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 10/27/2013 1:56 PM
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To: ####EmailSalutation####,

This email is intended to all the people on my personal email list for issues around
  1. The re-introduction of the rule of law into Australia and Ireland.
  2. The broader issues of re-introduction of the rule of law in other countries as well.

This newsletter is published on this link. So you can pass this link around.


1. News from Kevin Annett

More news coming out from Kevin Annett. You can keep up with news from Kevin on this link.

2. Videos on Kickass Torrents

To download my videos and keep an eye on new videos I am making please feel free to check in here.

3. The Rachel Cassidy Doxing

In the end we have had 25 lame stream media articles on the Rachel Cassidy doxxing. I did an interview on a local news channel as well as an interview on buzzfeed. The buzzfeed article got 285,000+ views over the first few days of viewing..

The CAF site rose 2 MILLION places in the global web site list over the span of 10 days. To say that CAF has exploded on to the scene with this doxxing is a vast understatement. We even got links on Huffington Post! How about that!

We are now at about 850,000 in the global web site ratings. Quite amazing since it is just a small site to publish information to in forums. Nothing flash.

We have ruffled so many features that some nasty feminists in Sweden (at least that is where the IP originates) decided to DOS the site! You can always tell that you have got women upset when they resort to censorship and silencing rather than to open public debate.

Julian Assange is correct when he says that Sweden is the Saudi Arabia of feminism! LOL!!

When we took the site off line we have had 250,000 hits on the site for this month. This is against 126,000 total last month. We have had 65,000 new IP addresses registered to our address table. LOTS of people have now hard of CAF

To say that this was a stunning success is to under state the success it is.

Here are my two videos related to the TV News Interview I gave.

If you want to follow this story in detail the link is here.

Personally? I believe Rachel Cassidy is the woman in the video. I think the reason that the police and the university are not telling us who the false rape accuser is is because we got it right. We think they are committing the crime of aiding and abetting a known criminal, the false rape accuser, and we think that criminal is Rachel Cassidy.

The DOS details are on this link.


4. Rattling the Can for CAF

A week or so ago I rattled the can for CAF. I am asking men to donate to CAF to keep it up and running. Now we have had this spectacular success? It is all the more important to keep it running.

One man on this list has taken it upon himself to loan me AUD500 from his own pocket to secure the future for CAF past the renewal at the end of this month. So the site will not go down.

However, with the value that CAF is? Other men should be willing to put their hand in their pocket and pay for it. Indeed, men should be willing to support the few men like myself who are willing to do this sort of work PROPERLY.

So I am rattling the can for CAF so that I do not have to keep paying for it out of my pocket. And if the 420+ men on this list are not willing to pay for something like CAF? Why would you imagine anyone would ever help you when you need it?

One of the things that has come as such a great surprise to me is the MASSIVE willingness of men to help women, any woman, and the absolute resistance of men to help men. Men simply will not help men no matter who the man is who is asking, no matter how much he has done. Men refuse to help men unless they are paid.

It is very, very disgusting if you ask me.

If you want to chip in for CAF? My Australian pay pal is:

I can also give you a St George Bank account.

As I write this the CAF site is off line. We are keeping it off line until we have made sure that more efforts to DOS it will not be successful.

5. More Criminal Slander from Women

One of the most amusing factors of the Rachel Cassidy doxxing is the usual hysterical hypocrisy of women and their mangina lackeys.

While they are shrieking at the top of their lungs:

"you have no proof that Rachel Cassidy is the same woman is is in the video, until you have absolute proof you should have not said anything in public"

they are also shrieking lies and slander at me. And they seem not to notice the hysterical nature of the level of hypocrisy that they are undertaking! LOL!

If you ask me? The worst thing that ever happened to western women was the invention of the internet. Why? Because it gave women a place to speak their minds where men were forced to listen to what they had to say. And what they have to say is FULL of lies and hypocrisy that is so blatant it is repulsive to any right thinking honest man of honour and integrity. 

Really. Go to the articles and read what women had to say in their comments. It is a total disgrace that people, women and men alike, talk like this.

When I was little the women mostly stayed silent among men and they mostly talked among themselves. When women tried to talk among men they were dismissed by the older men.

Now I know that this was not "oppression" as women claimed. It was for their own benefit. It was the older men protecting the women from opening their mouths and expressing their thoughts and opinions in front of the younger and more impressionable men.

You can see the news articles and all the slander and hatred from women AND MEN on this link.

I really would urge you to go take a look. This is how women talk in public when you give them a voice.

6. Change in CAF Registration Restrictions

I have changed the nature of the global CAF portal. We are now going to allow registrations to the Global CAF portal without agreement that you must sit on a jury. We are going to use it as a discussion portal for matters global for CAF.

You can listen to a new introduction to CAF here so that you know about this new openness of CAF.

Please visit the new front page so you know the changes that have been announced for the global portal site.

7. Many New CAF Members

With the Rachel Cassidy doxxing we have many new members who wish to join us. I will be writing to them separately. But I wanted the larger group to be aware we have many new members.

I want you to be aware that I have put together a new presentation to welcome new members and explain what we are on about and how they can help.

That new video is here:


7. Discussion with Bill Greathouse

Bill and I also released a discussion video over the Rachel Cassidy Doxxing. You can watch it here:

I was a guest on Bills radio show last year. We are thinking of doing a show where we just talk over the skype video and put it on to the channel and put ads on the show. We are thinking of doing it rather like a radio show but not live.

If you have any opinion about that? Please feel free to let us know.


8. Lots of new Man Haters Listed

The Rachel Cassidy case has demonstrated to us what we have to do in order to make sure that women get that we are not happy at their endless stream of crimes against us.

Denounce their hatred in public. So we have added more than 100 people to CAF these last few days for their hateful comments. These links are where we put most of them.

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

9. All comments welcome

Thanks for reading.

Best regards

Your brother peter/joschua
Mens/Womens Business Associations
Re-introducing the rule of Law to Australia and Ireland
despite the opposition of our politicians.

Please remember to pass out my books to young men who might not know the trouble they are in.

Anyone who wishes to pay for a book? You would be most welcome.

If you would like to be removed from this list please just reply with unsubscribe in the text.
If you would like to have a friend subscribe please suggest they write to

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