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 6/6/2011 8:02 PM
 Modified By host  on 6/6/2011 2:03:30 AM

Ah yes Ladies. The typical communist ploy. "If you do not agree with me you must be insane and need mental treatment".

Ladies? How about a counter argument? Nope. You won't see one of them.

Here is a 400+ page book (link below) that proves the argued case for father custody which I actually call father guardianship. The fact is no woman ever wrote a book like this to demonstrate that mother custody was a good idea because mother custody is a terrible idea.

In roman times one of the reasons the roman empire was so solid was that a child born of a woman was considered the property of the husband. No female roman citizen could ‘own’ a child. The child of a woman slave was considered the property of the mother. The romans knew that mother custody destroyed the willingness of fathers to defend the children and the boys grew up weak and spineless and compliant slaves.

Well? You think the Illuminati today does not know this? Mother custody is enforced by the Illuminati because the Illuminati want weak, spineless, compliant men who will not stand up for themselves or their children.

To bring down the roman empire one of the things that was done was to ‘empower’ the women. This was done to such an extent that contemporary accounts note that speeches were made to the effect that “roman women have become so objectionable that one would not marry save for the need of new citizens”. Well? Where are we now in the west?

My fav#1 told me. “In Russia in communist times men were so bad that even when the guvement offered a man with a wife and two kids exemption from military service and a government apartment the men would not marry.”

I countered to her and said: “You seem to not see this from the mans point of view. They are telling you that you women are so horrible that they would rather take their chances with the mujahardeen in Afghanistan and pay for their own apartment than to marry one of you and have children. That’s a pretty clear statement of what they think of you women.”

Her face was totally crestfallen as she came to realise that her great grandmothers had so badly betrayed the men that the younger men understood and remembered that treachery and that her position of not being able to find a good husband was the responsibility of the betrayal of women in the 1917-36 time frame. This is what you western women have to look forward to.

Now? Australian men are gutless and spineless in the vast majority. Australian men disgust me in large numbers too. I talk to Australian men and tell them how their children are being poisoned every day. You know what they say? “There’s nothing I can do about it”.

Wrong. There is nothing they are WILLING to do about it. If you look at the front page of my CAF site you will see I make clear statement that any father who is not willing to sit on a jury to defend his childrens future disgusts me. I don’t see any of you women ‘complaining’ about that statement. Take a look. It’s on the second link.

I am not going to put words into Michaels mouth. But I rather think that his opinion of a man who is willing to stand by and knowingly allow his child to be fed poisons is pretty low.

I am sure Michael had no idea of the evil that lurked inside CPS and the danger Luke was in. But now he knows what danger lies in wait for OTHER kids? Look at his efforts. Look at his commitment. Sad to say he is VERY RARE and I am very glad to have found him.  Michael is an example of a man ‘having a go’ and I am proud to become acquainted with him. He could have ‘caved in’. He could have just committed suicide. He could have just ‘gotten on with his life’. But no. He knows the evil of the MEN AND WOMEN inside the CPS and he’s doing whatever he thinks is right and I support him 110% in that. So do other men I have introduced him to.

Michael has not had the benefit of the schooling and experience that I have had. I am another man ‘having a go’. The problem Australian women have is that I am MUCH more intelligent than the average man.  I put the pieces together to realise that our women are complicit in the crimes being committee and if only our women would hold their sisters to account such child murder as Luke would all but stop.

So I asked women in JUNE 2008 to open up a dialogue about their crimes and how to stop other women committing crimes. Guess what? THREE YEARS LATER women insist that they and their sisters be allowed to commit crimes.

So I am putting an end to that in our new courts. I will not tolerate women committing crimes any more than I will tolerate men committing crimes. And women HATE me for taking that position.

The evidence that women have condoned the commissioning of crimes these last three years having been asked to discuss this point and stop these crimes is nor refutable. Woe be to you women for not meeting that challenge when it was put in front of you. You are going to join your Russian sisters as being perceived as traitors for generations to come. You women of this generation, my exs generation and the willingness of her mother to support her in her crimes? You have condemned your grand daughters and girls not yet born to be viewed as traitors and untrustworthy. It was 1936 when Stalin re-introduced difficult to divorce laws in Russia. And in the 80 years that have followed Russian men have never, ever forgotten the betrayal of the fathers in the 1917-36 period.

If you women had read your Russian history you would have rejected feminism and no fault divorce for the poison it is. You didn’t. And now you will pay the price. You made your bed? Now you will sleep in it.

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