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 6/6/2011 8:08 PM
 Modified By host  on 6/6/2011 2:09:50 AM 

Michelle Allen 

“What gives u the right to deter him from doing what he sees necessary to do?”

I am not ‘deterring’ him. I am giving him some information that he is not aware of. It’s called ‘education’. Not something women know about. You see. “Women have a better way of knowing” so they don’t consider education important.

“U talk alot Peter about how fantastic and clever you are, but where oh where is the proof????”

@Michelle. Please point me to one quote where I have said I am ‘fantastic’. You can’t. It’s just one more subtle lie to denigrate me.

As to ‘clever’? I happen to have been very blessed with a brain that works very well. Using it I have raised myself from a lad in country town Wagga Wagga to the top 20 in my profession world wide. There is no man I know that I went to school with that has been more successful to raise himself as far as me in business. Period.

As for evidence that I can back up what I am saying? I think you missed this book. And I think you missed this web site. I have put all federal and NSW state politicians on Lawful Notice that they will be tried for their crimes. I have put all Police Officers in Australia on Lawful Notice as to the limitations on their powers as documented in the Magna Carta and that they will be put on trial for any breech of the Magna Carta they commit after April 1 2011.

By the way? Only ONE woman is being helpful.

‘Equal’? My arse Michelle.

And if you don’t like how I am talking to you? Fuck you. You women demanded to be treated like men? Well I am treating you like men. I will speak to you like men. I will judge you as men. As men you women are complete failures. Just look around at how little you have achieved across the millennia. The only useful thing women do is birth and raise babies. Apart from that? There is not one single task women have undertaken across the millennia that men don’t perform at a far better level on average. Take a look. You will see it is true. Women could not even invent the forceps in 5,000 years of being exclusively the midwives. You thereby condemned until millions of women and children to excruciatingly painful deaths. Indeed. Birthing children is only the safe proposition it is now because of MEN.

Here is the link to the book. This book is the most important text ever written in the English language to my knowledge. There is nothing that has ever been written that is this important. Not the bible. Not the magna carta. This book is the mechanism by which 500M men, men in all English speaking lands, can free themselves. Quite an amazing feat for a boy from Wagga Wagga but but I can not take the credit. As I put in the book I was merely the ‘typist’. Some other entity wanted this book in existence and used my life to bring it into existence.

By the way? Here is my letter to all MALE members of both houses of the Australian parliament challenging them to a 4 part challenge.

Two of those parts are to demand the women in the parliament document in writing what they mean by ‘lawful equality to a man’ and stop altering their language and demeanour in front of ‘equal women’. I am now exposing the fact that women have ‘demanded equality’ for 40 years and have refused to document what they mean by that.

If you are an Australian woman? You might wish to demand the women in parliament document what they mean by ‘equality’. After all. The fact you women do not allow men to play in the womens side of the draw for the Australian open demonstrates your hypocrisy. Men are excluded on the womens side of the Australian open based on sex alone. And that is the definition of sexism. I am sure the men would be quite pleased to allow women to compete in their side of the draw based on talent alone.

I am also challenging men to refuse to modify their demeanour or language just because an ‘equal woman’ is about. Men routinely modify their demeanour and language (stop swearing_ just because an ‘equal woman’ is present. Well? If women are ‘equal’ men are free to be as they choose and say as they choose in front of these ‘empowered’ and ‘strong’ and ‘independent’ and ‘equal’ women. If you ‘feel insulted’? Then do what men do. Get over it.

Michelle? I am bringing lawful equality between men and women into Australia. You women are going to HATE more for it. So what? You HATED me for being a fantastic father and husband.

Any MAN OR WOMAN who tries to defy me in the introduction of lawful equality will be labelled sexist and discriminatory/ If a man he will also be labelled a MANGINA and I will demand that the men around him pay him no respect. I am starting with all the MEN who sit in the two houses of parliament. I am going to label them MANGINAS and sexist and discriminatory and I will ask all other men I know to do the same. Because those criminals and traitors in the parliaments ARE sexist, discriminatory manginas. They REALLY disgust me much more than ANY woman in Australia.

Now..are you going to ‘complain’ that I just called all MEN in the two houses of federal parliament satanic criminal scumbags who are sexist, discriminatory manginas?

Michelle. I am brining and end to ‘wimminz privileges’. And you women are not going to like that one little bit. You can either assist me in doing this, try and prevent me from doing this, or just get out of the way. I really don’t care because women are not relevant to re-introducing the rule of law into Australia.

And when we have the rule of law? There will be far few cases like Luke. And Michael and I are 110% in agreement that fewer dead little boys is a good thing. It’s just that Michael was not fully aware of just how evil the MEN in our guvment are. Michael was not aware that the abuse and murder of these children is quite deliberate, quite planned. That makes it all the worse and makes it all the more important that the MEN who did this are brought to justice.

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