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 12/22/2010 10:07 PM
 Modified By host  on 12/22/2010 4:12:04 AM

Hi Gents

I am one of the exceptions to the rule of modern day men - I am a proactive person firing well aimed artillery into the 'wrongs' of Public Servants and Politician against them men of today.

I am not a 'self interested' person but a 'representative of individuals and thousands of other like victimised males. Don't be mistaken that I am not as I am sympathetic but most intolerant to time waster 'tyre kickers'.

Whilst I am interested in many wider hypothesizes of life and society my 'mission' because of my limited resources and as your report and I find most men are only jawboners spinning off their own personal problems from their own mostly very limited personal view.  Who consequently only come along for 'counseling' and any 'free ride' they can have from 'association'.

I am very different in that I on behalf of all men want to if necessary case by case reveal the 'gender' political corruption to the 'administration' by Governments of 'heterosexual' relationships.  Not lofty and noble enough you may declare against other 'higher' hypothesis.  Not so I say because (a) even by one persistent and 'well aimed' person hitting the target starts their decline (b)if more can be recruited and coordinated the more effective it will be to bring them down for their gross dishonest of occupation - ie is 'catalytic' (c) is the first step of transition to any greater ambition of even greater change.

At 75 and my limited resources and life I will be relatively satisfied to get the feminists corruption out of Government administration of heterosexual matters such as family court, child support, false reports ageist men of child abuse and inter personal heterosexual violence.

If this is not a 'positive' contribution to the underlying principles of Freemen Australia then it is hard to fathom how and what Freemen Australia intends to do and how to achieve it.

I have come to Freemen Australia looking to give and receive positive and action and cooperative support in direct and 'PROFESSIONAL' albeit not regularly used 'democratic' methods of 'CONFRNTING' the unlawful conducts of 'staff' in these 'administrative' systems - that are there democratically for us to use but are currently being underutilizes to make 'correction's that no doubt we all see.

I did not come to another simple 'club' of forever 'talk fest' as you declare too that is as far as most blokes go.

I see it that when blokes get 'duded' and 'cheated' by Government staff is the tome blokes give up.  I see it as the beginning of our chance to 'prosecute' - in all of its forms and not only the courts - the staff and Government for their 'unlawfulness'.  An area of our democracy as above is under utilized and must be used just as often as it occurs.

Again blokes give up just when they should START utilizing all of the 'evidences' DERIVED OUT OF CASE ADMINISTRATION' that the corrupt staff gave up against themselves FOR THEIR PROSECUTION OF COMMITTING 'WRONGS' AGAINST CITIZENS OUT OR THEIR GOVERNMENT OFFICES.

Tell me do I have a 'proactive' and 'reciprocal' place in Freemen Australia or do I find myself being a 'doing' person still alone because self motivated persons doing things for others are such a rare species.

Regards     Robert E Kennedy       

NT Office Status of Family Post Office Box 988 Palmerston NT 0831

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