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 4/26/2013 1:29 AM

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File: 1366884216033.jpg-(33 KB, 600x250, 827619345.jpg)

Description: 33 KB

 Notice to Young Men 18 to 30 by Peter Andrew Nolan Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)06:03 No.13279727

Replies: >>13279770 >>13281509 >>13281714 >>13283245 >>13284765>>13285308

Notice to Young Men 18 to 30 by Peter Andrew Nolan
Originally posted here:

Note: This is also dictated into a video and available from here:

A notice to young men from 18 to 30. 

This is a notice to all English speaking young men in the age range 18 to 30 in the “western world”. This includes places like USA, Canada, Ireland, UK, Australia, New Zealand. 

As a brief introduction my calling is Peter-Andrew: Nolan©. I am also known as Joschua-Brandon: Boehm©. You can find out a little bit about me from this video.

A01 - Introduction (

I have released quite a bit of video materials to educate young men just like you. We even have our own education channel as follows:

Forum for the MBA Education Channel (

I have decided to script this video so that I can be precise and clear in this video. I will say what I mean and mean what I say. You can make of it what you will. 

About a year ago I completed my second book. It was dedicated to young men 16 to 30. I called it "The Truth Be Told". The reason I called it by that name is that young men have been lied to since the day they were born. Just like I was lied to since the day I was born. If there is one thing that has really pissed me off over the last 6 years or so it has been the realisation that almost EVERYONE lied to me since the day I was born. Many of the MEN who lied to me did so unknowingly, so they can not be too harshly blamed.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)06:05 No.13279770

Replies: >>13279843 >>13281472 >>13281500 >>13281509 >>13281537 >>13283245

>>13279727 (OP)
However the VAST MAJORITY of women who lied to me did so with malice of forethought. And that includes my own grand mothers, mother and aunts. These women lied to my face. They knew they were lying when they did so. This is not excusable and I refuse to excuse them for their betrayal. These women knew the true nature of women and they lied to me about women so as to sell me a faulty bill of goods when I was too young to know what it was I was buying. I was lied to by people I loved and respected and truly believed had my best interests at heart. It is these women, the women of my extended family, that have been so instrumental in motivating me to tell you young men what women are really like.

Now. You can download the book from this link. I recommend you read it. It might just save your life. If you see this link and you refuse to click on it and you refuse to read The Truth Be Told? Don't come whining to me if you get your life destroyed by some woman. Ok? 
The Truth Be Told Video (
The Truth Be Told Book (

Now. I will not assume you have read this book or watch this video. I will assume that you WILL watch the video or read the book at some point in time in the future if you are going to go on and learn how to live in freedom.

I want to address one of the most important issues for you young men. Something that you are very well advised to "get" and understand. 

You have been betrayed. 

Yes. You read that correctly. You have been betrayed. Most importantly you have been betrayed by your fathers and your grand fathers.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)06:08 No.13279843

Replies: >>13279927 >>13281509 >>13283245

Sure, you have also been betrayed by your sisters, your mothers and your grand mothers. But they are women. They are not honest. They have no honour and they have no integrity in the 99.9% majority. You can not expect women to not betray you. Betrayal is a mainstay of the female nature. The vast majority of western women will betray even their husbands. All the other WW will look on and support and condone a woman betraying her husbands faith and trust. 

If you are a young man and you do not know that women will betray a man at the drop of a hat and all the other women will agree? Just go talk to some men who have been divorced.

For example? In my case I had not long before inspired my 26 year old son to fight for his life when stricken with cancer. Not even his own mother could inspire him to fight for his own life. That task came down to me. Even though I had just been instrumental in saving her own sons life she betrayed me. Even though I had just been instrumental in saving HIS life my own step-son betrayed me. This is what it is like to be a man and a father now. 

When my close friends were telling me "Jennifer is going to lie to you and betray you" I would say "After all I have done for her there is no way she is going to betray me or betray my trust. And even if she did? Her father and mother will come down on my side because they have known me since I was 12 and know the sort of man I am."

So if my wife can betray me and virtually ALL the WW who were around her support her in her betrayal? You young men are very well advised to learn from that experience and know that ANY woman can betray ANY man and ALL the other women will see that as being just fine and dandy. Yet you ALL KNOW how women HATE on men who betray a woman.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)06:08 No.13279854

Replies: >>13279952

It's never going to work, just go masturbate.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)06:09 No.13279880

Replies: >>13279930 >>13279952 >>13279956 >>13280006 >>13280543

wtf is this shit?


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)06:11 No.13279927

Replies: >>13284379

So yes. Your women will betray you at the drop of a hat. You should NEVER trust ANY woman, EVER, with ANYTHING. If women do not like me saying that? THEY are the ones who should address the betrayals of women so as to start the long and arduous process of restoring their own credibility.

But your fathers? Your grand fathers? Their betrayal of you is not forgivable and you are well advised to never, ever forgive them. There will be a few lucky ones among you who have good fathers and grand fathers who have not betrayed you. But that will surely be the "lucky few". Less than 1% of you will have fathers and grand fathers who have not betrayed you.

So I want to talk about this betrayal of your fathers and grand fathers for a while.


 sage Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)06:11 No.13279930

Replies: >>13280023

dude who wrote the article is butthurt over some bitches that fucked him over, butthurt about the fact that his father's and his generation gave in to the zionist indoctrination, that those men won't do shit and leave it to the future generations to fix themselves.

then some more shit about setting up some orgs and suing and personal army 4ch yada yada.

trying to set up an economy outside of current globalist economy.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)06:12 No.13279934

Replies: >>13280055

Hello johnny-come-latelys, we've known this for quite some time. Look into MGTOW, we've been out here avoiding women and going ghost for ever. You didn't make some grand epiphany, it's what every guy who deals with modern skanks comes to realize.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)06:12 No.13279952

Looks like just a redpill for the whole feminism in society thing going on, nothing anyone on /pol/ wouldn't already know I think.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)06:12 No.13279956

Anyway, I am not going to post the full thing here, it's too long.

Peter is warning young men about the evils of feminism and how their parents have betrayed them and sold them into a life of slavery. He also talks about how practically ALL western women condone and support this through feminism.

Read the full thing here:


 sage sage Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)06:14 No.13280006

It's an advertisement. The exact same post popped up on /b/ and /v/ today.
Viral marketing bullshit


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)06:15 No.13280011

Replies: >>13280073

bitches and whores


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)06:15 No.13280023

Replies: >>13280201

No, he is trying to HELP wake up young men to the truth about how badly they have been betrayed by the baby boomer generation and by feminism, and by women in general.

It's well worth a read. Long, yes, but it's one of the most well written pieces against feminism EVER.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)06:17 No.13280047

Replies: >>13280119

Oh whatever. Doesn't affect me - I only date Christian chicks who understand true submission.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)06:17 No.13280053

is the solution


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)06:17 No.13280055

Replies: >>13280127


Homosexuals disguising their depravity under the guise of anti-feminism


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)06:18 No.13280073

Yes, 99.9 percent of American/western women ARE bitches who openly support feminism and support their fellow women committing crimes against men.

Why is it that NO women have spoken out against Sharon Osbourne for laughing on national TV about that man who had his penis cut off by his wife?

Silence is consent. 99 percent of american/western women are man-hating feminist bitches who should burn in fucking hell.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)06:18 No.13280083

Replies: >>13283764

File: 1366885131602.jpg-(41 KB, 375x375, 1352316310732.jpg)

Description: 41 KB

>white women


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)06:20 No.13280119

Even Christian women are bitches. Christian ministers and pastors refuse to speak out against feminism.

Most Christian men are complete manginas. So good luck dating your born again sluts, uh, I mean, Christian girls.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)06:21 No.13280127

Replies: >>13280175 >>13280242

>Homosexuals disguising their depravity under the guise of anti-feminism

Yes, if you don't want to submit to women and stick it in, you must be gay. Any one who doesn't want to sleep with me must be gay. Keep telling yourself that, princess.


Keep singing that tired old song, sweetheart, ain't gonna get the men to come running to your sagging pussy anytime soon.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)06:22 No.13280175

>singing that tired old song, sweetheart, ain't gonna get the men to come running to your sagging pussy anytime s
LOL right on, you said exactly what I was thinking.

And all of us white men who go to Asia and get ourselves submissive hot young Asian girls must be "gay" too, right?

You white women are so fucking retarded. Enjoy your ten cats.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)06:24 No.13280201

it's certainly trying my patience in these first couple of posts; several paragraphs before he actually says something


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)06:26 No.13280241

Replies: >>13280335 >>13283834

Feminism has apparently pissed off the wrong dude.
I cannot imagine the hate that pumps through this mans heart.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)06:26 No.13280242

Yes, if you don't want to submit to women and stick it in, you must be gay. Any one who doesn't want to sleep with me must be gay. Keep telling yourself that, princess.

>If someone opposes my bizarre belief that men should form male only communities and never engage in heterosexual practices, they must be a woman

i shiggy diggity


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)06:30 No.13280335

Replies: >>13283834

>annot imagine the hate that pumps through this
Or perhaps COMPASSION is pumping through his heart? Compassion to save his fellow man?

But you're right on one point. Feminists fucked with the wrong man this time.

This guy designed the source code for the ISS for NASA when he was only 26. He's also one of the world leaders in his business field.

So yes, feminism fucked with a man who is actually capable of destroying feminism.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)06:38 No.13280497

Just finished reading it, pretty damn good and well written.


 Carbon !5XmfGkN7AQ Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)06:40 No.13280543

Replies: >>13280668 >>13281425

some faggot who took to long to realize you can't trust bitches.
Funny thing is, my momma told me this shit.
>tfw you have cool ass mother.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)06:45 No.13280668

Replies: >>13280752 >>13280792 >>13281525 >>13281630 >>13284802

Wow, a woman who was actually HONEST enough to tell the truth to his son? You are very lucky.

The majority of guys, like myself, were told by our mothers and sisters "Be a nice guy, a sensitive guy, girls like nice guys".

How can women spew such nonsense? Women say "We want nice guys" and then they go and fuck all the bad boys and ignore the nice guys.

Hence, NO MORE MR NICE GUY. Most younger men like me have given up the nice guy bullshit. And then women say "Where are all the nice guys?"

Women are fucking retarded. They should have never been given freedom. I hope Islamic Sharia enslaves them all once again. THEN we can have a peaceful society.


 Carbon !5XmfGkN7AQ Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)06:49 No.13280752

Replies: >>13280841

Well I'm black. "Son, don't bring home any golddiggers, don't let these little girls trick you, etc. etc." I guess she took on a paternal role somewhat.
>no chivalty rhetoric behind holding the door open for her and my sis and not hitting females for obvious physical reasons
Anyone else she could give a fuck about


 Carbon !5XmfGkN7AQ Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)06:51 No.13280792

Replies: >>13280871

I always got "Speak up. Grow some balls. Don't let anyone walk over you" as a child.
>now understand why people think black males have an Oedipus complex
I'd die for my mother though.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)06:53 No.13280841

Replies: >>13281121 >>13281721

I Notice that black men are far more likely to be antifeminist than white men.

I will agree, the majority of white men, especially OLDER white men are pussies.

But there is a growing number of smart young white men who are waking up to the truth.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)06:55 No.13280871

Replies: >>13282753

White women are evil bitches. They knowingly lie to their male children, to their own sons, and emasculate them.

The reason we have so many weak pussy white men is because they have been raised by single mothers.

80 percent of criminals in America were raised by single mothers. Criminals usually victimize the most vulnerable people, which is old people and women.

So, feminism creates single mothers. Single mothers create criminals. Criminals victimize women.

Women are creating their own killers and robbers. Retards


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)06:57 No.13280918

Replies: >>13280981

>Not opting out of this relationship voodoo

You still date RL womynz IRL? Why don't you just pay for a hooker? Or failing that just fap yoirself dry.

>expecting us to read a book that just rehashes what is already blatently obvious



 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)07:00 No.13280981

Replies: >>13281414


It amazes me that men are STILL obsessed with dating women and fucking them.

Come on, grow up guys. Women are really not that big of a deal. They are certainly not the central objective in life.

Meet women, use them for sex, even pay them for sex or whatever, and then get rid of them. Or best, just wack off and focus on yourself fully, developing your own life and following your own hobbies and interests.

One of my interests/hobbies is studying about the Illuminati and conspiracy types of stuff.

Another hobby is working out, lifting weights.

FORGET WOMEN. Sure, fuck them and dump them. But don't make them the center of your life.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)07:06 No.13281121

Replies: >>13281192

True. Men don't even have to make a stretch, just deal enough with western women and they will reveal what they're really like.

No, not ALL. I know women that I love and respect, but they are all exceptions to the rule.

Listening Peter's dictated video now.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)07:09 No.13281192

Replies: >>13281423 >>13281493

>L. I know women that I love and respect, but they are all
Yea there are a few girls who are kind of cool, I knew some back when I lived in America.

You guys gotta travel to Southeast Asia and check this place out. The women here will amaze you. Very beautiful, petite, HUMBLE, SUBMISSIVE, affectionate, and so on.

Southeast Asia is like a heaven for men.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)07:19 No.13281414

Replies: >>13281441

>But don't make them the center of your life.

Exactly. If you raise women on a pedestal and if your life goals and passions revolve mostly around women, you'll get what's coming to you. This is not misogyny, just experience.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)07:19 No.13281423

Feminism is a cancer that must be removed if society is ever going to improve.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)07:20 No.13281425

Replies: >>13281452


I'll never forget the advice my brother gave me after a broken heart. He was in college and I think he just came out of a bad break up.

>Women are shizty bitches

It's the motto I live my life by now, and even though it hasn't been much better for me since, it hasn't been worse. Heart of steel I have now.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)07:20 No.13281441

>cer that must be removed if society is ever going to improve
Yea, women do not respect men who put them on a pedestal.

It seems that women like the alpha male types because those guys don't put women on a pedestal.

Golden rule is- treat american women like shit and they will love you. DO NOT be a nice guy with an american woman.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)07:21 No.13281452

Replies: >>13281543 >>13281607

Yes, you should NEVER be SENSITIVE or a nice guy to an American/western woman, or to ANY woman.

Be a tough guy, a man of steel, and women will flock to you.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)07:22 No.13281472

>However the VAST MAJORITY of women
stopped readung here
i'm gay


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)07:22 No.13281475

I read it. It's a good read. I agreed with most of his points. Now what?


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)07:23 No.13281493


I like humble, but I'm tired of everyone jumping on this "submissive is a requirement" train. Some people just aren't. 

I just want a woman that understands that one person is just half of the equation (and I mean half, not 1/3 or 1/8 or how ever small the fraction is to allow for multiple partners) and to accept me as her other half. 

Together, yin and yang, we raise a well balanced family and have a wonderful, full, loving life when we die together at the age of 93 and 90.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)07:24 No.13281500

fuck off, wanker


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)07:24 No.13281509

>>13279727 (OP)
Took too long to get to the point.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)07:25 No.13281525

Replies: >>13281566 >>13281599 >>13281724 >>13282243

File: 1366889122861.png-(249 KB, 368x414, lmao.png)

Description: 249 KB

MRA retard detected
>hurr durr why dont wumen like nice guys :(
Peddle your pathetic beta bullshit somewhere else
>23 yr old kissless hugless virgin here btw but im not in denial


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)07:26 No.13281537

Replies: >>13281660

File: 1366889164850.png-(288 KB, 200x303, somuchshiggy.png)

Description: 288 KB

>malice of forethought


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)07:26 No.13281543


Not quite what I meant. I'm not a jerk or anything, but I fully understand the meaning of the phrase now. I believe that most women are textbook sociopaths and will walk over anyone to get what they want. They will use men, not necessarily for money, but to show them a good time, to take them places they haven't been, to have a conversation with. When that guy is used up his talents or knowledge, they fuck some guy because he has the right cut. Then they latch on to another guy and pump him for information or friends or maybe he's funny but has a weird brow ridge, so he's definitely not fuckable.

And don't even get me started on how women treat other women.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)07:27 No.13281566


20 going on 21 KL HL.. does it get better?


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)07:28 No.13281599

>MRA retards

They are men fighting for mens rights.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)07:28 No.13281607

Replies: >>13281733

Not that guy, but I don't live by those rules.

I simply do not give a shit what women think, or how I "should" behave to make an impression on a woman. I'll just be myself, try to live like I want, knowing that my life does not revolve around women or what they want/like.

I will act like something I'm not to attract a woman, or not act like something I am. Your life revolves around you. If there are women in it, fine, but you are living for you.

When someone finally gets comfortable with himself, he's free. He doesn't need validation.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)07:29 No.13281630

File: 1366889356966.jpg-(62 KB, 358x477, 1364164077754.jpg)

Description: 62 KB


>being this butthurt

I think you're looking for r9k.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)07:30 No.13281660

>malice of forethought

Sides have reached orbit.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)07:32 No.13281704

Replies: >>13283801

File: 1366889557767.jpg-(97 KB, 800x540, 1262242738817.jpg)

Description: 97 KB

That's why this generation is moving away from the 3D world of pain and sorrow and into the world of animu and cartoon horses.

And now you know.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)07:33 No.13281714

>>13279727 (OP)
Sense when is 30 young man? Isn't the age 18-28 when most people see one as young man?


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)07:33 No.13281721

Replies: >>13281871

That's because niggers aren't criminalized for being anti-feminists.

The problem is not alpha this and beta that, or that chicks go for bad boys, it's that society has criminalized normal behavior for white males. This doesn't just mean the law. It also includes society's expectations for you: Go try to pick up a girl nigger-style ("Yo baby girl, you got a fiiiine piece of ass" etc.). It won't work because white men are not expected to act that way. White men are held to impossible standards, minorities aren't, and that's why chicks often fuck minorities. Blame pop culture.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)07:33 No.13281724

more like bald srs feminazi with a grudge against the whole world 


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)07:34 No.13281733

Fuck this language barrier. I meant:
"I will not act like something I'm not, or stop acting the way I really am". dicks.


 Manhood101 PeterAndrewNolan Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)07:40 No.13281858

Replies: >>13281942

File: 1366890000089.jpg-(12 KB, 274x322, myphoto.jpg)

Description: 12 KB

" is the solution"

Manhood 101 is NOT proposing a solution. There is no proposal of an entirely new jurisdiction for men to live and work in. While you are subject to legislation you can not be free. This means if you wish to be free you need many things.
1. A separate system of law
2. Separate courts
3. A new currency
4. A new bank
5. New passports
6. New wrok permits
7. New contracts and a new contracting process with adjudication services.

Just to name the top items on the list. Those who call it "advertising" to propose that a small percentage of men, maybe 3 in 1,000 might like to live in freedom using this new infrastructure as proposed? Well? Call it "advertising" or "selling" all you like. I rather think that those who dismiss this message as "advertising" do NOT live in freedom today like I do.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)07:40 No.13281860

Female quirks are worth the reward of having a next white generation, stay butthurt, Jews.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)07:40 No.13281871

To put it simply:
>The thing women find attractive the ideal picture of a man that the media shows them
>The ideal minority man is easily achieved
>The ideal white man is impossible to achieve

When women ask where all the good men have gone, they're looking for a kind of man that has never existed and can't exist, the kind of man that is shown to them by the media as an ideal partner.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)07:42 No.13281911

File: 1366890161478.jpg-(30 KB, 545x800, 1365988076551.jpg)

Description: 30 KB

Anyone else getting the feel that op is one of those guys who frienzoned his woman, likely put her on a pedestal, and neglected his manly duty of treating her like a dirty whore? Dude, you GOT to do this, if you dont someone else will! Its their nature, and yours too! 

I will tell you who lied to you... YOURSELF. Because the truth was written on your heart and ya turned a blind eye to it.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)07:44 No.13281942

Yes, Peter is right here. You men are promoting so many "solutions" but they are not solutions at all. THey are just a bunch of guys on the internet writing blogs to try to "wake men up":.

Once men are WOKEN UP, what then? What is the positive solution to all of this?

Mens Business Association can be that solution, if you men are willing.

At least register to the site, so that when MBA gets fully up and going, you'll be part of the updates.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)07:51 No.13282063

File: 1366890683029.jpg-(99 KB, 754x1000, 1366866515014.jpg)

Description: 99 KB

This is all just so depressing.
Fuck this gay earth.

>tfw no qt non-feminist non-indoctrinated loyal intelligent gf with morals 
>tfw I feel like one of those womyn complaining about men when I feel feels like that feel


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)07:53 No.13282114

Replies: >>13283537

Threads like this make me doubt society so much. Do you guys really believe all of this? There are good and bad women out there. You shouldn't generalize all women.


 Younger men waking up to the truth PeterAndrewNolan Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)07:55 No.13282153

A commenter said@
"But there is a growing number of smart young white men who are waking up to the truth."

This is true. Some young men are waking up to the truth. I have talked to your fathers and grand fathers generation in quite large numbers. At least 10,000 of them but it could be many more because who knows how many men some posts reached.

The short answer is that your fathers and grand fathers are not at all concerned they have sold out your futures by letting their daughters commit crimes with impunity.

So. Depending on what sort of life you young men want? You are going to have to sort it out for yourselves. Now SOME older men like me (I am 49) actually have genuine car and concern for younger men. At first I just wanted to WARN you to not follow in my footsteps. But that is really not that useful. What IS really useful is to create a whole new way to live and work and play. So that is what I did. It has worked fine for me. So I am telling young men how to go about doing things like performing their strawman recapture, getting bank accounts outside their local jurisdiction etc. 

We will also set up a new currency and a new bank and we will get the World Passport working. All the things that a man needs to live in freedom outside guvment control. That is what I have been working on. 

It never ceases to amaze me that the vast majority of men actually hate on me for doing this. Those guys deserve what is coming. I have come to realise there is only a very small minority of men who are smart enough to understand the very simple concept that legislation is not law and then want to live outside the jurisdiction of legislation of guvments like I do.

THOSE men I am quite happy to assist walk the path to freedom and hopefully prosperity.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)07:56 No.13282187

Do you part. Report advertising like this.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)07:59 No.13282243

>23 yr old kissless hugless virgin here btw but im not in denial
woah man you totally got me with the first part


 PeterAndrewNolan Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)08:11 No.13282521

"This is all just so depressing. Soulcrushing. Fuck this gay earth."

This is one reason I have gone out of my way to create the Mens Business Association. 

There is very little hope at all of a young man, say 18 to 30, being able to live a good life in the west. You are going to be discriminated against and taxed into poverty to pay for single mothers and women "working" in guvment jobs. If you have not figured out yet that you are going to be taxed into poverty to pay for these bogus "national debts" then you can not be very smart.

So if you want to live a good life? What are you going to do? Well? The average young man does not have the experience and knowledge to leave the guvment system and go live outside of guvment jurisdiction. Meaning no legislation applies to you. That is what I worked out how to do and how to do effectively. 

I have been living outside of any guvment jurisdiction since 2009. Now, of course, some guvments are objecting to me doing that. And since I am a pioneer they are trying to persecute me to discourage others. But fully FIVE YEARS after I told a family court judge if he tried to unlawfully incarcerate me I would kill him I have not had one single charge made against me and no one has tried to arrest me.

What I am proposing is a new way to live that gives young men hope and opportunity that they would not otherwise have. Remember. I had a great life. Men died for me to have that great life. The only way I can pay back that debt is to secure the rights of those who follow me like those who secured my rights for me.


 PeterAndrewNolan Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)08:13 No.13282543

"Threads like this make me doubt society so much. Do you guys really believe all of this? There are good and bad women out there. You shouldn't generalize all women"

I never say "all women". I say 99.9% of WESTERN WOMEN are liars and hypcrites on the issue of equality before the law to men...because they are. 

I have been dating eastern european women these last 5 years. I have no complaint about them. They are still women and all that means. But they are very honest. As I mentioned. My fav#1 condemned my mother for not teaching me more about women. She has only one son so she sees that it is very important for him to be fully informed about how women can be so he does not fall victim to one. She is Ukrainian and things are different there. But the idea is the same. The lad will only have a chance to be protected from women if she gives him all the information he needs. So that is what she did. The lad is 19 now.

I would never date a western english speaking woman again having discovered eastern european women.


 PeterAndrewNolan Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)08:20 No.13282738

"Do you part. Report advertising like this."

You think creating a new way for young men to live in freedom and, hopefully, prosperity of they work hard and do well and telling them about this is "advertising" and is some how "bad"?

Why do you hate young men so much that you do not want them to live in freedom and prosperity? Why do you want to deny them the opportunity to listen and learn? What have you got against education and learning? What have you got against gaining knowledge?

The knowledge that I gained over these last 5 years has come at a very high personal cost so far. A cost yet to be recovered. Guvments do not take kindly to being exposes as criminal cartels. I spent more than USD500,000 of my own money learning how to do these things and working on the re-introduction of the rule of law into Australia and Ireland.

Yet MANY men who have done nothing useful like to criticise me or like to suppress the knowledge that I have gained and am sharing with young men for THEIR benefit. 

Why do you young men hate each other so much you want your fellow young men to not gain the same knowledge FOR FREE that cost me USD500,000 to gain?


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)08:21 No.13282753

Replies: >>13282831 >>13282879

>White women are evil bitches. They knowingly lie to their male children, to their own sons, and emasculate them.
>The reason we have so many weak pussy white men is because they have been raised by single mothers.

Sounds about right. Just described my mum and me right there.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)08:23 No.13282831

Replies: >>13283046


as a man raised by a single mom, i agree



 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)08:23 No.13282836

Surprisingly my mom never said be a nice guy. She just said get rich then get bitches. Just be careful when they try to divorce you.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)08:25 No.13282879

I was raised by a single mom as well.
She taught me the actual nature of woman. (she is also a good driver)


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)08:31 No.13283046

Replies: >>13283179 >>13283447

I didn't realize what growing up with a single mother did to me until I was 21 years old. I was never taught a single useful thing. I watched her whore around with non-white men. She manipulated me to hate my father. She didn't want me to leave home because surprise she is all alone. I spend a lot of my time now reading learning how to do things, like change a tire or repair drywall. Single mothers, not even once.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)08:35 No.13283144

I don't really understand how rape allegations can be such an issue.
when you've initiated and she's excited, halt, give her a confident look and ask smilingly if she wants to go on. adress what you want to do, point at the unlocked door, the fact that she has her own flat, that you'd drive her there or pay half the fare to get rid of her. repeat this if you deem necessary, like going for her ass after she's shown enjoyement getting a thumb up there.
no fucking way in hell will her testimony hold up in court, even without a polygraph test.
>inb4 bold, edgy wizard
I'm so tired of you fuckers for hardening the fronts between the sexes you're playing the jews right into the hands.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)08:36 No.13283179

Replies: >>13283716


being denied a father is just about the worst thing

the damage is not apparent until much much later


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)08:38 No.13283245

Replies: >>13283732

File: 1366893525104.jpg-(38 KB, 359x450, noone.jpg)

Description: 38 KB

>>13279727 (OP)

No one will ever believe you.
Personally I'm still shocked about how we were lied too and I still can't really cope with it, I get really scared and feel desperate sometimes, that love doesn't really exist and it's all just a scam to enslave me.


 PeterAndrewNolan Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)08:44 No.13283430

Replies: >>13283760

"Just be careful when they try to divorce you"

And what does THAT even mean? If you guys read my story you would realise that I was so well respected in my family I did the grand children eulogy for BOTH my grand mothers. And there were a LOT of grand sons older than me. I was also the man instrumental in saving the life my my step son when he had cancer at 26.

I was the epitome of the "good husband, father, son, citizen, worker". I knew my wife since I was TWELVE and was the boy who helped out their son when they moved to our town. I raised Jennifers two children from her first marriage and was the sole income earner for 16 years of our 18 year marriage.

Husbands do not come any better than me. Indeed, MANY men have openly called me a liar on the basis that they never heard of a man who took such efforts to care for his family. 

If even I am hated on BY MY OWN FAMILY based on the lies Jennifer told in divorce what do you think "be careful if they try to divorce you" even means? Eh?

My first book, Living Free in the Femnazi World shows a young man how to ensure that "family law" does not apply to him and how to protect his assets from divorce....PERIOD. That is, be careful BEFORE you get married. Then divorce will make no difference to you. For example? I showed men how to not pay alimony or child support if they do not want to. I showed them how to get bank accounts in a neutral jurisdiction that their guvment can NEVER find out about. That is what "be careful" means.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)08:45 No.13283447

Damn man, I feel for you. Yes, single mothers DO NOT know how to raise a boy into a man. Only a MAN, a father, can do that.

And yes, she got what she deserves in the end. She threw away her husband, and now her own son doesn't want anything to do with her.




 PeterAndrewNolan Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)08:45 No.13283455

Replies: >>13283602 >>13283807 >>13285184

And here is a question pertinent to this topic. Many a young man is having his life destroyed by false rape allegations in the western english speaking world. You read stories about this all the time. 

What are you young men prepared to do to help your brothers who are subjected to false rape allegations? Are you just going to say "good luck with that bro"? Or are you actually going to HELP HIM from having his life ruined?

And if you are NOT prepared to help him and stop his life from being ruined? Why would you think any man would be bothered to help YOU if YOU are a victim of a false allegation by a woman? 

If YOU are not prepared to sit on a jury? If YOU are not prepared to be a Peace Officer? If YOU are not prepared to extend the protection of the law your YOUR BROTHER then why would YOUR BROTHER do that for you?

Look at some of the hateful comments of me here. I am working to set up the protection of the law to ALL young men in the western english speaking world. I am doing what 99.7%+ of western men are NOT prepared to do....OFFER YOU THE PROTECTION OF THE LAW.

Many of you will say "I don't need the protection of the law and I don't need to offer it to anyone else either". Well? That is a recipe for murder and mayhem ghetto style. How many young men die in gang related violence because there is no protection of the law? And does anyone other than me care?

This is the whole point of this notice to young men. If you want to live in peace, freedom and prosperity the #1 thing you need is the protection of the law and the rule of law. If you do not have that, which you do not have today? There can be no peace, freedom or prosperity because anything you have can be taken from you at any time by criminals in the guvment. As I found out by they way.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)08:48 No.13283537

>are promoting so many "
BULLSHIT. NAWALT, not all women are like that.


If "not all women are like that", then why is it that 99.9 percent of western women REFUSE to speak out against feminism or against women committing crimes against men?

If "not all women are like that", why did no women condemn Sharon Osbourne for laughing on national TV about a man who had his penis cut off?

You're right. Not all women are like that. The women who AREN'T LIKE THAT are .001 percent of the population.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)08:49 No.13283561

Replies: >>13283937

>tfw you live in a third world country and you're excempt from this

Aw who am I kidding, a third world girl is equally likely to betray his husband just as much as anyone else is, it's just in female nature because that's the way it has to be. What I'd like to know is why were men bred to be so passionate, honorable and hold integrity and reason above all? I mean, why would a man pass his genes with woman who are the complete opposite of them?


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)08:50 No.13283602

Replies: >>13283860 >>13283991


False rape is not actually as frequent an occurrence as some would have you believe. Actual rape is a much bigger problem.


 PeterAndrewNolan Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)08:52 No.13283644

"I don't really understand how rape allegations can be such an issue.
no fucking way in hell will her testimony hold up in court, even without a polygraph test."

Then maybe you should educate yourself. In many countries today the word of a woman will be taken over the word of a man...period. If she says that she asked you to stop and says you didn't then you raped her and you are going to jail for 10 to 15 years.

There was a case in Brisbane Australia where a US sailor hired a prostitute. His time was up before he was "finished" so to speak. He tried to continue on for a little bit. This was called "rape" and he was facing 10 to 15 years in jail for "raping a prostitute" meaning he wanted a few more minutes and didn't have the money to do so. If you do not understand how bad false rape or false child molestation accusations are in the criminal court system I suggest you find out.

In one case in Australia a man was falsely accused of molesting his daughter by the wife and an female accomplice. At the time of the alleged incident he was FLYING A COMMERCIAL PLANE AS THE PILOT. You would think with more than 20 witnesses as to where he was he'd be ok, right? Nope. The fact he had an alibi was not allowed to be entered into evidence for the jury. He was jailed for 10 years. It took 8 months for the appeal to come up. At the appeal the evidence that he was FLYING A PLANE at the time of the incident was allowed and he was freed...what did the Syndey Morning Herald have to say?


If you do not know this is what really happens? You had better learn fast.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)08:53 No.13283682

if you're really the guy who wrote these articles and books, I'd have a question:

you mention you've met up with irish freemen.
are you aware of the fact that if you don't sign a birthcertificate for your child, the state and mother have no right to take her or him away from you and neither can they demand child support?


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)08:54 No.13283716

Replies: >>13283761


>my mother was a fucking loser whore and therefore all single mothers are bad



 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)08:55 No.13283732

>my mom never said be a nice guy. She
Love DOESN'T exist. At least, "love" between men and women.

In the Vedas, the real word love is prema, and it is applied ONLY to God. The word sanskrit word "kama" on the other hand, means lust. Lust is what is considered as "love" in the West.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)08:56 No.13283760

Replies: >>13284057


wow dude. you are telling me that you had some kind of personal bullshit drama, and then turned around and wrote book after book about it?

I think you are kind of a crazy man, honestly.

I think the most manly thing to do, would be to get the fuck over it.


Yeah, whatever. There are hard core feminists, and they are fucking idiots, but blaming all of feminism (lesbians in california) for your stupid choices is just childish.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)08:56 No.13283761

I don't think he thinks all single mothers are bad, Lawrence was raised by a single woman and he's easily the most alpha motherfucker of entire britain in its history, but most times woman won't teach a boy the most important things so that he becomes a man so when he grows up and is forced to live in society he won't have the skills necessary, usually ends up with them being depressed or spiteful, luckily I was raised by a single father.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)08:56 No.13283764

Replies: >>13284006

File: 1366894604208.jpg-(127 KB, 567x850, 1366789605768.jpg)

Description: 127 KB

Damn right. This anon has it figured


 PeterAndrewNolan Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)08:57 No.13283785

Replies: >>13283897

"False rape is not actually as frequent an occurrence as some would have you believe. Actual rape is a much bigger problem."

A police officer in the UK who claimed to be in one of the rape investigation units claimed, with anonymity, that in his TEN YEARS investigating rapes he had only ever seen ONE case where it was a "real rape". 


He said the rest of the cases were mostly "I regretted having sex and I made up the excuse I was raped". This is like the story of "date rape drugs". A study was done on the UK that tested women for "date rape drugs" for some period for all those women who claimed they were victims of such. Not ONE woman showed any signs of any such drugs. NOT EVEN ONE.

The truth seems to be that AT LEAST 90% of rape allegations are false and that number might be higher than even 95%. False rape allegations are one of THE MOST IMPORTANT RISKS TO A YOUNG MANS FUTURE.

To try and minimise that and calim it is not actually as frequent as some would have you believe is a lie and a reprehensible lie at that.

And just by the way? MANY more men are raped than women. Women do not like talking about MEN who are raped because it steals away their "victim status".


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)08:58 No.13283801

File: 1366894696337.jpg-(122 KB, 960x540, waifu age is upon us.jpg)

Description: 122 KB



 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)08:58 No.13283807

File: 1366894704570.jpg-(30 KB, 624x352, galen.jpg)

Description: 30 KB



Anyway, you realize that every single argument you have made has been based purely on emotion, and not a one on facts, or stats, or anything else?

>mfw you manage to convince some young dipshits to take you seriously


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)08:59 No.13283834

So much samefag in this thread.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:00 No.13283860

Replies: >>13283888

only about 20% of rape accustions are real.
there's this 20+ years study that was done by a sherrifs department.
apologies, I'd give better citation if I could but it's a damn hassle on my phone.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:01 No.13283888

Replies: >>13283977

Can you post them later on? I feel that this is one serious red pill /pol/ has to be aware about.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:01 No.13283890

Replies: >>13284688

File: 1366894888341.jpg-(129 KB, 960x734, 1366677997742.jpg)

Description: 129 KB

Come home white man


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:01 No.13283897

Replies: >>13284205


I didn't say anything about men or women. I said rape is a problem.

False rape claims are not a problem.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:01 No.13283907

Replies: >>13283924

Very, very brilliant. You are a brave man and just the type of person I've been looking for. Also, props for your knowledge on maritime admiralty law and common law. I will be in contact with you shortly.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:02 No.13283924

This level of shillery.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:02 No.13283937

Replies: >>13283954 >>13283976

>women are like that", t
Yes, ALL women are not trustworthy. But, women from non-feminist countries like Russia, Ukraine, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam are 100 TIMES better than western or American women.


Do not date them. Do not fuck them. Save up your money and take a vacation to Southeast Asia, and meet REAL women.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:03 No.13283950

File: 1366894999158.jpg-(629 KB, 1690x927, 1366695433601.jpg)

Description: 629 KB


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:03 No.13283954

plz leave.

your rabid desperation is pathetic.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:04 No.13283972

Replies: >>13284024 >>13285299

File: 1366895050295.jpg-(219 KB, 1260x736, Advice from oldguyfag (1).jpg)

Description: 219 KB


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:04 No.13283976

What about latin america?


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:04 No.13283977

sure, I'll dig it up.. can't deny dem trips


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:04 No.13283988

File: 1366895092230.jpg-(53 KB, 459x700, 1366702488618.jpg)

Description: 53 KB


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:04 No.13283991


Go kill yourself, you fucking mangina. You are knowingly LYING.

Rape has been declining in the west for the past 30 years. Rape is actually very uncommon.

But feminists have turned rape into "I had consensual sex with him and later changed my mind". That's not fucking rape.

Either way, no one takes rape seriously anymore. You cry wolf enough, no one will listen when a real wolf comes.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:05 No.13284006

They look nice and all, but the way they squirm and pretend they're dying when they're getting fucked freaks the shit out of me. I'd prefer a woman who took dick assertively.


 PeterAndrewNolan Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:05 No.13284014

"wow dude. you are telling me that you had some kind of personal bullshit drama, and then turned around and wrote book after book about it?

I think you are kind of a crazy man, honestly.

I think the most manly thing to do, would be to get the fuck over it."

In Australie one estimate is that 4,000 men kill themselves every year as a result of their criminal victimisation by women and the family courts. Why do you hate these men so much that you do not care about them when they kill themselves because they are victims of crimes?

I did not just "write a boook about it". 


Why? Because I actually have a heart and care about other men. 

You, obviously, are a man hater and do not care about other men. You don't care about their rights violations. You don't care when their children are kidnapped and abused. You don't care when their houses are stolen and their lives are destroyed. To these men you just say "get the fuck over it".

Why? Why do you HATE MEN so much that they should just "get the fuck over" being criminally victimised?

And if you were walking down the street tomorrow and some gang of young men attacked you and beat the shit out of you and brain damaged you and you could not work for the rest of your life...and you KNEW who they were because they were on a security camera? Would you just say "I should just get the fuck over it" or would you say "these men committed a crime and they must pay for this crime"?

Or a woman? Lets say the gang of men raped some woman at knife point or the point of a gun? Would you say to the woman "just get the fuck over it" even if the men were KNOWN and irrefutable evidence was at hand?


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:05 No.13284024

Replies: >>13284061 >>13285409

File: 1366895157352.jpg-(442 KB, 1272x2462, tribute to nice guys (1).jpg)

Description: 442 KB

not op but just doing a dump, feel free to read them, very interesting advice


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:06 No.13284038

File: 1366895184705.jpg-(49 KB, 468x624, 1366790852933.jpg)

Description: 49 KB


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:07 No.13284057

>ink the most manly thing to do, would be to get the fuc
You're a fucking moron.

So, a man experiences some danger in his life. And you'd rather that he just SHUTS UP and doesn't warn anyone else?

What a heartless fucking asshole you are. Please go shoot yourself, the world would be a much better place without you in it.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:07 No.13284061

File: 1366895245049.jpg-(620 KB, 1318x1163, Nice Guys Listen Up.jpg)

Description: 620 KB



 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:09 No.13284108

Replies: >>13284822

File: 1366895366317.jpg-(453 KB, 1181x1772, 1366594830070.jpg)

Description: 453 KB


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:11 No.13284176

Replies: >>13284207

> I told him I was the top programmer in my year at the university and the top programmer in my intake year for Australian Iron and Steel. I was very self confident. Something that less capable people like to call arrogant. People of lesser capability like to try and slur people of greater capability with the term "arrogant".

Dunning-Kruger effect in action!


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:12 No.13284205

Replies: >>13284337

>False rape claims are not a problem.
... yeah, no big deal is ruining a man's life.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:12 No.13284207


Tall poppy syndrome activate


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:13 No.13284221

File: 1366895586486.jpg-(10 KB, 238x220, 1305321401410.jpg)

Description: 10 KB

More shitposting Australians.
When will they ever stop?

>I am also known as Joschua-Brandon: Boehm


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:15 No.13284313

File: 1366895739299.jpg-(2.17 MB, 2250x1500, 1366792628443.jpg)

Description: 2.17 MB

When will you see the true path and go Asian /pol/?


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:16 No.13284337

Replies: >>13284678


Most prisoners who are on death row shouldn't be there. I don't hear anyone lamenting their plight.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:17 No.13284379

Replies: >>13284460 >>13284556 >>13284855


I'm not a female, but...
>Implying all men are saints that never ever cheated, betrayed nor stealed.

Listen here you ignorant dipshit, it is human nature to ditch other people. All human beings betray, cheat and steal each other on a whim every time, regardless of sex, race, age, nationality or creed.

You are just a butthurt little fuck that gone "BLOO BLOO BLOO A HUMAN BEING CHEATED ON ME". Now, if you see bird flying, I'm so damn sure you're going to go "BLOO BLOO BLOO THE BIRD IS FLYING".

Life is unfair, and everyone have their own agenda. Grow a pair, grow up and get over it.

I'll fix your statement for you:
>So yes. Any human being will betray you at the drop of a hat.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:19 No.13284442



 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:19 No.13284460


Niccolo Machiavelli?


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:23 No.13284556

Yes, but divorce courts unfairly favor women who cheat over men who hold marriage sacred.


 PeterAndrewNolan Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:25 No.13284629

Replies: >>13285353

"Dunning-Kruger effect in action!"

Dude. I was the youngest system architect in IBM Australia. At just 25 I was the architect for a 400 work month project with 12 staff reporting to me on the technology side. It was for an international development project that would be put into 21 countries. I won that job in front of a LOT of much older and more experienced men.

When I was 26, in 1990, I was invited to IBMs Santa Teresa Lab in California to write a book on source code management. I was very famous in IBM for my ideas, inventions and code to manage source code on IBM Mainframes. 

I was invited to Huston by IBM to design the source code management system for the International Space Station Project in 1990....when I was 26.

I was the guy who invented the key idea and the key code to make the IBM source code management product useful. One of the first accounts won based on my ideas was a little known US guvment agency called the Federal Aviation Authority. 

How many 26 year olds are doing things like leading 400 work month projects, inventing new ways to manage source code, or being invited to Huston to work for NASA?

One of the reasons I was able to provide a REMEDY for men in the west is because I did win the DNA lottery when God was handing out brains. Only I also put mine gift TO USE to help other people. And how do many men treat that? They make stupid sarcastic comments.

It never ceases to amaze me how young men do not understand the concept of RESPECT. 

Your mothers and fathers must have done a TERRIBLE job teaching you the very concept of RESPECT.

This is one reason why I no longer help men for FREE. They show no RESPECT when help is FREE. They show considerabley MORE RESPECT when they have to put their hand in their pocket and PAY ME.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:27 No.13284678

File: 1366896435863.jpg-(304 KB, 1677x1183, mumia-rally.jpg)

Description: 304 KB



 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:27 No.13284688

>inimise that and calim it is not actually as frequent
Hell yea, baby Asian doll. I AM ALREADY THERE.

Asian women are a BILLION times better than western women.


 PeterAndrewNolan Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:29 No.13284741

Replies: >>13284877 >>13285208

"All human beings betray, cheat and steal each other on a whim every time, regardless of sex, race, age, nationality or creed."

No. They don't. That kind of lie is made up by the kind of person who DOES lies, steal and cheat.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:29 No.13284765

>>13279727 (OP)

I'm over 30 and agree with this. It's a shame we're not his audience.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:30 No.13284802

Replies: >>13284906 >>13285087 >>13285249


Here comes the plot twist:
You are just too selfish and autistic to realize that being polite to people is a societal standard of civilized manners, and NOT a way of getting pussy.

If my words were too long for your blocky head to understand, let me speak in the same tone as you:

You should be polite to everyone because we live in a civilized society, dipshit. You shouldn't expect to be given a prize for being polite, because you MUST be polite!

If you don't want to be polite, you might want to live on a place where everyone doesn't give a shit for that, and the name of this place is "among the animals".


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:31 No.13284822

Why are Asian women so hot?


 PeterAndrewNolan Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:31 No.13284832

Replies: >>13285171

"Yes, but divorce courts unfairly favor women who cheat over men who hold marriage sacred."

It is not a case of unfairly favour. It is a case of criminal abuse and victimisation.

There is a BIG difference.

The family law courts are a CRIMINAL enterprise. THAT is why I went to such lengths to deal with them. I now have my cases pending against two MAGISTRATES in Australia.

We are going to put these magistrates on trial in the MBA Law Courts and see if we can get a result.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:32 No.13284855

Replies: >>13285385

>ing all men are saints that never ever cheated, betrayed nor st
Go fuck yourself, you disgusting faggot.

So we shouldn't try to wake up and warn our fellow men about the dangers of feminism?

Seriously, go kill yourself. The world would be a far better place without you.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:33 No.13284877

>says he is super-smart coder guy
>can't into green-text


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:34 No.13284906

Be polite? LOL. Yea sure. Be a nice guy, you fucking faggot. Good luck with that.

And when I actually try to be a REAL nice guy, someone who is trying to help wake up his fellow man, I get hated on by heartless pieces of shit like you.

Seriously, GO FUCKING KILL YOURSELF. The world would be far better off without you.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:39 No.13285087

>If you don't want to be polite, you might want to live on a place where everyone doesn't give a shit for that, and the name of this place is Australia



 PeterAndrewNolan Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:41 No.13285142

Replies: >>13285221 >>13285321

"You should be polite to everyone because we live in a civilized society, dipshit."

You mean how women are polite to us in the family courts as they say we raped them or beat them or molested the children or abandoned them? 

You mean THAT sort of "polite" do you?

The rule is "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". When someone else does unto you they are agreeing they can be treated the same way.

Women are NOT polite to us men. So we have NO OBLIGATION to be polite to women. How about you go and sort out the HATRED OF WOMEN and the CRIMES OF WOMEN before you start telling men to "be polite", eh?


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:42 No.13285171

What makes it criminal, rather then just unfair? Did they take bribes?


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:42 No.13285184

read your blag. mad respect.
and welcome to the cesspool of the internet.
the place where everyone society hates goes to rant. lol.


 PeterAndrewNolan Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:43 No.13285200

>says he is super-smart coder guy
>can't into green-text

One more reason I have no respect for young men right off the bat. When young men learn how to treat their elders and BETTERS with the respect we have EARNED across a lifetime? Maybe I will listen a little harder to young men.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:43 No.13285208


You are adorably naive


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:43 No.13285221

Replies: >>13285600

Learn how to add the post number that your replying to so we can follow your conversation, dude.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:44 No.13285241

When you hear this faggots voice on his Youtube, you can instantly tell he is a retard. The kind of guy you would never want to sit next to you on the subway or on a bus. Small wonder he can't deal with women or society.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:44 No.13285249

Replies: >>13285307

Being polite is all fine and good, and being nice to others is great, but many of us on here have learned the hard way that acting the exact opposite of that is how you get laid.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:45 No.13285274

Tfw u are redpilled about women but still want a happy white wife and family and future white ppl on earth.
Tfe u go back to church looking for god and a wife because u don't want to be the genetic dead end and are self improving in everyway

I wont be a childless consumerist penniless wicked miserable lonely old man you nwo fucks. Suck mah balls


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:46 No.13285299

best advice ever posted on 4chan


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:46 No.13285307

Replies: >>13285356


>how you get laid

If your goal is sex, then you will only fuck stupid catty sluts.

If you want an actual relationship that includes a lot of good sex, then you will pursue women who are not impressed with jackoffs.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:46 No.13285308

>>13279727 (OP)
So OP, how's that autism treating you?


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:46 No.13285311

That feel when no average korean girlfriend


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:47 No.13285321

Yes, women treat men like shit. So therefore it's perfectly acceptable for us men to treat women like shit.

Do unto others as they have done unto you.

The golden rule is- NEVER, EVER, EVER marry an American or western woman.

Only an INSANE MAN would marry an American or western woman.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:48 No.13285353


I don't think you have higher IQ or something like that.

You are a good achiever because you spent your time working and dedicated yourself in your job and studies. You know, unlike every other male of your age (at those times), who were just chasing pussy and bragging about living like animals.

I admire you for that. You are a hard worker, you are honorable beyond belief just because of that.

I'm also following this track, although I'm not as awesome as you. Anyways, you are an inspiration for me and many other people.

But still, you know very well that those lowly apes are going to call us faggots, emasculated or other shit like that. But, as for me, animalistic noises just make my studies even more gratifying.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:48 No.13285356

Sadly, virtually all women prefer jackoffs in some way.

Being nice has never gotten anyone a girlfriend. Being an asshole has proven results. Many of us here can testify to that. We had to unlearn everything our mothers taught us before we could get laid.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:49 No.13285385

File: 1366897769963.jpg-(22 KB, 196x257, 1366341688412.jpg)

Description: 22 KB


The image already says all I wanted to say.


 SchutzStaffel !!vz8dtCXePJS Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:49 No.13285395

Replies: >>13285471

Women have always been lying manipulative cunts. 

What you need to do which is no problem for most of /pol/ is get a women with a lower IQ than you and dominate her with your superior intellect. 

Always remember women are trash and should be treated like so.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:50 No.13285409

Replies: >>13285477

fuck "nice guys"
they are not "nice" they are low level stalkers who think they are banking sex tokens by being a doormat and when they have enough tokens the whore they have put on a pedestal is now obligated to redeem the tokens with sex

they enter into a covert contract and get butthurt when it never gets realized


 PeterAndrewNolan Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:50 No.13285422

Replies: >>13285527

"What makes it criminal, rather then just unfair? Did they take bribes?"

You might want to watch this video. The man at the front, david dunkley, commits the crime of impersonating a magistrate right at the end of the meeting.

The courts actually have NO AUTHORITY to disperse the property of a man who has PROPERLY claimed his property back from the guvment. 

What makes it criminal is that the ENTIRE LEGAL SYSTEM OF THE WORLD is based on deceit. The deceit of the "person".

If you use deceit to gain acceptance of a contract that is the crime of fraud. The ENTIRE LEGAL SYSTEM in this world is based on fraud. My first book shows the fraud and how it works and how to get out of the legal system and back into the system of law called common law.

Because I exposed the CRIMINAL nature of the courts in this video, the ONLY one of its kind in existence by the way. the guvments have been trying to persecute me.

I have been writing to all the politicians in the US Congress, US Senate, Governors, and the politicians in the parliaments of Canada, Ireland, UK, Australia and New Zealand about the criminal nature of the legal system for a while now. 

We are going to put all the members of parliament in Ireland and Australia on trial and remove them from office for their part in the criminal nature of the family courts.


 Turk !!JvQYC6fQ2S0 Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:52 No.13285471

Replies: >>13285639


That would be boring as shit.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:52 No.13285477

No, they're people who've been told by women their entire childhood that you should be nice to girls and treat them with respect, and have now grown up and can't figure out why they're single, despite having tons of female friends, most of whom are dating guys who treat them like shit.


 PeterAndrewNolan Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:52 No.13285490

Replies: >>13285698

The reason I am so hated on by so many guvments is that the MBA provides a path OUT of the legal system and OUT of their criminal cartel control grid. They are relying on men being to scared or to stupid to want to get out of the control grid.

So far men are both most of the time. All this stuff is in my books which are FREE and my videos with are FREE.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:53 No.13285515

Replies: >>13285781

Women are retarded and could only achieve anything by stealing from men. Who created Laws that entitle woman to her husband's money? Maybe once women got the right to vote, they voted themselves man's money.

Women are stupid and evil, have never crested anything for society. Since they are irrational, they deserve no rights. They will destroy western civilization in a couple of decade giving rise to the Chinese.


 Anonymous Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:53 No.13285527

>45 minute video

How about giving us an exact time in the video when that happens so we don't have to watch the whole thing?


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:55 No.13285600

How about you shut the fuck up and listen to someone who is far more knowlegeable than you. Shut your fucking mouth for a second and try to learn something.


 SchutzStaffel !!vz8dtCXePJS Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:56 No.13285639

What would you do instead to deal with the common whore?


 PeterAndrewNolan Description: JW 04/25/13(Thu)09:57 No.13285683

"I admire you for that. You are a hard worker, you are honorable beyond belief just because of that."

Nice of you to be polite and say so. 

I do have a high IQ...supposedly about 145. But yes...I did work very hard in my jobs to be the best I could be. I did learn from the best of the best. I have had many mentors over my lifetime. 

I find it very strange that young men do not look for mentors any more. They seem to think that they can learn everything that is of value from google. This is definitely not so. A man must read many books and listen to many men to learn what is there to be learned. 

When I came into this area of law/legislation I spent a LOT of time reading and listening to other men. It served me well as can be seen in my video from the australian federal magistrates court.

So thanks again for being polite and respectful. It is very rare from young men any more.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)09:58 No.13285698

I don't think your grandfather's lied to you, since women were not a problem back then. They knew their place in society, and man made sure of it. They couldn't vote and were second class citizens.

Once women received the privilege to vote, it all went to shit. Man gave up power and pussy feminist hedonist men that chase women destroyed all men.


 Anonymous Description: IL 04/25/13(Thu)10:00 No.13285781

>g us an exact time in the video when that happens so we d

Yes, women can NEVER be given freedom. That marks the beginning of the decline of a society.

Until women are basically "enslaved" again, I don't see any hope for the West.

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