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 10/17/2011 9:38 PM
 Modified By host  on 11/29/2011 6:57:05 AM
I have been referred to this site by Luke's Army. I have five children in foster care and five at home, which gives an idea of the ludacry of the situation I am in. I delivered my own baby 30.09.11 whilst waiting for the ambulance, only to have my son legally kidnapped on arrival at hospital. This is a miniscule glimpse of the atrocities my family have endured due to docs corruption and deciet.

I would like to ask for advice on the laws regarding the breast feeding of babies while in the sytem. At present I am only allowed access with my wife, one day a week but have been told that by law my wife has the right to breast feed on five occassions per week. Not only have I been forbidden to speak out in court, my solicitor has also been muted on numerous occassions.

My story: Department of Community Services Legally Kidnapped my Children
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 10/19/2011 9:52 PM
Hi Russell,
You are in the right place. We are working on resolving these issues.

You have not "lost" your waived them through ignorance of the law. You are not dealing with law. You are dealing with legislation. And you have no obligation to obey any legislation.

The first thing you are well advised to do is to educate yourself on the difference between legislation and LAW. I recommend these two books I have written.

It has taken me about 3,500 hours to get this far. I have many men coming to me, just like you, and asking me for help. I simply do not have the time to further my efforts in getting men to create courts and battle individual cases. I have consistently asked men for help for 3.5 years and I can only get very few men to assist while I have MANY men asking me for assistance.

I have proposed time and time again for men in Australia to learn these techniques and then teach their brothers. We have two men in Sydney who are familiar with how to make this work. I will put then onto you.

What I recommend you do is fire your lawyer. He is a criminal who is lying to you. He is the enemy in your camp. A spy.

ALL family law lawyers are criminals and an enemy in the camp.

The next thing I recommend you do is to read the first book and choose for yourself if you wish to be a sovereign man or a slave. Right now you are a slave as you have not rebutted the presumption you are a slave. That is why they treat you like a slave. If you wish to be a sovereign, on the same lawful level as queen elizabeth and I? Then you have to claim that birthright. No one will claim it for you.

Once you are a sovereign you can issue lawful notices to these criminals.

I also recommend you gather up all evidence and keep it in a safe place. We are forming courts to put these people on trial.

No man can tell you what to do. No man can order you around. So tell these people who pretend to have power over you that they have no such power.

You may also like to give this lawful notice to your local police chief. Have him contact me if he has a problem being told the limitations on his powers.
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 10/19/2011 9:54 PM

Please Help Department Human Services NSW has legally kidnapped our children

Sun, 31/07/2011 - 18:57 — CPS DoCS DHS Reform Anon

Help Fight Department Community Services Department Human Services

Please help somebody help us get our children back from NSW Community Services/Human Services (DoCS NSW/DHS NSW).

If you know of any one please help us or let any one knows that can take on this out of touch group docs.

I have a long sad story I need to tell you, and see if you know any one to help me to deal with docs and what we must do to help ourselves get our four young kids back aged girl 6, girl 4,boy 3,and a baby boy.

We are a family of 12 kids we had 14 losing two along the way. Our son was killed aged 5 in 1994 holding my hand to cross a crossing and sadly my wife lost a girl full term at birth in 2008, so we have had our share of bad luck in life.

And now onto that very bad day on the 6th of may 2010 department human services NSW entered our lives. Still the four young ones and tried to take the older ones but they told them to take a hike, i have been with my wife now 25 years married.

My wife has had three postnatal break downs, first in 1991. Got no help from anyone and again in 1999, and still no help from anyone. Again, 2010 was a big year for the family, our oldest son got married in July.

Our 4 year old girl was pushed in the bath by her six year old sister and spent two weeks in hospital, I could see my wife going down hill, and i feel i let her down so bad. I put work first and let her deal with it... a big no no.

On top of this we had our 14 year old girl wanting her own way, to go out and hang out with boys and be a teenager. That life was all about her, any how exams was just around the corner.

I was working hard, I noticed one of my sons 15 year old Steven tried to help the family by helping mum but it looks like this only made things harder on the family as my wife took a dislike to him helping out and not knowing stormy the 14 year old started to put bad things on the net about Steven and I, saying things so bad, any how my wife had a real bad friend of 8 years that had just left her husband, this will help you understand what went wrong in my family.

Come two weeks out of exams time Jenny's ex girlfriend had left her husband of 9 years because she was cheating on him but not just telling him it was over she called jirt to say he touched her daughter which was found not true and the funny side is the ex friend of jennie went to have all our kids tattooed on her arm even the two that have passed.

Anyhow this friend came and took my wife at exams time to her house and the baby boys. The so called friend started to take all the girls one by one to jirt at the hospital to say Steven raped them all and I and all the boys touched them and it was ok for the boys to do so as I said it was ok.

What a load of bull, I would never say that at any time in my life, any how she was doing this and getting them to make statements. It was not until 5 weeks later my wife started to wake up to her ex friend and wanted to come home, this was late Jan 2011, just after two days home the girls told me rebel first that sue made them lie so mum would get all the kids one day later taylor told me much the same and so on.

All told me even the six year old girl that put me in tears, life got on as normal for the three months so we all thought only stormy was not getting on as I feel the trauma was so great for her she wanted to hang out with boys.

Then mum break down and sue trying so well to get the girls to lie about all the boys in the family, we did not know what she was saying on the net and to school friends and people at church until that day on the 28th of April when two jirt officers showed up to take stormy to office and to talk to her.

She did not want to go by her self all at all so I asked my oldest girl to go with her, that's when my night mare starts, thank you JIRT or sorry jerks.

On getting to their office the girls were put in a room. Sorry I forgot to say Taylor only went as a support person any back to the truth than two jirt workers took stormy in to the room with out Taylor.

She was taken to a second room stormy did not want to talk to them and started to get upset. She got up to leave the room but was forced back by pushing her twisting her arm and put a can of pepper spray to her face but did not use it.

Stormy was taken back to the waiting room and Taylor. The so called support person was crying, they twisted her arm and being in the locked room they lost their cool shouting out and trying to leave to come home.

They where pushed, hit and pepper spray held up to their face. They were forced to go downstairs where a police van was waiting for them with four officers.

They grabbed the two girls, put them up beside the van and kicked them and touched them all over putting them in the back in the cell in the police van like crooks.

After an hour taken to safe house where at about 5am in the morning left with the lady letting them go and got a taxi home at $50 cost. On getting in the door the girls crying out load saying sorry dad, stormy came up to me full crying said i am so sorry dad i love you.

I said it will be ok love. I love you, all will work out ok as a family. Oh how wrong was. On the 6th of may the babies were snatched from us and in court they said all four black eyes and rashes.

Next court date that went away it now becomes jirt says we all looking at all the boys in the family, next court date that all gos away now they say the young ones have speech trouble and two have bad exma.

The two they say have speech trouble are only 1 and 3, what a joke. We never saw it and if we did we would have gone on the waiting list like we did for our now 2 and 23 year olds. The list took 5 years as we are poor we had to wait on the free wait list, as for the exma, four of us as well as I have it and we treat it all the time and have the same doctor for the past six years.

I am at a loss as a father i don't understand why I have lost my kids to docs as i have done no wrong and they know this now but they don't want to give our kids back. My wife sees a counsellor and a doctor and family counselling for us all, but after a phone call on Friday I feel docs want to keep them until they are 18 as the case worker said the kids are very happy now.

I was so hurt by that don't get me wrong, I am happy they are happy but the way it was said to Jennie and I sounds like they where never happy. As i said earlier they where very happy and I was so close to them all, i need to get this out.

On top of all this we see the kids for 1 and half hours a week and two of the teens for 1 hour a week. The docs worker said in front of all at us in the house on a home visit "We have no problems with any of you with the babies as you all show lots of LOVE too each other".

So wow, why keep our babies. As an AUSTRALIAN i don't understand WHY men don't have any rights at all in matters like this. I ask for your help please, my wife and i have suffered so many times in life and we don't want to let docs or jirt get away with the harm they inflict on easy targets like us in life.

So if you know of any one please help us or let any one knows that can take on this out of touch group docs.

well thank you for you time god bless i pray for justice.

(Sydney New South Wales Department of Human Services)

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