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 10/26/2011 12:03 AM


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Almost three years after the death of my son, Luke Borusiewicz, who died at the age of two years old in foster care (the average age of children who die in foster care is four and under), the inquest into his death has still not begun.

A pre-inquest conference was held last week where I attended by phone, but hung up minutes into the conference after hearing blatant and misleading lies from the Queensland Department of Community Services representative. It disgusts me that anyone can tell lies about a deceased baby, but a senior representative of an agency existing in the interests of protecting children, telling lies to protect its own evil interests is incorrigible.

The judge at the conference has ruled that Luke’s death has still not been investigated properly, another abomination. The next pre-inquest conference has been set for 24th November, 2011.

Department of Community Services Operating Without a Corruption Watchdog


I promised Luke the last time I looked at him laying there in his coffin I would do something about what the department of community services had done to him, and that I would do something to fix the child protection and foster care system, which had mistreated him from the time they had come into our lives.

People need to realize, this is not a one off case.  Atrocities like this are a daily occurrence in the department of community services, world wide.

These child protection officers are answerable to no one, they are unaccountable for their actions and operate behind a media ban which helps to conceal their mistakes and malpractice.

The department of community services complaints hotline is a smoke screen for the department, acting as an early warning system alerting the department when their dishonest and unethical behavior has been discovered, allowing time for false statements to be concocted, evidence to be destroyed, and threats against distraught parents to be made.


Department of Community Services Horror Stories Revealed by Desperate Parents


The following articles come from devastated parents recently posting their department of community services experience on the Luke’s Army website, many who have fought the department of community services for years to no avail. Much of the time, parental skills do not enter the picture, their actions tend toward personal vendettas against parents.

Mother and Baby on the run from Bowral DoCS


I have five brothers and sisters legally kidnapped by Docs and in Care Please Help my Family

Corrupt Denton County Texas CPS

 Luke's Army We're Gonna Fight Department of Community Services

Pat Anderson and Mary Jo Gall DoCS Cairns North Managers Corrupt Behaviour

How my son and I were mistreated by docs.

DOCS report reveals toddler Tanilla Warrick-Deaves was in 'grave danger' a month before she died

Happy 5th Birthday Lukey Pookey I love you more than anything in the world son

My child's father is a NSW DoCS case worker who placed our child in foster care

Western Australia Department Child Protection DCP Harpies

Letter To Minister of DOCS Qld Phil Reeves Regarding Janis Ferguson

DoCS QLD Failure of Children Who Died

I am a 14 and on the run from NSW Dept Human Services Bowral DoCS Foster Care

 Complaints regarding Auburn Community Services NSW

Letter to Manager Bowral Department Human Services DoCS

 Emily's List a Closer Look by Robert Kennedy

In Loving Memory of Bret who Died after being placed in Foster Care

My handicapped Niece abused by DCF Miami, Kids Hope United and Our Kid Inc

Life Without Barriers Placing Children in Dangerous Foster Care for DoCS Money.

Qld DoCS Logan Community Services Departent Logan Central - Corruption is rife

A poem for Luke by Diane Huggins

Molested in Foster care

Another Mother, the Victim of Department of Child Safety

Royal Commission Phil Reeves Dept Community Services Queensland (DoCS QLD)

Northumberland Social Services stole our children

Evidence of corruption in community services human services child safety departments

Cairns Judge Exposes Department Community Services Mistreatment of Mother

A Father's Fight For His Daughter In Sacramento, CA

Please Help Department Human Services NSW has legally kidnapped our children

My Story of Community Services and my Four Children

Pat Anderson Deparment Community Services Cairns North Corrupt DoCS

Message to Luke's Dad from Future Community Services Child Protection Worker

Family Services South Australia (Families SA) & Department Mental Health Stole our Baby.


The Luke’s Army website exposing Department of Community Services corruption


Whilst the media are gagged when it comes to exposing the corruption rife within the department of community services, and politicians turn their back on the problems, I have devoted my life to this issue. Parental rights are a thing of the past once a child protection worker enters a family home. The onus is on discrediting a parent, no matter how much love the child and parents have for each other.Luke was everything I ever lived for, still is and always will be. I am quite prepared to go to jail for speaking out about the abuse of power and families by the department of community services staff, especially management, which where the root of this child stealing machine is routed.

This last month, first time visitors to the site have increased by 650%. The website Crimes Against Fathers has contributed toward a facelift and maintenance for the site.


Luke’s Army exposing Department of Community Services corruption on Youtube


The youtube account I set up in the name of LukeBorusiewicz has exceeded twenty thousand views. Amongst the videos are various interviews regarding Luke, and the department of community services. There are also music clips of myself playing music and singing. The videos are marked with the Luke’s Army website.


Luke’s Dad’s art - exposing Department of Community Services corruption


My artwork receives thousands of views on the internet, all of my work is signed with the website address, promoting Luke’s Army in turn exposing department of community services and child protection corruption world wide.

Luke’s Army exposing Department of Community Services corruption on Facebook

I use every medium available, including facebook which has a Luke’s Army group exposing department of community services corruption. Luke’s Army also appears on numerous other news websites to expose the corruption rampant in the department of community services, which cost my son, and so many other helpless children their lives.

The Luke’s Army Group on Facebook is a part of Luke’s Legacy. It has evolved into a place for those who have been left with nowhere to turn after being victimized by the department of community services, to expose the mistreatment they have endured, to discuss their situation with others in the same disastrous predicament, and to seek support and advice.


Luke’s Army Commercially Grown Vegetables Exposing Department of Community Services corruption in the market place


I am in the process of picking myself up, and dusting myself off. I still can’t talk about what was done to Luke, I wake up screaming and crying from nightmares, but my faith in God, and my solicitor, eases my anguish.

The next step for me is to establish a commercial vegetable growing enterprise entitled “Luke’s Army Garlic”, which will be sold with labels containing links to the website, and the desperate pleas of parents who have been mistreated by the department of community services, their children wrongly removed.

This plan is already underway. Through this venture I intend to fund legal support for parents who have no hope in this corrupt and cruel system of gaining true legal support.


Luke’s Army Supports and Promotes the following websites


I would like to sincerely thank the many people who have given their support and encouragement through this sad time in my life. Thankyou so much for those who post on the site, and all who have joined Luke’s Army, which is now reaching 5000 members strong. Most of all I would like to thank my Lukey Pookey, who showed me what love is, and has given me everything I have in my life, I owe you my life Luke, I love you more than anything in the world son, for ever and ever, RIP.

Luke’s Dad,

Michael Borusiewicz

Life's misfortunes fall disproportionately  upon the young





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