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 2/5/2011 11:41 PM

So. Inevitably scumbags who are brain dead were going to make threats against my family because they are scumbags and too brain dead to understand that what we are doing on this site is working to re-establish the rule of law in Australia.

Here is a snipped version of an email I received today from an email address as follows:
Bad Mutherfukker [].

Yep. These are the sort of brain dead scumbags walking the streets of Australia. Any talk of juries by this nutjob? Any talk of justice? No. Just 'I am a nutjob' and 'vengeance'.

I would also point out that this nutjob claims to be a friend of Suzy Stewart. If this is the sort of 'friends' that Suzy has? Then Ricky Partington has a very good case for saying that she is bringing his son into association with convicted criminals who are not concerned about committed more crimes. 

Is this 'in the best interest of the child'? I think not.

So yes. Exposing crimes inevitably leads to the nutjobs who want to keep committing those crimes to threaten innocent bystanders. What a lovely society you live in in Australia today.

So....Here is the snipped email.

Nice to finally meet you Peter.
Since you go and X out all your details on the docs you like to throw about the internet like a shit flinging monkey, I haven't been able to find out where you live, but it seems you are either in Ireland, Germany or London.

The full post was only up for a moment before it was censored, but it was long enough for me to find out that your parents are xxxxx and xxxxx Nolan and they live at xxx xxxx in Wagga. You see, you did say your family was from Wagga but there were a few in the white pages and I wasn't quite sure. But now I am!
To business:
Okay you arse pick, you've gone and named a good frind of mine, and published a private document with her name on it here:
So, Pricky is your good mate and a hero and you like picking on a woman and a kid?
Let me tell you, Ricky is a low rent scummy cunt and the reason he is barred from seeing his kid is because he was molesting him, you cunt!
Okay, here's the deal - I am a complete fucking hard cunt nut job who has done 18 months in Goulburn for giving a righteous flogging to another cunt that crossed me with a length of pipe, and I am also a bit of an arsonist YOU HAVE 24 HOURS TO GET ANY MENTION OF SUZY FROM YOUR SITE OR I WILL START PHONING xxxx AND xxxxx AT ALL TIMES OF THE DAY AND NIGHT CALLING THEM THE CUNTS THEY ARE FOR BRINGING YOU IN TO THE WORLD!
Who the fuck do you think you are fucking with? Do you think we can pull this shit and not suffer consequences?
We can't find you, but go ahead and be a cunt and your family can pick up the tab for your cunt acts.
Don't think I am fucking around - ring xxxxx and xxxxx tomorrow and ask them how many wake up calls they have been receiving.
No deal for that kiddy fiddler Ricky - we are going to knock that cunt at the first fucking opportunity.
And we look forward to a little business meeting once we find you, you dog.
In the meantime, your parents can pay the consequences of YOUR fucking crimes - don't think we are fucking around - you have wrong us and venegance is ours!
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 2/22/2011 9:17 PM
 Modified By PeterAndrewNolan  on 2/22/2011 3:29:50 AM
And now there is another email in my in tray this morning. The most likely suspect for this email is Michael Toal...

I have exposed the crimes of the Toal family in this post on my personal web site. Bill, Irene, Jarrod Robinson and Kristen Robinson will all stand accused of accessories to the crimes of my ex wife Jennifer. They claimed they 'did not want to get involved' but all four made themselves accessories to crimes through their own choice in full knowledge of doing so as adults. So they will be put on trial for these crimes. 

You can read this letter here.

So the next 'nutcase', or very likely the same old nutcase of Michael Toal, sends me a letter using a name and email address that first started sending nutcase emails some time ago. Notice he 'challenges' me to post this email to one of my sites! LOL!! Well? I am very pleased to do so.

These seem to be the sort of nutcases that Richard Partingtons ex likes to hang around with. Well? Is hanging around with nutcases like this 'in the best interests of the child'? No. It's not.

Of course. If anyone would like to send an email to nutcase feel free. But I doubt you will get much sense out of that nutcase.

Lastly. You can always tell the character of a man by whether he is willing to make any allegations or comments in his own name. This nutcase is a GIANT FAIL because he's not willing to tell me who he is. He's a 'gutless wonder'. Period. 

In the end. He will be found. And since he is making public allegations against Ricky for domestic violence and paedophilia? Ricky has every right to put him on trial for the slander that is. Michael Toal, the original LegsHagger, wandered around many public internet sites calling me a paedophile and gay. That's really funny because it insults gays on the basis that calling a man 'gay' must be some sort of slur. And calling me a paedophile is also ludicrous. It also happens to be slander. Further. Michael used my image all over the web after I copyrighted my image. So he is also guilty of copyright infringement.

Anyway Gentlemen? These are the sort of nutcases who think they can go around talking shit like this. It will be interesting to finally expose this nutcase and make sure his employers, family, friends AND ENEMIES know of the nutcase emails they are sending around. 

-----Original Message-----
From: tim potter []
Sent: 21 February 2011 19:56
Subject: You fuckwit!

Okay, before I start, I am not Legshagger or TimPotter, I am a concerned friend of some of your family from Wagga and I don't want to give my real name to a nasty little spiteful prick like you.

I got these names through watching your internet idiocy over the years.

It's ironic that your latest outlet for your inane gibberish is "Crimes against fathers" ... personally, I think it should be called "I'm a whingeing little schoolgirl seeking to evade my responsibilities as a man", but, whatever.

The irony is that you have gone and committed a crime against your father by sending a violent fuckwit his way because you are persecuting a woman you know nothing about on behalf of a mentally deficient nutcase who have physically abused her and sexually interfered with the kid!

And now your father xxxxx is getting phone calls making death threats day and night and YOU haven't even phoned him to ask how he's going! CUNT!

Why don't you just do us all a favour and walk in front of train?

You selfish little prick!  Let me tell you, xxxxxwants to have some stern words with you after he has - AGAIN - had to make statements about you to to the Police!  He was severely pissed off when he had the Feds knocking on his door about your loopy activities, and now he's had the Wagga coppers knocking on his door telling him that he is coping death threats because of your fuckwittery!

Grow up, move on and get a life, you brain dead loser!

And call your father and ask how he's handling the fucked situation YOU created!  I'm sure xxxx and xxxxxx would also like to have a word with you!

Are you ashamed?

You are a low life coward and bully!

I dare you to publish this e-mail on one of your crappy amateur hour websites where you publish other lies vilifying good people!

You cunt!

Tim Potter/ Legshagger / Illuminati Ingrid / ASIO Agent, or whoever your mentally ill little paranoid mind will declare me to be ... whatever!    

New Post
 1/2/2012 1:33 PM
Very aggressive nutcase also hiding behind hotmail email addresses, I will add this one to the list of assaults from hotmail email addresses, what a violent bastard, sounds like Chris Roubis language again, another assault by another hotmail email address. The worst bastard I have ever met on the internet Chris Roubis, sounds like more of his work.

Violent threats from hotmail email addresses by Chris Roubis

Tim Anderson
New Post
 1/3/2012 11:28 PM
Hi Tim,
as noted...we will find these people.

Best Regards

Your brother peter
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