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 7/20/2011 10:29 PM
Recently, F4E sent a letter to the Independent Federal Member for New England, Mr Tony Windsor.

This letter posed some very serious questions about Mr Windsor's support for an erroneously named bill called the Family Violence bill, which should more accurately be called the Presumption of Guilt against all Separated Fathers bill.

If you are a male, have a son, a brother or a close male friend, or if you are a grand-parent, then this bill will affect you and your loved ones in a way that was once only the domain of third world countries or police states, so please read on.

This bill is one of the most sinister and malicious pieces of family law that has ever been proposed in this country, and it is about to become law primarily because of ONE man's vote, Tony Windsor, a man who was on the record as being completely against such gender-stereotypical laws in the past.

So why did Tony Windsor suddenly change his mind and vote for a law that neither he nor his constituents believe in?

Well, Tony Windsor and his office seem not to be interested in answering any of our questions, despite numerous phone calls and emails in the follow up to the posted letter. In fact, his staff have given us the 'get lost' attitude, I suspect because fathers and children from separated families just don't matter on the political landscape these days. Or, it may be that Tony Windsor is too busy selling his farms for mega-millions of dollars to coal/gas fossil fuel companies, as amazing as this sounds given his stand on the carbon-tax.

Please read the letter sent to Tony Windsor on the F4E blog, and please help our efforts in exposing this man's hypocrisy and questionable conduct.

In my opinion, Tony Windsor has 'traded' his vote in support of this malicious anti-father law, for something in return, but the welfare of Australia's children should not be treated like a commodity, to be sold to the highest bidder in a game of political prostitution.

Note: This bill is currently being considered by the Senate, and given that the Senate is now controlled by the Greens (as of 1st July), it is a foregone conclusion that this bill will become law in about 3 weeks time. But we can still make it a lot harder for them, because 4 disgruntled Labor Senators have told us that they are completely against this bill, but they have indicated that there needs to be public outrage for this to translate to a change in Senate votes.

So we have no time to waste. Please help us NOW by doing the following simple but very helpful tasks. Please do as many as you can, but even one single task will help us, as we really need all hands on deck.

The tasks to help spread the message - Please do it NOW as the Senate Vote is VERY VERY SOON !

1. Please forward this email to at least 3 other people who you think may have an interest in protecting the rights of Australian children. Do it NOW! Please don't hesitate and don't be bashful, just forward and add 'FYI, it may be something you may be interested in.'

2. Please read the letter sent to Tony Windsor on the F4E blog. Then read some of the comments below the letter, and please leave your own comment at the bottom of the blog page.

3. If you have a Facebook account, please login first, and then click the "Like" button at the top of the letter.

4. Please also post onto your Facebook wall, or simply click the "Share" button, found at the bottom of the letter, to do this automatically.

5. If you have a Google or a GMail account, please login first, and then click the Google +1 button, at the top of the letter.

6. Please use the social media icons at the bottom of the letter to distribute or save the article through your favourite social media service.

7. If you have a website or a blog, please either post a link to this letter, or feel free to copy and paste this letter (and this email if you like), in full.

8. Please send an email or call Tony Windsor's office, or both, expressing your disgust at his actions, which raise serious questions about his dealings with Gillard and the Greens.


Please also BCC:

Parliament Ph: (02) 6277 4722
Tamworth: Toll Free: 1300 301 839
Inverell: (02) 6721 0144

9. Please send an email or call Bob Brown's office, or both. Advise him that he would look like a complete hypocrite if he demanded that gays be treated equally under one law in this country, and yet he would support a bill that by design will have people being treated different in family law matters based on gender. If he challenges this, then ask him why the bill and the pre-amble are written in such gender specific language, rather than being gender-neutral.

Remind Mr Brown that apartheid in South Africa was defended along the same lines as this bill, and there does not need to be anti-father discrimination in laws that should be designed to protect all victims of domestic violence.

Parliament Contact:
Phone: (02) 6277 3170
Fax: (02) 6277 3185


Please also BCC:

Electorate Office:
Level 1, Murray Street Pier
Murray Street
Hobart Tas 7000

GPO Box 404
Hobart Tas 7001

Phone: (03) 6224 3222
Fax: (03) 6224 2999

10. Please email, call, write, or visit your local member. Please express your anger that this new bill, which denies people a right to be treated equally under one law, and which will take Australia back to the dark ages. It is a malicious law that is designed for mass punishment of one gender, and these police-state tactics simply don't work, Please read the letter and refer to the following links for more critical reviews of this proposed bill to use as references.

Find out who your local member is:

Please also BCC if you send you local member an email:

11.. Feel free to forward this email to every Federal Member of Parliament, and add your own comments as to how you feel about a law designed to victimise ONE gender only.

Ask them to consider if such a law victimised for instance only Aboriginals, or Gay men, or Middle Eastern people, or Blonde people, or Left-handed people, how that would be considered.

So ask them why separated fathers are any less deserving of EQUALITY UNDER THE LAW than any other group.

Contact list of every Member of Parliament:.

Contact list of every Senator of Parliament.

12. Please forward a link of the letter on the blog, (or fax if easier), and send to the following media outlets, and ask them to please discuss this very important topic that has been ignored by the media almost completely.

If possible, please target the following media outlets (some of which are in Tony Windsor's electorate), but distribute as far and wide as you can.

Andrew Bolt - Sympathetic journalist:

Piers Akerman - Sympathetic journalist:

ABC TV - Q & A

Herald Sun newsdesk
Phone: (03) 9292 1226
Fax: (03) 9292 2112

Sunday Herald Sun newsdesk
Phone: (03) 9292 2963
Fax: (03) 9292 2080
Published by News Digital Media, a News Corporation company
Address: Level 23, 175 Liverpool Street. SYDNEY NSW
 GPO Box 4245, Sydney NSW 2001
 +61 2 9288 3000
Press Releases:

13.Finally, if you wish to do so, you can still make a submission into the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committees Inquiry into the Family Law Legislation Amendment (Family Violence and Other Measures) Bill 2011

You can do this by emailing your thoughts on the new bill to: Email:

Or you can go to the following website, register, and then submit your views as a word document, or a PDF file. Please remember in all instances to indicate whether you wish to conceal your name and address, as this information will be made public on the Federal Parliament website.

Please do as many of the above as you can, because we have Strength in Numbers, but if we are not willing to put in then effort, then our numbers will simply amount to nothing.

Thank you for your patience in reading this email, and for any support you can offer.
Ash Patil
Website: http://www.fathers4equality-australia...
Blog: F4E Blog:

PS: If you still have some energy after all that, one of our subscribers has suggested the submission of a Petition to Parliament. Please read more in the comments section of the F4E Blog

A Summary below of what the Family Violence bill really means to innocent Australian mena and Children, by doing the following:


    • creates an effective presumption of guilt against innocent fathers in family law matters
    • makes conclusive evidence, especially in defence of abuse claims, subservient to subjective beliefs
    • removes penalties against knowingly false allegations of child abuse & domestic abuse
    • provides tacit encouragement for Parental Alienation by removing the ‘friendly parent’ provision
    • perpetuates the offensive and unfounded stereotype that men are a natural threat to their children
    • perpetuates  the untruth that Shared Parenting exposes children to child abuse. In fact, shared parenting households are statistically the safest environments for children.
    • perpetuates the unfounded presumption that mothers are unable to harm or abuse their children
    • perpetuates the unfounded presumption that women never engage in domestic abuse
    • has so diluted the concept of domestic abuse, that it can be applied to any form of behaviour, whether it is real, innocent and benign,  or completely imagined;
    • contravenes the United Nations Convention on the rights of the Child by denying the child their right to participate ‘meaningfully and fully’ with both their mother and their father.
    • contravenes the International Bill of Human Rights by denying fathers their right to a fair trial
    • violates Sex Discrimination standards, by procuring laws designed to only protect half the population from domestic violence, while ignoring or dismissing the other half.
    • has slashed funding for post-separation mediation to force parents back into the Court system
    • will in effect divert seriously scarce child protective resources from their primary task of genuine child protection, to that of chasing up legally motivated allegations.
    • will promote sole maternal custody, which according to the Australian Institute of Criminology, accounts for almost 80% of all familial child abuse.

Tony Windsor - betrayed Australian children, Member for New England

This man, Tony Windsor, has a lot of questions to answer to Australian families, especially in regard to his unexplained support, suspicious given his past under-takings, of the anti-father, anti-shared care family law amendments, which will to expose children to the highest risk household environment for child abuse.

ForumForumWestern Austral...Western Austral...Western Australia Parent ForumWestern Australia Parent ForumGeneral Discuss...General Discuss...New anti-father legislation being voted onNew anti-father legislation being voted on