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 5/18/2013 5:57 AM
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This email is being sent to all Members of the Houses of the Oireachtas. It is also being sent to a number police officers and to various reporters in Ireland. Let it not be said I am not doing my best to put this information into the public domain.


To all my brothers and sisters who claim to be members of the Houses of the Oireachtas. I bid you a warm welcome to this email.

The first purpose of this letter is update you on the Mens Business Association Law Services and how that is coming along.

The second purpose of this letter is to re-iterate the crimes that you are all witness to and how all members of the Houses of the Oireachtas are engaging in female idolatry by demanding that women are not held equal before the law to men for their oaths, their signatures on contracts and their crimes. My brothers and sisters are doing a lousy job of re-presenting the interests of the male 49% of the Irish population and all men know it.

The third purpose of this letter is to re-iterate that I have offered the Irish Government the benefit of my services and software at a nominal cost so that you could make your obviously appallingly dysfunctional government processes a little less costly.

For those who wish to listen rather than read you can listen to a podcast of this open letter by clicking here:
F15 - Open Letter to Irish Parliament 

1. Update on MBA Law Services

In Australia recently we kicked off the process for our first public court case in The Peoples Courts of Australia. Just like The Peoples Courts of Ireland, The Peoples Courts of Australia are proposed to be open courts held in a court room with all activities recorded. That is they are planned to be public courts of law. This means that the Secretary of the Court and the jury members are known to the public.

However, not long after we went public with the name of the first Secretary of the Peoples Court of Australia for Melbourne he was paid a visit by ASIO and harassed and intimidated. The gentleman in question is a retired man on a pension who has worked hard all his life.

That Australian Taxpayer money (some of it from Irish people living in Australia) was used to harass and intimidate an elderly retired man who had volunteered his services as Secretary of the Peoples Court of Australia for Melbourne is a total disgrace. It shows anyone who is listening just what a bunch of criminals the Australian government and ASIO is.

This incident, and many other incidents, where harassment, intimidation, even arrest and violence, has been used by the police FORCE in Australia against those who are named in public as standing for truth, justice, liberty and equality before the law, has led to the decision to launch the Mens Business Association Law Services.

The Mens Business Association Law Services is a global service that can be used by any man or woman in any country of the world should they so choose. Currently we are launching only in the English Language. As more countries come on board we will work in more languages. It is a set of services that are available by choice to anyone who chooses to use them. MBA Law Services are performed under contracts that are adjudicated by MBA Associates under natural law and common law.

If you wish to view a detailed presentation about MBA Law Services and all it offers you are welcome to go to this video.
A08 - Introducing MBA Law Services

We have now created the first 11 cases to be processed via the MBA Law Services. There are six cases in Australia and 5 cases in the US. We have created a global registry for all our cases as well as a local registry for Ireland. You can see these registries on these two links.
Global Case Registry
Irish Case Registry

Why is the fact that we are now in a position to run our first courts of importance to the members of the Irish Parliament?

Because cases have been registered against ALL members of the Houses of the Oireachtas. The initial cases will be run against "Judge Griffin" of the family law courts, then Enda Kenny and Alan Shatter. However, since ALL members of the Houses of the Oireachtas have decided to associate themselves with criminal acts each and every one of you has a case to answer.

Once we have processed the cases against "Judge Griffin", Enda Kenny and Alan Shatter successfully we will turn our attention to EACH of you. If any single one of you wishes to make the decision for yourself that you no longer wish to be associated with these crimes? You are well advised to contact me on and make an offer of Remedy such that I can announce on the Case Registry that you have "settled out of court" to my satisfaction.

I wish to inform you that since 12 honest men of honour and integrity who are Christian men could not be found among all the men of Ireland to serve on the jury of The Peoples Courts of Ireland, for the MBA Law Courts we will accept Muslim men as jury members even if they were not born on the land known as Ireland. The criteria for Jury Membership will be relaxed to "permanent residency" of Ireland as opposed to "born on the land of Ireland". If a man is a permanent resident then we will not exclude him from the possibility of serving on our new juries merely depending on his religion.

If Christian men who were born on the land known as Ireland are not willing to extend the protection of the law of the Christian Bible to me, such laws as "thou shalt not steal" and "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" then I will call on my Muslim bothers to offer the protection of the law of Islam to me. Islam also holds "thou shalt not steal".

Unlike most Christian people, I do not discriminate against Muslims on the basis of their faith. I have many Muslim friends. I have lived in Saudi Arabia for 18 months and become very familiar with the Islamic faith of my colleagues and friends in Saudi Arabia. Certainly Muslim men and women treat me with FAR more respect and dignity than my Christian brothers and sisters treat me. So much so I denounce the VAST majority of western Christians as liars and hypocrites as they do not offer the protection of THEIR LAWS to their brothers who live among them.

I have a number of Muslim men who live on the land of Ireland currently searching for Muslim men to serve on the jury for the MBA Law Services Courts in Ireland. Since these men live on the land of Ireland they have every right to be a jury member in the face of the refusal of men born on the land of Ireland to extend to me the protection of the Christian Laws.

A right not exercised is a right waived. The right of Irish Men born in the land of Ireland to be the members of jury to extend to me the protection of the law has not been exercised in my case and therefore has been waived. This means that such men have consented to me having Muslim men as my jury members because "silence is consent".

So I am informing all member of the Houses of the Oireachtas that should you choose to go to trial over the crimes you have chosen to associate yourself with it is more than likely you will be facing a jury of Muslim men. I would remind you that Muslim men take the issue of stealing a mans children and stealing a mans house FAR more seriously than Irish born Christian men take such crimes.

As we have seen. Irish born Christian men see such crimes as needing to be "tolerated" rather than remedied.


2. The Crimes You Have All Been Witness To

My brothers and sisters,
you have been witness to a number of crimes. The evidence for these crimes has been placed into the public domain for you to refer to. Where I have not placed the evidence in to the public domain I have stated the background to the crime clearly and concisely in public in my own name.

This section re-iterates the crimes that have been committed against me, crimes you are a witness to, and now crimes you have chosen to associate yourself with by refusing to tell the appropriate authority of the crimes of which you have become aware. The appropriate authority being the sovereign people of Ireland.

That every single member of the Houses of the Oireachtas has attempted to "shut up and ride out the storm" has put you in the position of making yourself an accessory to the crimes at hand.

Item 01 - Embezzlement of EUR18,000 by Jennifer Marguerite Toal

In August 2007 Jennifer Marguerite Toal embezzled EUR18,000 from the company of which she was a director. This crime was properly reported to the relevant "authorities" who then chose to do nothing about it.

Item 02 - Aiding and Abetting a Known Criminal by Fiona Brassil of Daniel Spring

The way in which I came to know of this embezzlement was by watching the hotmail email of Jennifer Marguerite Toal as her then husband. She sent a note to Fiona Brassil telling her of the embezzlement. This means Fiona Brassil knew full well of this crime. When I challenged Jennifer on this crime her claim was "Fiona told me I could take that money". I then suggested to Jennifer that she get that in writing over Fiona Brassils signature. Surprise, surprise, Fiona was not willing to sign such a letter.

However. The evidence at hand, the very fact I knew about the embezzlement and can state under oath it was from said email, indicates that Fiona Brassil knew full well of this embezzlement and has therefore, been a criminal, since August 2007.

Alan Shatter, as the Minister for Justice and a senior member of the Law Society, should have done something about Fiona Brassil by now. After all, the Law Society gave her an award as "Family Law Lawyer of the Year" when she is, in fact, a criminal.

This has further damaged the reputation of the Law Society if that is at all possible.

Item 03 - Perjury and Other Crimes by Jennifer Marguerite Toal

Jennifer Marguerite Toal has committed the crimes of Perjury, Kidnapping, Extortion, Theft and Child Abuse. The evidence for the former four crimes is presented on this link. If any member would like to satisfy him/her self of the guilt of Jennifer Marguerite Toal  on these crimes you are welcome to review the evidence presented to the public in video and written form on this link.

MBA-LS-AA007 Peter Nolan vs Jennifer Toal

These crimes were committed on the land known as Ireland. Many thousands of Irish people were asked over many years to provide me a path to justice for these crimes so that I did not have to resort to force to defend my property from a criminal woman. These people included Brian Cowan and Mary McAleese. However, Irish people engaged in female idolatry, male disposability and male hatred and demanded in their silence that I accept these crimes against me merely because they were committed by a woman against a man.

After the election I brought these crimes to the attention of Alan Shatter and Enda Kenny in the private and they refused to see that due process of law was observed. I then brought these crimes to the attention of all members of Parliament in early 2012 and all members of Parliament also saw fit to engage in female idolatry, male disposability and male hatred.

Because you have ALL engaged in female idolatry, male disposability and male hatred for more than a year now there can be no argument that you, in any way, re-present the interests of men and boys on an equal before the law basis to women and girls. In short, all members of the parliament have chosen to destroy your own credibility and to associate yourself with the crimes of Jennifer Marguerite Toal.

The repeated claims of Alan Shatter that judges can some how be delegated the right to openly allow and support the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse are laughable.  Alan has made himself a laugh stock among Mens Rights Activists in Ireland by even attempting such a laughable explanation.

The Bible, according to Irish Tradition, is the very word of God. The laws:

  • "thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour"
  • "thou shalt not steal"
  • "love one another as I have loved you"
  • "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

are handed down to the Irish people, according to your tradition, by your God and your Jesus Christ.

That Alan Shatter has attempted to make the argument that the Irish Constitution, a document accepted as being written by MEN, that is only binding on those who agree to be bound by it as a contract, some how abrogates the WORD OF GOD and gives judges some "right" by which to allow women to break these LAWS OF GOD is the crime of BLASPHEMY no less.

No one has the right to delegate a right they do not have in the first place. Since Judges do not have any right to violate the 4 laws that are presented above they can not be said to have gained such a right by any document produced by any man.

If any member of the Parliament is unclear about these four statements being attributed to the WORD OF GOD as three commandments and ONE LAW then I recommend you see your local minister and have him explain the associated bible passages to you.

Every single Christian person in Ireland has been taught, at a young age, these four rules above and the story of the "good Samaritan". It is not believable that a person living on the land of Ireland could claim to be Christian and also claim to have never heard these four rules and the story of the "good Samaritan". 

If any member of the parliament would like to publicly claim that you have never heard of these 4 rules above and the story of the "good Samaritan" please feel free to make that claim in public where your peers, family and friends can see you make that claim.

Should you be unwilling to make that claim and you accept that you knew of these 4 rules and the "good Samaritan" story, you will be fully aware that when a man who has been criminally victimised asks you for help you have AN OBLIGATION ACCORDING TO YOUR RELIGION to extend the help needed.


To fail to live up to that OBLIGATION is rebellion against YOUR GOD YOU SAY YOU BELIEVE IN.

Under YOUR GODS WRITTEN LAW of "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" the unanimous decision of all members of Parliament to withdraw from me the protection of YOUR GODS LAWS is automatically the agreement of all members of Parliament to waive the protection of the law for yourselves. Hence the state of WAR that I declared is lawful according to YOUR LAWS.

I recommend that each and every one of you consider very carefully if you wish to make a remedy payment to me to get you off the list of cases to be prosecuted or if you wish to attempt to explain to 12 Muslim men why you think it is ok to engage in female idolatry and allow women to commit crimes like this.

Because I can assure you that Muslim men do NOT allow women to commit crimes like this and since they also live on the land of Ireland they have every right to issue remedy instructions in the absence of any such Christian men from doing so.

Indeed, since Islam treats men and women very similarly for crimes it would appear to be a far more suitable religion for men. I have told many young Irish men this is the case.

Item 04 - Theft, Injury, Harm and Loss by "Judge Griffin"

The man who calls himself "Judge Griffin" committed the crime of theft on the basis that he froze my personal and company bank accounts in December 2007 prior to any document being legally or lawfully served on me by his own set of rules. "Judge Griffin" claimed that faxes sent to a third party company in a third party jurisdiction constituted "good service".

This is LAUGHABLE. Again. Alan Shatter would have you believe that judges can pull this sort of garbage out of their nether regions can call it "good law". That Alan Shatter attempts to make the claim that judges can make this sort of rubbish up when there are clear and documented rules as to what constitutes "good service of documents" is LAUGHABLE.

How Alan Shatter even manages to keep a straight face when he calls himself "Minister for Justice" is a clear indication that he is a pathological liar who CAN keep a straight face when telling people bare faced lies. Alan Shatter seems to be a man of no conscience at all about the effects on other peoples lives of his willingness to allow women to commit crimes.

He had better be wary that some angry father does not "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" because Alan Shatter and his predecessors have attacked the wives and children of MANY TENS OF THOUSANDS OF FATHERS thereby making themselves, their wives and their children legitimate targets of opportunity in the current state of WAR.

As a result of this crime of closing my bank accounts in order to deprive me of the use of my assets I was cast into poverty and reduced to begging from my family and friends.

"Judge Griffin" issued an "order" (meaning request just like an order for a Big Mac) for EUR6,000 per month, 100% of the family income, that, over two years, could be said to be an order for EUR150,000.

"Judge Griffin" has been given a bill for this order that is 10x the order amount or EUR1.5 MILLION. You can see the Bill for this Order on this link.
Bill For Judge Griffin Court Order

"Judge Griffin" will be the first case that I run in Dublin. The current state of WAR that has been come into existence with the full consent of every member of the Irish Parliament will remain in place until I gain my path to justice with "Judge Griffin".

That means that until this LAWFUL Bill for EUR1.5 MILLION is paid into my personal bank account where it can not be touched or stolen by any criminals in the Irish Parliament the state of WAR will remain in force and each of you and your wives, husbands and children are legitimate targets of opportunity for any man who wishes to wage WAR on you.

As soon as the rule of LAW is re-established and PROVEN to work by way of me gaining my path to justice against "Judge Griffin" I will publicly END this state of WAR and declare that any crime that a man has been subject to can be processed via the MBA Law Courts.

There will be a one week period between the announcement and the official end of the state of WAR to allow the media to cover the story and get the word out to all men that the rule of law has been restored and acts of WAR were now declared criminal again on the land known as Ireland.

Once the rule of law has been re-introduced via this initial prototype case with "Judge Griffin" we shall create all the cases necessary to process any other person that has committed a crime against me who has not chosen to settle their crime against me in the private.

I wish to inform each of you that should you wait until we have achieved this result with "Judge Griffin" that the price of settling with me out of court will go up substantially. This is because the likelyhood of getting a result will go up to 100% once we have dealt with "Judge Griffin". Until then? There remains a chance that the result will be a civil war and no remedies would be made for my cases. 

If you are wondering what I am going to do with the many millions of Euros you are all going to contribute to me? I intend to start a charity to assist young boys whose fathers have been murdered by proxy via criminal women and the family law courts. Since the members of Parliament are responsible and accountable for the legislation and the legal system that is killing these men I fully intend to take as much money off each of you as possible to start this charity. It is only fair and just.

Each of you were very well advised to speak out about these crimes when they were first brought to your attention in early 2012 rather than to try and hide them and thereby cause more men to be criminally victimised and kill themselves out of hopelessness of not having a path to justice.

In short? We will "do unto you as you have already done unto us" and thereby agreed to.

Item 05 - Criminal Sexism and Discrimination by Alan Shatter

You are all aware that Alan Shatter makes the claim that he can unilaterally deny a citizenship application providing no reason at all and without right to appeal. He makes this claim in the basis of, surprise, surprise, some other criminal predecessor politicians writing this down on a paper. I remind all of you of the following statement that occurs on page one of your bible. This is in Genesis 1:26 of the KJV of the bible.

"And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth."

Let me abbreviate that for you.

"And God said, .....let them have dominion.....over all the earth"

So. Alan Shatter claims that some people who claimed to be servants of the Irish people but were really agents of the British who wrote down in the 50s that the Minister for Justice can deny a citizenship application without reason and without appeal were, by some mysterious mechanism, able to put themselves above what "GOD SAID".

I would really like to see Alan Shatter provide his proof of claim as to how he or any other politician comes to have some sort of "authority" over what is claimed to be the very word of GOD.

Further, the blatant sexism and discrimination by Alan Shatter is so obvious as to be laughable. In a family of then 4 there was one sole bread winner who provided for his wife and two children. And when it comes to a citizenship application the woman and two children are approved but the bread winner, the one who PAID THE TAXES is rejected with no reason given at all. Hhmmm?

The review of my citizenship application in 2009 stated that there was no reason Mr. Nolan could not return to Ireland. But we have seen the High Court issue an order including an incarceration clause if you tube employees do not take down a video exposing Fiona Brassil as the criminal she is. Further, numerous of my colleagues in Ireland have been repeatedly incarcerated unlawfully and all appeals to Alan Shatter about these repeated unlawful incarcerations have fallen on deaf ears.

It seems to be very convenient that a man who is a life long member of the criminal organisation called "The Irish Law Society" becomes the "Minister for Justice" and unilaterally denies the citizenship application of a man exposing, surprise, surprise, the criminality of the Irish Law Society. Oh what a co-incidence! Nothing to worry about here!

And when other men are repeatedly unlawfully incarcerated Alan Shatter and his predecessors do nothing about this yet claim that there seems to be no reason a man would not move back to a police state where he is almost certain to be incarcerated. My, my, my...does ANYONE reading along with this really believe Alan Shatter is an honest man of honour and integrity?! Only the most stupid simpleton would not be able to connect the dots on THAT one.

By way of denying my citizenship application Alan Shatter has caused me quite some injury harm and loss. As I have made clear in numerous letters to all members I have been offered many jobs over the last 12 months in Europe. I have turned them down on the basis that the relevant governments would be only too happy to persecute those who might offer me employment. As such Alan owes me for that injury, harm and loss. And because all members went along with this in silence and silence is consent you each created a liability for yourselves on this point too.

I have reminded you many times of your own residency rules. Since I was criminally victimised based on the allegation that I was the father of two children who are now Irish citizens it would seem very strange, even criminal, that the "Minister for Justice" would claim that I am not entitled to this residency status based on the very way I was criminally victimised.

It would also clearly indicate the level of MAN-HATRED and FEMALE IDOLATRY of every member of Parliament that you have consented to this criminal victimisation of me merely based on the fact I am a man who was criminally victimised by a woman. The MAN-HATRED and FEMALE IDOLATRY of every member of Parliament is clearly on display for all ANGRY FATHERS to see.

Those ANGRY FATHERS are telling me "we should not hurt the politicians or their families because if we talk to them enough they will come around to our way of thinking and do the right thing".

My answer to that is: Really? And you would have some evidence of this? Because I have a MOUNTAIN of evidence that all members of the parliament engage openly and willingly in MAN-HATRED and FEMALE IDOLATRY and openly demonstrate that men are 4th class citizens behind women, children and STRAY DOGS.

I have invited criminally abused fathers in Ireland to show me any evidence they can come forward with that any member of the parliament is NOT a MAN-HATER who engages in FEMALE IDOLATRY. Namely, bring forth evidence that ANY member of the parliament has declared women must be held equal before the law to men and is willing to support this concept in the public.

The ANGRY fathers of Ireland are getting the message. They can not find ONE of the members of parliament who has openly, in public, in their own name, declared that women must be held equal to men before the law for their oaths, signatures on contracts and crimes, specifically meaning that the same remedy is to apply regardless of the sex of the perpetrator or the victim.

For your reading pleasure. Here again is the the legislation that is BINDING on Alan Shatter.

The right of all Union citizens to move and reside freely within the territory of the Member States should, if it is to be exercised under objective conditions of freedom and dignity, BE ALSO GRANTED TO THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS, IRRESPECTIVE OF NATIONALITY. For the purposes of this Directive, the definition of "family member" should also include the registered partner if the legislation of the host Member State treats registered partnership as equivalent to marriage.

As I have said many times. It seems that you members of the Houses of the Oireachtas do not like to follow the rules that you have signed up for. These are YOUR RULES, not my rules. And the criminal attempt to persecute me by denying me the ability to work through the criminal coercive power of the state is a crime that you are all aware of. A crime that will go before the MBA Law Courts unless a settlement is reached prior to the case going to the court.


3. Repeating My Offer of Business

In my Open Letter to you on 2012-10-14 I wrote the following. I am repeating it because it is quite obvious that the management of government functions in Ireland is a shambles. I do not for one minute believe this is from incompetence or stupidity. I believe the government functions of Ireland are a shambles so as to hide what is really going on from the Irish people.

I offered my business services so as to make the government of Ireland, particularly the spending of public money, as transparent as possibly can be. The Irish people have every right to know where every cent of their money goes. This pantomime that the Irish government is so incompetent and the members of government are so stupid that they can not build a data warehouse to be able to expose the spending of money does not wash with someone like me.

As one of the top Business Intelligence people in the world I know it is a relatively simple matter for me to design and build a data warehouse that will enable transparency of government and enable any interested party to analyse and understand the money spent by the government.

So. I am again offering all the members of parliament my services and my software to create Business Intelligence Systems to make transparent the entire functionings of the Irish government to the Irish people so that they can see just exactly what you politicians and public servants are up to. I propose to get rid of the secrecy in which you politicians and public servants operate. I presume that I will have the support of the Irish people in doing so.

I said it would be very foolish of you to deny this offer and it was. It has raised the question in the minds of many Irish People "what do the people in the government have to hide"? The answer, of course, is A GREAT DEAL. You have all managed to bring deep suspicion on to the public servants that work for you as well now. I am sure these "career public servants" are going to be none too pleased as there are more and more people demanding transparency in government.

Perhaps you ministers might like to "get ahead of the curve" and start to actually serve the Irish people rather than fulfil your current roles as agents of the British keeping the "Troublesome Irish" down. It still amazes me anyone who was born in Ireland would so openly choose to be an agent of the British given the history of your country.

Here is what I said in my previous letter of 2012-10-14.

Now. The last thing I wished to present to you all is this. The running of the government is obviously in a shambles as well as being a pantomime. You are obviously obfiscating what is really happening. You are obviously hiding critical numbers from the Irish people. You obviously do not have a transparent and honest accounting of what is going on in all those government departments that you like to steal tax euros to fund.

So I have a proposal for the Irish Government. It is not one you are going to like but it is one that I think you might wish to accept because to refuse it just detracts from your credibility even more, if that is at all possible.

I am one of the worlds top experts in data collection and integration so as to be able to deposit all data into a corporate wide data warehouse so that the management of a company can more effectively measure, manage and monitor that company. It does not take a genius to see that you lot have no such capability to effectively manage the business of governing Ireland.

So here is my proposal. I am the author of software that is the most cost effective data integration software in the world. My friends at IBM would want to charge you a great deal of tax payer money to use their similar software. I am prepared to make my software available to all government departments of the Irish government at the princely sum of EUR1,000 per month for the entire Irish Government.

I am prepared to do this because by using my software, essentially for free, the Irish people will be spared the burden of paying some multinational for the use of their over-priced bloatware. There is no reason why the Irish people should have to pay any more than they absolutely have to in order to get you politicians to provide a proper accounting of what it is you are doing.

By using my software you will be able to develop your data integration systems in at at LEAST 50% less time, effort and cost that you now perform such work, if you do so at all. The evidence would seem to indicate that you do not do any data integration worth a damn.

Should you wish me to actually design your data warehouses for you based on the data models and techniques that have been developed over the years? I would also be happy to do that for a modest fee. Far more modest than you will be able to get from anyone else of similar skills.

Why might you be well advised to take up this offer?

  1. The pantomime that is the Irish government has zero credibility in managing the services of government. It might be time you worked on restoring some credibility. Though, to be fair, you seem to get along pretty well with no credibility at all and no demonstrated desire to have any. Amazing!

  2. There is obviously no transparency in the functions of government and this would be something that the Irish people are well advised to demand. For the members of the Houses of the Oireachtas to turn down this proposal will simply remind everyone watching this conversation that you do not want transparency in your government functions.

  3. Those of you who decide that gaining a greater level of data integration and transparency for your constituents and openly demanding that happen? You might just have a better time of it when you are put on trial. Your constituents will be the people who will be on your jury, remember. It might be wise to start planning what you are going to say and what actions you can point to at your trials.

  4. You can start the process of rebuilding your economy and creating future opportunities for future generations of Irish Children. It is going to take some time to do that so you had best get started now.

I will leave you with my usual signature minus my personal phone number. I do not need crazies calling me in the middle of the night. You can pass the links to those of your staff who are technical so that they can take a look my software and see for themselves how it works. It will cost you a great deal more money to build systems to make the government functions of Ireland more transparent any other way.

Don't you all think it is about time you had some thoughts about those
87,000 people who LEFT Ireland recently?

Don't you all think it is about time you had some thoughts about how you might avoid more of the same in the future?

Now. I do believe this is enough for this Open Letter.

I wish you all a good day.

Best Regards

Peter Nolan
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