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 3/4/2013 2:47 PM
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The Joe Bucks facebook

This guy is a complete mangina.

LOL!! And even funnier....after saying "Love to see you speak your hate in front of me!!!!" what did he DO as soon as I said men like him are irrelevant and won't do anything to REAL MEN like me because I reserve the right to use deadly force and if he laid a finger on me I would kill him? 

He blocked me and ran away like a little girl!! LOL!!!

These self called "men" are amazing. What a bunch of "girlie men" as arnold would say.
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 3/4/2013 2:48 PM
  • Joe Bucks

    This is hate speech!!! Are you Insane???

    The comment:
    Peter Nolan (March 3, 2013): "Rena Iliades Peter Nolan , I hate to be the one to tell you this, but Grant See 's apparent confession, is more like evidence of your unrelenting hatred for women full stop. "

    Rena Iliades. I do not debate with women because you are not of a level of intelligence that could actually possibly have a constructive debate.

    We are simply denouncing you women as liars and hypocrites in the 99.9% majority on the issue of being treated as equal before the law to men. We will continue to denounce you women for your lies and hypocrisy until AFTER all those men you women have criminally abused who want their remedy get it.

    That you would side with a man who is clearly a man hater and clearly supports women who are man haters is to be expected.

    REAL MEN are stronger than that. We do not allow pussy beggars like Grant See to get away with their idolatry of women. We will expose men who engage in idolatry of women.

    The NEW STANDARD is that women WILL be held equal before the law to men unless they have a signed and witness affidavit making them chattel property to a which case the MAN is responsible for her actions.

    Women have a choice. You can be held equal before the law or you can get some man to be responsible for you. What you can no longer do is to commit crimes with impunity. That you women have fought me every inch of the way for FIVE YEARS to maintain your privilege of committing crimes against men and have employed your pussy worshiping white knights like Grant See to continue to maintain that privilege has NOT been missed by increasing numbers of young men.

    You might like to read my second book, the truth be told. You can get it from here. Every week I get emails from young men thanking me profusely for giving them this book.

    The future belongs to the young men. The young women will never be trusted by young men. Not the smart ones.

    It will take a number of generations of women to rebuild even a basic level of trust and respect of women by smart men. The men who trust women just because they are women? They deserve everything they get.

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    • Peter Nolan

      So it is ok for women to commit the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse but holding women equal before the law is "hate speech".

      And you wonder why I have no respect for men like you.

      • Peter Nolan is my commentary for the OPPT melbourne facebook.

        • Joe Bucks

          Did you remove your HATE Speech?
          Why would I want anyone's opinion who hates Women.
          You are one sick, probably insane creature.
          Love to see you speak your hate in front of me!!!!

          • Peter Nolan

            The truth is very upsetting for you man hating, sexist, discriminatory bigots isn't it.

            Guess what? The young men are listening to men like me because I have the PROOF to back up what I say. The "woman hater" lie does not float with any intelligent men....and you are clearly not an intelligent man.

            And I have been banned off the facebook making a lie of their claims that they will not ban anyone.

            Good luck trusting women dude, you are going to need it.

            As far as calling the truth "hate" and saying it in front of you...what would you are obviously a pussy beggar and a mangina. You manginas are no concern for us REAL MEN. You see. Us REAL MEN reserve the right to use deadly force to defend ourselves...and manginas like you would never lay a finger on a man like me because I would kill you if you did.

            You men in Australia deserve what is happening to you because you are stupid and you deny the truth when it is presented to you just so you can go about your pussy begging and woman worshipping.

            Many young men are disgusted in that attitude.

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           3/6/2013 5:36 AM
          Most younger men are indeed disgusted with the pathetic mangina attitudes of the older generation of western men. It's as if these western men actually ENJOY bending over backwards and allowing women to ass-rape them in divorce courts.

          Such pathetic maggots. The Illuminati is CORRECT to kill off such useless eaters.
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