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 12/22/2010 10:28 PM
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I maintain my intro post over here:

I maintain my 'landing post for newbies' over here:

Suffice to say I was born and raised in Wagga Wagga. I was ok at sports but not good enough to make a living out of it. So I did my studies more diligently from Year 11 onwards. I was dux of my school (while failing English by choice) and went on to gain my first job as a trainee programmer with Australian Iron and Steel in Wollongong.

It turned out I had some aptitude for writing software.

I moved to IBM in 1986 and became the youngest ever Systems Architect in the history of IBM Australia at just 25 years of age. A lot of men 10 years older than me were pissed to be passed over for that job.

I moved to IBM Marketing in 1990 where I failed as a 'wannabe salesman'. It was the first thing I had ever really failed at in my life and it stung me to do so.

I started my own company in 1994 but this was severely undermined by my then wife Jennifer. 

I went back into the corporate world in 1996 working for Hitachi Data Systems. They simply offered me more money than I could sensibly turn down, especially with 4 children and an idle non-working wife to pay for.

In December 1996 I did the Landmark Forum for a second time with the intent of creating a breakthrough in learning how to close deals. 

It worked. Working with colleagues we closed two MAJOR deals in February and March 1997 and I have never looked back from that point in time. 6 years as a 'failed wannabe salesman' was enough thank you very much.

I moved from place to place. I worked at Pricewaterhouse Coopers for a year, Ardent/Inform for just under two years. And then I relocated to Ireland to work with the best Data Warehousing people in the world. 

I thought I was doing pretty good in Australia until I joined this crowd. I was stunned. The men I worked with were geniuses who left me in the shade. So I diligently learned from them as well.  You can go read my resume here if you want.

In 2007 I was introduced to the dubious benefits of the ‘family court’.

It was amazing to me that I was treated like a common criminal having done nothing wrong. It was amazing to me women HATED on me so much whereas I had a track record of being far kinder and more generous to women than to men my entire life. I was shocked and stunned that I was so badly treated by women for no better reason than I refused to tolerate Jennifer stealing money and lying to me any more in our 18 year marriage.

The issue was that it was clear she was lying to me and unrepentant about it. And it was clear that with her wreckless spending and refusal to assist me in my business to earn money for our family that we would descend into poverty. Her mantra was:

“I can do what I want and there is nothing you can do about it and you have to pay because you are my husband.”

Shows you what crap a woman will say when she renounces her religion. As the saying goes “If you don’t believe in God you do believe in anything!”

I was also shocked and stunned that my bank accounts were frozen, I was cast into poverty, my children were kidnapped, Jennifer committed numerous cases of perjury against me, she committed the crime of extortion against me, and she also stole money blatantly from our company.

I was similarly shocked that ALL BUT ONE of my former ‘female friends’ condoned these crimes against me by refusing to speak out against them. You could have KNOCKED ME OVER WITH A FEATHER when the evidence poured in that women HATED me for having the temerity to refuse to continue to be married to someone who openly derided me in front of my children and openly bragged about how she could “do whatever I want and have my husband pay for it” including lying. Two comments from two of my longest term female friends really hit home. The comments were:

“Wives are supposed to lie to and steal from their husbands. Get over it.”

“It is human nature to hurt the one you love.” As the excuse for Jennifers crimes.

I spent a LONG time talking to women, politely and professionally, about how, if they were to be considered ‘equals’ then they had obligations to punish those who committed crimes regardless of their sex.  I was HATED on for having the temerity of suggesting my ex be punished for crimes.  Even as I held very restrained debate or put very restrained comments women called for my death. Hhhhmmmm. The gentler sex? I think not.

So. Once I gathered up my evidence that the vast majority of western women are now liars and hypocrites and I started saying THAT in public places. WOW!!! The Wimminz went totally beserk. Mind you. NO WOMAN has EVER challenged my statement that ‘the vast majority of western women are liars and hypocrites now’. NOT ONE. All they do is hurl abuse at me. Gee. They did that when I was a GREAT husband and father. Now they hurl abuse because I shove the truth down their throats?

These women are stupid. They think hurling abuse at me makes a difference. Obviously most of them have never met a real man in their lives. I am prepared to call any woman stupid who is not able to make an argument properly and my experience has been that is pretty much ALL of them. Now I point the western ladies to this post and I ignore them mostly. When women do what is in that post? Then I MIGHT invite them back to my table to talk. Note that is NOT a promise because I sure as hell don’t invite all MEN to my table to talk. I only talk to men who have something worth saying.

Western women have proven they HATE men in general and me in particular for exposing their lies and hypocrisy. They offer nothing of value to me. And don’t they HATE that I couldn’t care less about them! LOL!!

If women had not hated on me so much for so long for having the temerity to point out that they are condoning crimes and are therefore liars and hypocrites, if they had joined me rather than hating on me, I might think better of them. They didn’t. I don’t. Period.

As in my intro post, I used to be a family man. My dad raised me to be a good father and I was one of the best around. I have had quite a few men tell me they never met a better husband and father. I have had quite a few men tell me that they aspire to be ‘as good a husband and father as you’. So I have no concerns as to how well I fulfilled my vows and role as a husband and father. Yet women HATE on me anyway. Fine. Blah, blah, blah.

As my father in law said “You are the best son in law any of my daughters got to marry. Jennifer could not have done any better.”

Well? Why help her commit crimes against me, eh Bill?

So yes. I raised 4 kids, two from Jennifers previous marriage. I renovated two houses to provide better opportunities for these kids. I worked my arse off doing often 70-80 hour weeks over a 20 year period while my idle wife lived in the lap of luxury gaining more notions of being a ‘princess’. Wonder how much of a princess she is feeling now.

It also came as a surprise to me that Jennifer was poisoning the minds of my children even more so than I had come to understand. My ‘loving children’ as they liked to be known could not be bothered to send me a single email in three years. Not even my eldest step-son could be bothered to address some of the issues I sent him. I had thought I had done a better job with him and that he was something of a man. I was mistaken. He’s a whimp.

So. Having had it made clear to me that women LOVE the idea of being able to commit crimes with COMPLETE IMPUNITY and will CONDONE AND SUPPORT women committing crimes against men, up to and including the ‘murder by proxy’ that occurs in the family courts, I resolved to remedy this problem no matter what it took.

That remedy is now available. You can read it here:

That remedy took about 3,000 hours and about $A500,000 of my own money to create. It will save the lives of many men who use it. What do WOMEN do? They hurl HATRED, BILE and ABUSE at me for having the temerity to create a remedy that will save many mens lives.  If HATING on someone who is SAVING MENS LIVES is not HATRED? I don't know what is.


I make no apologies, and will refuse to make any apologies, for labeling ‘the vast majority of western women are now liars and hypocrites’.

I don’t enter into argument about it. The evidence is plentiful and not refutable. If manginas have a problem with that comment? That is THEIR problem.

Standing on  the shoulders of giants I created a remedy for any man who wants to use it. It is based on  the individual and not the ‘group’.

We are now working on the next stage of retrieving one mans son, Ricky Partington’s, from the satanic criminal enterprise calling itself ‘the family court’. I have no respect for anyone who reads this and does not offer Ricky financial and emotional support. The man is a fucking hero. He’s ‘running on empty’ but he’s giving it his all. He makes the vast majority of men in Australia look exactly like the whimps you are.

People throw shit at me like ‘you will lose your friends if you keep this up’? Well? So the fuck what? These ‘friends’ that I am ‘losing’? Are THEY willing to stop the crimes being committed by women and the family courts? That answer would be a no. That I made ONE friend like Ricky Partington? I’ll take him over 1,000 ‘friends’ who are cowards any day.

Indeed. As a result of my divorce and my suicidal period when I disowned my kids in April 2008? One man stood by me. His name is Tobin Wotring. The loaned me a LARGE amount of money to defend myself from my criminal ex wife Jennifer. He sat in silence with me for the best part of the month of April 2008. He didn't need to say anything. He just sat there to let me know he was a REAL FRIEND.

Without his help? I would be dead now.

THAT is what a friend looks like. The rest of them? Well? The list of men who are my ‘friends’ got pretty short and the list of women I know who retained my respect throughout the period that crimes have been committed against me is easy to count. It is ONE. I also picked up some new female friends who ALL have one thing in common. They were NOT born in the west. All my close women friends now bar the ONE who retained my respect were born in the east or are of eastern European descent.

So. Gentlemen. That is a little about me. My mission, that I gave myself, was to bring ‘fair laws to Australia’.

The book for this has been written. We are now simply working on finding those very, very, very few REAL MEN left in Australia who are willing to sit on juries and fairly and justly try ANY person accused of a crime on an affidavit. And I think that number is less than 1 in 1000.

Personally? I feel real sorry for the other 999 out of 1000 eunuchs who keep their balls in their wife’s purse. That’s no way to live a life.

I stayed for my kids. But I never, ever, allowed Jennifer to believe that her behaviour was acceptable to me. Not ever. I never accepted her poor behaviour and she was well aware that I never accepted it and used the ‘you married me so you have to put up with me’ excuse. But apparently she does not have to put up with me, right?

Well? I now tell young men ‘getting married is the stupidest thing a young man can do’.

Many of them are listening.

Well done ladies. Your endless abuse over a period of three years has turned one of the strongest advocates and supporters of ‘marriage and children’ into one of the strongest and most vocal opponents and denouncers of the lies and hypocrisy of women. You women HATED on me for being one of the best fathers and husbands around? Well you can HATE on me ALL YOU LIKE for speaking the truth to young men. Here is what one said to me in an email:

Just want to take a moment to say thank you for all your dedication to this cause and to saving men's lives. Based on your actions I can tell you actually have a heart and are genuinely looking out for the well-being of young men such as myself. In particular I have found your information regarding women to be VERY enlightening, this same crucial and vital information about women for young men is so ruthlessly suppressed by the media.


I can now clearly see who my friends are and who they are not. To give you an example, a few weeks back my aunt (mid-50's) came to visit me. While she was here she kept going on and on about "You're so tall my baby, we need to get you married" and "When you get out of school the girls are gonna love you, we need to find you a good girl who knows how to cook".

Now, had I still been in the dark about women I would've thought what she said was a good idea and mostly benign, but now that I know the truth, I can CLEARLY see she does not have my best interests in mind, she is merely trying to get "babies" in the form of grandchildren so SHE can talk and brag about with her female friends.

In another incident recently at work, an new woman (mid-30's) who just started was chatting up people during lunch and she asked me "You're pretty tall, are you married? You need a girlfriend ". 

You were 100% right!!! They're ALL in on the marriage scam!!! It's CRAZY to see this stuff proven to be true in real life scenarios!


Keep doing what you're doing man, DONT EVER STOP

I will put up with TEN MILLION HATEFUL COMMENTS from women for ONE email like this from a young man.

While you women are HATING on me? Young men are writing me emails like this or calling me to thank me for sharing my story. I've had more than 40 young men now tell me that in sharing my story they realised what a scam marriage is and that they will never participate in it as it is today.

It warms my soul because in that 40+? I have saved at LEAST one life and likely saved 20+ young men from being shackled to the kind of total bitch Jennifer was.

THAT is worth doing.

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 7/5/2011 10:50 PM

It’s come to my attention that a lot of people have not bothered to listen to this interview.

I am putting it here to draw peoples attention to it and to have them learn a little more about what is really going on.

This interview was given in early 2010 I believe. I have forgotten when.

It is 54MB and 2 hours long. I think Vince did a great job on the interview.

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 7/6/2011 9:45 AM

Ayn Rand -
- Men have been taught that it is a virtue to agree with others. But the creator is the man who disagrees. Men have been taught that it is a virtue to swim with the current. But the creator is the man who goes against the current. Men have been taught that it is a virtue to stand together. But the creator is the man who stands alone.

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 7/6/2011 9:56 AM
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