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 12/4/2013 6:13 PM
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Open Letter to Stephanie Koch Senior Solicitor for Crown Solicitor

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 12/4/2013 6:28 PM
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This Open Letter is available on: this link.

Open Letter To:

Stephanie Koch
Senior Solicitor
for Crown Solicitor
NSW Crown Solicitor's Office
Level 5, 60-70 Elizabeth Street
Sydney NSW 2000
GPO Box 25 SYDNEY 2001

Open Letter From:

Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)
In care of
Instant Business Intelligence
17 C.A. Rosetti
2nd District
Fax: +61-280790691

Dear Stephanie,

You have come to my notice via a case that you are involved in.

I am not going to discuss that case in the public. This open letter is to inform you in public of the criminality of the entire governmental system in which you are involved. What you do about being informed of these criminal activities is up to you.

Naturally, you can be assured that because CAF has a global ranking of 570,000 that when people put your name in to Google this open letter posted to CAF will show up high on the results list. Your response to being informed of these crimes will also be posted to your CAF entry.

If you want to see how this will look? I recommend you put "Fiona Brassil" into google. Fiona Brassil was the solicitor for my ex wife win Ireland. She has been thoroughly and publicly denounced for her crime of suborning perjury. I gather her business was so injured that the Law Society in Ireland gave her the "family law lawyer of the year" to assuage her some for the fact she has been so publicly denounced.

Naturally, you are going to be judged by your family, friends and colleagues when they find your entry on CAF. The judgement that your family, friends and colleagues have of you will, of course, depend on your response.

The entire legal system in Australia is a criminal cartel. Indeed it is a satanic cult as well as being criminal in nature. This has all been well proven. You might want to read the masterpiece book by my friend Robert Hay called "The Extortion System of the Ruling Elite". You can get it on this link .

I was criminally victimised by your colleagues back in 2008/09. I decided to capture the evidence of these crimes. I went public with these crimes and the refusal of the then Rudd government to deal with these crimes in 2010.

I have now built cases against every single member of the federal parliament, both houses.  I will also raise cases against every member of the NSW Parliament, both houses, for the crimes they have associated themselves with with respect to the alleged mandatory arrest laws related to domestic violence allegations.

The members of the NSW Parliament have no right to write or support such legislation. And when asked to present this legislation they have been unable to do so. Indeed, Justin Dowd, who was recently the president of the criminal organisation called "The NSW Law Society" charged me AUD500 to "research" the mandatory arrest legislation that is used to make 22,000 arrests in NSW every year.

When I told him I was going to publish this legislation he refused to hand me an alleged copy of the legislation and returned my AUD500.

So why would a lawyer return a AUD500 fee for researching legislation that is used to justify 22,000 arrests each year?
And why can not Catherine Burn, the Deputy Commissioner of NSW Police, show me a copy of this legislation that her officers use to make 22,000 arrests every year, eh?

So, what is the major evidence of crime I am informing you of personally and directly? Well it is a video recording of my court meeting with a criminal man calling himself David Dunkley.

You can download this court meeting on this link. It is a torrent file so you will need something like uTorrent or Vuze to get your copy. Alas, ASIO likes to spend taxpayer dollars to block this evidence of crimes being visible in Australia.

As you can see on the link you can also download the transcript. If you want a whole book that walks you through all the evidence you are more than welcome to go to my book page and download The Truth Be Told on this link

So what does this video show? What it shows is David Dunkley refusing to answer the question "are you serving under oath today" in the Federal Magistrates Court on 2009-11-26. I confirmed with the two Australian Federal Police Officers in attendance that all public officers, when exercising the duties of their office, have an obligation to confirm they are serving under their oath of office and to recite that oath if challenged.

The two officers both confirmed that their expectation when I was going to ask David that question was that he was required to respond. Both were shocked that he did not respond. Both fled the scene immediately they could because they knew I was going to demand that they arrest David because they were witness to the crime he committed.

I also confirmed with both officers they were on duty and performing the duties of their office. So there is no question that the two officers in question witnessed the event on the video. They are clearly visible in the video. Their first names were Christopher and Andrew. They were invited there by Paul LeLarge. Paul was the head of the registry at the time and it was his decision to invite these two officers.

David Dunkley, having refused to answer this question, and having been served all my documents by Paul LeLarge, something that Paul confirmed to me prior to the meeting, then went on to steal 95% of assets and send them to my wife claiming that I had never objected to and challenged the jurisdiction of the court.

As you can clearly see on the video Stephanie, I denied the jurisdiction of the court vigorously and asked repeatedly to enter the court with my inalienable rights in tact. David called "inalienable rights" a "nonsense" in his court order.

Really? Something that is highlighted in the US Declaration of Independence as one of the most important aspects of it is "nonsense" according to the criminal calling himself David Dunkley? And you are his associate and colleague Stephanie.

If you go through these lawful notices you will see that I served notice of all these crimes on the members or Federal and NSW parliament in April 2011. You will see that notice of these crimes were served on the NSW Police at the same time. Since April 2011 no one from the Federal Parliament, NSW Parliament or the NSW Police has been concerned to contact me regarding the fact that I have passed video evidence of a criminal act by David Dunkley across to all of them. You will also notice that notice of Davids crime was served on Kevin Rudd and Robert McClelland in December 2009.

If you go to our case registry you will find that we have now registered more than 250 cases against magistrates, registrars, lawyers and politicians. All these people have openly associated themselves with the criminal acts of David Dunkley and Justin Dowd and they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

By the law I mean the true and correct common law, the jury trial, not your fake "english common law".

Further to all these notices published in the public in recent times we have had to claim into existence Mens Business Association Armed Services so as to make lawful the average man in Australia deciding to take up arms as a militia man to defend the children of his land.

We have also claim into existence a state of limited conflict on the land known as Australia. There is also a set of named enemy combatants. You can read my latest newsletter on this link.

The named enemy combatants include Tony Abbott and his wife and three daughters. They include the likes of Kate Ellis, the local member for where the man named Darrell of the family Foote is being held unlawfully in what has been declared a war crime. In Ireland we have claimed into existence a state of WAR such that all members of the law society are enemy combatants who can be summarily executed as an act of war.

We are trying to avoid doing the same in Australia. As a woman who would become such an enemy combatant in such a situation I am pretty sure you would like our dispute to remain peaceful and you would not like any children, bothers, sisters, mother or father you might still have alive become an enemy combatant, right?


As a feminist woman you might be particularly interested to know that the Deputy Commissioner of NSW Police, Catherine Burn, is not investigating the credible allegation of Suzanne Toal (my ex sister in law) being sexually molested by her father when she was young. It seems ASIO has leaned on her to not investigate.

Tell me. How do you feel that having managed to get one of your Emilys list women all the way to Deputy Commission of NSW Police some MAN can tell her to refuse to investigate the alleged raping of a teen girl? You women have done so well gaining all your "power", right? You can still be told not to investigate the alleged raping of a teen girl and your own sisters will comply with that request for their own benefit. That's sista-hood, eh?

You can read about Catherine Burn on this link.

So as you can see Stephanie. The evidence that has been amassed and published into the public and presented to all members of Federal Parliament, presented to the press, presented to the more than 450 people on my mail list, presented on many facebooks, is not refutable.

David Dunkley, on video, in front of about 20 witnesses including two Australian Federal Police Officers committed the crime of impersonating a public officer, namely a Federal Magistrate.

He made up such total rubbish as "inalienable rights are nonsense". He made up such rubbish as to say that I never objected to or denied the jurisdiction of his laughable pantomime kangaroo court.

Now. What I am going to do is publish this open letter to CAF. You can find it on this link. And any and all responses I get from you will go on to that forum entry. Then, when people google your name  they will find the CAF entry and they will be able to see that you were told about these crimes. They will be able to see what you do about them. Since you are on the review committee for legal aid for Family Law as documented on this link I am sure you will want to be told about the family law related crimes I have published, right?

After all? You are a big shot, right? You are a senior solicitor for the Crown Solicitor, right? Surely you can easily and effectively communicate with me, a simple IT consultant who never saw the inside of a "Law School", right? Surely you would not be "afraid" to correspond with me about the evidence of crimes that I have laid out before you, right?

And being the Crown Solicitor you would surely like to defend the reputation of the Crown and make sure that anyone who was committing crimes in the name of the Crown, as David Dunkley did, are brought to justice, right? Because if you do not? Your own personal reputation is what will suffer, right? Those who know you are going to find this forum entry. And they are going to see what you do with this evidence presented to you.

Have a nice day.

Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)

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 12/4/2013 6:40 PM
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Subject: Open Letter to Stephanie Koch Senior Solicitor for Crown Solicitor

Dear Stephanie,

You may be interested to read this open letter to you.

Best Regards 

Peter Nolan
Instant Business Intelligence
skype: peternolan9
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