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 7/3/2011 9:11 AM

Hi All    Really I do not want involvement in perpetual Tyre Kicking Hypothesis.  I am only and wholly interested in immediate and proactive fixing a broke system and folk who will be proactive with me and make ‘protests’ and ‘complaints’ etc to the relefant department and Minister and politicians and Government ‘watch dog’ agencies meant to supervise and regulate the departments.  Like the attached here above and below.

Regards Robert


Honourable Robert McClelland

I advise that I have a ten minutes session with you on 29th June in Darwin.  To maximize the efficiency of that time I bring to your attention briefing material and subject matter for the session.  Consisting of  material ready recently supplied by post and email from NT Office Status of Family and  by Robert  E Kennedy and other later material in time before the Community Cabinet session on the following ;-

  • The ‘overview’ of ‘managing’ government staff of ‘service deliveries’ out of Commonwealth Government Administration and States and Territories when they are ‘agencies’ of Commonwealth Government material and funding.
    • The failure of complaints and regulatory systems intended to keep The Administration lawful and ethically compliant and efficient
    • Failures including Commonwealth Ombudsman, Australian National Audit Office, Attorney General’s Department and Federal Police
    • States and Territories agencies and police
    • On matters of administering heterosexual relationship and family and children’s matters.

  • “Regulators” over agencies and departments and NGO’s service deliveries out of
    • Child Support Agency
    • Social Securities Appeals Tribunal.
    • Family law administration supports to Family Court
    • Australian Legal Aid
    • Child Protection
    • Family Violence
    • On matters of administering heterosexual relationship and family and children matters

  • Out of agencies staff non compliances during the ‘confidentiality’ of case administration on matters of
    • Case facts
    • Due process
    • Legislation
    • On matters of administering heterosexual relationship and family and children matters

  • Being the consequence of an insurgent power infiltrating these services and by non compliance and without ‘audit’ during case administration :-
    • Betray ‘trust’ and tamper with cases to produce an ‘ideological’ and not ‘fact’ and ‘law’ outcome.
    • Such consequences being ‘gender’ based determinations so that ‘women win’.
    • The consequence is the male member eg fathers and male spouses become denied of ‘fact’ and ‘law’ administration of their case by ‘government’.
    • Children of the family consequently bear effects of the unjust determinations
    • Is conduct contrary to the intentions of the Australian Constitution of ‘impartial’ governance
    • Is conduct contrary to the intentions of The Legislature who made constitutional laws to be delivered impartially according to case facts and aligning legislation.
    • Know as “Due Process” in these instances is due process denied by Government and NGO staff.

It being noted in this matter all applicable legislation is sound and ‘world’s best’.  The problem being as above that inadequately supervised staff make substitutions of their own and replacement staff ‘copycat’ and ‘gate keep’ the legacy ideology allegedly as ‘the law’ in the ‘administrative’ stages..  Therefore one legally equal partner gets more and the other gets less of their constitutional and legislated ‘rights’ according to the ‘dictates’ of the officer at the time.  Misconduct that has now become the ‘normal’ gender based service delivery.

The issue of government staff non compliances to fact and law and due process administration had not been a matter of audit or investigation during the approximate two to three or more decade’s existence of these heterosexual service deliveries.

There must be a government inquiry into the conduct of staff in these agencies to restore full and proper ‘impartial’ service delivers in heterosexual relationship matters.  The Constitution does not allow and The Legislature never intended heterosexual matters to become ‘administered’ on a gender preferred basis.

If the Attorney General could be briefed appropriately on these issues I am certain from my perspective the ten minutes will be adequate to ensure and interface of a wholesome understanding by the Attorney General to comprehend the absolute failure in this arena and what he will need to undertake to make remedy.

I strongly suggest an adviser [or he] reads fully the paper by Professor Linda Kelly on “the feminization of domestic violence as the insurgent infiltration so eloquently revealed by the professors is the same template for the breakdown of administration in other agencies.  Although out of USA so too are as many of our allegedly Australian ‘heterosexuals’ administrations thus the professors paper applies as equally to this present Australian history.  The latest being the adoption by this Attorney General of the ‘family violence’ model out of Canada effectively copy cat out of USA .  Such too was the ‘feminists’ Duluth Model of policing domestic violence adopted by Australian police like Duluth police appeased the feminist activists and ignored their own police oath of ‘without fear or favour’ agreed to prosecute only male offender and not female offenders “because it would frighten women victims who would not report to police”.  This has infiltrated other agencies and thus we have female offenders not prosecuted and their male victims prosecuted as offenders.  Developed to an extreme where false allegations become prosecutions without investigation relegates males into second class citizens that increases male suicides.

I further advise being a national child support representative I am privileged to be working with CSA on an internal investigation revealing in CSA case administration the same insurgent power making ‘women win’ determinations.  There must be a government inquiry and remedy to the above group of service delivery and regulatory agencies to restore

·         Wholly lawful and gender impartial governance

·         Efficient proactive regulatory agencies to maintain the former.

My intended focus in the session will be to reveal some detailed ‘techniques’ employed by the insurgent so that and inquiery may be better informed of where to best focus and to answer questions from the Attorney General.


Please contact me on any issues so as to make our short session wholly efficient on this enormously extensive and most serious  failure of capacity to govern.


Robert E Kennedy                Coordinator        NT Office Status of Family, PO Box 988, Palmerston, NT 0831     

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ForumForumNews from Freed...News from Freed...News Parent ForumNews Parent ForumNews From Rober...News From Rober...15 June 2011 03:41 Letter to Robert McClelland15 June 2011 03:41 Letter to Robert McClelland