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 6/28/2012 1:01 AM
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For those who want to read it.

-----Original Message-----
From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: 25 June 2012 05:44
To:; xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: 'Bill Toal';
Subject: RE: Follow up to the Open Letter to my former children Joshua and Josephine

Ladies and Gents,
Though disappointed it is no surprise that not one of you had got the guts to answer my emails. I really do suggest you read this email all the way to the end. It is important to each of you.

I think it is absolutely PATHETIC that people who have known me for many years and KNOW me to be an honest man of honour and integrity who was ALSO a great father and husband can not even be bothered to respond to an email because they are “offended” that I am revealing a adulteress, criminal, child abusing woman for who she really is.

Western society is SO SICK and SO MAN-HATING that a adulteress, criminal, child abusing woman will be protected over and above an honest man of honour and integrity. Each of you are too gutless to admit this is the case. Further. I would expect each of you is too gutless to tell your SONS and other young men that they are deemed to be less worthy of legal protection than a stray DOG.

When I tell young men that those people who knew me very well and KNEW ME to be a great father and husband ALSO refused to assist me and also protected the “equal woman” despite her child abuse those young men are very shaken.

When I tell young men that ALL my so called “family and friends” OPENLY CONDONED the criminal kidnapping of my former children and criminal theft of the proceeds of my 26 years of labour they are even more shaken.

So let me tell you all what is going to happen next.

Many of you have sons. I expect that those of you who have sons will give them a copy of this book and tell them that you have taken the position that a man you KNEW to be an honest man of honour and integrity, a man you KNEW to be criminally victimized, should be given less protection than a stray DOG.

I expect that you will tell your sons, or other young men you know, that you AGREE with this position and you tell your sons and other young men that YOU AGREE that THEY have less legal protection than a stray DOG.

Go ahead. Lets see how many of you are willing to give this book to your sons or other young men you know and tell them that you support the notion that MEN are treated as less than DOGS. Because that is what the people on this email have done. You have chosen to ignore criminal acts by a woman against a man based MERELY on gender.

I am very pleased that this book has had more than 1,400 downloads in the first two months it has been available.

I will keep an eye on google for the sons of the people on this email and when your sons pop up in searches I will send them this book and point out it was given to their parents to pass along. If you have not passed it along then you will have to explain why not to your sons.


Here are Jennifers perjurous court documents.

In these documents it can be PLAINLY SEEN that on the 9th of November 2007 Jennifer signed an affidavit that contained PERJUROUS STATEMENTS.

The last time I checked my bible it said “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour”.

Jennifer OFTEN mocked Christians to me privately despite having claimed Christianity when we were married. She OFTEN said “I do not need a bunch of stupid Christians to tell me how to live.” I guess that is why she got citizenship in such a catholic country as Ireland, right? I guess that is why these “stupid christians” have supported her, a fallen woman, over me, a man who was Christian. I now tell young men that Christians are the BIGGEST HYPOCRITES OF ALL.

Well? Those of you who profess Christianity who are around Jennifer have an OBLIGATION ACCORDING TO YOUR RELIGION to see that her crime of perjury is remedied.

It is not ME asking it is YOUR GOD telling you that Jennifer committed a crime. And Jennifer lives in a predominantly Christian country so it is the obligation of the people of Ireland to ensure remedy is made for her criminal acts.

Failure to bring remedy for the crime of purgery is nothing less than DENYING WHAT YOU CLAIM IS THE WORD OF GOD for which you WILL be judged one day.

Here is the notice to Jennifer of the crimes she committed and the Notice of Intent that she would be put on trial if she does not make remedy.

Those WOMEN around Jennifer who have failed to denounce her as the CRIMINAL SHE IS IN FOUR YEARS are nothing but LIARS AND HYPOCRITES.

You women have claimed ALL MY LIFE that you want to be treated with “equality” to men. And yet when one of your own is an adulteress, a child abuser, a criminal, and very likely a prostitute as well WHERE IS YOUR CLAIMED EQUALITY? IT IS OUT THE WINDOW. That is where it is.

That makes you LIARS.

Every woman around Jennifer, if mugged on the street, would like a path to justice. Yet those same women have denied me a path to justice.

That makes the women around Jennifer nothing but HYPOCRITES.

I now denounce western women as LIARS AND HYPOCRITES in the 99.9% majority and the problem western women have with this statement is that I can PROVE IT TO BE TRUE.

Young men are listening. More and more of them are listening because they can see what I am telling them is TRUE. And they can see that even those who claimed to be my “family and friends” have betrayed their claimed friendship in order to appease western women who are LIARS AND HYPOCRITES.

If the women around Jennifer were the decent women they claimed to be then they would have never allowed FOUR AND A HALF YEARS TO PASS without denouncing her as the CRIMINAL CHILD ABUSER SHE IS.

I wanted to wait for all the children of all the above to be over the age of 18 before catching up with those of you who OPENLY SUPPORTED A CRIMINAL WOMAN OVER AN HONEST MAN. I wanted to wait because I wanted to be able to find your sons and tell them what you did. I have the RIGHT to tell them. They have the RIGHT to make up their own minds about what they read. When they read about how a man like me was treated BY THEIR PARENTS you might have some explaining to do. And it might take a little more than “well he was a bad man” because my efforts these last 4 years are as impeccable as my efforts the previous 25 years.

When people in a society allow one of the BEST FATHERS AND HUSBANDS to be criminally victimized by one of the WORST WIVES then those people have some explaining to do to the young men.


As PROVEN Jennifer committed the crime of perjury on the 9th of November 2007. She does not deny this crime. In fact she calls it a “negotiating tactic”.

ALL losses or costs I incurred after THAT POINT IN TIME now need to be remedied by Jennifer and her CRIMINAL ACCOMPLICES.

I will be holding jury trials to get a community supported path to justice.

I NOT ONLY EXPECT every person on this email to provide their 110% support for these jury trials.


You have been informed of a CRIMINAL ACT and you KNOW THE CRIMINAL.


I DEMAND AND EXPECT that you no longer make yourselves ACCESSORIES TO PERJURY which is what you are doing by staying silent. I expect an email from EACH OF YOU saying, in your own name, that you DEMAND AND EXPECT Jennifer to face trial and make remedy for her crimes.

If you fail to DEMAND AND EXPECT Jennifer to be put on trial publicly and withdraw ALL support, including moral support, that is what I will tell your children when I find them. I will tell them what liars and hypocrites the women are and what man-haters the men are for allowing a woman to commit crimes with impunity.


As a result of Jennifers CRIME of perjury I suffered the following losses.

1. Two children were kidnapped and abused. I am rather keen to see the price put on that crime.
2. I spent EUR21,000 with Piarais Neary and AUD45,000 with Watts McCray. (EUR60,000)
3. My house was stolen and given to Jennifer in the 95% majority. A rather obvious crime. (EUR300,000)
4. My company was destroyed. (EUR400,000)
5. My citizenship application was denied. (?)
6. I spent nearly 4,000 hours researching to fix this problem…and my rate was EUR100/hour before divorce. (EUR400,000)
7. I was suicidal for a month and my health was badly damaged. (EUR100,000)
8. I have been widely slandered based on false allegations. (EUR100,000)

All these items must now be paid for.  The bill is AT LEAST EUR1,500,000 for Jennifer alone. The Jury might find much more.

Anyone who does NOT denounce Jennifer as the criminal she is will be liable for going onto the list of accused for “obstruction of the course of justice” and “aiding and abetting a known criminal”.

I really do recommend people on this list take the precaution of denouncing Jennifer as the perjurer she is. You have the evidence. The RIGHT thing to do is obvious. To state publicly what they evidence shows you. You ALL have the ability to contact Jennifer to ask her if she really did commit the perjury that she is accused of. But since I have included the letters from the two banks in question there is no reasonable doubt Jennifer committed perjury and that perjury is PROVEN. I have waited four and a half years for those who knew Jennifer well to denounce her in public. No one on this list can say I did not give you enough time to “do the right thing”.

Denouncing KNOWN criminals is what decent people do. People on this list should no more hide Jennifers crimes than you should hide a man who had bashed and raped a woman.

Of course. Jennifer does not have the assets to pay these likely bills.

Not to worry. Bill and Irene also made themselves accomplices to these crimes so if Jennifer is declared bankrupt as I take all her assets off her I can then take Bill and Irenes assets.

Further. Since Michael Toal, Kristen Robinson, Jarrod Robinson, Josephine Nolan and Joshua Nolan ALL chose to aid and abet a known criminal I can take their assets and income off them as well. The good thing about the children is that they are young and I will be able to impute their income for YEARS to come.

Maybe having to pay me damages for their mothers crimes and their betrayal of me will stand as a warning to other ungrateful children that they should show their fathers a bit more respect. I fully intend to make public examples of Kristen Robinson, Jarrod Robinson, Josephine Nolan and Joshua Nolan as to what happens when ungrateful children commit crimes against a good father.

There are now also the Magistrates and Lawyers in Australia and the Judge and Lawyer in Ireland that I can take assets off for their criminal acts.

Lastly. I have made it clear many times over that in the immediate aftermath of Jennifer committing crimes against me no less than four men offered that Jennifer meet with an “accident”.

I told these men that they were forbidden to harm one hair on Jennifers head. I told them that I will settle this dispute lawfully and will make an example of Jennifer for other women to take note of.

Should Jennifer choose outlawry over making remedy I will withdraw MY PROTECTION of Jennifer. Once my protection is withdrawn I can assure all readers that her life expectancy will be limited. The people of Ireland can rest assured that they will not be paying her an old aged pension.

I will not commit any crime. I will not ask anyone to harm Jennifer. I will merely publicly remove my protection of Jennifer which is a PRIVILEGE that I have the CHOICE of withdrawing. After that point? Jennifer will need to protect herself. Since Jennifer “needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” and she can “do anything a man can do” then I am sure she will be able to protect herself. Right?

And I will note that no police officers will be allowed to offer their protection services either. She will be an outlaw.

Ladies and Gents.

Jennifer will stand trial and make remedy for her crimes or I will remove my protection of her life from her.

It really is that simple.

Further. Bill Toal, Irene Toal, Michael Toal, Kristen Robinson, Jarrod Robinson, Josephine Nolan and Joshua Nolan will ALL stand trial unless they are willing to make an offer of Remedy prior to the trial date that is organized.

I have waited a long time for justice to be done.

I am very pleased with my work and my efforts.

It is really up to those AROUND these criminals now to decide if you wish to TELL THE TRUTH and DENOUNCE A CRIMINAL AMONG THEM or whether you want to join the list of people who may be prosecuted for aiding and abetting someone you KNEW to be a criminal.

And if you want a test for your own sexism, discrimination and bigotry? Try this.

If the person who was PROVEN to be a criminal was not a woman but rather a MAN WHO HAD BASHED AND RAPED A WOMAN, what would you do?


And if you would not stay silent if the criminal was A MAN WHO BASHED AND RAPED A WOMAN then it is sexism, discrimination and bigotry to stay silent in my case.

And we ALL KNOW that if the criminal was A MAN WHO BASHED AND RAPED A WOMAN then women would be SCREAMING FOR HIS BLOOD.

You women demanded “equality”. This is what it looks like. You have an EQUAL OBLIGATION to make sure CRIMINAL WOMEN are brought to justice just like men have an obligation to make sure CRIMINAL MEN are brought to justice.

Failure to do so is BLATANT sexism, discrimination and bigotry that will be presented to your sons when I find them.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Where did you think this would end? Did you really think that I would allow Jennifer to get away with criminally victimizing me when I told Bill in 2007 that I would ensure that Justice is done?

The sole hope Jennifer had was that I would kill myself. But unlike ALL the people on this list? I had some REAL FRIENDS. Three people who stood by me in my darkest hours. Sadly, NONE OF THEM ON THIS LIST.  Not even my own former children could bother asking me how I was when I was suicidal. So much for “children honour thy parents”. When I tell young men that not even my own former children could be bothered to email me when I was suicidal those young men are staggered at the level of disrespect show a great father and husband.

And by the way. ALL the eastern European women I have met in these last 4.5 years have strongly denounced Jennifer. Even ones I do not know. You women should try reading what this woman who helped me save my life has to say. How sad such comments did NOT come from my so called “family and freinds”.

How much easier all this would have been if Bill Toal has SHOWN SOME BACKBONE and disciplined his CRIMINAL DAUGHTER way back in November 2007.

Everything would have been over by Christmas 2007 IF ONLY BILL TOAL WAS A DECENT FATHER.

But since he has three out of four daughters with many failed relationships and children from many fathers the quality of parenting is pretty obvious now.


I presume this is as it needed to be in order for the two books to come into being.

Now the two books exist? It is time to clean up the mess Jennifer and her fellow criminals made.

And those who are AROUND these criminals have an OBLIGATION to call on these crimes to be remedied.

OBLIGATION…more than just a word.

Best Regards

Your brother Peter


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