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 3/14/2013 8:42 AM
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Grant Peter Vandervalk. man hater, originie hater, lying, hypocritical christian

This is the link.

 This is his facebook.

Presumably this is what a man hater looks like.

Grant Peter Vandervalk
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 3/14/2013 8:45 AM
Many people ask me why I despise western christians so much.

Let me show you what western christians say...and then you can see why I despise them. 

This man was told her is PERSONALLY the beneficiary of GENOCIDE. What does he do? Try and tell the LIE I am using hate speech to get me silenced.

This man is a disgusting vermin. Only he is worse than vermin because your average rat does not try and pretend it is anything but a rat. This vermin scum tries to pretend he is some sort of decent human being. I really hope the Illuminati kill this man and any children he might have so as to end his line. Certainly human vermin like this needs to be exterminated for the benefit of the rest of society.

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 3/14/2013 8:46 AM
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On a discussion group I said.

Hi xxxxx

I show respect for christians who practice their religion and treat their religion with respect. For example your countrywoman we talked about is devoutly christian. And I treat her with the respect she has EARNED in abiding by her religion. One of the reasons she helped me when I was suicidal was "it was the right thing to do".

I do NOT have any respect for christians who are liars and hypocrites who do not even practice their own religion faithfully. And in Australia that is 99.9% of christians. So Grant will get no respect from me until he EARNS it.

Australian christians are, in the VAST MAJORITY, nothing but women worshippers and they engage in idolatry of women. There is not ONE christian minister in Australia who is calling for women to be held accountable for their CRIMES in breaking THEIR commandments.


Men like Grant SHOULD be denouncing their ministers as frauds and phoneys and DEMANDING that women are held to the SAME COMMANDMENTS as Men. But christian ministers in Australia condone women breaking the commandments "thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour", "thou shalt not steal" and "love one another as I have loved you".

There is also the law of "do unto others as you would have them do unto you".



And christian men are NOT denouncing women and ministers for not doing this. What a pack of gutless mongrels Australian christian men are. That is what my step-grandfather would call them. Gutless mongrels. He fought clear across south east asia in WW II and many of his comrades died right next to him. And what is the new generation of Australian men like? So gutless they will not put a woman on trial who breaks THEIR RELIGIONS COMMANDMENTS. 

The "modern christian man" in Australia engages in idolatry of women and is so gutless they won't hold women accountable for crimes. I despise such cowardice and such men disgust me. So no...I won't have any respect for a christian man until he shows some respect for HIS RELIGION and shows ME the respect I have EARNED.

I did some commentaries on this topic. This was to a facebook group of about 700 christians, many in Australia. Of 700 such christians guess how many are willing to sit on a jury to fairly and justly try women....TWO...the man who invited me and HIS BROTHER.

The other 698? Nope...they are woman worshipers. They are in rebellion against their God and their religion....why would I show respect for their religious beliefs when they are not showing respect for their claimed religions beliefs in the first place?

Rebuking those who are hypocrites is an act of love.....and that is what I do to christians in the west now.
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 3/14/2013 8:46 AM
Grant replied

Grant Peter Vandervalk You obviously haven't met the same Christians I have
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 3/14/2013 8:47 AM
I replied.

Peter Nolan "Grant Peter Vandervalk You obviously haven't met the same Christians I have"

Not ONE christian minister in Australia demands women are held accountable for their crimes on an equal before the law basis to men...


You christians are the biggest liars and hypocrites on the planet. That is what I tell the young men and they "get it". As I said. I have had young men cancel their weddings and leave their church. I am very proud of every young man I get to leave the christian church or break his engagement.

Until you lying hypocritical christians start following your own COMMANDMENTS I refuse to have any respect for you at all.
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 3/14/2013 8:48 AM
This human vermin replied.

Grant Peter Vandervalk An anti-Christian historian will cite the Crusades and various atrocities commited by the catholic church, but there are many non-Christians who admit the selfless sacrifice of so many compassionate missionaries has been invaluable contribution to society

Grant Peter Vandervalk Every congregation has those who are not commited to the life Jesus preached (the liars and hypocrits you cited), but the true Christians are usually humble and not as quick to speak. If you get to know everyone in an independant Church you will find them
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 3/14/2013 8:48 AM
I replied.

Peter Nolan Grant. I was christian from 16 to 44. I have traveled ALL OVER THE WORLD except for south america.

I am one of the most experienced, most well traveled, most knowledgeable men you have ever met. I am also very likely one of the most intelligent men you have ever met. 

Your lack of respect for your elders and betters is very typical of you hate filled lying hypocritical christians. 

You would do well to learn something about your religion. Your so called christian forbears committed genocide in Australia and that genocide is ongoing. You are PERSONALLY benefiting from the genocide of the original people of Australia by christians. 


That makes you an accessory to GENOCIDE....NOW....TODAY.

What are YOU going to do now that you KNOW you are a criminal who is benefiting from GENOCIDE by your so called christian brothers and sisters, eh?

Like I said...western christians are the most disgusting people on this planet in the vast majority. They do not even follow their own religion and I CAN PROVE THIS. try reading this book. You can read, can't you?
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 3/14/2013 8:49 AM
The human vermin replied..

Grant Peter Vandervalk You are a very proud and very sad man, Peter. You also show yourself to be a fool by pulling others down and thinking that makes your point. I know I have just pulled you down, but I am hoping the rebuke will humble you and change your ways somehow (not likely). You have no idea who I am or how far I have travelled, and especially have no idea who I have met. You cannot speak of respect when you show none to others yourself, you clearly do not understand that one must give others the benefit of the doubt before writing them off - even a child can understand that you should listen to someone before first speaking, that makes you even more foolish than a mere child. I have murdered no one, but you by hating so many are murdering them in your heart. Those I ever hated I have now forgiven. If you want to talk about being responsible for every crime your nation has ever committed, what of Hitler my friend?

Those that colonised Australia were not following the Bible - not those that were murdering and stealing, anyway. The greatest of the atheist regimes have murdered more than all of the crusades combined - and committed far worse atrocities. I'm not saying murders in the name of Christ are not wrong, because they are, but they were not in keeping with Christ's teachings. Do not hate Christ on account of the few poor Christians you have met. Please take some time and meet every Christian from every denomination in the world - including Latin America - and then you can happily write us all off as liars and hypocrites.

If you want me to read your propaganda, then you also should read some Christian apologetic books. A good place to start is C S Lewis or Lee Strobel.

Let me ask you a question, what will be your legacy to the world? Will all your words amount to anything after you have gone? There is meaning in this life, and you have missed it by a mile.
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 3/14/2013 8:50 AM his "love and grace" as a christian he tried this on.

Grant Peter Vandervalk Does anyone want to join me in reporting Peter to Facebook for Hate Speech against Christians and women, Harassing those of us he has called stupid, etc?
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 3/14/2013 8:50 AM
So I  said.

Peter Nolan Grant. You are an idiot.
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 3/14/2013 8:51 AM
And this is how a man who has just been told he is an accessory to GENOCIDE responds. Nice eh? And people wonder why I am so disgusted in western christians...well?

Grant Peter Vandervalk Takes one to know one, Peter. ROFLMAO
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 3/14/2013 8:51 AM
So I said to him.

Peter Nolan "Grant Peter Vandervalk Does anyone want to join me in reporting Peter to Facebook for Hate Speech against Christians and women, Harassing those of us he has called stupid, etc?"

Ah yes...typical christian man...first thing to do is to attempt to violate freedom of speech by TELLING LIES while his own people commit GENOCIDE. 

I despise western christians....and this man is one example of WHY I despise western christians.
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 3/14/2013 8:52 AM
And now he tries this crap totally overlooking the fact that CHRISTIANS are the most murderous people on the planet and have been for 2000 years.

Grant Peter Vandervalk You are still ignoring the fact that atheists have killed more people than any other religion in the history of time!!!
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 3/14/2013 8:53 AM
And then he says that pointing out GENOCIDE is like "water off a ducks back"...I kid you not.

Grant Peter Vandervalk The evangelical / born again Christian church has more in common with the Eastern Church than the Romish one, so all your comments about the Western Christians are like water on a duck's back
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 3/14/2013 8:58 AM
And I finished with this.

Grant. I have published your HATEFUL COMMENTS to CAF. I will also send them to Mark McMurtrie.

The Original people of Australia might like to know that you think being told of the GENOCIDE christians committed in Australia that YOU PERSONALLY BENEFIT FROM TODAY is "like water off a ducks back".

I guess you would have NO PROBLEM if an original person murdered you or your wife or your children because that too would be "water off a ducks back"

You disgust me. You are worse than vermin. You are human scum. I hope the Illuminati kill you and any offspring from you. The world would be a better place without or any offspring from you in it.

By the way...CAF gets 80,000 hits per month regularly now...your hate speech will pop up on google searches for your name in a few days. CAF has a high page rank. 

Next time you want to refer to GENOCIDE as "water off a ducks back" you might think twice about it you hate filled scum.
New Post
 3/14/2013 9:11 PM
And just in case anyone has a question in their mind about what a man hater and liar and hypocrite Grant Peter Vandervalk is he ran to facebook "big brother" like a little girl to complain about the big bad man telling the TRUTH about his religion and got me banned for 7 days.



And Grant Peter Vandervalk is right up there with them.
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