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 10/14/2012 6:14 AM
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This email is being sent to all Members of the Houses of the Oireachtas.


To all my brothers and sisters who claim to be members of the Houses of the Oireachtas. I bid you a warm welcome to this email.

As you can see I have upgraded my emails to be customised in that I can now address you each by name. Further, the fact the email was sent to you is recorded in my own computer system for that purpose so that it can be later entered as evidence at any ensuing trials.

1. News about Anders Breiviks Mother

Some days you just get lucky with the news that comes out when wanting to write to politicians. The truth is starting to come out about Anders Breiviks mother and her treatment of Anders as a small boy. Anders Breivik is the inevitable result of the hate based ideology called "feminism". There are going to be many more Anders Breiviks, George Sodinis and Marc Lepines. It is just a matter of time. These are the men your predecessors in politics created. You have been warned.

I suggest you do not miss these quotes.

Norway killer Anders Behring Breivik's mother "sexualised" her four-year-old son, smacked him, and often told him she wished he were dead, child psychologist reports printed in a new book on the Norwegian killer have revealed.

The reports also show that when Breivik was just four-years-old, his mother became preoccupied with fears that her son would violently assault someone.

"She saw him as an adult violent person, even though he was only a small boy," said Aage Borchgrevink, author of A Norwegian tragedy. "She was afraid that he would assault people."

The psychologist reports show that Wenche Behring already felt her son was "aggressive, hyperactive and clingy," when she was breastfeeding him.  By the time he was four years old, she "sexualised" the young Breivik, hit him, and frequently told him that she wished that he were dead.

"The mother and Anders sleep in the same bed at night with very close bodily contact," psychologists from Norway's centre for child and youth psychiatry (SSBU), reported after Breivik and his mother spent several weeks there in 1983.

The problem for you current members of parliament is this. Anders Breivik was not created by the current crop of Norwegian politicians whose adult offspring were killed by Anders Breivik. These politicians would call themselves "victims". Anders Breivik was created by the crop of Norwegian Politicians who presided 30 years ago and endorsed and enabled his mother to abuse him under the name of "mother custody" in the hate based ideology of "feminism".

Those politicians who installed that hate based ideology into Norway are long gone and spending their ill gotten Kroners in the sun somewhere. They left their successors to reap the rewards of the hate based ideology called "feminism". And reap the rewards they did. Many of them had their adult offspring taken off them just like they endorse taking children off men for no good reason at all. They were on the receiving end of "do unto others" and they do not like it one little bit.

There is no doubt that out there in Ireland there are many lads who are a potential "Irish Anders Breiviks". After all, you politicians never tire of casting us men as "potential rapists" and "potential murderers" and "potentially violent". Why would you have a problem if I cast abused boys as "potential Irish Anders Breiviks"?

It is only going to take a few "Irish Anders Breiviks" to emerge to visit on you, the current crop of man-haters, the proceeds of the hatred of men in the past. Those who created these "Irish Anders Breiviks" are long gone spending their ill gotten Euros in the sun somewhere. They will not care if an "Irish Anders Breivik" emerges and kills your children. They have left you to carry the can.

You, the current crop of man hating politicians, who openly condone criminal acts by women against men? Indeed, criminal acts by your colleague Alan Shatter against me? You, the current crop of man hating politicians, are not only exposed to trouble yourselves, you are storing up trouble for those who come after you as well.

So the question remains for you. Will you continue to prosecute your "war on fathers" and "war on men" having had the likely results laid out in front of you so publicly for all to see? Or are you going to take the position that men are people too and are entitled to the protection of the law merely by virtue of their existence? That men can not have the protection of the law withdrawn from them merely because of the hate based ideology called "feminism" being pushed on them by criminals such as yourselves?

Think about this hard my brothers and sisters. Because like it or not? Those who hated on men and who removed the fathers of lads have created tyrannical and abusive mothers, like my ex-wife Jennifer, who manipulate and abuse their sons. Those lads are now coming out openly in rebellion. I am going to see to it they know who the correct people are to rebel against. The people who created and supported the hate based legislation of treating men as less than STRAY DOGS.

As I said. You have been warned very publicly this will be the result of your war on men in general and fathers in particular. That every single member of both houses is trying their hardest to ignore me and use the machinery of guvment to victimise me demonstrates your true characters. Dark indeed.

2. A Reminder on your own Residency Rules

The next thing I wish to remind your all of is this.

The right of all Union citizens to move and reside freely within the territory of the Member States should, if it is to be exercised under objective conditions of freedom and dignity, BE ALSO GRANTED TO THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS, IRRESPECTIVE OF NATIONALITY. For the purposes of this Directive, the definition of "family member" should also include the registered partner if the legislation of the host Member State treats registered partnership as equivalent to marriage.

It seems that you members of the Houses of the Oireachtas do not like to follow the rules that you have signed up for. I would remind each of you that at your trials the fee of EUR800 per day will be levied against each of you and your personal assets for refusing to ensure that Alan Shatter did as he was required to do according to this directive. Issue me a residency visa so I can work more easily in Europe.

That money will be used to help young lads whose fathers killed themselves in divorce. A murder by proxy that you current members of the Houses of the Oireachtas have seen fit to continue despite it being brought to your attention many months ago now.

3. An Article on the Exodus of the Young from Ireland

Related to the topic of how I had wanted to set up a software company in Ireland is this article which was released by David McWilliams last week. Here is the link.

Please do not miss this quote.

"The first is the data on emigration, which continues relentlessly. Official figures show that the number of people who emigrated from Ireland soared to 87,000 over the last year. More than half of those who left the country in the 12 months up to April were Irish, and almost 36,000 were under the age of 25."

Your deliberate mismagement of your economy is forcing young people to leave Ireland in droves. You have betrayed the future of your children in their homeland. I wonder how you sleep at night.

At the same time 87,000 people LEFT Ireland Alan Shatter has made it his business to make sure one honest man of honour and integrity of Irish Heritage is denied safe passage and residency on the land of Ireland. And he denied this while holding the title Minister for Justice.

Can the hypocrisy get any clearer? Can the lack of honesty, lack of honour, lack of integrity be any clearer?

ALL members of the Houses of the Oireachtas have been informed over and over again of the lack of integrity of Alan Shatter and Enda Kenny. It is COMMON KNOWLEDGE these two men are vagabonds of dubious character. And yet ALL members of the Houses of the Oireachtas persist in the pantomime long after all credibility has been lost. I find the whole situation quite amazing.

I find it even more amazing that the fathers of Ireland tolerate obviously charlatans and vagabonds as their re-presentatives. Their lack of bravery makes it pretty clear how the british managed to rule over you for so many centuries. These are the men descended from those who fought the british time and again to establish freedom for their grand children? And this freedom is being handed over again due to cowardice? Amazing.

I am taking the liberty of denouncing some of your number when they try to put themselves forward as "oh so honest". Stephen Donnelly is the first of those.

Stephen has his own facebook where he tries to pretend how honest he is. So I made some comments on it and he immediately removed me. Seems the truth is not very welcome on Stephen Donnellys facebook. No surprises there.

We have also been busy denouncing the likes of Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard on their facebooks as well. The jig is up ladies and gentlemen. The only two ways forward are to quit this non-sense and do the jobs you are paid to do or move into open conflict with Irish people. Here is the forum entry for Stephen.

4. A Business Proposal it would be Foolish To Refuse

Now. The last thing I wished to present to you all is this. The running of the government is obviously in a shambles as well as being a pantomime. You are obviously obfiscating what is really happening. You are obviously hiding critical numbers from the Irish people. You obviously do not have a transparent and honest accounting of what is going on in all those government departments that you like to steal tax euros to fund.

So I have a proposal for the Irish Government. It is not one you are going to like but it is one that I think you might wish to accept because to refuse it just detracts from your credibility even more, if that is at all possible.

I am one of the worlds top experts in data collection and integration so as to be able to deposit all data into a corporate wide data warehouse so that the management of a company can more effectively measure, manage and monitor that company. It does not take a genius to see that you lot have no such capability to effectively manage the business of governing Ireland.

So here is my proposal. I am the author of software that is the most cost effective data integration software in the world. My friends at IBM would want to charge you a great deal of tax payer money to use their similar software. I am prepared to make my software available to all government departments of the Irish government at the princely sum of EUR1,000 per month for the entire Irish Government.

I am prepared to do this because by using my software, essentially for free, the Irish people will be spared the burden of paying some multinational for the use of their over-priced bloatware. There is no reason why the Irish people should have to pay any more than they absolutely have to in order to get you politicians to provide a proper accounting of what it is you are doing.

By using my software you will be able to develop your data integration systems in at at LEAST 50% less time, effort and cost that you now perform such work, if you do so at all. The evidence would seem to indicate that you do not do any data integration worth a damn.

Should you wish me to actually design your data warehouses for you based on the data models and techniques that have been developed over the years? I would also be happy to do that for a modest fee. Far more modest than you will be able to get from anyone else of similar skills.

Why might you be well advised to take up this offer?

  1. The pantomime that is the Irish government has zero credibility in managing the services of government. It might be time you worked on restoring some credibility. Though, to be fair, you seem to get along pretty well with no credibility at all and no demonstrated desire to have any. Amazing!

  2. There is obviously no transparency in the functions of government and this would be something that the Irish people are well advised to demand. For the members of the Houses of the Oireachtas to turn down this proposal will simply remind everyone watching this conversation that you do not want transparency in your government functions.

  3. Those of you who decide that gaining a greater level of data integration and transparency for your constituents and openly demanding that happen? You might just have a better time of it when you are put on trial. Your constituents will be the people who will be on your jury, remember. It might be wise to start planning what you are going to say and what actions you can point to at your trials.

  4. You can start the process of rebuilding your economy and creating future opportunities for future generations of Irish Children. It is going to take some time to do that so you had best get started now.

I will leave you with my usual signature minus my personal phone number. I do not need crazies calling me in the middle of the night. You can pass the links to those of your staff who are technical so that they can take a look my software and see for themselves how it works. It will cost you a great deal more money to build systems to make the government functions of Ireland more transparent any other way.

Don't you all think it is about time you had some thoughts about those 87,000 people who LEFT Ireland recently?

Don't you all think it is about time you had some thoughts about how you might avoid more of the same in the future?

Best Regards

Peter Nolan
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 10/16/2012 4:55 AM
 Modified By host  on 10/16/2012 4:56:38 AM
Michael was even polite enough to respond.

-----Original Message-----
From: Michael Healy-Rae []
Sent: 15 October 2012 11:49
To: Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)
Subject: Re: Addressing the ongoing War Against Fathers and Men in Ireland

I acknowledge receipt of your email which I have read


Michael Healy-Rae T.D.
New Post
 10/16/2012 4:56 AM
 Modified By host  on 10/16/2012 4:56:20 AM
So I sent him this reply.

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: 15 October 2012 12:53
To: Michael Healy-Rae
Subject: Re: Addressing the ongoing War Against Fathers and Men in Ireland

Hi Michael,
thank you for confirming you have seen this.

I should hope that it is obvious that the re-introduction of the rule of law into Ireland is something that would benefit ALL Irish people in the long run. 

This current practice of the TDs supporting throwing people into conflict with each other is causing a great deal of death and distress.

The TDs will be held accountable for their actions in front of new common law courts.

I should think it is also obvious that the refusal of TDs to support the re-introduction of fair and just courts is going to lead to violence. Even JFK pointed this out. It is hardly like I am saying something that is not well known.

TDs are at cause in creating violence in Ireland. I am doing my best to head that off by calling for the creation of fair and just courts.

Whatever actions you take? They will be presented at your trial. 

I think it is best for the TDs to give up on their support of the criminals in the legal fraternity and police and make your peace with your constituents by admitting your crimes and taking your fair and just punishment like a man.

That way violence can be avoided.

Best Regards 

Your brother peter 

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