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 7/16/2012 2:56 AM

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From: lfant []
Sent: 01 June 2012 02:56
Subject: RE: Australia...Direct Democracy has LAUNCHED!

Hi All

The horse has bolted.  Blokes left it too late and most still have not woken from their Rip Van Winkle self centered intellect. For over a decade I have been trying as a past founding branch president of LFAA and lobbyist with other blokes I came in contact with warning them of the old “give a finger and lose an arm” savagery of the ‘feminist movement’.  As it became entrenched in GOVERNMENT out of Labor’s EMILY’s LIST especially in the Family Law Industry and took a stranglehold out of their workplaces where they SUBSTITUTED THEIR FEMINIST IDEOLOGY for the ‘case fact’ and ‘law’ decision and service delivery that should have been providedThat was decreed by The Legislature.


Ever heard of a ‘shadow government’  {meaning The Opposition}?  Well blokes have left it too late and now we have a ‘shadow government’ of a secret voting block  that is a total eclipse blackout – including of The Opposition.  Because while blokes did nothing feminist entrenched the Public Service and now also control the ‘service deliveries’ to their self serving ideology.


Blokes who were  not so proactive running cases as I called me a ‘radical’ and gave me ‘put down’ telling me “they only want to see their kids” .  While my experience across running many, many cases with fathers it was clear mothers and professional women simply lied and lied.  Consequently blokes had no hope of ever seeing their children beyond two days a fortnight {under the child support quota}.  Yet fathers still mouthed and thrashed about how good fathers they are and could be and would not see that they were being portrayed as ‘actors upon a stage’ {the stage of feminist control} as violent and aggressive men.


WHEREAS THEY SHOULD HAVE SHIFTED THEIR FOCUS ON TO THE CHEATING AND LIEING OF THE female  OFFICERS HANDLING THEIR FAMILY LAW MATTERS – and prosecuted them via the Administrative Complaints processes..  Persistently they did not instead locking themselves in the Venus Fly Trap until the Family Law Industry is a landslide victory to feminist control ‘by proxy’ at the point of service delivery of course protected by the ‘sisterhood’ in higher offices.  Predominately women staffed with a ‘representative’ male here and there to look balanced.  Blokes of the hermaphrodite syndrome mostly young ‘Metrosexual’ men well under the domination of feminists doing as they are told.  Confirmed in cases like in WA where such a bloke defied his feminist superiors and went to a large domestic violence forum and realized the lies and crap he was being forced to deliver in his on organization.  I can tell you too of CSA not complying with case facts and legislation to produce ‘women win’ outcomes.  There are Administrative Laws applying to all of these officer even with my help cowardly blokes will not make ‘formal complaints’ ageists such lying and cheating officers. “Nah it might upset them and they will cop worse”.  What a cop out and surrender to wannabe dictators.  If you complain it exposes and causes  them problems – if enough do it then it will eventually have to be fixed.


Professional women and ‘wannabe’ megalomania women – in Australia – are of exactly the same female make up as were the female guards of the Nazi Concentration Camps.  And so by blokes doing nothing – and still doing nothing by being mis-focused – Aussie men have surrendered our ‘democracy’ to the feminist dictates trundled along in the many Wooden Horses of Troy that Rip Van Winkle blokes refuse to do anything about.  The further consequences being the highest male suicide rate comes our of the wholly feminist dominated family law {and child support etc} industry.


So in summary.  Blokes seem to prefer to do nothing and voluntarily place themselves in the crevice of the Venus Fly Trap and beg to be released to then suicide.  Effectively having done nothing about time with the children they claim so much to love and want to be with except having a stoush  with that bloke in the mirror.


If blokes do not want to lose more ‘equality’ then they HAVE TO GET OUT OR THEIR RIP VAN WINKLE HYBERNATION AND BECOME MORE ACTIVE RECOVERING OUR DEMOCRACY FROM THE FEMINIST CLUTCHES.   Not by rowdy misdirected yahooing but direct professional individual  ‘complaints’ about Officer dishonesty and networking and campaigning ALL politicians.


Get motivated now.  I attach here the Federal Politicians email list for your to get started.  Also is one of my emails to Tanya Plibersek when she was Human Services Minister for CSA.  Fathers have to start thinking like adults and taking an interest in our democracy – as the feminists did – to navigate their relationship with their children.  Do nothing and get nothing is the  formulae and similarly being misdirected and tyre kicking also gets nothing – GET FOCUSED AND PROACTIVE NOW.

Robert Kennedy






From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: Friday, June 01, 2012 8:28 AM
Subject: RE: Australia...Direct Democracy has LAUNCHED!


John Rambo has a point.

I have had the CAF Australia Womens site up since OCTOBER last year. That is 8 MONTHS now.


Here it is.


How many women have registered? 11.


MOST of those were registered by me.



I want to make it very clear.




The women in Australia are NOT GOOD WOMEN in the 99.9% majority IF NOT MORE.


The women in Australia claimed how they wanted “equality”. But I have presented the evidence of CRIMES committed against me to the entire female population of the two houses of parliament and NOT ONE WOMAN is willing to break ranks and call for my wife to be put on trial and face the same remedy as a man.


I have talked to THOUSANDS OF WOMEN in Australia to challenge them to live up to their claims they are “good women” who want to be treated “equal before the law”.


Hundreds of thousands of other Australian fathers have also been criminally victimized and ALL OUR WOMEN KNOW THIS.


The answer is these women usually SPEW HATRED AT ME FOR DEMANDING A PATH TO JUSTICE.


So I am giving notice to men who put things into my email box.


From now on……Any man who claims there are “good women” in Australia?


I am going to put him into the IgnorMANus forums on CAF with his email because only an IgnorMANus could POSSIBLY make the claim there are any significant number of “good women” in Australia.


There are not. This is now proven far beyond doubt.


These women calling for “unity” or “justice”?


What a bunch of bullshit.


I do not see them calling for “unity” or “justice” for men who are victims of criminal women in the family law courts.


Even such disgusting and HATE FILL SHREWS like Bettina Arndt refuse to call for women to be held accountable for their actions on the same basis as men.



There are some well known figures on this email list.


It is FAR PAST TIME to tell ALL FATHERS to join Crimes Against Fathers and to institute the new Peoples Courts of Australia and have a path to justice for FATHERS for the first time in decades.


Forward this email to ALL fathers you know and tell them from me I EXPECT THEM TO DO THEIR DUTY TO DEFNED THE CHILDREN OF AUSTRALIA.




You men want justice? You want freedom?


Join CAF and DO YOUR DUTY of putting ALL criminals who have victimized so many fathers in Australia on trial.


If you FAIL TO DO YOUR DUTY do not be complaining to me when fathers start KILLING PEOPLE in anger and frustration that hey have NO PATH TO JUSTICE.


Here is a reminder of what happens when you violate a mans right to be the guardian of his child.


If you have not met them before? Please meet Tanilla Warrick Deaves and Luke Borusiewicz.


CPS and single mothers kill our children when the natural guardian, the father, is removed.


THIS is what is at stake. The next Luke. The next Tanilla.


THIS is what women who refuse men a path to justice are CAUSING.


Those women who remove fathers and criminally victimize fathers have the blood of little children on their hands.


Your brother peter.





-----Original Message-----
From: John Rambo []
Sent: 31 May 2012 08:36
Subject: re: Australia...Direct Democracy has LAUNCHED!


If she is such a "good lady", then surely she must have spoken out against the crimes that her fellow women are committing against men such as false rape and false DV charges, financially destroying men through alimony/child support payments, and kidnapping men's children and not allowing them contact or custody, all of which together have destroyed HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of western men's lives.

Can you kindly point me to where she has written such articles speaking out against feminism and the crimes that her fellow women commit against men?

As for organizing a protest march, big deal. The Illuminati don't give a damn about people protesting at this point. Why not do something useful like form common law courts and put these criminal politicians, judges, lawyers, and feminists on trial? Then again, to expect such useful action from our fellow women seems to be expecting too much from our "equal" sisters.

Anyway, if western women want men to take them seriously again, western women are going to have to at the very least start dealing with their own criminal sisters and putting them on trial. As it stands right now in the West, a woman can murder a man and literally get away with it without any jail time. Nevermind that if a man murdered someone, he would probably get life in prison. So much for "equality". And no where do we see our women DEMANDING EQUALITY before the law, DEMANDING that women should get EQUAL punishments as men.

The fact that western women are NOT demanding equality in such areas is proof of their utter hypocrisy.

War dead: 97 percent men
Homeless: 90 percent men
Work deaths: 95 percent men
Prison: 90 percent men

Why aren't our "equal sisters" demanding EQUALITY WITH MEN in the above categories? Bloody hypocrites!

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