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 4/30/2014 9:41 PM
Cliff York man hater, female idolatror, IgnorMANus

This is his facebook:

This is what a man hater looks like.

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 4/30/2014 9:45 PM
I really despise these man hater who engage in female idolatry.

I really wish someone would just shoot these vermin who are so happy to see men kill themselves at the hands of criminal women in the criminal family courts while they leap to the defense of the most disgusting and disgraceful women. 

Cliff York is one such man. He does not give a shit about the estimated 4,000 Australian men who kill themselves every year in the family courts. But criticise a bitch who openly takes the position that dealing with criminal women is none of her business and he is going to jump in and defend the woman like the idiot white-knight, mangina, pussy begging, man-hating female idolatror her is.

Cliff York is a gender traitor who does not give a shit about men. Period.

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 4/30/2014 9:49 PM
Some comments from Cliff York.

Cliff York

I will defend women for as long as I please..... for too long I've seen them downtrodden and oppressed and abused......

War dead 98% men
Workplace dead 93% men
Homeless 90% men
Incarcerated 90% men
Alimony payers 99% men
Child support payers 99% men.

Indeed? I have challenged women to produce a book or a paper that show any culture anywhere in any period of history where women were MORE OPPRESSED THAN MEN. The starting point being conscription, the draft and national service. I have challenged them to find me a culture where women and NOT MEN could be jailed for refusing to go to war. 

I am still waiting.

Cliff York is an idiot who has bought the lie "women are oppressed" without ever asking for some evidence. 

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 4/30/2014 9:53 PM
 Modified By host  on 4/30/2014 4:04:02 AM
Cliff York

I think you read Anne-Marie wrong.... she stands with us as a friend ....not a foe in this battle 😊 As a single Mum, her focus is on survival for herself and child and to understand a system that has us all trapped and hoodwinked. Cliff York

She was unaware that the father of her child was wanted for murder.... and he is now inside for a long she is not single thru her choice.

And I would point out to the reader that the woman in question openly takes the position that women who commit crimes in the family law courts are no problem of hers to make sure they are held accountable for their crimes. With friends like that? Who needs enemies. 

Cliff York leapt to the "rescue" of a slut who got herself pregnant to a "bad boy" that Cliff York now claims is in jail for murder. This Anne-Marie is apparently such a slut that she didn't bother checking into the character of the man she decided to have a baby with. And when I asked Cliff York if this slut was actually MARRIED to the man before deciding to pop out the bastard child he did not bother to answer....but he did continue to defend a woman who does not give a shit about men being criminally victimised by other women.

My reply was this.

Peter Nolan

"She was unaware that the father of her child was wanted for murder."

Typical...a woman goes for a "bad boy" and gets herself pregnant and then pretends that she is the victim....typical.

You are trying to tell me she did not check out the man she chose to have a baby with well enough to even know if he was a killer? Hhhmmm?

You are trying to make her out to be the victim where what she did was throw herself at the "bad boy"?

Tell me this? Was she married to this guy? Did he meet his family? Did she spend a couple of years carefully getting to know him and his family before she decided to have a baby with him? Hhhmm?

To which Cliff replied again.
Cliff York

Well.... apparently he kept his past well hidden for years, and she had no idea he had committed murder.... anyway.... you are not her Judge .... Jesus is.... and He knows far more than you and I put together

Notice how Cliff did not answer the questions as to did the woman find out about the character of a man that she was going to have a baby with. My bet is she didn't meet his family, did not determine the character of the man. My guess is that she got the hots for a "bad boy" and decided to pop out a bastard "thug spawn" child and then play victim. It is very common. And Cliff York defends such women while attacking a man of the finest character.

Cliff York is one more arsehole who will defend the mist disgusting sluts who pop out thugspawn bastard kids and then demand the government rob other men to pay for such kids to help the "heroic single mother" who is "doing her best". The world would be much better without men like Cliff York in it.

Also notice he uses a full of shit sanctimonious reference to "Jesus" and tries to tell me that I am not to judge anyone...while sluts and whores like this Anne-Marie judge men all the time.

Then he goes on to say. 

Cliff York

You sound like you have had a bad experience...... or a few.

Don't know where you get the idea I'm Christian..

Like a typical man hater Cliff York tries to reduce perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse, the stealing of my children, the stealing of my house, the hatred of many for six years to "a bad experience". What a f***ing disgusting man hating bastard this prick is. Really. I wish someone would just kill him. Then those he leaves behind can say "well we must not judge the man who killed Cliff York, that is for Jesus, and Cliff York just had a bad experience so there is no reason we should do anything to the man who killed him."

Yep...THAT is what should happen to Cliff - I hate men and idolise women - York.

And "Don't know where you got the idea I am Christian"?

Maybe it was when you said:

Cliff York

you are not her Judge .... Jesus is.... and He knows far more than you and I put together 😊

I do not know many NON-CHRISTIANS who would say something like that. Does anyone else know people who say things like that who are NOT christians?  
New Post
 4/30/2014 10:07 PM
And notice this reply.

Cliff York

You sound like you have had a bad experience...... or a few.

Don't know where you get the idea I'm Christian.... just pointing out that you are no mans judge....not mine....not anybodies..... I think perhaps you might need to see someone for anger management before it kills you.

What a f***ing man hating bastard. So when men are criminally victimised by women wielding the family courts the answer to that is NOT TO REMEDY THE CRIME but to send the man to "anger managerment" because obviously he should not be angry even though he has been denied a path to justice for SIX YEARS by man hating bastards just exactly like Cliff York.

This man is a total man hating bastard who does not think men should even have the rights of a STRAY DOG.

I hope his friend look him up in google in a few days to find out what a man-hating bastard he is.
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 5/2/2014 5:50 PM
Cliff York

Up yours coward...... tell me where you live you POS!

New Post
 5/2/2014 5:50 PM
Peter Nolan

Funny how you man haters and female idolatrors so quickly transition to name calling and making false accusations. I have more courage in my little toe than you do in your whole body.

I live in Germany. A civilised country with civilised people in it. Not barbarians like you.

And why would you care where I live. Going to threaten to use violence and show what a hypocrite you are? A man who defends slut single mothers but attacks honest men of honour and integrity? Hhhmm?

New Post
 5/3/2014 9:00 AM
And this man hater is now really having a problem he has been exposed as a man hater.

Maybe he will tell other men that they should not exhibit such man hatred as supporting women commit crimes and deny men a path to justice while at the same time leaping in to "defend" sluts who produce babies with thugs and criminals because they can't be bothered to even find out about the background of the men they choose to have children with.

We keep getting told how all men are so evil and so it must be the womans problem to make sure she does not produce babies with evil men, right?

  • Cliff York

    Says one bully boy who has had to run from Australia so you can take cheap shots from half a world away 😊

  • Today
  • Cliff York
    Cliff York

    Huh...... just went back through your OTT diatribe.... and yes.... I have named you as a coward and a POS.... but that was LONG after you labelled me with many untrue epithets.

    BTW.... all publicity is good.... even bad press.... so you will probably go right ahead and slander me all over the internet.... from the sanctuary of Germany half a world away.... as any good coward would.

    Bet you don't put all that up unedited on your pathetic little website.

  • Cliff York
    Cliff York

    I also notice (as one would expect from a pathetic self serving asperges mind such as yours) that there is no provision given for any of the men who you have chosen to "name and shame" to have a right of reply..... VERY brave of you Peter!

New Post
 5/3/2014 9:58 AM
Funny how when a man is criminally victimised by a woman and the criminals in the family courts man haters like Cliff York called that "screwed over" and say "Boo hoo" rather than "since you were the victim of a crime I will sit on a jury to ensure you have a path to justice".

Since this man does not wish to extend the protection of the law to other men I sure hope some man kills him. After all, he thinks other men should not have the protection of the law and so under "do unto others" he has waived the protection of the law for himself.

Cliff York

You ARE a piece of work aren't you Peter!

Just send me your address, so I can send you a bag of cement!

So you got screwed!!! BOO HOO

People (including women) get screwed everyday!

Suck it up Princess.... Harden up, move on, GET OVER IT...... Little boy!

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