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 7/16/2012 3:20 AM

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From: lfant []
Sent: 02 July 2012 23:07
Cc: Michael Borusiewiz (Luke's Dad) ]
Subject: RE: We live in a state of paranoia. Woman teacher falls foul of womens paranoia

Peter this is a really valid area for men to pursue.  The same happened to my stepson in Victoria only a stone’s throw from your NSW school.  His separated mother fought a sterling battle with the school.  I now of other stories.  My past male treasurer relates a mother was late picking up her daughter at the primary school and found a teacher with her daughter astride on her lap and fondling her genitals.  My treasurer asked if she reported it and was told “Oh no it was by a woman.”  I recall a spate and era of male teachers being sacked because little children ran up and wrapped themselves around their legs like ‘daddy’ and were accused of ‘coaching’ and ‘grooming’ them for sex on and on until all primary schools became all female staff


And were ‘coached’ and ‘groomed’ in ‘male blame’ and ‘male hate’ as Peter experienced and frequently related.  In England at the time one feminist turned on her sisterhood when she discovered the hatred on boys ‘because men start wars’.


The ‘solely male blame Duluth Model of policing ‘domestic violence’ and Office Status of Women concocted a meeting in Canberra had nine keynote speakers one of which was male (director of Australian Bureau of Criminology) and six were FEMINISTS from overseas feminists organizations NONE FROM ANY VIOLENCE RESEARCH INSTITUTIONS no males were allowed to be speakers.  I tried to get around this by a ‘written submission’ but the blokes attending were too afraid and left it on the information table.


The outcome was Commonwealth Office Status of Women had states Office of Women’s Policy lobby all States and Territories Police Commissioners to adopt the Duluth Model and the idiots did. Thereby abandoning their ‘oaths’ of “without fear or favour” and undertaking to The Legislature to become instead the ‘enforcers’ of feminism in ‘heterosexual’ GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION – that so many dill blokes accepted as ‘the law’ or ‘women’s rights’.  So we now have the result so well presented by Professor Parkinson (see attached here).  The feminist then controlled primary schools – coaching and grooming future males as ‘metro-sexual’ with a growing influence in high schools and universities and police.  Also falling to them similarly were child protection services, family law its counselors and solicitors all feeding into each other on solely male blame and stereotyping and alienation of men and especially fathers from their families and parenting.  Add in Child Support Agency too and the heterosexual GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION was being ‘governed’ on gender ‘by proxy’ BY FEMINISM.


These are the ways a bloke ‘lost their rights’ - or is it?   No matter how I explain it to blokes how to ‘recover’ their ‘rights’ by lobbying Governments to rid our Government Administration of the insurgent and ‘controlling’ feminists blokes just do not get it and simply do nothing.  To the extent that I now see how morally weak blokes are when an arrogant woman confronts them on their heterosexual family matters.  So many tell me “I was kicked out” only to later be told by them they left when she asked them to leave so she could ‘think it over’ but the door was permanently shut.  Without making any arrangements on parenting or property.


Yes we have feminism governing by proxy for over the past decade or two – but only because blokes are to piss weak to UPHOLD THE RIGHTS THEY ALWAYS HAD and STILL HAVE do those things they should  be with the likes of me ALONE ALMOST trying to eradicate this foreign insurgent of feminism FROM OUR GOVERNMENT SERVICE DELIVERIES.  Right through now from kindergartens to the family court and all in between is not there by law but sheer arrogance of women and gutlessness of men.  In the old lingo of “While they crap on them and rub it in.”


My experience of over ten years helping blokes is I get more response and success in taking on the feminists directly – they have jobs to lose – than I do getting blokes motivated to do as little as send an email to politicians complaining about the gender bias out of Government.  Blokes will run the computer processors hot emailing each other but just cannot get the guts TO EXERCISE THEIR RIGHTS AND RECOVER OUR GENDER IMPARTIAL DEMOCRACY in the ways one exercises RIGHTS.


If your house is on fire why would you run to the next suburb and pretend your house was not on fire but complain about houses being on fire and expect SOMEONE ELSE to take sympathy on you and go to wherever without you and save your house?  I just do not get it blokes kidding themselves they are fighting a great battle {shadow boxing} when they are simply surrendering.  It goes to the highest levels of male politicians not standing up to Gillard and EMILY’s List in parliament say on the family law amendments and will do nothing about CSA ‘overcharging’ fathers child support.  Blokes are getting only what they allow feminists to foist upon them and assist feminist to do it by surrendering to feminists.


Not me – Not on your Nellie!



Robert E Kennedy          NT Office Status of Family, PO Box 988, Palmerston, NT 0831.     Ph 08 8932 3339




From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: Monday, July 02, 2012 9:52 PM
Subject: We live in a state of paranoia. Woman teacher falls foul of womens paranoia

sometimes when I see women starting to suffer from the effects of their own stupidity I actually LAIGH AND ENJOY what it is I see.

Read this article below.

There has been no place where the HATRED OF MALES has been MORE FIERCE than in the schools. Women have HATED ON MALE TEACHERS FOR DECADES. They have been incompetent at their jobs for DECADES. I can personally attest to this from my time in High school from 78 to 81.

The women teachers were not only useless they openly put boys down unjustly. I was openly called a liar and a cheat and a plaugurer by my English teacher and the deputy principal in my school when I was 13 years old with no better justification than “a boy your age can not write a poem like this so you must have copied it”

I did not think it was HATRED AND SEXISM at the time. But I did take a VOW to NEVER AGAIN MAKE AN EFFORT IN ENGLISH which I lived up to.

So those two women, when faced with a poem written by a lad of 13 who must have been something of an unknown prodigy to have been able to write the poem, destroyed his will to learn more about how to write poetry by calling him a LIAR to his face based on NO EVIDENCE AT ALL.


I went on to be a great public speaker and one of the most successful students ever to pass through that school. Yet, here were FEMALE TEACHERS CALLING ME A LIAR!

Well? This woman in this article is 56. She was PART of the MAN-HATRED that has been spewed at boys in schools FOR DECADES. And now she is “upset” that she has been caught up in the same hysteria that SHE HAS BEEN PART OF FOR DECADES.

I see that LOTS of women are going to be chewed up and spat out of the school system over coming years and a GOOD THING TOO.

Indeed. I think that men who care about boys should start on line schools and men who have sons should get their kids taught by men….because women are TERRIBLE TEACHERS and I knew this from my FIRST DAY IN KINDERGARTEN.

Many of the men on this list know a bit about creating educational videos and posting them to the web. Perhaps some men would like to start online schools…rather like the “school of the air” that used to be on radios for remote kids when I was young.

I am pretty sure some concerned fathers would be willing to pay for tuition of their boys to give them a better chance in life. After all, the public schools are destroying the chances of boys right across the board.

Best Regards

Your brother peter

PS. You might want to read this article too.
 NT News one in a million.pdf
 Fathers dont move out.pdf
 Case for male teachers.pdf
 Pakinson Report on False Allegations of Abuse.doc
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