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 4/20/2013 3:53 AM

A question from a potential jury member for MBA/CAF.

"But your plan of alternate courts and trials does seem to have "legs" so to speak. Such a concept has to at least be given a fair go. So, that being the case, tell me more about what my initial involvement as a juror entail re travel, time, etc."
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 4/20/2013 4:35 AM

Hi xxxx,

I would advise you to perform your strawman recapture and consider getting yourself a swiss bank account to put assets in to. The Australian guvment is working towards giving men a haircut like the cyprus government just did. There is no guarantee we will be successful in what we are doing. 

As far as Jury Privilege goes. There are two proposed sets of courts.

The Peoples Courts of Australia...which are obviously local to Australia.
The procedure manual for TPCOA is here.

The MBA Law Courts.....which are obviously global.
The procedure manual for MBA Law Courts is here.

TPCOA were proclaimed into existence in April 2011. These are intended to be run in public with full transparency. That means the secretary is public and the jury members are public and the court is intended to be held in a single place, such as the auditorium of a school. Alas, Australian fathers are not willing to do this for fear of persecution by the guvment. I waited for 2 years for fathers to be willing to do this. I have talked to thousands of fathers in Australia and they won't do it. Too frightened.

Given I have waited 2 years and our secretary in Melbourne resigned over the question of causing injury, harm or loss to an unrepentant guilty party I have chosen to launch MBA Law Courts as part of MBA Law Services.

These courts are where I am going to run the first cases. In these courts we are going to grant anonymity to the secretary and the jury members. The meeting will be held electronically. This means that all evidence will be published to you tube/CAF and the court process itself will also be recorded and posted to you tube.

The posting of all information and processing to you tube is how we will ensure that those who question the process can see all evidence and if they have a problem with the juries decisions they can take that problem to the losing party for an appeal if they like.

This means that involvement will include no travel. Just a high speed broadband connection. The average case will last 4 or 5 hours I would think. You will be paid one ounce of silver per hour of service. If some/all jury members want to gather together into a central place so that they can more easily discuss the case then that would be preferable. 

Here is the first case we are going to process. The Chris Merrett slander case.

The initial proposal is to run jury sessions on Sundays so as to pick a quiet day that most people can attend. I know that does not fit well with someone who runs a restaurant. But it fits well with all those 9 to 5ers which are much more numerous.

Some of the cases will take quite a long time to hear. For example the case against my ex will take at least two days I would think.

Here is her case. There is 7 hours of video evidence that I have presented. And the first task of the jury would be to hear all evidence.

I will be sending out a newsletter soon about updates. You have the link to my newsletters.

As a jury member your task is quite straightforward but jury decisions are rarely "simple".

A foreman will be appointed by the secretary. The jury member will listen to all evidence. If the jury member is undecided based on the evidence presented he passes his question to the foreman and the foreman puts the question to the person that it is directed so that no one knows who asked the question. This question and answer process goes on until the foreman calls for a recess and polls the jury to determine if anyone has not yet made up their mind on the verdict. The count for MBA will be public and the jury member who voted which ways will be public because the jury member will not be known to the public or the accuser/accused.

If the verdict is guilty then the 12 members of the jury also need to unanimously agree on the remedy to be offered to the guilty party. For example in the Chris Merrett case I think that two years of slandering me and doing so with the intent of damaging my business is worth AUD100,000. The jury members might disagree and say it is worth more or they might say it is worth less. Given a woman just sued IMDB for USD1M for publishing her TRUE AGE I think AUD100,000 might be a bit low. But the Jury can decide for itself.

So that is the sort of task the Jury Member has. Listen. Ask questions. Made a decision on the guilt or innocence and agree in discussion with other jury members how much the remedy should be.....or if some other form of remedy applies.

I had hoped to find retired servicemen for jury privilege. But the RSL does not seem interested.

If you know other men who are interested in doing this? Please ask them.

If you want a list of places to go on line and promote this idea please go to these places. 

Obviously I have put in a massive amount of effort to get this far. Fathers are resisting juries very, very strongly because the women attack them as soon as the women figure out they are going to be subject to "equal before the law".

The anonymity of the jury members is only going to be granted as long as jury members are attacked by women and their mangina lackeys for being willing to hold women AND MEN accountable for their crimes.

Please tell all your mates about this new naming and shaming service to. All men can afford EUR50 for a permanent posting to the web that will be well indexed to denounce the crimes or bad behaviour of their ex. I am trying to get MBA onto its feet financially.

That make sense?

Best Regards 

Your brother peter
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