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 1/24/2011 7:23 PM
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Note: Edited 2011-01-31.


this is Peter typing this for the introduction for AmSoldierofChrist.

I have spent some time this week talking to AmSoldierofChrist. He can be contacted on should you wish to contact him directly.

We have established this email box so that it will not be subject to the masons disruption. His other email boxes are being constantly compromised. We shall see how we go.

MSF was referred to myself and Ricky recently by a colleague in our efforts to re-introduce the rule of law into Australia.

MSF’s story will look to be ‘unbelievable’ on the face of it.  Most readers will be tempted to dismiss this story out of hand.  I have access to much of the evidence MSF has collected. On the face of it. The evidence is compelling. But more compelling, and why I listened to MSFs story first up was my own experience with these guys.

In June 2008 I was communicating using aliases with a number of men as to my proposed plans to take on the PTB. None of those men knew who I was. Towards the end of June 2008 I started posting to the Sydney Morning Herald. As it happened, I was required to relocate due to the owner of the apartment I was in returning from overseas at the end of the rental contract. I had only a weeks notice to move. Since I knew I was in for a long battle with the PTB I chose to keep my base of operations secret from anyone else.

Very few people know where I live and this was to protect myself and any others who might come into the view of the PTB. A very small number of people know where this apartment is. No matter I did this. Two weeks after my first post into the Sydney Morning Herald I was approached by an ‘agent’ and I was offered a job (in an obtuse way) inside THEIR machine. My skills would be very useful to them. There was no doubt the man was an agent and there was no doubt he had been well briefed on me.

He ‘bumped into me’ in my new local bar. A bar I had been to less than 5 times. It was between my office and my base. So they had watched my office to find out where I was and followed me to my local bar. Then this man waited in the bar for me to turn up and ‘bumped’ into me to start up a conversation.

I might note. This is in Europe and NOT Australia. So. In that act they demonstrated to me they had a global network where they could easily arrange to observe and follow an unsuspecting person.

Further. I have developed the evidence that men like Paul LeLarge (Head of registry at paramatta family court), the two feds he put into the room of my court meeting, men clearly visible in my court meeting, the 12 or so ‘students’ who mysteriously showed up at my ‘court meeting’ are ALL able to be easily organised and told what to do.

And remember NONE of these 12 students bothered to come and ask me what I was doing in my meeting despite the fact they will have NEVER seen a man do that before. Don’t you wonder why they had no questions of me? I was there to ask questions of. Why did the feds not have any questions of me?

Let’s also not forget that Justin Dowd and Greg McCray of Watts Mcray Family Law Lawyers ALSO colluded, as did the Prime Minister and Attorney General. When you stop and think about all the evidence I and others have brought forward? The Gang Stalking that MSF speaks of is eminently possible in today’s world.

The other thing to remember is that the soviets used ‘Mental Health’ as the key issue to ‘disappear’ people. Already in the Family Courts men who are ‘angry’ are ordered to go ‘anger management classes’ which is nothing but indoctrination. And men in divorce are consistently abused and told they are ‘making a mountain out of a mole hill’ and how they should ‘get over it’. If the remain 'angry' they are given a 'mental health assessment'. Often without even the benefit of having to SHOW UP!

You can read in Ricky Partingtons 'orders' that he has been 'assessed' as 'retarded' by a 'guvment health worker' whom HAS NEVER MET RICKY. I want to make it very clear that the 'guvment' calls people 'retarded' and issues orders based on that for a man to never see his son again based on a report by a complicit accomplice who has NEVER MET THE MAN IN QUESTION. Hhhmmmm. Do I need to draw you a picture of why 'mental health problems' are the KEY accusation? 

So as you read MSFs testimony? If you find it hard to believe? Keep in mind that the entire government, legal, political, monetary, media, financial apparatus is ENTIRELY fraudulent and is designed to make slaves of men.

If they can create such an entirely criminal and fraudulent set of systems and make them the very foundations of our ‘civilisation’ how hard would it be to arrange something like GangStalking? It would be a piece of cake.

Here is MSFs effort to make the world aware of what is being done to some of those who oppose the Masons and the Illuminati.

Don't be a mushroom.

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 1/29/2011 10:22 PM
 Modified By host  on 2/3/2011 7:48:06 AM

Updated 2011-02-03.
Gents. Please forgive the incorrect use of 'there' and similar. I do not have MS Works to edit this document and have re-edited it twice. MSF has worked hard to re-write this numerous times and it is too wasteful of time for me to reapply these edits. If anyone out there has MS Works and wants to apply these edits so I can send them back to MSF in a form he can use please let me know.

The Freemasonry Gang Stalking Process !!! 

By ,amsoldierofchrist  3rd  Febuary  2011  {c} Copyright  MSF all rights reserved  . 

There is a  maze of bullshit written about gang stalking this  is clearly the intention of the Freemasonry perpetrators . So I’m going to attempt  to clear it up once and for all, so that you will know your enemy and are not just running in circles chasing your tails .   So you can take it or leave it  . If you wish to live as a mushroom , then live as a mushroom .If you want reality of the highest order truth integrity and facts then read on .

Firstly gang stalking is all over the internet as is a global phenomenon,  but  to put it simply its a form of persecution with the intent to kill the targeted individual  or TI .  The term  Freemasonry Gang Stalking  or FGS  is the phrase I coined  in 2009 / 10 whilst in the Federal Magistrates Court of Australia in Parramatta NSW .  I was  being cross examined  regarding  my complaint against the masons for gang stalking .This was raised by my compliant xwife to discredit me in our family law matter. And now FGS was the agenda of the Federal Magistrate a believed high ranking Freemason and satanic priest .

The attempt to discredit me with my FGS complaint was to make way for the  weapon of choice , the chamber was now primed  . The weapon I refer to is Mental Health ,  this is the main game and ultimate goal of FGS , that is to corner the TI into a mental health assessment position and at that point your in check  ! 

By the grace of God I saw it coming and only by the skin of my teeth avoided checkmate . I knew I had the evidence to prove my case against the Freemasons , and still do . I also didn’t allow a Masonic court appointed shrink to assess me.   I paid for  my own full comprehensive mental health assessment to be done  and got my own clean bill of health and submitted that to the court.

The Masonic Federal Magistrate  did not like it  at all , it saved me though as I was being set up big time for the big fall and  by the Federal Magistrate himself . 

So I went on the record and exposed FGS in the Federal Magistrates Court in Parramatta Sydney Australia in 2009/10.  But without a jury I had no chance as the whole court system is Freemasonry compliant from the court staff to the Federal Magistrate  and all the barristers and lawyers , but still I gave it to them both barrel’s I held nothing back whilst under oath hand on bible its on the record ,  I was self represented as was denied lawyer by  Masonic Legal Aid NSW .

For 5 or 6 full days the Masonic lawyers and barristers pounded me in the witness box ,hoping to find a shred of evidence that would show me to be of unsound mind , they found nothing but a true complaint about FGS. They were all funded by the Australian Government this was to put it simply ,a Masonic mental health witch hunt . But there was nil evidence of mental health issues and as they dug deeper and deeper I just kept exposing more and  more judicial freemasonry corruption.

                                                                                                                                    Page 2

Finally the Federal Magistrate on the 24th March 2009 warned the lawyers and the barrister { in words to the effect }  that if they kept accusing me and I kept producing evidence to justify my case,  then we would need a royal commission and be here for the next 5 years . This is on the record .   My point is the Federal Magistrate knew I was here to fight for my child and would not take a backward step , he was warning them not to open any further the Pandora’s box of freemasonry unravelling before his honour {not } !


FGS commenced for me in 1999 / 2000 as I had a fall out with the Queensland Australia Police at commissioner level .

I’m formerly a one time film producer of children’s safety  material for stranger danger awareness for kids . And I had put the Police  in my kids safety video production . So the police supplied two cops and a squad car and are in the video .

An argument erupted  between the Police and I when I was trying to promote the video on the John Laws program , an Australian  big audience talkback radio station .

Well the trouble commenced  as the  cops did not want me to mention on air they were in the video as it would be an endorsement of the video from them . Well at the time I thought no way coppers your in it , and children’s safety is bigger than Queensland Police how dare you try to stop me promoting this unique childrens safety video .

I was under pressure to  quickly recoup $50K AUD  for the production  in 1999 /2000. This would never happen though as the Queensland Police  blacklisted my production far and wide .  The ironic part about was and still is the Cops had approved the content of the video and it was endorsed by schools and childcare centres fact !  But un be known to me I had crossed the line ,  the Freemasonry  satanic line .


At this point the Masonic Queensland Police released  the dogs upon me the foot soldiers the perpetrators of FGS .  How dare I challenge the Masonic Brotherhood of Police in Queensland .  Police globally are all ALL Freemasons and coordinate FGS from their command centres , exactly the same process all over the world  its  said to have originated from the KKK , I can believe that as is pure evil .


Here’s how it works ,  and as an example of this global FGS formula I will use Sydney Australia  ,  In Sydney there are approximately 19000 that’s nineteen thousand Freemason members in Sydney alone , and there is said to be more than  5,000,000 that’s five million or more Freemasons globally. Here we now have the Freemasonry network of terror for the globe .

I believe it is time to raise the sword the word of God against the satanic freemasons .  enough is enough , it is time for an anti mason revolution   in the world  !

                                                                                                                                    Page 3

And some will say but this can’t be , the masons are such a charitable lovely group of boy scouts . Wake up people there satanic there simply evil and this formula of FGS is how they go about fulfilling the vows they have taken to  kill for Freemasonry .

FGS kills  off the good people of the world who dare to make a stand  , a righteous stand against this satanic cult called Freemasonry / Illuminanti.

Once the dogs of FGS are released on the TI  in the form of 24/7  overt persecution & covert surveillance , your at immediate risk of the first weapon of choice Mental Health Assassination . As its natural to want to report to police that your being followed and harassed and persecuted . But the problem is the Police are coordinating the FGS , so I believe they would just  take your complaint and recommend you be assessed for mental health concerns  .

If you think about it’s the perfect crime , as it doesn’t sound good does it , Mr Policeman there is a team of 50 or a hundred evil stalkers following me .  Please help me Mr Policeman , yeah they will help you all right . That is to have you committed and guess  where ? 

So you can not report this crime to the police  or the government as there all freemasons . Just one masonic white wash after another forget it your on your own for now,  but not if you take refuge in  Christ Jesus !   { not the church } As the church is fully corrupted with freemasons .  But one cant serve two Gods , what fools  these brain washed masons are .


Above all else  let us not forget the devil is but a foot stole for the Lord Jesus Christ to rest his feet upon .

The following is the process the freemasons use to kill the best and fairest of the world , those who dared to make the righteous stand  to expose  crimes against humanity these crimes are perpetrated by the freemasons and  this is the agenda of the devil whom freemasons have an intimate relationship with as there god.


{1}  FGS teams goal is to kill the TI , they love to tell you in various ways how many kills they have made . Its all about selling fear that’s what the devil does .

{2} Large scale teams of perps { FGS perpetrators } released  on the TI are paid for there ,  evil work via the Freemasons with funds believed stolen from the tax payer through governmental corruption . These funds are believed to cover all there fuel and expenses and bonuses for killing TI,s  The rest is there Masonic duty to kill and they are up for it .

                                                                                                                                    Page 4

{3}  The FGS Perp is simply a member of the Freemasons , bound by threat of vile satanic ritual death with witchcraft and curse . If they do not carryout this crime against the TI it will then be released on  them !  So this is the motivation for the perps .

{4}  Many perps are just mentally ill bullies low life’s who were selected with purpose by the freemasons , others were brain washed and made compliant as a tool to be used . Most are void of soul and satanic and  love FGS and love killing the TI pushing them to suicide ,they just love it . To a perp this is sport hunting and a big bonus if you get the kill.

{5It’s believed , that should a perp refuse to keep stalking / killing TI,s  ,  they will just disappear . And who knows possibly  be eaten in some satanic ritual . We need to all remember  the only counter measure  of heavy duty witchcraft is through Christ Jesus  there is no other .    I have called upon the Lord Jesus in serious prayer to assign his angels of war against torturing perps and have seen them run screaming from there FGS nest .  Praise and Glory to Christ Jesus !      


{6}  The initial persecution starts with  24/7 large teams of FGS usually in 50 plus size groups of perps . It usually begins at the home or unit apartment rental property  where one lives . FGS Perps will be funded, to take all line of sight rental positions completely surrounding the TI,s  property . So as to monitor your every movement  and alert the  mobile perps of your daily plans of shopping or any activity  .

{7} As soon as you leave the your home , FGS locksmiths will enter your house with nil risk of being caught as all surrounding houses are perps by  now,  and have been made compliant with most likely fabricated lies about the TI of the worst type imaginable . Additionally the local police command are fully aware there FGS project on in there precinct . And simply will not respond to a call until nil evidence exist , then the cops will arrive on the job and do nothing but smear the good name of the TI .

{8} The former friendly neighbour is quickly turned to a perp and if he /she wont do the dirty work they are  threatened with risk of witchcraft and vile death etc etc . Whilst the illegal entrance perps are  in your home they  will poision your food , but not enough to kill you just enough to make you sick . { if you know you have been entered you need to dump all food in the bin this becomes costly }   The only things FGS  normally steal is evidence you may  have on them . But now for sure your house has been bugged .

{9} One small tip , you could put candle wax over your key hole lock as  has a unique patern each time you do by scraping the small piece of candle over the key hole . This can help you know if your house may  have been entered by perps. But they will get in if they need to and  police wont  be called .  Also you could consider a cheap security  camera system but it is  no good un less your on a serious batery powered unit that is  good for say 24 hrs . As FGS will have your power turned off by the power company .  Keep  your faith,  hold on its just begging but you will get stronger as well . Stronger in the Lord .

                                                                                                                                    Page 5                                                                                                                 {10} Now that your home is surrounded the persecution really begins with a vengeance the house has been bugged and without doubt a close proximity HQ main station FGS house will be watching listening to your every move electronically . Latter they will combined high-tech devices with witchcraft , the witchcraft can harm you if you are not solid in Christ Jesus . Remember repentance clears the slate , we have a loving God who forgives sin just ask , and from that point the protection flows !

{11} To scare and baffle TI,s they will combine impact sound shocks inline with horror on tv meaning , as the themes out play on the tv,  loud bangs will happen in the above apartment ,like dropping a bowling  ball on queue onto a concrete floor above your head . Or a rock thrown on to your roof if living in a house or a gun shot , all  on queue inline with nasty murder headlines on tv . 

{12} So there theme is terror and grizzly death  for the TI its all about fear . Media perps help with the FGS terror tv alignment schedule . This is the tame stuff it can get a lot worse , prayer and the word is all you have and they will try to disrupt that also . But keep on the word as mighty angels of the Lord will encamp around you and your loved ones . Christ Jesus  is your protection your only protection use the word the SWORD the word of God,  as you must now , you have satanists  encamped all arround you 24/7.


{13} So you’ve got the picture right , this is 24/7 they have your every move plotted . Hi-tech devices are in your home motion sensors pinhole cameras bugging devices . That’s how they do it . But they want you to believe it all wizardry ,but its not its hi-tech electronic devices  . They will however commence witchcraft and satanic ritual attacks !

{14} If your in a relationship and you have a child its bad very bad , there FGS theme is aimed at threats of harm to your child or wife etc etc .  There strategy is to break the family up  to divide and conquer . As was in my case ,no family can take such an assault , my xwife knows dam well what happened but was just mentally abused and intimidated by FGS  into believing I was the problem . She was made compliant . But in Jesus holy name to death I will never be,  as the Freemasons have hurt my child and I am coming after them to expose them .  And  the vengeance will be  the Lords .

{15}  At this early stage of the FGS you start to question what you have done in life that may have brought you under this surveillance your think feds  , or asio or government you have no idea it’s the freemasons .  You know its not surveillance as surveillance is meant to be covert but this is different this is overt persecution who would do such an evil thing.  So you chase the government  with no result as said just one Masonic white wash after the other .

{16} It took me 8 years to finally nail it down without any doubt , that all along it had been the filthy Freemasons .  So many letters to all manor of government departments and ombudsmans Police Integriity Commissions etc etc . So im telling you , im giving you  the real enemy here now . The Freemasons do the global gangstalking  this is FGS .

                                                                                                                                    Page 6

{17} The mobile FGS is mind blowing and very dangerous ,if your on foot with your 3 year old child as an example ,  FGS will shoot cars past you risking your child and you . These evil bastards don’t care there sick mentally ill and evil , but like all bullies perps are cowards when confronted on there own.

{18} When your driving you are subject to a 50 car harassment team , high beam headlights road rage and all manor of FGS themed abuse with set up intent,  and police  trailing close behind . Many of the stalkers have 1 head light disconnected or on switch , and the 1 head light represents the EYE  the solitary eye of  freemasonry .  This is to reinforce  the perps position of strength in the convoy towards the TI , we are  the all seeing eye .  Well im a soldier of Christ Jesus and your best witch or wizard or curse of death will not touch me on your best day and all your attempts will be returned upon you  7 fold in Jesus name.

{19} Perps regularly have accidents as are often totally  exceeding the limit but there speeding fines from cameras or police traps are all waved away . Perps on the job don’t pay fines that’s why they think there so cool James bond like.  Additionally  the police give perps a free reign to kill people . In the perps mind this empowers him/her and justifies there sick twisted Masonic brainwashed believe system  . Perps are just brain washed void of soul tools to be used by the Masonic hierarchy . All under the believe that ABIV there christ {not} has a nice ark for them,  to all escape into the after life . As said Fools and Tools .

{20} Many perps are  mentally ill to start with ,so they  believe  there really doing the world a great service killing the targeted individual  . The TI could be a children’s safety advocate , a human rights activist , or even a saint . I believe a  TI is a person with the intestinal fortitude to stand up for morality truth justice and with an  uncompromising refusal to ever  join the freemason satanic cult  . May Christ Jesus bless and protect the TI,s as we have a contribution of truth to offer .

{21} How is it all coordinated you ask ,  well  the key is again hi-tech  you cant organise fifty or a hundred perps easy like .  All the perps are hooked up to a linked black berry mobile phone service they all get the same txt at the same time , example  HE WAS  JUST SEEN CRYING IN HIS CAR  APPLY MAX  PRESURE  GO FOR VIOLENT OUTBURST  IN  STREET   .

{22} Now when a 100 evil perps get that message they all go for the prize , the prize being you the TI , possibly braking down and trying to  kill one of them . But you must remain calm and not give them what they want . It shatters the Perps believe system when you remain steadfast in Christ Jesus .

{23} The perps  feel quite safe in a big gang and guess who is trailing behind the FGS mobile team , you guessed it the Police are mobile and part of it and ready to pounce as the TI brakes down .  Pigs really are pigs .

                                                                                                                                   Page 7

{24} The police will have plenty of perp witnesses  to back up the fabricated story of the TI going crazy  . If you lose it your gone, its as simple as that  ! 

{25} This is the daily process , I had often considered a police scanner as I know the FGS teams would be forced to communicate even in code , as they would know you purchased the scanner . But it would be a major aid , at the time I just didn’t think I could take the expected themed abuse transmitted to me . I mean the  FGS abuse that  I would of heard on the scanner about my family etc so I didn’t get one . How ever it would be a valuable tool for evidence gathering and should seriously be considered .

{26 }  The perps communicate via the  black berry phone system or similar and the  text msg themes are designed for the  large group in car or  on foot . They  plan elaborate set ups and street theatre with aim to cause the TI to lash out to explode and be arrested multiple times . And eventually get the TI committed to a prison or a mental institution . and to be ultimately killed whilst in that institution this is the goal  . Again you must not lose it , at all cost you must remain calm .       NEVER LOSE IT  , FOCUS ON CHRIST .

{27} And there other main goal is to simply push the TI to suicide .  That’s not for  me as  I never give up !  I will go to the end of the race and when I fall it will be into the arms of my Lord and saviour Christ Jesus . But perps will go directly  to the lake of fire for eternity with eternal thirst and agony as there reward  and they deserve it .

{28} The mobile in car set ups are to cause death  by car accident so you need to be a good driver !  If your not then you need to seek { backs to the wall positions } on public transport seats where possible , as driving may get you killed . As for me I drive big safe old cars really well , so look out perps im coming through .

{29 } How do the Freemasons run 50 to a 100 perps right across the city or the country and internationally from country to country . Who has the ability to do this  and to coordinate this process?  only the Freemasons and the Police can do this .  

{30} Freemasons  hold all the government positions,  most of all the churches have been infiltrated . All the local councils road workers police fire ambulance big industry big transport military media , the  judicial all compliant freemasonry members . That’s how they do this .  And they need to  purged from public office now globally .

{31}  The Freemasonry lodge global network means , you are likely to  have a FGS lodge  in your neighbourhood . Its just  an evil nest of masons that work directly or  indirectly with the police command centres for each precinct . So your local Freemason Lodge will be operating  a FGS community policing program if there’s a TI in the neighbourhood fact.

                                                                                                                                    Page 8

{32} And here’s  where it all comes together  they cant run these huge 50 plus teams of FGS without coordinating all the Lodges in the police precincts .  As said there are about 19000 Freemasons as members in Sydney and a Freemasonry lodge in many suburbs  precincts throughout NSW Australia .

{32}  So when you drive through these  many suburbs and precincts the perps come at you in seemingly huge numbers that’s because of the crossover factor. { In this example  I  will use Australian NSW  suburbs  Hornsby & Windsor }   Hornsby  perps,  are handing the TI over to the Windsor NSW perps and so on .

{33}  Each Freemasonry lodge , grand master { of evil } will receive  blackberry  phone text messages sent in advance and will rally to  his FGS  perps advising them where the intercept of the TI will be , or for them to be on standby as the TI is heading in a certain direction . Its all very  very efficient high tech and extremely accurate with tracking devices believed attached to Ti,s vehicle and the police coordinating the whole trip !

{34}  Additionally the police command centre will pull back the Hornsby police overseers of the FGS and hand it over to the Windsor police overseers.

{35}  The TI has now been successfully handed  over to the next’s lodges jurisdiction for persecution . I believe all the lodges would all be aligned with the police precincts  meaning all freemasonry lodges in that precinct are on duty to persecute  the TI to death  . Its just evil coordination its not magic .

{36}  There is no discrimination in the FGS process they are able to call on the whole 19000 members here in Sydney  to do there Masonic duty of FGS .

{37} These evil scumbags have sold there’s  and there children’s  souls . Lets not forget they are satanist and heavily into witchcraft wizardry warlocks witches curses demonic conjuring all forms of satanic ritual they would prostitute there children if told by freemasonry HQ to do so .    

{38}  So evil is there thing and they use children in  FGS they have  nil considerations for there own children in fact there training them to be perps as they are . Think of it thousands and thousands of children un be known to them at young ages are being dragged around by daddy and mummy perps strapped in the back of cars driving around in convoy of FGS persecution TI,s. 

{39}  The perp  parents hope is for an early  kill,  of a good man or women TI  as fast as they can so as to not disrupt the kids to much . What kind of mother or father would do this ? Freemason that’s what kind horrible evil and must be exposed .FGS is the biggest  child abuses case in the world MASS   GLOBAL  FREEMASONRY  SATANIC  CHILD ABUSE

                                                                                                                                    Page 9

If we dare to seek a better world free of this evil freemasonry corruption then we must demand all freemasons go on to a public registration . As they are destroying the world and have  committed all manor of evil throughout  history  . Purge them from public office  . Don’t give donations to the Freemasons , through other clubs such as the Lions Clubs and Rotary International as an example .  Just  find out if these clubs have association with freemasonry . Do your own home work don’t give these vile things a penny as they will use it for evil .  

All freemasons need  be removed from public office immediately . Starting with the judicial system followed by the  police departments  fire department  and ambulance departments all are used in FGS to scream sirens at TI,s to intimidate . These organisations are meant to have been honourable they have failed every one . Yes I know some fireman is a hero and so on and that’s good  , but you cant be hero one day and a perp killing some innocent TI the next, and  to do so means you have sold your soul .

A point of hope that must be noted all satanist freemason perps are very superstitious as are always involved in evil . But all of them know the scripture in the Bible is Truth . Freemasons  hate it but cant overcome that it is Truth , a Truth that will befall them .

I like to remind perps of Job 18 and Jeremiah 18 V 18 to 23 as it just puts it all into a nice perspective for the  perp. We are fighting  with the devil here  ,and there for must put on the armour of light and prepare , well for the battle ahead . 

This is a document of Truth and will stand the test of any un corrupted jury . From the judicial all the way to the senate there needs to be a forced  change the judicial system that currently protects the above stated crimes against humanity by Freemasons .

And sadly there will not be refuge for TI in the church as 99% of all churches have been corrupted by Freemasons , additionally I believe all child sexual abuse within the church will lead back to Priests who are also Freemasons this must be investigated .   Are we getting somewhere here ?

But don’t blame Jesus Christ or God , you don’t need a church to learn the word the power the protection that he gives . The praise and Glory is always with my Lord And Savoir Christ Jesus .   

Am Soldier of Christ   MSF

 FreeMasonry Gang Stalking V0.03.pdf
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