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 4/22/2013 10:32 PM
 Modified By Host2  on 6/6/2013 12:03:59 AM
Name: Pathikrit Ghosh
Location: Mumbai India
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I got an email from a mangina from India today. Here is the full email exchange, beginning with the first email.

From: Pathikrit Ghosh <>
Date: 22 April 2013 09:31
Subject: Experience misogyny first hand

There was a thread yesterday where one guy from 46/16 went all bombastic about the so-called furore about crime against women. Apart from me there were a few other people in the thread, but given it was public I take the liberty of posting it to the group. I think one of the recipients will be this 'world-hates-men' man.

I just wanted to know the boundaries of free speech, and if I am violating them I am sorry but this is honestly the first time I have encountered such deep-rooted ideological misogyny wherein anything women are getting (which is actually abysmally low) is at the expense of men. 

Lastly, this dude deleted all of his posts once he realised what a royal asshole he had been. And if it reaches him, dude this why you were called numb nuts and asshole. Because you have no nuts whatsoever, you rotten piece of stink.

From: "John Rambo"
Sent: 22 April 2013 13:30
Subject: re: Fwd: Experience misogyny first hand

Hi Pathikrit,

This is John Rambo here, a white man from America.

I also saw this post, and saw how HATEFUL Priyanka was being. She actually dared to claim that a woman getting raped is a far greater crime than a man getting murdered.

SHE should be reported to the police for supporting murder of men.

Lastly, YOU are a pathetic excuse of a man, Pathikrit. You are a MANGINA. YOU have no balls at all.

You are such a retard, that you support a criminal woman who is promoting murder of men. Did it ever occur to you that since YOU are a man, she would just as easily throw YOU under the bus as she would any other man? You are a gender traitor. And also a complete fool as well.

You need to grow a pair of balls and stop being such a fucking pussy.

John Rambo

From: "Pathikrit Ghosh"

Sent: 22 April 2013 13:52
Subject: Re: Fwd: Experience misogyny first hand

Hi Mr. Rambo

Well I never identified myself thus, but for sake of protocol, I am a blackish-brown (exact shade is a bit difficult to determine as it depends on ambient light) man from India.

In my country, the most sacred word is Ma- mother. I am a polyglot- speak at least five languages and it is the same. So much so that we call our country our mother (it is not the same as calling India my motherland, no she is my mother. There is distinction without difference) because that is the highest our souls can soar. Do you realise that you need a woman to be here in this world, at the most basic level? And no, she is not a child bearing machine. She is the origin, and the originator. She is the most beautiful reason to live for and die for.

I may seem naive and totally lost, just like you seem to be primeval. After all, did you ever consider why Aravind actually had to rush back to you? Because we all are blind ? You want to get back some rights, go create something and have it yourselves but don't dare take it from others.
As an Indian, the one thing my country gives me is tolerance. You can have your view anyplace you want, but doing it in public you have to take cognizance that the public can too join in. We can co-exist, but respect and tolerance is a given.

Pathikrit Ghosh

From: "John Rambo"
Sent: 22 April 2013 14:02
To: "Pathikrit Ghosh"

Subject: Re: Fwd: Experience misogyny first hand

I have studied the Vedas and know full well all of these concepts you propose. According to the Vedas, there are 7 mothers, including the cow. Since you rush so quickly to defend human mothers, I suppose that you would also rush just as fast to defend the cow from slaughter? From my understanding, cow slaughter has been made illegal by BJP in Karnataka. I thus expect that you must be a supporter of BJP then.

Have you studied the Vedas? Have you studied the different Puranas, the Gita, the Ramayana and Mahabharata, and so on?

According to YOUR OWN CULTURE and YOUR OWN GITA, Arjuna tells Krishna on the battlefield of Kuruksetra that "I do not want to fight this war because by doing so, I will be killing the men, and if the men are dead it will leave their wives unprotected and thus easily spoiled, and when women are spoiled and polluted, it creates varna-sankara (unwanted population), which destroys society".

This is EXACTLY what has happened in America. Women were given freedom. Women thus mixed freely with men and became adulterous. Now, over 50 percent of babies born in America are born to single mothers. Statistics and science/sociology has proven that children who grow up without a father are FAR MORE LIKELY to engage in antisocial and criminal behavoir.

And you modern indians, you ASURAS, are so fucking stupid, that you are blindly imitating and following this DEMONIAC, ASURIC CULTURE.

Take it from me, a white American, and a true Vedic Aryan Brahmin. I have seen where the future of your country is headed, if you follow the path of western culture, which includes feminism. Your whole country is in the process of going to hell right now, and you ignorant and stupid indians are so stupid, that you happily going to hell along with it.

Feminism started in India about ten years ago. Rapes also have increased 1000 percent in the same period. Feminism = rape. Feminism = REAL oppression of women.

I'd suggest that you put aside the atheistic empirical knowledge which you are so proud of, your "modern western" education and you take REAL WISDOM and real jnana, knowledge, from your Vedic sastras, scriptures.

THAT will solve India's problems at the root cause. But if you Indians continue to follow western culture, your country is going to go to hell, and any of you indians who promote such atheistic western culture are also destined for naraka.


From: "Pathikrit"

Sent: 22 April 2013 14:12
Subject: Re: Fwd: Experience misogyny first hand

Then hell/ naraka will it be for me. How does the emancipation of my soul be of any concern to anyone but me? I am sure you will stand for what you believe in, kindly allow me my bit of space too.
And the essence of Hinduism is unity, as is with every religion- oneness without any distinction. So till then, ciao and have fun.

From: "John Rambo"
Sent: 22 April 2013 14:16
To: "Pathikrit"

Subject: Re: Fwd: Experience misogyny first hand

This is what an arrogant DEMON you are.

You are born in India, a place where the highest knowledge (the Vedas) is freely available, and you REJECT THAT KNOWLEDGE.

You WILL burn in hell for thousands of lifetimes for your SIN of having been born in India and yet rejecting the highest dharma.

You are promoting ADHARMA, so don't you dare use the word "hindu" or religion.

You are not even a human being. You are an animal and an arrogant demon who SPITS on the face of God.

How can you possibly talk about religion when you are OPENLY rejecting the teachings of the Bhagavad-Gita?

YOU are exactly the reason why India is going to hell. Because atheistic demons like you reject the CIVILIZED Vedic culture and imitate modern western culture instead, many men ALSO imitate the demoniac western culture of raping women.

So YOU are the one oppressing women and supporting rape of women.

But I'm sure all of this will go far over the head of an ignorant stupid demon like you.

From: "John Rambo"
Sent: 22 April 2013 14:35
To: "Pathikrit"

Subject: Re: Fwd: Experience misogyny first hand

Do tell me, you stupid animal, what is more oppressive towards women?

Western culture where women walk around half naked, and get raped?

Or Vedic culture where women cover themselves with a sari and thus gain men's respect?

You cannot DEMAND respect. A lot of these women who get raped in India are dressing like WHORES.

Whereas, women who dress in a sari, naturally gain the respect of men?

When you see a woman dressed in a sari, you naturally think "Here is a chaste woman, a mother".

When you see a woman dressed in a miniskirt, you naturally think "Here is a whore, a prostitute".

By rejecting the Vedic dharma and promoting atheistic satanic western culture instead, YOU ARE PROMOTING OPPRESSION AND RAPE OF WOMEN.

If you want to actually be educated to the truth about feminism and how the governments have used feminism to enslave men, as well as the solution to how to become free from this tyranny? I suggest you download and read Peter Nolan's two free ebooks he wrote, they are only about 100 pages each:

Living Free in a Fem-Nazi World

The TRUTH Be Told

New Post
 4/23/2013 9:52 AM
This is the typical mangina idiot who says "without a woman you would not be here".

Dude...without a sperm cell from a MAN we would not be here either.

Also...the idolatry of women merely for birthing children is the ultimate in sexism and discrimination. 

Women birth what? It is a normal and natural function and should not be the basis of idolatry because if birthing babies, which is solely a function of sex, is used to grant privileges then that is sexism, discrimination and bigotry.

Men who try the "women bear babies" argument never seem to notice that the argument is based on sexism, discrimination and bigotry.

On the other hand? My fav#1 would NEVER use such an argument. Sure, she is able to bear children and I am not.  But she would not use that as an argument. She would argue that her efforts to SUPPORT her mother, brother and son are what should be valued. Not there mere fact she had a baby. And she would be right. In the 5 years I have known her I am yet to hear her make a sexist comment.

Why can't western women be more like Ukrainian women? That would be a BIG improvement. 
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ForumForumDiscussionsDiscussionsIgnorMANus Parent ForumIgnorMANus Parent ForumName and Shame ...Name and Shame ...Pathikrit Ghosh from Mumbai, India, demon, mangina, and idiotPathikrit Ghosh from Mumbai, India, demon, mangina, and idiot