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 8/2/2012 10:59 AM

Joshuas Female friends.

Dear young woman.

My apologies for interrupting your busy day.

You are receiving this email on the basis that you appear to be female and are linked via facebook to Joshua John Nolan, my former daughter.

I am writing to you for two reasons. 

  1. To tell you that your guvments are, indeed, a criminal cartel in league with the legal profession, banks, media, medicos etc. I know you will find that statement quite unbelievable. You are very well advised to investigate. It is YOUR future that is at stake. Not mine. 
  1. To tell you how western women are openly very hateful of men, condone and support women committing criminal acts against men, and the effect this is having on men coming to distrust women in general in the west.

Our women have brought to us a very much unwanted “gender war”. Men have now turned up to fight it, quite reluctantly I might add. The war is actually all but over. My new book, The Truth Be Told, has had 1,900 downloads now. The word is being spread quite rapidly as to what western women have been doing to men in the family courts. There is simply no way out and no way back for the women of the younger generation in the west. You will either choose to co-operate with us in re-introducing the rule of law and co-operate with us in holding women “equal before the law” or us men will do that without your co-operation.

Because the gender war our women decided to wage on us is also destructive of our families, our sons, our businesses, the overall economy and, indeed, of women themselves, us men are obliged to fight and win the gender war so as to be able to re-establish the rule of law in the west and to stop our women destroying their own lives and the lives of our sons.

What I am doing is actually a public service to western women, though you seem to be not able to understand that or are so hate filled now you do not want to understand that.

The “gender war” is over. Men won. Women lost. The only question now is how long women go on fighting a “gender war” that is a lost cause. There is also the question of how many men are foolish enough to support the fighting of the “gender war” to the detriment of themselves and their children.

You are advised to stop fighting the “gender war” as your mothers and grand mothers are exhorting you to do and to co-operate with men in re-introducing the rule of law into English speaking lands. Failure to co-operate will simply mean a bigger backlash against you.

In my case, as Joshua will be able to tell you himself, his mother Jennifer committed quite a series of crimes in divorce in 2007 and 2008. These crimes included perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse. As a result of these criminal acts Jennifer was awarded 95% of assets of the family by the criminals in the family courts in Australia.

In the process of committing so many criminal acts against me over such a long period and so many other women condoning these criminal acts there was a great deal of damage done to the credibility of women in Ireland and Australia. The fact is that a criminal woman, such as Jennifer, was openly supported and her crimes were condoned by 99.9% of Irish women. This included 100% of women in the Irish Parliament, 100% of the women in the Australian Parliament and 100% of the 250 women in the International Womens Club of Dublin. This willingness of women to support criminal acts by women, especially perjury, means that your credibility with your male peers has also been affected.

Simply put. Any man of any reasonable intelligence will disbelieve anything YOU say because 99.9% of Irish women and Australian women openly condone perjury and other crimes. YOUR credibility has been affected in the eyes of MANY men because YOU remain silent on this, the single most important issue of your time.

That issue being the blatant criminal abuse of men by women that women claim they must be allowed to “get away with” based on the imagined “wrongs of the patriarchy”.

The ONLY way forward that has a peaceful conclusion between western women and western men is for the younger women to realise that they have been sold a lie and betrayed by their mothers and grand mothers.

You are advised to establish new all women courts with all women juries wherein you hold women criminals accountable for their crimes on exactly the same basis you would like us men to hold men accountable for their crimes. Because us men are going to look to women and see how you deal with criminal women as the guideline to how you wish us to deal with criminal men. The mechanism to do this has been created. You are invited to join if you live in Ireland.

We are going to bring about “equality before the law” between men and women whether young women like that or not. Certainly your mothers and your grand mothers do not wish to bring about “equality before the law”. I know. I asked them in very large numbers. They declined and therefore betrayed you with their hypocrisy.

Now…I have made some videos addressing this issue. You may wish to inform yourself of this issue as it is going to affect you for your entire life. There is nowhere you can run and hide from the issue of criminals in your guvment and the issue of women committing crimes against men with impunity.

This is a video addressed at young women.

This is a video I am addressing to young men, your peers.

And this is a recent video I issued to the members of Parliament in Ireland.

Young woman?

Your future is in the balance. You are going to have to live with the results of your decisions for the remainder of your life. So will your sons and daughters should you be blessed with them.

You are going to have to live with the criminal acts of the women in your parliament and the criminal acts of Mary McAleese all your life. I have laboured these last 4 years primarily for the benefit of the next generation of children in Ireland and Australia. In doing so I have created the opportunity for great benefit for such as yourselves should you choose to co-operate with us men.

Like I said. You might want to educate yourself….or maybe not. Up to you.

Best Regards

Peter-Andrew: Nolan©

PS. Many of you will have wealthy fathers. You might want to ask your fathers why it is that they have refused to meet their obligations and protect YOUR RIGHTS from the criminality of the agents of the guvment.

I have spent the last 4.5 years, 4,000 hours, at a personal cost of EUR300,000 to resolve the problem of criminality in the Irish and Australian guvments.

You might want to ask your father why he is not doing HIS JOB in defending YOU from the crimes of the guvment. You might want to ask him how much he is willing to pay me for doing HIS JOB.

You might want to hand him this book so he knows what I am talking about.

Tell your father that he is most welcome to contact me to discuss his failure to do HIS JOB in protecting YOUR RIGHTS.
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 8/2/2012 10:59 AM
This is the list of facebook friend links to joshuas facebook that appear to be female.
1 Reports 
New Post
 5/26/2016 3:36 PM

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: Please remove my facebook link
Date: 2016-05-25 19:13
From: Maire B <>

Hi !

To no avail, I previously sent a request for my
personal profile to be removed as a link
Please do so, I have never claimed any affiliation with
the site in question.

Attached is the below reference:

New Post
 5/26/2016 3:37 PM
Mary Battlebury. Is a man hating, lying, hypocritical, sexist bigot who condones and supports women committing crimes against men with impunity. 

And this post will remain on this site for ever and it will be found by her family and friends when they type her name in to google.

This is my response to her above email.

Hi Mary,

thank you for your email.

I went to the link to recall how your facebook link was placed on to the CAF site. 

Your facebook link is placed there because you were linked to Joshua John Nolan. 

My former son.

This is his facebook link.

So no. 

I will not be removing your link from the site.

And here is why.

You, and 99.9%+ of your fellow vile and disgusting Irish women condone and support women who commit perjury in the family law courts. Often driving good men to suicide.

Indeed, 99.7%+ of Irish men also condone women committing perjury in the family law courts.

We are denouncing you horrible, disgusting, vile, repulsive Irish women for your man hatred to your young male peers.

We are explaining to your young male peers that you hate them so much that if they are stupid enough to marry you and have a baby with you that you 110% condone perjury to ruin the mans life and steal his children and his house.

We are banging the drum that all women, you included, are pathological liars that HATE MEN and seek only to lie to them and to deceive them to be able to enslave them. 

And if enslavement via the lie of "love" does not work then enslavement via the agency of the state is a perfectly acceptable approach for you vile and disgusting Irish women to take.

And since I have PROVEN that you Irish women openly condone the criminal abuse of men by releasing the PROOF that my wife committed perjury in our family law case and that I have been criminally victimised for NINE YEARS now and not ONE of you so called "equal women" are willing to stand up for truth, justice and equality before the law....the young men are really getting the hint.


Not only was I criminally victimsed by criminal, lying, child abusing, prostitute, who is Joshua John Nolans mother, Jennifer Marguerite Toal, your so called "Minister for Justice and Equality" Frances Fitzgerald has seen fit to further criminally victimise me by not reversing the previous decision to grant my claim of Irish Citizenship and to not issue a MANDATORY permanent residency visa.

The compensation payments I am owed for the criminal victimisation I have suffered are now north of EUR10 million from the people of Ireland. A lot of women are going to pay a lot of taxes to pay my compensatio payments. 

My criminal victimisation has been such that it has now been necessary to claim into existence a state of war to conduct a war of return against you women who initiated a war of aggression against us men. You refused to cease and desist when told to do so which is why a state of war was deemed necessary.

In this war of return my muslim brothers are my allies. Any of my muslim brothers who commits an act of war on the land known as Ireland and is taken in to a POW situation will be released before we agree to even discuss a cessation of hostilities.

Further, I am not promoting the idea to young men that women must be removed from all public offices and disenfranchised from voting on public matters because when given public office and the privilege of voting on public matters you vote for the criminal victimisation of men behind the justification of "majority".

In short women have an in group preference a mile wide and are therefore not able to objectively serve in the interest of the public which is 49% men and boys.

Women have had 150 years of "feminism" and demanding "equality" and yet not one single one of you self described "equal women" in Ireland will stand up for truth, justice and equality before the law. Not even ONE of you will insist women criminals are punished and the men and children who are the victims of their crimes are compensated for their injury, harm and loss.

Now, you may well complain "but that was my grand mothers and my mothers who condoned criminally victimising you men, not me!" 

Bad luck.

We approached the women of your grand mothers and mothers ages and we told them to cease and desist their war of aggression against men or they and their daughters, grand daughters, great grand daughters and beyond would suffer the consequences of their choice to support the criminal victimisation of men.

So if you have a complaint?

Take it to your mother and your grand mother and there peers because we are not listening to complaints. 

We are not listening any more. 

Now, we are going to wage war and we are going to do this until such point in time that you women beg for your plea of unconditional surrender to be considered by me at my table. 

And my muslim brothers are fully on board with such a war, their name for it is Jihad.

Further, we are warning all men who are not enumerated enemy combatants to not lift up a deadly weapon in the defense of women on pain of death. 

We are making it clear to men that "a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle" and that the women are to defend themselves and any man who attempts to defend a woman in this war who is not on our enumerated enemy combatant list will suffer death as his punishment.

We chose this approach to discourage men from doing so.

We are going to see how "equal" you women are when the activity in question is warfare.

And since you are linked to Joshua John Nolan.

You might just like to criticise him that he was not willing to be a man and stand up and speak the truth when he turned 18 and came of age.

If Joshua John Nolan and his brother Jarrod Stephen Robinson had been prepared to be real men, as they were taught to be real men by me, this war might have been avoided.

In the end, even these two lads decided that they would condone and support the crimes of their criminal mother against men and make themselves my enemy. 

These two lads will be very severely punished for their crimes. 

I will not allow them to go unpunished for their crimes.

Now. On the CAF post in question there are many other young women.

You might like to inform them that a war of return is in progress and that the objective of this war is to subjugate the women of Ireland to the position of chattel property of men. 

That meaning each woman will have some man responsible for her actions because it is clear that women are not willing to hold themselves responsible for their actions nor other women responsible for their actions.

Your mothers and your grand mothers made a harsh rod for the backs of the young women who are linked on Joshua John Nolans facebook page.

You younger women are going have to sleep in the bed they made for you.

Good luck in your defense of your privilege of committing crimes against men.

You are going to need it.

Peter Andrew Nolan.

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