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 5/31/2011 9:00 PM


as you know I like to collect and publish evidence of just how much women HATE us men now.

I do this by being 'provocative' and women can be relied upon to spew back hatred.

By 'provocative' I mean  asking the question "are you willing to do what men have done for thousands of years and give the protection of the law to men who have been victims of the crimes of women the same way men have protected women who have been the victims of crimes of men?" and throwing in “I take the position  that the vast majority of Australian woman are liars and hypocrites because they will not say yes to this question.”

That 'provocative' question is MORE than enough to have an Australian woman spew hatred at you. Funny that. I seem to recall women telling me for the last 40 years how 'equal' they are. Don’t you?

Now that I have 'slammed to the mat' the 'australian women in general' I am moving onto the next phase of discrediting the vast majority of Australian women as the liars and hypocrites they are and any man who 'leaps to the defense of the woman' as the misogynist and misandrist he most certainly is….by directly targeting individual woman and exposing them as the liars and hypocrites they are.

So I was wonderfully delighted this morning with the arrival of a real GEM of a hate letter that I will take apart here and publish below.

xxxxxxxP forwarded me the invitation to take part in the class action suit against the banks by Susan Fields, the wife of the liar calling himself Chris Field. Chris has failed to rebut my claim he is a liar, most certainly because I have the email trail he lied in, and so my claim stands as true because it is unrebutted. He is even copied on these emails directly calling him a liar and he will not rebut that claim. That’s how argument works when done properly. Claims made with evidence if needed.

The email was forwarded by a woman calling herself 'Linda' from the email address

So. Since Linda is putting herself forward as a 'good woman' I asked her some pretty specific questions to 'provoke' her. I will take her comments apart at the top of this email and repeat the mail trail below so that you men can see exactly the entire exchange.

What I want to point out to you is the HATRED and the LIES and the HYPOCRISY of this woman. And I will post it to my CAF site and I will publish into the MTA/MRM area. I will remove the names of the innocent so don’t worry.

It disappoints me most men are too gutless to call women on their lies and hypocrisy. Robert Kennedy is not so gutless. He, like me, is non-sexist. But even really good men like xxxxxxx or xxxxxxxx are want to jump in and play 'sexist chivalry'.

Chivalry is nothing more and nothing less than sexism and discrimination against men and misogyny against women.

Why Misogyny against women?

Because by 'leaping to the defense' of a woman over nothing more than an email a man is demonstrating that he believes women are of the status 'children' and need a man to 'protect' them and argue their point for them because the woman is so mentally deficient that she can not argue for herself. That's pretty misogynistic.

As the great Dick Masterson points out and I embellish. There is no one more misogynistic that a MAN who ‘supports womens rights’. Why? Because he is saying “Sweetie, no one takes women seriously. If you want to gain privileges dressed up as rights by lies and deceit then you had better let a man organize that for you.” That’s pretty misogynistic.

If women were actually CAPABLE of gaining privileges dressed up as ‘rights’ by lies and deceit then they would not need the Rockefellers and the CIA funding they take and they wouldn’t need men marching is high heels. They would be be ‘sisters doing it for themselves’ as Annie Lennox and Arethna Franklin claimed they could.

But women CAN NOT manage their own ‘privileges dressed up as rights’ campaigns so they include MEN in their WOMENS rights lies. Yet they are so dumb they remain blissfully unaware that they are demeaning themselves by having men walk in high heels. LOL!! I could not make up the stupidity of the actions of women. I really couldn’t.

So. When xxxxxxx un-named 'friend' calling HIM a 'rapist and abuser' you can see just how demeaning xxxxxx is to HIMSELF by accepting this FALSE claim rather than rebutting it (I don't really believe xxxxxxx is a rapist and abuser as his 'friend' claimed) and how misogynistic it is that he then 'defends' his 'friends' who just got through labeling him a 'rapist and abuser'.

Hhhhmmmmm. Can anyone else here see the dystopia in how xxxxxxx reacted? Supporting someone who just called him a ‘rapist and abuser’?

And he merely did what 99%+ of men do. They 'protect the woman' no matter what the woman did.

This has to stop. I'm going to stop it. Women claimed 'equality'? Let them defend themselves.


Please allow me to quote from 'Lindas' email and allow me to show you men just how much women hate you. Remember this is the FIRST response from this woman who likely does not know me from a bar of soap.

Dear Peter,

"All I can say is I am sending you love & hope you get the help you clearly need."

The FIRST lie is that she is sending me 'love and hope'. What a crock of shit THAT is. This is the same kind of 'love' men have come to see in the divorce courts.

Note she attempts to slur me saying words to the effect "you need help". She, of course, is implying that I am in some way mentally unstable or deficient or similar.

Of course. My comment to that is that I DID NEED HELP. I needed the help of the 'self described good women' to stop my wife committing crimes. And I asked for it. It was not forthcoming. Now I am asking for women to offer their services to put my ex on trial and give me remedy for the crimes committed against me. There is no help forthcoming in that area as well. I am pointing this out to the young men. The young men get the hypocrisy of women like Linda.

So. Despite the fact that this woman tells me "you need help" and despite the fact I am PROPOSING WOMEN PROVIDE SAID HELP that help is not forthcoming. Hypocrite what?

"Law of attraction is a powerful mechanism - what you send out , you get back 10 fold."

Yes. And the HATRED from women towards men is getting something back that is 10 fold of HATRED. This is INDIFFERENCE. There is NOTHING so powerful and dangerous in a society as for men to be indifferent to the fate of women and children. I have pointed this out recently as on the rapid increase in the UK. Men are allowing women to be brutally assaulted, even on busses, and they are doing nothing about it. Seems Linda does not realize that 40 years of women spewing hatred at men is now coming back to bite them on the arse. TEN FOLD as she points out.

As for me? Yes. What I put out comes back 10 fold. I have a FAR better life now than I have ever experienced. I was just making my morning coffee and a colleague asked me 'how are you today'. I told him I was just so happy that I am even pissing myself off some days. I told him that no man had any right to be as happy as me but I'm not handing it back. So yes. I know that by being an honest man of honour and integrity, to be upstanding in all you do, to be fair and just and compassionate will bring me riches in life. And they have. The riches of friends such as are on this list.

It has also allowed me to jettison my 'false friends' like ALL BUT ONE WESTERN WOMAN I knew at the time of my divorce. Like my Aunts. Like my female cousins. ALL JETTISONED and FALSE FRIENDS.

I am also happy to have jettisoned my former family and my identity as a 'family man' because that too takes a huge load off me.

My working year has shrunk from 2,500 hours to 300 hours. THANKS to women HATING ON ME and making it clear that being a ‘father and husband’ is about the STUPIDEST THING A MAN CAN DO NOW.

I am also happy to advise every young man I meet that 'the vast majority of western women are liars and hypocrites now'. And young men like 'Edgar' write to me and THANK ME for doing this for him because in his words 'It shows you have a heart and care about young men like me'.

So yes. I am attracting the best friends I have ever had in my life.

Western women are attracting the devastating position of 'indifference' by a rapidly increasing number of men.

"Perhaps you haven't heard that you will attract more bees with honey ?????"

I really like this one. She is completely unaware that I spent TWO YEARS asking women to assist me in the sweetest of sweet tones from the beginning. She seems completely unaware that in asking in the nicest possible way for the help I needed to stop my former children being criminally abused I was HATED ON by MY BEST WOMEN FRIENDS. I mean the women MARRIED TO MY CLOSEST FRIENDS WHO HAD KNOWN ME MORE THAN 20 YEARS. I mean MY WIFES SISTERS. I MEAN MY MOTHER IN LAW.


Then she seems to think that when us men have a gut full of this over a 3.5 year period and we start to call women the liars and hypocrites they are that she can tell me 'use honey not vinegar and you might get better results'.

HA. What do I say to that? I say, in the very Australian way, F*** THAT SHIT.

I NO LONGER ask women for 'help'. I tell them what I expect them to do, to live up to their claim of equality by forming courts and giving men a path to justice.

THEN I tell them that if they refuse to do that I will expose their HATRED and their unwillingness to offer the protection of the law to men to the YOUNG MEN so the YOUNG MEN can see just what a pack of liars and hypocrites women are now.

Linda has show COMPLETE INDIFFERENCE to my comments that an estimated 4,000 men KILL THEMSELVES from the criminal abuse of women. When you read my email below you will see I CLEARLY LINK the estimated 4,000 suicides of men per year to the crimes of women and you will see her be COMPLETELY INDIFFERENT to the deaths of these men.


"Please remove me from your email database and to make sure, I have blocked your emails coming back through to me so no need to respond."

The "strong and empowered and independent grrrrrrrl" who is running a class action suit is not 'strong' enough to engage in an email conversation. Riiiiiight. So she will do real good when the Illuminati threaten to kill her or run a hate site against her or steal her house. She will show a LOT of backbone then, right?

Don't make me laugh. Linda is a coward of the first order to go along with her lies and hypocrisy.

Since she has blocked me? Perhaps one of you here will want to point out to Linda that she is being exposed over on the CAF site as the man-hating liar and hypocrite she has chosen to be.

"Have a great day and happy life."

And that is about as ingenuine statement as I have ever seen.



Here is the full text just so you men know I am not making this shit up. Linda is one more very good example of how much women HATE men. They will 'fight' the 'big bad banks' but they will spew hatred, lies, hyposcrisy, towards a man who points out that women will NOT offer the protection of the law to a man when the criminal he has been victimised is a woman.

And these women would claim they can be impartial on juries?

Us Australians have a word for that. BULL-SHIT.

Gentlemen? Read this and you will see one more great piece of evidence how much women HATE on men now.

Best Regards


Dear Peter,

All I can say is I am sending you love & hope you get the help you clearly need.

Law of attraction is a powerful mechanism - what you send out , you get back 10 fold.

Perhaps you haven't heard that you will attract more bees with honey ?????

Please remove me from your email database and to make sure, I have blocked your emails coming back through to me so no need to respond.

Have a great day and happy life.




----- Original Message -----

From: Peter Nolan


Cc: ;

Sent: Tuesday, May 31, 2011 12:53 AM

Subject: FW: Australian Foreclosure Class Action Against The Banks - WE NEED YOUREXPRESSION OF INTEREST ASAP


In Australia today the VAST MAJORITY of women (AND MANY MEN) condone and support the theft of a house from a man via the mechanism of perjury and the family courts.


When it is done by the ‘banks’ against a WOMAN you women want to make a big deal out of it.


But when it is done by the WOMAN against a MAN you women remain silent.


Quite frankly I am disgusted at Australian women and their mangina lackeys for taking this position and rightly so.


I am also VERY distrustful of men like Chris Field for refusing to take a position as to whether women who have claimed equality should be held as equal before the law.

Chris Field has openly refused to take a position as to whether women who have claimed equality are to be treated as equal before the law for 5 months now.


He is NOT an honest man as evidenced he attempted to lie and tell people I promoted the murder of women…when the truth is women promote the murder of men via crimes via the family courts that the woman are well aware of.


I have spent THREE AND A HALF YEARS asking women to speak out about the crimes women are committing against men.


To date I have had ONE such woman speak out.


This is what she said.


I now consider Australian women to be liars and hypocrites in the main.


I consider them very, very disgusting in their willingness to stay silent about the estimated 4,000 suicide deaths of men in Australia each year as the victims of criminal action by EXCLUSIVELY WOMEN wielding the criminal enterprise of the family courts which includes both men and women.


I had imagined that once the ‘self described good women’ of Australia were made aware that an estimated 4,000 Australian men kill themselves every year due to these crimes that our ‘self described good women’ would rally behind their men and assist me to stop these needless deaths.


Instead I have been UNIVERSALLY HATED ON BY AUSTRALIAN WOMEN with the exceptions too few to mention.


I am now educating young men in JUST HOW MUCH YOU WOMEN HATE US and they are listening.


Here are 250 ‘self described good women’ hiding my criminal ex wife from her employer and new man. Men are ASTONISHED women will so blatantly hide a woman who is a perjuror, kidnapper, extortionist, thief, child abuser and adulteress. She is even a suspected prostitute. But nope. You women will HIDE this womans crimes. And I am telling the young men that you women HIDE these criminals in their TENS OF THOUSANDS.


I have invited women from October 2009 to put my ex on trial for the crimes she committed on the basis of ‘equal before the law’ and that no man may be given a harsher penalty for the same crime.


Young men are watching you women and noticing that when a women is a criminal you WOMEN and your mangina lackeys like Chris Field stay silent no matter you want to make so much noise about the banks.


It stinks Linda.


It stinks to high heaven.


And so long as I draw breath I will be telling the young men just HOW MUCH the actions of Australian women and their mangina lackeys stinks to the high heavens.


You women have chosen to destroy your credibility with young men with your lies.


You will reap a devastating harvest for your betrayal of these men as the backlash gets under way.


And by the way?


If we had our common law courts running properly you wouldn’t need to waste your time with this class action.


But since Common Law Courts would mean that women are also held to account for your crimes I can’t see you women creating the courts you have been invited to create any time soon.


Peter-Andrew: Nolan©




---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Lifestyle Investments <>
Date: Thu, May 26, 2011 at 10:39 AM
Subject: Australian Foreclosure Class Action Against The Banks - WE NEED YOUR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST ASAP


Hi Guys,

Susan Field in Melbourne & Jennifer Block in QLD are heading up the "Australian Foreclosure Class Action Against The Banks".  

If you are interested in joining us, then we need you expression of interest NOW in order to move forward. (see details below)

The purpose of the class action is to gain legal victory against fraudulent bank claims over alleged borrowers.  

We would like to see determinations such as:
    •    no true loan exists
    •    that the borrower's promissory note constitutes a valuable deposit
    •    that securitisation voids all rights of the originator to claim against the alleged borrower.  Outcomes sought will likely include:
    •    striking down the alleged loan
    •    striking down the mortgage
    •    repayment of fraudulently charged interest and principle
    •    and payment to 'borrower' of monies earned through the bank's sale of the promissory note.  


Such outcomes are not unreasonable and have been achieved in the USA.  See for example   

At the same time, please understand that this is NOT guaranteed as the lawyers along with the group will ultimately determine the scope of the case.

Assuming a win, there will also be claims for damage and injury.  Each person will have different claims depending on whether or not the bank has tried foreclosing on them etc.  Each litigant, including those still up to date with principle and interest payments is however, the victim of fraud, and there are guidelines regarding compensation for such.

There are two possibilities re a law firm.  At the moment we're not naming any.  We're not trying to be secretive, but need things to be firmed up before we can say anything.  I

'm sure you understand.  Be assured though that we're talking to solicitors who are experienced in this arena and can handle a large class action.

We have to demonstrate two things to the solicitors before they will commit to taking on the class action.
    •    That we have a legitimate claim.  Discussions are under way on this matter and are progressing positively.
    •    On the basis that our discussions are showing promise, we need to also demonstrate that we have enough people to effectively mount a class action.  This is why we have put a call out for 'expressions of interest'.  There is no final committment required by anyone at this point but the more expressions of interest the better.  With that thought in mind, there is no harm in the people of your group registering their interest if they want.  It will only add weight to our cause.

Assuming the firm of solicitors will take our case, we then have to get funding.  This will NOT be a 'no win no fee' case.  However, there are litigation funders our there who, for 20-45% of damage claims will fund a case.   There are some minimal requirements by funders.  For example:
    •    They have to consider the potential size of claims.  One funder we have talked with says there has to be a minimum of around $4M in damage claims before they will consider funding.   That won't be a problem for us. 
    •    Also, they won't consider funding until they receive communication from the solicitors who confirm that, not only are they are taking the case but they are doing so because they believe it has a very good chance of succeeding.

So you see, there are several hurdles to be crossed before the whole thing can be up and running. 

We can't guarantee that there will be no cost to participants.  With that in mind, it is recommended that people be prepared to find $500 initially to get things moving until we secure a litigation funder to take over. 


All participants will need to pay $100 for a mortgage securitisation audit to expose the chain of title search to prove unequivocably that their mortgage has been securitised.  (This normally costs $2000 overseas, but we have someone here in Melbourne that will only charge $100)

Kind Regards,

Susan Field

If interested, please complete the details below & email that section ONLY back to  ASAP

Expression of Interest details:



State of Australia:

Contact Phone Number:



Name of Bank:

Are you currently in foreclosure court proceedings?

Are you willing & able to provide $500 initial payment to the class action?

Are you willing & able to pay $100 for your mortgage securitization audit? 

Are you willing and able to be on the members committee to help steer this ship? 




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