aim of Ireland’s 
National Famine Commemoration Committee, which I chair, is also to raise awareness of famine issues all over the world,” he said.

“The legacy of the Famine in Ireland includes a deep compassion felt by Irish people for those who suffer from hunger today.”

Many of those attending were descendants of what are referred to as the Irish orphan girls. “My great, great, great grandmother was one of the girls on the 
Thomas Arbuthnot,” said 
Vivienne Melville. “Her name was Catherine Ryan and she was from Tarbert [Co Kerry]. I went to Listowel a couple of years ago to see the town where she had been in a workhouse before coming to Australia.”

One name on the Famine monument in Hyde Park is that of 
Mary Brandon, whom Mr Deenihan, who has researched his family history, said was certain was a relative of his. “These girls, so far from home, survived against the odds and assimilated into Australian society,” he said. “They went on to be pioneering women in the new Australia.”

Now, Gentlemen and Ladies,
does anyone else see the level of hypocrisy of you members in this article. You have betrayed your own children by destroying your economy and forced them into relocation to far flung places like Australia to the tune of about 40,000 in the period 2011 and 2012.

And yet? One Australian, me, wants to come in the other direction and set up shop in the EU to sell his wares and what sort of welcome did I get from none less than Alan Shatter himself?

Oh. That's right. Alan Shatter decided that in a family of 4 that had all qualified for Irish Citizenship at the same time over the same period the "women and children" would be granted such citizenship while the man, the father, the husband, the one who brought EUR225,000 income into Ireland in his last year there and paid EUR110,000 in income tax in his last two years there. THAT MAN should be kicked to the gutter.

Do any of you actually feel the least bit of shame at how you have acted? Do you? Do you feel ashamed that you have blackened the name of Irish people by your criminal victimisation of me? You refuse me so much as a permanent residency, so much as a work permit, so that I can get back to work while that the SAME TIME you send 40,000 of your own people to Australia.

Just how big a bunch of hypocrites can you people be? And just how brazen and blatant would you like to be about it eh?

Do you people think it is not yet time that you looked yourself in the mirror and said "You know, Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c) is correct. We have mistreated him greatly. We condoned and supported his wife committing the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion theft and child abuse.

We condoned and supported the destruction of his business and his company. We have allowed people to slander him to further damage his ability to make a living. We have denied him even a simple work permit so that he can go about earning his living.

We have thrown everything at this man short of the kitchen sink in order to attempt to destroy him and break him. And yet here he is. Quoting one of our own as to how generous Australians have been to Irish people in tough times while we have kicked him to the gutter and then stomped on him for good measure.

Perhaps now is the time to change our ways. Perhaps now is the time that we pay for our crimes against him and we remedy our crimes against him. Because it is pretty obvious this man is not going away and it is pretty obvious that he will continue to denounce us to our faces in public for the remainder of our lives should we not do the right thing."

Yes. Gentlemen and Ladies. I will denounce you as the criminals you chose to be for the remainder of your lived. You will lose your pensions for committing crimes while in office.

The question for you is whether you really want to be called the most amazing and blatant hypocrites and criminals you have chosen to be, publicly, for the remainder of your lives, or do you want to "do the right thing" and actually start to remedy the crimes you have been so willing to commit.

The choice is yours. As Jennifer used to say to me "you can't MAKE me do anything".
 3. Comments on MBA Courts

Men in Ireland continue to be too cowardly and too gutless to form juries and courts so as to put you politicians on trial. But this is not going to last much longer.

The muslim men I am talking to are starting to see the value of joining in with the Mens Business Association and forming Sharia Courts to put you members of trial. The justification for creating Sharia courts and putting you on trial is very simple.


The "christians" refused to form courts and therefore waived any claim to any right to have "christian" laws applied on the land known as Ireland. In the absense of such? It makes perfect sense to implement Sharia Law, doesn't it?

And so we continue to promote the idea to Muslim men to create Sharia Courts as the MBA Courts in Ireland. It would be amusing is Sharia Law was implemented in such a Catholic Country based on the refusal of so many "Christians" to put one criminal woman on trial. That being Jennifer Toal.

4 Comments on Abolition of the Catholic Church

The popes letter claiming that the Vatican has the right to settle all criminal matter all over the world is not fooling anyone. Yesterday, on 2013-09-02 Ciaran Ui Neill, a clergyman in County Wexford, Ireland, heading up a multi-national coalition of clergy and spiritual elders (Not in Our Name) released their own Apostolic Decree. The decree was read publicly in catholic churches in nine countries.

Based on the Jubilee Laws of divine renewal and social equality, the Decree is "a Biblical and a peoples' response to the criminal and unlawful authority of Rome".

According to Not in Our Name member Reverend Kevin Annett:


"We recognize that politics and spirituality are really one and the same thing, and that the Divine or Natural Law is simply about restoring justice and the earth to all of God's people. We're putting the Jubilee into practice, like every prophet and Jesus himself tried to do. And like them, we're doing so against the established rulers, the bankers, and the religious authorities of the world."

In short Gentlemen and Ladies? It is over. The only question for you to answer for yourselves is whether you are going to now admit your sins, repent, make remedy and beg forgiveness or whether you are going to try and fight on committing more crimes and continue being exposed for the criminals you chose to be.  Because you chose to be in parliament there is nowhere for you to run and nowhere for you to hide.
8. All comments welcome

Thanks for reading.

Best regards

Your brother peter/joschua
Mens/Womens Business Associations
Re-introducing the rule of Law to Australia and Ireland
despite the opposition of our politicians.

If you would like to have a friend added to these mailouts to our politicians and media please suggest they write to

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