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 11/16/2011 12:47 AM

Dear Gentlemen,
You are receiving a link to this post via email as you have been someone known to me over the period of the last many years.

Many of you know me well. Some of you do not know me well at all.

No matter. Each man on here, to the best of my current knowledge, lives on the land commonly known as Australia. Each of you have been the victims of many grievous crimes committed against you by your government. And, sadly, in some cases such as mine, by your very own wives.

Mine is a very long story. I will not bore you with it. Suffice to say that you can click on my 'newbies landing post' below and you will start to learn about my particular story and my particular case.

In November 2007 Jennifer, whom had been the love of my life for 23 years at that stage, started committing crimes against me. The first was perjury. A serious crime. Her father and son made all efforts to dissuade her of this crime to no avail. They have since chosen to make themselves accomplices of these crimes and they will be punished for doing so.

By June 2008 I had come to realise that the so called 'legal fraternity' in Australia and Ireland were nothing but a bunch of criminals. Yes I can prove that and I have done so.

More importantly? I came to learn that thousands upon thousands of men had suffered the same fate as me yet there was not a word of it in the public domain.

You see. I was suicidal through April 2008. Some people whom I am now very close to supported me and assisted me during my suicidal period. As I came out of my suicidal period in May 2008 I started talking to OTHER men who had had the same experiences as myself. They reported MANY of the same things. That they were victims of many serious crimes yet no-one gave a shit about them.

That (almost) no-one gave a shit about me and the crimes committed against me came as something of a great surprise to me. Those of you who know me well know that I have always cared about those people about me, often when I didn't even know them. Many of you have seen me defend people I didn't even know because it was the right thing to do. It came as a GREAT surprise to me that people who had known me since I was a lad did not give a shit about crimes committed against me. That would include my own father and brothers. It was a very disappointing revelation indeed.

Many men are stunned by the same finding when it happens to them. Indeed. Not only does no-one else give a shit about them? When these men seek justice for the crimes committed against them pretty much ALL WESTERN WOMEN, and not a few mangina men, then ATTACK the victim of the crime and denigrate him and vilify him while putting 'princess wifey' who has been the perpetrator of the crime on a pedestal and 'protecting her'.

ALL those women who did this to me and ALL the men who did the same? They disgust me. Period.

In talking to other men I realised that many thousands of Australian men, one estimate being 4,000, kill themselves every year because of the abuse of the Family Court System.

Gentlemen. I spent one month suicidal. I can tell you from first hand experience it was the worst month I ever went through. It was the month I dis-owned my former children and moved on in life having had it made plainly clear to me that fathers are considered pieces of human shit now.

I have all the evidence I need to make that statement and back it up. I will not tolerate ANY man attempting to rebut it. You try to rebut that stament? You are going to come in for public humiliation via my forums. Period.

I have talked to men who have spent YEARS in that suicidal place. I have talked (as of 2010-12-11) to no less than THREE men who have told me words to the effect "I have put the gun in my mouth but I just can't pull the trigger. Mostly the reason I can't pull the trigger is I want to be there to help my boy."

Gentlemen. You have not heard pain in a mans voice until you hear him tell you that he has put a loaded gun into his mouth, and prayed to God he could pull the trigger but just be unable to do it. That these men fight on for their boys while OTHER MEN LIKE YOU do nothing? I am disgusted. I really am.

As soon as I found out about the criminal actions of the 'legal fraternity' and how the world was REALLY run I took a vow.

That vow was "I will bring fair laws into Australia."

I took that vow in June 2008. I gave myself 5-10 years to get that job done.

Obviously 'Fair Laws in Australia' is a massive undertaking for one man to take on. Just as obviously? You and any children you have will benefit from my work in this area.

I am pleased to announce that some 3,000 hours and about $A500,000 of my own money (much of it lost revenue) later I have delivered on that vow. I have produced the first daft of a book that brings 'fair laws in Australia' to any man who wishes to avail of those fair laws. You can read it here:

One part of the deception in Australia is that your legal fraternity, your banks, your guvment, your media? They are all part of the massive conspiracy to rob you blind. I have proven this. I have challenged Rudd, Gillard, McClelland. They have not been able to respond. Many others have done similar.

I have brought out video and transcript evidence from the courts to prove they are criminal enterprises. This evidence was given to Rudd and McClelland who did nothing. This is proof that Rudd/McClelland are fully aware and fully supportive of the criminal activities in the courts. Particularly the Family Court.

The criminal calling himself David Dunkley also calling himself a 'Federal Court Magistrate' has made the claim that inalienable rights, your right to liberty, life and enjoyment of your property is a 'nonsense'. And this claim has been backed up by Rudd, McClelland and Gillard.

Well? Gentlemen? Do you agree? Do you and your children have no right to life, liberty, and enjoyment of their property?

Only you can answer that. If you do NOT rebut that claim then you are agreeing you and yours can be robbed and killed at the will of the 'guvment'. You might want to take that seriously.

If you take the position that YOU AND YOURS have an inalienable right to life, liberty, and the enjoyment of your property? If you are willing to DEFEND THESE RIGHTS then please join us here:

We are going to create fair and just courts as an alternative to the satanic (and they are satanic if you know what to look for) criminal 'courts' that are currently running in Australia.

And Gentlemen?

If you do not join me? Let me tell you what they have planned for your grand children. The 'guvments' of the world want to bring in a New World Order. This will be a total surveillance society that will make communist Russia look like a picnic. They want to micro chip your grand children and create a cashless society so they have complete control. They also want to get the population down to 500M people. And if you think all those people will die off 'voluntarily' I'd like to sell you the Sydney Habour Bridge.

Don't believe me? November 2009 I came to Australia to do my 'court meeting'. I bought a prepaid cell. They asked for my passport. I bought a prepaid Internet connection. They asked for my passport. Of course, they asked for my passport because, wink, wink, they want to protect me from terrorists. It has nothing to do with being able to place me under surveillance. Nope. My guvment loves me. That's why they stole my house from me, right? Via your cell phone and your Internet/isp? You are currently under almost total surveillance.  This is something I know about.

And by the way? The PTB offered me a job because of my particular skills. So ignorant attempts to tell me this is a 'theory' will be dismissed as a stupid, ignorant and baseless opinion. There is more than enough evidence out there now.

So. Gentlemen.

It has taken me just on three years, 3,000 hours work, and $A500,000 of my own money to get this far.

Now? The rest is up to the men of Australia. You will choose to assist us re-introduce the rule of law into Australia or you will have the blood of your grand children on your hands as they are killed off with the remainder enslaved.

Think about this hard. What you do is up to you.


I went into this project thinking that Australian men would be keen to step forward and defend their children and grand children. I am sorely disappointed that Australian men are such whimps now that they will do this in only miniscule numbers. Sorely disappointed indeed. A country with once proud men who fought in two world wars so you and yours could live in freedom? It is now a country where men can not be bothered to even defend their own children any more. What a sad end for a once great land.

I will never live in Australia again. Today it is a fascist totalitarian dictatorship state known as a 'fem-nazi' state. Australia is now a land where a man can have endless crimes committed against him on the word of a lying woman. There is no way to rebut the truth of that statement. My evidence for my case is not refutable. And it is ALL published.

Me? I will live out my days in Germany. They know what a fascist totalitarian dictatorship looks like. They don't want another one. Unfortunately, you men? You do not know what a fascist dictatorship looks like. Because you are living in one. Yet you don't know it.

Well? Now you do. The question is. Are you willing to join me and Richard Partington in doing something about it?

Best Regards

Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)

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