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 2/18/2013 1:49 PM
This has been sent out to the Irish Parliament and Press.
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 2/18/2013 2:36 PM

This email is being sent to all Members of the Houses of the Oireachtas. It is also being sent to a number police officers and to various reporters in Ireland.


To all my brothers and sisters who claim to be members of the Houses of the Oireachtas. I bid you a warm welcome to this email.

The first purpose of this letter is to reflect back to you correspondence that I sincerely believe came from Enda Kenny and Alan Shatter. If Enda and Allan did NOT authorise these letters they are welcome to say so publicly so that we can know who is saying what.

The second purpose of this letter is to let you all know about the situation with the Pope. Since many of you will be catholics you will have an interest in what has happened to the Pope. You will be especially interested in the fate of the Pope as it pertains you each of you.

Now that the Pope has been forced from office and will, essentially be a fugitive from justice hiding out inside the vatican, each of you are well advised to re-consider your own positions. If my friends and colleagues can get to the Pope. Do you REALLY think that any of you are beyond our reach?

I have also created a video to go with this letter and you may choose to view this video here:

1. Correspondence Allegedly from Enda and Alan

I have receive the following two emails. I have reproduced them in full. I am in sincere belief that these emails from from Enda and Alan.

-----Original Message----- From: INFO []
Sent: 29 January 2013 16:27
Subject: Acknowledgement Letter

Minister Reference: 0129143033
29 January, 2013

Dear Mr. Nolan,

I write to acknowledge receipt of your email dated 25 January, 2013 which I will bring to the Minister's attention.

Yours sincerely,

Damien Brennan
Private Secretary
to the Minister for Justice & Equality

-----Original Message-----
Sent: 28 January 2013 11:51
Subject: email to the Taoiseach

Dear Mr. Nolan

The Taoiseach Enda Kenny T.D. thanks you for your recent email.

The Taoiseach has noted the points you raised.

He has copied your correspondence to his colleague Mr. Alan Shatter T.D.,
Minister for Justice & Equality for his consideration.
The Taoiseach extends his very best wishes to you.

Yours sincerely,

David King
Assistant Private Secretary
to the Taoiseach
Telephone: 01-6194020

Now. I do not commonly call men liars in public. But I rather think that Enda and Alan do not wish me well at all. I first wrote to Enda and Alan immediately they came into office after the election to explain the mess their predecessors left for them to inherit in my case. Enda and Alan have continued to endorse and support my persecution. They have had nothing to say about my analogy to the situation where Alans wife might be attacked in a dark car park. They have had nothing to say of the blatant criminality of Mangina Moron "Judge O'Sullivan". A man who has seen fit to issue arrest orders for people based on supposed evidence that was not even submitted under oath.

I do not believe Fiona Brassil swore under oath that anything I have said about her is slander or even false. Because that would put her on the hook for committing perjury herself. That a judge of the so called High Court would threaten incarceration of unrelated third parties based on no evidence under oath at all makes a mockey of Alans title of "Minister for Justice".

Further, Alan keeps pushing the point he has no Jurisdiction over judges. But Fiona Brassil committed crimes and she is not a judge. Jennifer Toal committed crimes and she is not a judge. Piarais Neary of P. W. Tracy solicitors committed crimes and he is not a judge. Alan seems to want to completely overlook these crimes. As does every other TD.

Why is that?

It is clear to me, after 18 months of corresponding with Enda and Alan, and 12 months of corresponding with ALL members of these two houses that you people are not going to show me the respect I have earned across my life time. You are NOT going to voluntarily perform your duties. You are not going to voluntarily support the creation of new courts of competent jurisdiction. I mean to say even in the face of a declaration of a state of WAR you TDs in these two houses are not willing to perform the duties you claimed you wanted to perform on behalf of the Irish people. These are duties you are being PAID to do yet refusing to do. You are stealing money. You will have to give it all back.

No one watching this "car crash" of a government can possibly believe you have any moral basis on which to claim you represent any of the people on the land known as Ireland. If any of you want to present any evidence to the contrary please feel free to send it to me. I will post it to the Ireland Crimes Against Fathers site.

As a result of Mangina Moron "Judge O'Sullivan" issuing threats of incarceration against unrelated third parties for the "crime" of publishing the evidence of crimes of Fiona Brassil and denouncing Fiona Brassil as the criminal she is there is now irrefutable evidence of a clear and present danger of persecution by your criminals in your courts and police in Irleand. The evidence implicates every TD as being complicit in this persecutuion of me and many other men in Ireland.

This order from your Mangina Moron "Judge O'Sullivan" has now been served on Angela Merkel and the head of the German Federal Police as evidence of the criminality of the Irish Government and the efforts of persecution of the Irish Government. Further, in the face of persecution of the Irish Government in the form of Alan Shatter and Enda Kenny I have applied for political asylum for my Strawman MR. PETER ANDREW NOLAN with the Federal Republic of Germany.

The agents of the Federal Republic of Germany have been informed that an entire membership of a parliament of a UN Member State and EU Member State have openly condoned and supported threats by their judiciary to clearly unlawfully incarcerate unrelated third parties with not even so much as any testimony under oath for that order of incarceration to be created.

There are not many bananas in Ireland but you are a Banana Republic now.

As I mentioned last time Alan Shatter claims he alone has unilateral power to deny my citizeship application for no reason at all. It seems he claims he has unilateral authority to refuse to comply with the EU Directive that requires that he issue me with a Residency Permit so I can go about my business of earning my living more effectively too.

@Alan Shatter.

I have something vey specific to mention to you in this letter. I am currently just beginning to get involved in a bid process for a project in the EU. I wish my name to be able to be used in the bid. However, as you are well aware, you have specifically, unilaterally, criminally, denied me a work permit via a residency permit or citizenship.

On Wednesday I will have to inform the bid manager of your political and criminal persecution of me. It will be up to the bid manager to decide if he wishes to remove me from that bid. It is almost certain that my name will need to be removed from the bid and that I will be removed from the bid as well.

If I do not have correspondence from you by close of business tomorrow, Tuesday 19th of February, I will inform the bid manager of my political persecution on Wednesday 20th. Should his decision be to remove me from the bid then this is an injury, harm and loss that you are solely, personally, and directly responsible for. You will be prosecuted for that loss. You will be required to compensate me for that loss on the presumption that we would have won the bid. It is a LARGE client and it is a LOT of money. You are clearly, solely, responsible for your political persecution of me with respect to work permits. That makes you liable. I am making that clear in front of the entire parliament and the Irish Media.

I recommend that in the next 24 hours you reconsider your political and criminal persecution of me and send me a letter, on your letterhead, over your signature, apologising for your political persecution of me. I suggest you guarantee, as the minister responsible, that you will cause your staff to immediately process a residency permit or my citizenship application so that on Wednesday I can assure the bid manager that I will have the legal paperwork in place so that my name can go forward on this bid.

Failure to do so will make you liable for my loss. I am sure we understand each other.

2. The Situation with the Pope

Many of you will not know what is REALLY happening with the Pope. Joseph Ratzinger is a deeply evil man and the catholic church is a deeply evil organisation. Just like most churches.

My friend Kevin Annett has worked hard for 20 years, risking his life, to create a path to justice for the 50,000 children the catholic church and other churches murdered in Canada over the last 100 years or so. My admiration and respect for Kevin Annett knows no bounds. He set out to bring justice for those who could not speak for themselves. He has won a major victory in a significant battle. I would note that he has won this victory in this battle without the help of ANY of you TDs who are receiving this email. Why would that be? Why are you TDs so unconcerned with the murder of 50,000 children by the churches of the religions so many of you belong to?

You can persecute me. I can take it. But that you have no concern for the murder of new born babies and little children who are completely defenceless? What sort of MONSTERS are you people?

Please allow me to educate those of you who still refuse to listen to men like Kevin Annett.  Here is video evidence I have loaded up on to my you tube channel. Consider yourselves served with this information. You can get complete details from the main site of the International Tribunal of the Crimes of Church and State here.

All the people of Ireland will know that you have been served these videos.

There are more videos on my site but those two are the most damning. I would also bring your attention to this news article from Reuters. Since the Rothchilds own Reuters you can be sure that this news article is meant to be in the public.

I note this passage in that news article. 

Pope Benedict's decision to live in the Vatican after he resigns will provide him with security and privacy. It will also offer legal protection from any attempt to prosecute him in connection with sexual abuse cases around the world, Church sources and legal experts say.

"His continued presence in the Vatican is necessary, otherwise he might be defenseless. He wouldn't have his immunity, his prerogatives, his security, if he is anywhere else," said one Vatican official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

"It is absolutely necessary" that he stays in the Vatican, said the source, adding that Benedict should have a "dignified existence" in his remaining years.

The obvious question is "WHAT IMMUNITY"? The Pope is not above the law. He has committed a long series of serious crimes. He has been tried and found guilty of these crimes. He has had every opportunity to mount a defense. He has plenty of money to do so. He is far better off than 99.99% of men who get dragged into divorce courts. So why should he get any better treatment than say.....ME!

There is an unnamed EU country that is prepared to issue an arrest warrant for Joseph Ratzinger as well as to place liens against the property of the catholic chuch on the land they administer.

Ireland is predominantly catholic country. Your spiritual leader has been shown to be nothing more than a common criminal. Perhaps now that it has been proven that even men in the position of Pope can be forced to resign and admit that they are nothing more than common criminals those of you who are reading this letter might start to consider your own futures very carefully.

Perhaps it is time for you to "turn over a new leaf" and start to stand up for truth and justice. Perhaps it is now the time for you, each of you as individuals, to reconsider your position of being a criminal and refusing to call for a court of competent jurisdiction to be created in Ireland.

The refusal of every single TD to lend his or her voice in support of the creation of "The Peoples Courts of Ireland" for more than a year is an embarassment for each of you. Each of you know there are no courts of competent jurisdiciton in Ireland.

Ladies and Gentlemen. The game is over. You lost. If we can get to the POPE we can get to ANY of you in the fullness of time.

The question facing each of you now is this.

"Is now the time you are going to turn over a new leaf and stand up for truth, justice and equality before the law for ALL men and women who live on the land known as Ireland?"

Each and every one of you has refused to stand up for truth, justice and equality before the law for ALL men and women who live on the land known as Ireland for more than a year now. You have done so very publicly. Eventually this will be known by all your family and friends. Each of you have disgraced yourselves and brought shame to your family name.

Is NOW the time you wish to start to make remedy for your disgraceful behaviour to date?

3. Extension of the State of War on the Land Known as Ireland

I just wanted to add a comment about the existing state of war on the land known as Ireland and my own personal case.

As you are now all aware the state of WAR was extended to include women of voting age who are mentally competent and not muslim women as of 2013-02-01. This is a regrettable situation. It is a situation that could be immediately terminated were some of you willing to put your voice and support behind the creation of court of comptent jurisdiction in Ireland. A court I have called "The Peoples Court of Ireland" for want of any better suggestions.

In my opinion, it is very sad that a man has to declare into existence a state of WAR and put lives at risk so as to make the point that men are people too and are entitled to the protection of the law merely because they exist. That men are routinely denied the protection of the law in Ireland and ALL you TDs have agreed with and condoned this situation for more than a full year is cause for great shame on you.

I would like to reiterate once more that the purpose of this exercise is to introduce courts of competent jurisdiction so that men are given the PEACEFUL protection of the law from crimes committed against them by women on the land of Ireland. That ALL TDs are resisting this call for a PEACEFUL remedy to the current situation indicates very clearly that the agenda of you TDs is exactly to cause violence between men and women in Ireland.

So here, again, I repeat my call. I call on ALL TDs to lend their voice to support the creation of courts of competent jurisdiction that will be protected and safeguarded against subversion by members of the criminal organisation called The Law Society. Continued refusal to heed this call will result in your continued public embarassment. It will result in the continued exposure of your agenda to cause division and violence between men and women on the land known as Ireland.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is only going to take one man to look at this situation and think to himself:

"Peter is correct. His then wife, Jennifer, committed the crime of Perjury on November 8th 2007. He has presented this evidence. No one has denied that Jennifer committed perjury. Not even Jennifer. No one has denied that as a result of this perjury Peter was severely criminally victimised. Certainly not "Judge Griffin." Certainly not Alan Shatter or Enda Kenny or Mary McAleese.

Clearly Peter has stood up for himself and all men of Ireland and said "No. I will not tolerate crimes committed against me. I will not tolerate crimes committed against others. I will put an end to these crimes for the benefit of all."

I have observed that if a man brings into the public crimes committed by women then he is attacked for even reporting such a crime. Peter has shown that it is totally hopeless to try and get people to hold women accountable for their crimes. Even every single TD condones crimes against men by women. There is no hope of peaceful conclusion to this issue. All peaceful channels have been fully explored in the bright glare of public scrutiny. And even then ALL TDs and the vast majority of Irish people openly condone criminal acts by women against men.

Given there is no possible peaceful remedy for this situation? I am going to be the man to go out and commit acts of WAR until such time as the TDs and the people of Ireland change their view such that they consider men people too. I shall commit acts of WAR until such time that men are treated like humans and not as less than dogs.

As sad and difficult as this will be? It has to be done. It is not a case of "innocent" people being injured because virtually ALL Irish women have condoned and agreed with criminal acts by women against men."

Ladies and Gentlemen. It is only going to take ONE MAN to come to this conclusion and to choose to act of his own volition and you are going to have a number of dead woman on your hands. Is that what you REALLY want? Are all you TDs so committed to ensuring women have the privilege of committing crimes against men that you are prepared to sacrifice the lives of some women to retain that privilege for the rest of the women? What about your sons? Do you really wish them to have no protection of the law?

Or do you wish to end this unwanted WAR OF AGGRESSION that you are sponsoring women to wage on men peacefully? Are you willing to admit the facts, that you have condoned crimes by women against men, and to end this unwanted WAR of aggression peacefully by creating a court of competent jurisdiction?

Remember, all that is necessary is 12 men willing to sit on a jury to fairly and justly try cases brought before them. That is what ALL you TDs are resisting. Lending your voice to call for 12 honest men of honour and integrity to volunteer for jury duty. That is all it will take to end this state of WAR and the possible loss of life if ONE MAN decides to respond to the unwanted war brought to his door.

How sad is it that in Ireland there is currently no prospect of finding said 12 men merely for the asking. How sad that even an appeal to the entire parliament of Ireland does not secure ONE MAN who will call for a new court of competent jurisdiction.


I would also remind all TDs that Jennifer Toal committed many crimes while on the land known as Ireland. As did Fiona Brassil and Piarais Neary. These people have no immunity for prosecution for their crimes. Yet no police will investigate these crimes. Alan Shatter will not cause any of his staff in the Ministry for Justice to prosecute these criminals.

I would remind all TDs that I am expecting the following remedy to be made to me for the crimes I have suffered these last FIVE years.

  1. The proceeds of my 25 years of labour is to be returned to me. This is approximately EUR300,000.

  2. The fees that I was caused to spend on Piaras Neary of PW Tracy Solicitors be returned to me with interest. This is approximately EUR25,0000.

  3. The fees that I was caused to spend on Watts McCray in Sydney. This is approximately EUR40,0000.

  4. Compensation for the ruining of my business. This is approximately EUR100,000.

  5. The lawful Bill to Judge Griffin to be paid. This is EUR1.5M.

  6. Compensation for pain and suffering. Remembering that I was driven to the edge of suicide. I imagine this will be quite a payout.

  7. Compensation for lost income since my work permit expired and was not renewed in deliberate effort to persecute me by limitting my ability to earn my income.
  8. That is EUR800 per day by each TD for the better part of 8 months now. Quite a payout.

  9. And the one I want to talk about for bit. Compensation for the kidnapping of my former children. One female, one male.

The reason I want to talk about this last item is this. The Irish people, in the 99.9% majority, openly condone and support women committing the crime of kidnapping children, abusing them, and poisoning those childrens minds to their father. The evidence of this is very widespread in Ireland. There is not a single adult in Ireland who does NOT know a woman who has kidnapped children, abused them, used them as weapons and lied to them about their father so as to poison their relationship with their father. Anyone who claims to know no such woman can introduce themselves to Jennifer Toal to meet a prime example of such a woman.

As part of the Mens Business Association we are going to offer men a specific service. That service will be to help the man remove his children from his wife and to take them to places unknown. We will secure that mans right to his children through force, up to and including deadly force since we will not have cages to lock people in. This is exactly what women have been doing. Using the police and threat of force and incarceration to steal children. These crimes have been publicly sanctioned by every TD.

The man will be required to pay the mother the EXACT SAME AMOUNT that I am compensated for the theft and kidnapping of my former children.

I insist on "equality before the law". This will mean whatever compensation is paid me for the kidnapping and theft of my former children will become the "price of a child" on the land known as Ireland. In the future, fathers will be able to "pay" for their child by giving the mother this amount and will then be free to take the child.

It will be up to the people of Ireland to decide what that price is.

We are going to have equality before the law. We are going to have it by consent or by force of arms. The means of gaining equality before the law is in the hands of the Irish People. Which will they choose? Peaceful consent or force of arms?

Since virtually ALL Irish people have agreed with the practice of women stealing children and abusing them there is every justification to make the case that my compensation for the stealing of my former children come from the public purse, and not just from Jennifer. So the amount of compensation could be very, very large.

Indeed? I would recommend that the amount of compensation IS very large so that the offering from the Mens Business Association would not make financial sense to any father because the amount he would have to pay to take his child from the mother is too high to be affordable. If the Irish people make the price too low, say EUR100,000, then there will be men who can afford EUR100,000 and will pay EUR100,000 per child to take the child from the mother. And they will have every right to do so under "do unto others".

It is an interesting question, isn't it. How much is a child worth? What price should be put on the head of a child and what compensation should be paid to a man who has had his child stolen from him by his wife? We put kidnappers in jail for many years.

Now. In summary.

My brothers and sisters. The Pope has chosen to resign from office and is now attempting to become a fugitive from the long arm of the law. He has been exposed as a criminal and has been put on trial by Kevin Annett and his colleagues. What this proves is that NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. Not even the Pope.

With this precedent now set I advise all TDs in the Irish Parliament to give serious consideration to their position. You are not above the law. You will make remedy for your crimes whether you like that or not. It is time to give very serious consideration as to whether you will now confess your crimes, beg forgiveness, and begin the process to make remedy. If you force us to put you on trial as the Pope forced Kevin Annett to put him on trial then the Jury has every right to take that resistance into account when considering your remedy instructions.

If you want my advice? My advice to each of you is to choose to turn over a new leaf today. Choose the path of truth, justice, honesty, love and peace. My advice is to choose the path of "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". My advice is to start the long process of reconciliation and reconstruction of you reputations.

I think the Irish people might be more inclined to more readily forgive those who turn away from committing crimes against them sooner rather than to try and continue to create division and violence between men and women.

Remember. You are all very well known. There is nowhere to run. There is nowhere to hide. You either come clean or you will be prosecuted in the fullness of time. All we need is 12 men willing to do so.

If Kevin Annett and his colleagues can get to the Pope on a complex genocide trial? We can get to each of you for your choice of making yourselves accessories to the crimes of my wife and the crimes against so many other Irish men.

What do you all say? Is it time to call a truce yet? Or do we need to bring the WAR to your door and the door of so many women?

And Alan Shatter? I look forward to your reply tomorrow apologising for your crimes against me and a confirmation that you will see to the paperwork for a work permit so that I am not forced to declare my position with this bid manager on Wednesday.

You have all had more than enough time to consider your positions. Now it is time for you to make your decisions one more time. Will you continue to prosecute your war on men? Or will you declare war over from your side and agree to lend your support to the creation of a court of competent jurisdiction so that men have a PEACEFUL path to justice?

Best Regards

Peter Nolan
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