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 8/2/2012 11:00 AM

Joshuas Male friends.

Dear young man.

My apologies for interrupting your busy day.

You are receiving this email on the basis that you appear to be male and are linked to Joshua John Nolan, my former son.

I am writing to you for two reasons. 

  1. To tell you that your guvments are, indeed, a criminal cartel in league with the legal profession, banks, media, medicos etc. I know you will find that statement quite unbelievable. You are very well advised to investigate. It is YOUR future that is at stake. Not mine.

  2. To tell you how western women are openly very hateful of men, condone and support women committing criminal acts against men, and the effect this is having on men coming to distrust women in general in the west.

You will be aware of the hatred of women, even if only vaguely. You will know that it is “assault” for a man to his a woman but “humour” for a women to hit a man. You will know that women commit the crime of perjury in the family courts and are rewarded with the house and kids and the mans income. You will know:

War dead                                  98% men
Workplace dead             93% men
Homeless                                  90% men
Incarcerated                              90% men
Alimony payers                          99% men
Child support payers                  99% men. 

Number of womens groups “protesting the obvious oppression of the patriarchy” in these six categories.


You will have heard all your life how women “demand to be treated with equality” yet also demand all the privileges traditionally accorded women in the past such as not getting KILLED in battle or in the workplace.

You. Young man. Are very well advised to read my second book called The Truth Be Told wherein it is explained AND PROVEN to you that you have less legal protection than a STRAY DOG. You will have demonstrated to you that you can be legally victimised to a greater extent than was possible for a BLACK JEW to be victimised by the National Socialists in Germany prior to the outbreak of hostilities in 1939.

It is YOUR future that hangs in the balance. Not mine. This book is a public service to educate YOU, not me. I already know everything in the book. I wrote it.

Now. As Joshua will be able to tell you himself, his mother Jennifer committed quite a series of crimes in divorce in 2007 and 2008. As a result of these criminal acts Jennifer was awarded 95% of assets of the family by the criminals in the family courts in Australia. This could be YOU in 20 years time. YOU could labour for the next 20 or 25 years only to have your wife tell lies about you and to kidnap your children and to poison their minds to you and to destroy your company and everything you have ever worked for.

Today this is nothing stopping ANY man in Ireland have that fate befall them. And young women, just like my former daughter Josephine Marguerite Nolan, who see this happen to their fathers, remain silent. Young women, your peers, know their mothers are criminally victimising their fathers and they OPENLY SUPPORT AND CONDONE such criminal victimisation. Even more sadly? Young MEN, like Joshua, who see their fathers criminally victimised ALSO STAY SILENT thereby condoning the criminal acts of their mothers against their fathers.

BOTH my former sons, Joshua John Nolan and Jarrod Stephen Robinson remained silent at the crimes committed against me. As did my father, my brothers, my best man, my best mate, my male cousins. What young men like you are well advised to know is that if you are criminally victimised by a woman in divorce YOU will be the one HATED ON no matter how good a father you were. And you can ask Joshua John Nolan directly just how good a father I used to be.

As a young man you are well advised to consider what it means to you that your women who are your peers openly condone criminal acts against men, especially men just like me and your fathers. That does not bode well for you in trying to raise a family should you wish to try for that. That does not bode well for you should you with to have a career like I had only to have your wife destroy what it is you tried to create via criminals in the legal fraternity and guvment.

There was a great deal of damage done to the credibility of women in Ireland by the fact that a criminal woman, such as Jennifer, was openly supported and her crimes were condoned by 99.9% of Irish women. This included 100% of women in the Irish Parliament and 100% of the 250 women in the International Womens Club of Dublin. This evidence means that young men are well advised to take notice of my case.

What you are being told is that you have less legal protection than a STRAY DOG. If you do not listen to this warning that is your choice. I am merely putting the truth in front of you. The truth is that 5% is the new 50% if you happen to be a man. This can happen to you just as easily as it has happened to me and other men.

During the divorce process Jennifer committed the criminal acts of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse. Young men would do well to know that even though she was given the opportunity to make a public statement about these criminal acts Josephine chose to remain silent, thereby becoming an accomplice to these criminal acts. You are also well advised to realise that JOSHUA remained silent even though given a chance to make a public statement. You are well advised to realise JOSHUA chose to become an accomplice to these criminal acts against his own father. You are well advised to think about what that means TO YOU.

You young men would do well to know that virtually ALL women and ALL MEN in Ireland and Australia remain silent when women criminally victimise men. This means the women AND MEN who are your peers as well. The women who will tell you “I would never do that to you” remain silent as other women steal from men in divorce. It should be obvious to you that this could be YOU one day. I am working to re-introduce the rule of law for the benefit of young men like YOU.

Many of your peers seem to think that allowing women to commit crimes against men with impunity is somehow to be tolerated because “to be a man you must tolerate criminal acts by women.”  Young men can decide for yourselves if it “makes you a man” to allow women to criminally victimise you. Personally, my opinion is it does not. It just makes you stupid.

Clearly, since 100% of the women in the Australian and Irish Parliaments and 100% of the 250 women in the International Womens club of Dublin and at LEAST 10,000 other women I have talked to ALL condone perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse when committed by a woman….any man of any reasonable intelligence must question EVERYTHING a woman in Australia or Ireland says. If you believe someone who condones perjury? You deserve what is coming your way.

Young men would do well to ask the women who are your peers “where do you stand on women being held equal before the law”. Ask them what ACTION they are taking about women committing crimes with impunity.  Your women peers are invited to join the Crimes Against Fathers womens sites and they are not doing it. That should tell you where they stand with respect to treating women as equal before the law.

This is a video I am addressing to you young men.

This is a video addressed at young women, your peers.

And this is a recent video I issued to the members of Parliament in Ireland.

Young man? Your future is in the balance. You are going to have to live with the results of your decisions for the remainder of your life. You are also going to have to live with the criminal acts of the women in your parliament and Mary McAleese all your life. What you do about that is up to you. If you wish to assist me re-introduce the rule of law into Ireland then join the Mens Business Association. Crimes Against Fathers is not open to registration by men who are not fathers.

Best Regards

Peter-Andrew: Nolan©

PS. Many of you will have wealthy fathers. You might want to ask your fathers why it is that they have refused to meet their obligations and protect YOUR RIGHTS from the criminality of the agents of the guvment.

I have spent the last 4.5 years, 4,000 hours, at a personal cost of EUR300,000 to resolve the problem of criminality in the Irish and Australian guvments.

You might want to ask your father why he is not doing HIS JOB in defending YOU from the crimes of the guvment. You might want to ask him how much he is willing to pay me for doing HIS JOB.

You might want to hand him this book so he knows what I am talking about.

Tell your father that he is most welcome to contact me to discuss his failure to do HIS JOB in protecting YOUR RIGHTS.
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 8/2/2012 11:00 AM
These are facebook friends on Joshuas facebook that appear to be male.                           Darragh Quinlan Pluck.

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