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ielts certifica...
6/19/2018 10:04 AM
by davejiker
Public Forum with new posts
Items of particular importance will be placed into this news forum.
Re: Senior judg...
8/13/2014 12:44 PM
by host
Public Forum with new posts
This is a place to say something about yourself or to point to your own web site if you have one. This is to share with the other members as to who you are and what you are doing about the crimes against fathers.
Peter-Andrew: N...
12/22/2010 6:19 AM
by PeterAndrewNolan
Public Forum
If you have something funny to say? Here is where you say it. Please make it have a point.
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For crimes not specific to subforums
This is a forum for fathers to post discussion and crimes that are not specific to one of the sub forums
Re: 2012-07-24 ...
7/23/2012 6:31 PM
by host
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Open Letters
This forum will contain open letters written to various people/groups in Ireland. They will therefore be available for all to see what was written to these groups so that there can be no claim by that group that the letter was not written and published.
Mary Battlebury...
5/26/2016 4:37 PM
by host
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Lawful Notices
This forum is the place we will post Lawful Notices to various people in Ireland. By posting them here there will be no excuse that they have not received this lawful notice.
Re: Lawful Noti...
12/8/2012 2:46 PM
by host
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Email Conversations with Women
Many young men can not believe my reports of the hatred spewed at me by women. So I will keep some email trails in here to show the young men what women think of men like me.
Gemma Mastroian...
6/22/2011 5:43 AM
by host
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Name and Shame the IgnorMANuses
This is a forum to name and shame the IgnorMANuses. These men were formerly known as "Manginas" but we now use the word IgnorMANus.
Re: Sean Maguir...
6/7/2015 11:11 AM
by host
Public Forum with new posts
Man-Hating Women
I had intended to ignore women all together after November 2009. I thought just catching some email trails would be enough. But I decided that the women in the media who are MAN-HATERS need to named and shamed. This forum is for naming and shaming women who are MAN-HATERS.
Re: Dr. Gillian...
12/3/2014 3:26 PM
by host
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This is a link to videos that are specific for Ireland
Summary of vide...
7/21/2012 5:07 PM
by host
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Help Peter has asked for
I am creating these forums on a number of sites to make it clear the help I have asked for. I want to also make it clear how men will NOT help me HELP THEM.
Re: Peter askin...
5/31/2015 8:55 AM
by host
Public Forum with new posts
Men of whom I am suspicious
I created this forum to post information about men I am suspicious of.
Súil Eile ...
5/19/2013 10:53 AM
by host