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 7/16/2011 10:43 AM
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In November 2007 I got my ‘wake up call’ as to how corrupt the Irish Government is via the criminal known as Family Court Judge Griffin when he shut down my bank accounts and attempted extorting EUR6,000/month out of me. Many Irish Men have felt this.

Over the following three years I did a great deal of study and managed to develop a remedy. Along the way I learned all about the Illuminati etc.

I spent nearly two years on the Irish Free Man site pointing out that if I was able to create a case against this criminal family court judge and take his house off him that we could then take that common law jury process to other crimes such as the theft of EUR85B so recently performed.

Gents? If you are to live in freedom and do it peacefully? You have to have credible courts and credible juries. It's the FIRST thing you need. In Ireland I now have cases against Brian Cowan and Mary McAleese for associating themselves in the crimes Judge Griffin committed against me. I have endlessly called for 12 honest men of honour and integrity to be willing to sit on said Jury. These men are not to be found. What is wrong with Irish men that they will not create courts and juries?

I stopped dealing with Irish men for a while because I could not find enough men to form a jury and I concentrated on Australia. My close mate in Ireland has also been trying hard. In Australia we have now proclaimed our new courts and we have served notices on all federal and NSW state politicians that they will all stand trail for the very specific crimes committed via the family courts and the mandatory arrest policy in NSW. You do not need to catch these criminals on their worst crimes. Al Capone was done for tax evasion.

I call again for Irish Men who are fathers. Please stand up for your rights and the rights of other fathers and their children. Please accept my invitation to make oath and form juries and courts in Ireland by registering to CAF – Ireland. Link below. I have a case against Judge Griffin to pay my bill for EUR1.5M and to pay me EUR100,000 in damages for destroying my company. To practice on how to put the big fish on trial you need to take down a few minnows first. I have given my word that any money the jury determines is lawful remedy will be held in the guardianship of Vince Byrne over at TNS to be spent on a foundation for boys whos fathers have been murdered by proxy by the criminals in the family court. All you men here know men who have had their children stolen. Some of you may know men who killed themselves when their kids were stoeln from them. If fathers are not willing to protect the children of Ireland? What have you become?

Once you are able to remedy the crimes of a judge? Then you can move on. My cases against Brian Cowan and Mary McAleese are also iron clad. But for some reason men on TNS can not see that proposing to run these three cases is the path needed to create common law courts and hold those who committed crimes accountable. There is no great need for ‘marching in the streets’ though it does raise awareness. The MOST urgent need is for honest courts and juries. And it only takes a very small number of men to run one.

Imagine the publicity you can generate if 500 men march on Judge Griffins house, throw him into the street, and tar and feather him for being willing to destroy a mans life based on lies and perjury of that mans wife.

How many more judges do you think will steal from Irish Men after that?

And when 500 men march on the office of Mary McAleese and ceremonially remove her from her office for being a criminal and we post that video to you-tube? How many people will take that in? For Mary is a criminal and I have her cold.

This is what we are moving forward with in Australia with every federal member in both houses now admitting by non-response they are criminals.

It’s time for the Irish Men to be catching up. You were leading two years ago. Please consider the creation of common law court with a jury of 12 honest men of honour and integrity willing to sit on said juries fearless of these criminals in your judiciary and parliaments. I did the work to create the cases. I call on men to give me a community sanctioned and supported path to justice for the crimes committed against me. I ask this as the starting point for future cases. As the prototype as it were.

Thanks for listening and Best Regards


Links to docs for Ireland.

Link to the book that frees men who wish to be free.

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