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 3/26/2013 10:59 PM

So there are some guys over here telling lies about me. 

I have placed these comments on to blog in my own name. They may or may not be deleted.

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 3/26/2013 10:59 PM
 Modified By host  on 3/26/2013 5:14:48 AM
This is the thread.

Hello Gents,
some lies about me have been brought to my attention.

Naturally I am sure that my right of reply to lies or slander will be observed. After all, we are talking about mens RIGHTS not that many of you actually know what a RIGHT is and how it is exercised.
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 3/26/2013 11:02 PM
Anonymous25 March 2013 10:20
"1. The reason why "Peter" got attacked by Elam is because Peter is a conspiracy theorist calling for armed insurrection."

I am both a conspiract FACTIST and a conspiracy THEORIST. For a start when one identifies what MIGHT be a conspiracy it is postulated as a THEORY. Like the THEORY of relatively or the THEORY of gravitational attraction between massive bodies. Both these things started as THEORIES for anyone who has studied physics. To attempt to dismiss anything that starts as a THEORY merely because it has not yet been PROVEN is a joke and most MRAs are in that jokester area. They think saying "conspiracy theorist" is equivalent to saying "nut job".

Now...having investigated many of these THEORIES for many years it has been PROVEN that there is a global conspiracy involving a ruling elite hiding behind the UN, the governments of the world, the legal fraternity, the banks and the media. PROVEN. So in those areas I am a cospiracy FACTIST and anyone deny the fact that this conspiracy exists is ignorant or delusional. There is more than enough evidence out there that it exists. 

I no longer bother talking to men who deny this conspiracy exists on the basis that a mind is like a is only useful when open. Men are more than welcome to be ignorant or delusional. Not my problem. When they actually WANT MY HELP they can call me and they can make an offer since they did not want my help for free when it was free.

As far as "armed insurrection" goes. I have not called for "armed insurrection". 

Even if I did? So what? Has not the governments of the UK, Canada, Australia, USA called for "armed insurrection" in North Korea, Vietnam, Iraq I & II, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and now Iran just to name a few? What about all those south american countries where US tax dollars were used to buy arms for "armed insurrection"? Are not tax dollars from these countries being used to support ACTUAL "armed insurrection"? And since tax dollars are contributed only with the CONSENT of the governed are not all the people who are paying taxes in UK, Canada, Australia, USA and other similar countries supporting "armed insurrection"?

So if I WAS calling for "armed insurrection" I would be in the same group as the vast majority of people in those countries. Gee. How about that?

What I AM calling for is the creation of common law courts in the english speaking countries. 

In those countries where it has been PROVEN BEYOND ALL DOUBT that there is no forsesable hope of creating said courts I have claimed into existence a STATE OF WAR.

The first such country is Ireland. In Ireland today a STATE OF WAR exists between those who have chosen to wage a WAR OF AGGRESSION against men masqeurading as "reducing violence against women and children". The entire parliament of Ireland had every opportunity to acknowledge that they were supporting and waging a war of agreesion. The claim even made a national newspaper with the usual slander in it about me. However, no member of the Parliament denied that there was a WAR OF AGGRESSION being waged and so accepted the response of an open declaration of WAR with specific named enemy combatants.

The declaration of WARS has been a very well recognised form of restoring justice and remedying criminal acts for well over 5,000 years. If anyone wants to try and slander me over the idea that declaring a state of WAR is not a moral and valid thing to do in the face of all other possibilities to resolve an act of agression that is actually killing people then they are welcome to do so in their own name in the public. Not from behind some anonymous on line name so as to avoid the inevitable ridicule that they will be subject to.

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 3/26/2013 11:02 PM

Cerberus Alpha25 March 2013 10:43
"Is "Peter" Peter Andrew Nolan? Because yeah that guy is a complete nutjob and Paul Elam would have been right to can his ass."

This is slander and I will warn this man that I now charge a fee for slander. I tolerated slander these last 5 years and did not pursue remedy for slander in a new set of courts because we did not have a new set of courts. We now have the Mens Business Association Law Services. This has two components. Adjudication Services and Law Courts.

The jurisduction of the MBA Law Services is worldwide and it operates under the jurisdiction of Natural Law, which applies to all people, and common law, which is offered to the people of a particular region as their customary laws. Common Law only applies to those who consent for it to apply. It provides the protection of the law. You get the protection of the common law only if you consent to be subject to it. If you do not consent to be subject to Common Law then you are not subject to it. You are ALWAYS subject to Natrual Law. 

The reason you might want to be subject to Common Law is to obtain the protection of the Common Law and have that protection rather than be subject to Natural Law. Natural Law is also known as "the law of the jungle". You can see the connection. A jungle is very much the expression of nature and the law of the jungle is very much "survival of the fittest". In Natural Law you are entirely responsible for defending yourself. You do not see any animals forming courts and empanneling juries in the jungle, right?

Common Law is a form of law where the stronger can defend the weaker from those who would do harm to the weaker. It is also a form of law that allows the strong to gain remedy from the weak without resorting to force and violence to do so.

So MBA Law Services offers Law Courts that run in Natural Law and Common Law jurisdiction and ALL people are subject to Natural Law whether they like that or not on the basis they are part of nature.

Now..the claim I am a "complete nutjob" is a lie and it consitutes slander. It is lie told with the intent of causing injury, harm and loss, to my good name and reputation. 200 years ago you would be challenged to a duel for such a comment made in front of a small group of people. Now you are committing this crime of slander in front of many people. Hundreds, perhaps thousands. 

You are more than welcome to read my material and learn the error of your slander and then to apologise in public for your slander. I will give you one chance to retract your slander. If you choose to not retract it I will prosecute you in the MBA Law Courts and we will see what decision 12 of my peers come to as to remedy for unjustly calling a man "a complete nut job".

Those who actually bother to read my material know and understand that I am one of the most intelligent people they have ever met.

That those who are ignorant of what is going on in the world call those of us who are well informed "complete nut jobs" is a far greater reflection on the ignorant people than on the well informed people.
New Post
 3/27/2013 1:33 AM
And just to PROVE what a hypocrite this man is? My comments are ALREADY deleted and I am on moderate.

And THAT is a violation of my properly claimed RIGHT to freedom of speech. The man is inviting comments from all comers EXCEPT men like John Rambo and I who are telling the TRUTH about what is happening in the MRA world. How about that. MRAs violating the RIGHT to freedom of speech.

And these idiots wonder why men like John Rambo and I have no respect for them. They are irrelevant idiots.
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 3/28/2013 7:09 PM
Here are the comments I left before he deleted them and then turned on comment moderation. What a pathetic little girl, he can't even handle open commenting.

Paul Elam is a government agent. And you morons are stupid enough to support him. Have you guys never heard of the phrase "disinfo agent" or "shill"? Paul is intentionally trying to derail the MRA movement into a political correct, hogwash ineffective movement. And he is succeeding, because of how dumb most of you men are.

Peter Nolan already exposed Paul Elam as an agent:

Lastly, what is the point in having "unity" if 95 percent of people in the MRA are stupid, ineffective, lazy fools who cannot achieve anything practical?

Peter called to form COMMON LAW COURTS as a means to fght back against feminism. He is not calling for armed insurrection, so you just slandered him.

Kevin Arnett just successfully formed common law courts and found the Pope and Queen guilty of genocide. One week later, the Pope resigned. Is that a coincidence?

The fact that the "leaders" of the MRA movement continue to refuse to even suggest the idea of making common law courts to deal with feminism, shows that they are either complete fools, cowards, or government disinfo agents working to derail the MRA movement.

So what's the point in having unity with such people? They are useless.

John Rambo

One more thing.

Before you guys criticize Peter, has ANY man in the MRA movement done anything like THIS?

If not, then you might want to shut your mouth. Have ANY of you useless eaters done even 5 percent as much as Peter Nolan has? No. 95 percent of you moron MRAs just sit on Facebook all day posting antifem photos back and forth. That is the extent of your "activism". What a fucking joke.

Peter has proven that the entire legal system in Australia and worldwide is a criminal cartel. Has Paul Elam proven this? Has Price from the Spearhead proven this?

You morons can continue to follow your MRA "leaders" and in the end, they will never achieve anything practical. The most they say is that they want to change "laws".

Does even a single one of you morons know that LEGISLATION is NOT LAW? All of this "family law" that you idiots keep referring to is LEGISLATION. NOT LAW.

Peter also asked the so called "leaders" of the MRA movement "What is a "right" and where does it come from?" None of them could answer that question.

Pretty absurd, the people who claim to be leading the men's RIGHTS movement doesn't even know WHAT a "right" is or where it comes from.

But feel free to continue following your disinfo agent leaders and shills like Paul Elam and W.F. Price. Nothing will ever be achieved by such ineffective and false leadership. 

How foolish you men are.
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