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 7/16/2012 3:00 AM

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From: lfant []
Sent: 16 June 2012 06:42
Cc: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: Help Peter has asked for. Please help. Please pass along.

Hi Peter and All

Note the attachments relative to the dialogue below.  Note the example of AVO upon a woman is typical of the biased reporting of  ‘women as victims’ when massively overwhelming fathers are the victims of false reporting and AVO’s raised by women and children’s mothers. Professor Parkinson also notes that ‘consent’ or UNDERAKING NOT TO is then used falsely as ‘evidence’ of HAVING COMMITTED.


I have helped many a suicide ready father amongst the many emotionally depressed and cash strapped fathers I help unpaid almost full time – just a small few have paid me a token amount OVERALL not enough to cover phone calls let alone office and fuel costs attending meetings and to them personally and authoring submissions and lobbying NT and Federal Politicians and Police and Child Support Agency and Police Etc.  Most say they will give a donation but never do – and will never do anything else to help like being proactive in forums as simple as this..  Even less of them - almost none will do anything to counter the tsunami of feminism infiltrating the heterosexual service deliveries causing them and all fathers the great grief by the feminist misandary {male hate} control over our Government Service deliveries to Families.  Yearly becoming more and more entrenched as the ‘alleged’ Government rejection of fatherhood.  Because very proactive Feminism has such an UNLAWFUL  stranglehold over our Government and its Government Service Deliveries – yep, while bloke do absolutely nothing to counter it.


Taking child support paying fathers {in Australia} as a base there are about one million fathers in the current payment era and over the last fifteen years add in those other millions of the previous payment eras – so there are millions of fathers bitten severely by the cheating {misandary staff} family law system.  But how many will (a) support the ABOUT HALF DOZEN BLOKES LIKE ME IN THE WHOLE OF AUSTRALIA (b) helping them ‘directly’ with their cases (b) or give us a cash donation to offset the costs of helping them (c) or assist me and other lobbyists with effort and money taking this disgusting gender bias in the family law industry STAFF up to Government?


Here is the answer.  Others for 30 years and me 15 years in the field know each other and the figure is about ten or fifteen of us are left to our own financial and personal resources out or the probable six million fathers – plus other men - who could do something but do nothing.  It is disgusting and explains why fathers are {voluntarily} behind the eight ball – with the audacity to blame us few unpaid and unassisted volunteers ‘for not doing enough to restore ‘our democracy’ FOR THEM.  Is their most common excuse for dong nothing – “Because it doesn’t work” – and it never will work while they do nothing in their self serving prophecy.  Fathers generally only want to blame the X because she ‘gets away with it’ or blame the ‘law’ but never {a} blame the insurgence of feminism into THE SERVICE THEY RECEIVE via a STAFF MEMBER (b) that the X would not otherwise get away without it being formalized by deceitful severe delivery staff (c) blame themselves because blokes do nothing ‘democratic’ and ‘sensible’ to change it.


Moaning and moaning and keyboarding to each other is not communicating with Government and so will not change anything WITHIN GOVERNMENT without ‘direct’ communication with GOVERNMENT.  Get moving and get targeted and contact Local Members – All Federal Politicians – THE Portfolio Minister - Commonwealth Ombudsman – Australian National Audit Office.  On police and family violence and child protection similarly it is in State Jurisdiction.  No contact = no message = the matter being ignored.  Also when you do contact and get no message just keep at it.  It is the ‘numbers’ that count so about 20 blokes across Australia does not mean much against thousands of women and feminists.  Blokes must realize not action equals a vote for feminist against blokes so your RIGHTS are only ‘active’ why your are ACTIVE.


Yep.  That these fathers will moan and moan how someone in the system ‘supported’ her and when I identify ‘who’ and ‘where’ and ‘what to do’ they turn to water and as Peter points out and they blame ‘the constitution’ or ‘the queen’ or ‘the X’ alone and anyone but themselves. Na Na Na Na these cowardly fathers have simply SURRENDERED THEIR RIGHTS VOLUNTRILY to the feminists who took jobs that were once ALSO men’s jobs and SUBSTITUTED the feminist template – of women win – instead of the legislated template of ‘fact and law’ determinations of ‘equality’. These fathers number in Australia in the millions – the whole majority of fathers except about twenty of us - is absolutely appalling in the extreme.  But it is the answer why the feminists are in control – they simply took it because they wanted to – deceitfully of course – but without resistance to claim ‘women’s rights’ when constitutionally in ‘egalitarian democracy’ there is and cannot be any such thing.  Just propaganda gullible people believe is law.


Whilst fathers are the majority of victims ‘men’ generally are simultaneously being victimised by being denied their ‘rights’ provided under our Constitution and Legislature by the ‘service delivery staff’ commonly identified as Public Servants.  Under the feeble excuse of ‘the law’ blokes simply ‘swallow’ and never check up if it is valid or not.  They go away thinking they have learnt some ‘law’ but have accepted a lie.  The Law being words printed on a document does not simply slide off the paper.  It comes via a ‘person’  or ‘persons’ known as ‘officers’ who should not but can and ‘feminists’ do interface or wholly substitute the ‘pure’ law with their own ideologies. So blokes learn ‘feminist ideology’ instead of ‘law’ and surrender to feminist’s ideology.  Google down the legislation and self educate and don’t be outsmarted by feminist ideology.


As an ex-serviceman who signed my life to defend the democracy of Australia I am disgusted almost to the point of illness how Aussie Men have simply allowed feminist to from their Government jobs unlawfully and unconstitutionally ‘govern by proxy’ and blokes only whisper in huddles about it.  Doing nothing and daily allowing more and more these LAW BREAKING feminist STAFF to ‘unlawfully’ divide the country on gender ADMINISTRATIVELY at the service deliveries outlet.


Herein Peter and Others this is a gauge of the real figures of male cowardice in Australia who simply surrender their ‘rights’ they forever bleat about AS BEING TAKEN FROM THEM to simply UNLAWFUL AND BULLYING AND DECEITFUL FEMALE  EMPLOYEES OF OUR FEDERAL AND STATES AND TERRITORIES GOVERNMENTS.


Our gutless male feminist dominated politicians are no exception to the female submissive (surrender) Australian Male surrendering his children and our democracy to arrogant male hate self serving feminist entrenching themselves in our GOVERNMENT SERVICE DELIVEIES.


Nah not the constitution, the Queen or the Law – just a feminist invasion that millions of Aussie Men simply surrendered to in silence and allowed The Feminist to walk in and take over.  Just a streak in the character of the Aussie Bloke to respect women but it gets turned around and used against him.  Wake up blokes.


Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting.  All of those Aussie Diggers who died to keep Australia free and democratic but died for nothing because the ‘blokes at home’ simply surrendered to another invader and dictator who took whatever control they wanted. And alienated men the freedom fighters of democracy.


Should The Hoards from overseas be women Australia would be invaded without a single shot being fired in defense – and of course our feminists would be on the shoreline welcoming them.  “Where the bloody Hell has our Australian FAMILY Manhood and Fatherhood disappeared to?”   Seemingly only one in a million Australian men retains it.  What is the future of Sons when their fathers surrender to feminist domination?  Do note the ‘Metro-sexual’ young blokes victims of feminism and putting down their fathers and men {their own species} as violent and abusive while their mothers and feminists are far more abusive and ‘controlling’ that fathers ever were. Watch out blokes for the future as there is no future unless you learn to network and fight the fight of reclaiming (exercising) our ‘rights’ or ‘equality’ once more.


Start by EXERCISING YOUR RIGHTS by lobbying your politicians to remove feminism as a service delivery out of Government.  EXERCISE YOUR RIGHTS {they have never been ‘taken’ from you} to make Australia a better place for children and sons especially.  Your target?  Feminism in and controlling Government at its service deliveries like Child Support, Family Court family counselors and restraining orders {how may have ‘consented’ ‘surrendered’  to a restraining order?} etc, being ‘blind eyed’ by feminists and feminist dominated politicians. Nothing has or can be ‘legislated ‘women’s rights – You have been conned and gullible and surrendered to al lie and bullying and bluff and a dill weakness for women in an area of ‘gender equality’.  It is only ‘unequal’ because you surrendered’ to feminists propaganda.  Please wake up.


Genuine blokes with the will and guts to take on feminism and politicians in the right and democratic ways please contact me.  I am not here to hear moaning but to do more of getting the boot into opticians and Departments for allowing governance by proxy on gender by feminists Politicians and Departmental Staff operating as a Sisterhood – against the constitution and legislature and Citizens of Australia.  You are an integral part of this democracy and enjoy it benefits so do something real to protect its other parts.


Robert E Kennedy          Coordinator                    NT Office Status of Family, PO Box 988, Palmerston, NT 0831.  ph 08 8932 3339




From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: Saturday, June 16, 2012 7:49 AM
Subject: Help Peter has asked for. Please help. Please pass along.

As I have noted many times. Myself and other brave men have laboured for years for the benefit of our fellow Australians and the children of Australia and now other countries.

It is a sad indictment on our fell Australian FATHERS that they are not joining us in number. And many of those few who do join in are now getting distracted by the dis-info that is floating around.

It’s the Jews, it’s the Jesuits, it’s the muslims, it’s the Israelis. It is none of those and all of those. You are living in a global control grid and all paths lead to those hidden behind the curtains. Trying to pin the blame on any one group is futile.

There are also many people who claim to have what they think is “the solution”.

If I hear one more person tell me about the CON-stitution I swear I am going to rip his head right off his shoulders.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear. The CON-stitution of Australia (and the US etc) is a DOCUMENT OF DECEIT AND SLAVERY. When you promote a CON-stitution you are promoting a document of deceit and slavery.

Now. I have emphasised MANY times how much effort I have put in.

Other guys like Robert Kennedy, Ernst Kriesner, Mark Pytellek, Mark Flowers, John Wilson, Michael Borusiewicz and many others have done more than me. They too find it nearly impossible to get other men to help just because it is the right thing to do. FATHERS are ALWAYS finding a reason NOT TO DO THEIR DUTY AND MEET THEIT OBLIGATIONS.

As are many OTHER MEN in Australia. My former sons being two how refuse to do their duty and meet their obligations. I am disgusted in them. I copied them on this email so they know, along with Bill Toal and Michael Toal so they know that they are part of the problem. Bill Toal and Michael Toal have made it clear they wish to commit crimes against me. And they will be dealt with in the fullness of time.

So. I have created a forum entry where I am specifically listing the HELP that I am asking for. If you want to help? If you want to pass along my request for help? Please do so by clicking here and reading and or sending the link forward. So far only John Rambo is really helping out. He has managed to get 1,000 downloads of The Truth Be Told in the last 2 months. We will save the lives of a number of men by that effort.

If anyone tries to tell me saving the lives of young men is not worth it? May you burn in hell for ever. If anyone confuses saving the lives of young men with “woman hatred”? Ditto.

I have worked very hard to save the lives of fathers, young men, children and, by no small exception, the very women who are our abusers. It is about time more men passed more links around to let other men know this is the help that is needed.

Best Regards


 Police shoot the messenger 291210.pdf
 Pakinson Report on False Allegations of Abuse.doc
 NT News one in a million.pdf
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ForumForumNews from Freed...News from Freed...News Parent ForumNews Parent ForumNews From Rober...News From Rober...16 June 2012 06:42 Help Peter has asked for. Please help. Please pass along.16 June 2012 06:42 Help Peter has asked for. Please help. Please pass along.