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 5/7/2011 11:08 AM
I could NOT make this up. Check out this crazy woman.

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  • If she is so 'equal' why didn't SHE organise the date for the 'big night'?

    Oh...that's right because 'equality' only applies where it benefits women.

    War dead 98% men

    Workplace dead 93% men

    Incarcerated 90% men

    Homeless 90% men

    Alimony payers 99% men

    Child support payers 99% men.

    Who would be stupid enough to get married nowadays?

  • @peternolan1109 First of all, she doesn't HAVE to organize it. SHE remembered, which is more than we can say for him. I could sit here and argue every one of your "facts", but I would run out of character space. My main point is, the attitude and stupidity that you showed in that comment is exactly the reason for the stats you gave. You just made the whole male race look bad. Bravo.

  • @flutterby3211 Sweetie. The only rebuttal you have to the truth is lies and shaming language. That's why I refuse to date western women. Most are like you. Quite repulsive. I date eastern european women. They are quite lovely. The sad thing for your western women is you don't know you are now repulsive to good men like me and you wonder why we don't want to deal with your repulsive characters any more. You are that stupid.

  • @peternolan1109 Okay, so now you're talking about the woman you date... what does that have to do with anything I said or even anything in your previous comment? That's just like a man to change the subject when he knows he is wrong. Btw, if you call yourself a "good" man, bashing woman like you're doing, I really feel sorry for the woman desperate enough to date you.

  • @flutterby3211 Ah sweetie...some more shaming language. Your rationalisation hamster is running overtime. You are merely giving the young men here a wonderful example of a woman throwing out 'dissimulation' as Shopenhauer called it in his essay 'on women'. The point is that you are obnoxious and unpleasant in your personality. Something many western women are now. And THAT is why I date eastern women. They are NOT obnoxious and unpleasant to be around.

  • @peternolan1109 I don't think you understand that I really don't give a shit about what kind of woman you date. No one does. And I don't care what you call me, because this isn't about me. You made a sexist comment on a video and I was merely defending the other side. If you have to bash me, change the subject, and use examples from Shopenhauer, then you clearly don't even understand the point I was trying to make. I feel sorry for you. MEN vs WOMAN was your argument, not East vs West... JS.

  • @flutterby3211 Ah yes Sweetie. Just like most western women you can't shut up and you continue to try the dissimulation of which Shopenhauer speaks. All young men are well advised to read his essay 'on women'. Now you try 'you made a sexist comment'. Really? The truth is now sexist? Asking a question is now sexist? This is the crap you western women peddle. My comment is there for all to see. And your crap is also there for all to see. @Young Men? You get married? You could get a 'flutterby'.

  • @peternolan1109 Is sweetie the only thing in your vocabulary? Because you've started every comment by calling me that... and it's really creepy. I've decided I'm going to ignore anything you say about Eastern and Western woman because it has nothing to do with why I replied to your comment in the first place. The truth isn't sexist, you are. To all of your facts, there are reasons. Men commit crimes and are dumb enough to get caught; knock woman up then leave them; are too lazy to get jobs.. etc

  • @flutterby3211 Oh sweetie. You just can't shut up can you. You just have to go on and on and on. @Young men? You get married? You could end up with a woman like flutterby. When you tell her the truth? She will call you sexist. As you young men can see? My comment is the #1 comment on this video. Young men are starting to realise how sexist and discriminatory women are and they are upvoting such comments. GREAT. Tell all your mates!

  • @peternolan1109 Well now you're just repeating things you've already said :) "you could end up with a flutterby" "you tell the truth and you're sexist" "you just cant shut up"... read you're previous comments, it might help you. But I can see you've run out of things to say, looks like I won this one. Nice match, "mate". We MUST do it again sometime<3

  • @flutterby3211 Ah Sweetie. So predictable. So like a western woman. Totally, utterly and completely handed your arse on a platter in an 'argument' but you 'declare victory' and try to make out the lie you somehow proved anything other than you are stupid. @Young men. Keep in mind. You get married you might get a woman like flutterby. Just look at what she wrote and ask yourself if you want to be married to someone who spouts shit like this.

  • @peternolan1109 Lmao, you make me laugh. Still repeating the same shit that has no meaning. If you weren't so sexist, I'd actually like you. @Young men; he's right though, don't marry someone like me. You should totally be like Peter and date amazing "Eastern" women for the rest of your life. Although, he only does that because he can't even keep a girlfriend. So it's up to you, if this guy Peter is your role model and you like him so much, be just like him. You'll end up alone and pathetic.

  • @flutterby3211 Sweetie. You are using all the programmed shaming langauge. "he can't even keep a girlfriend" and "You'll end up alone and pathetic". Standard fare. My two longest term favs moved on when they realised that I would not be their 'walking wallet' for the rest of their lives. 'Keeping a girlfriend' is synonymous with 'keeping a leech'. Neither is something I want to do. Lonely? You should try being married. Very lonely. I LOVE my solitude. I love the company of my real friends.

  • @peternolan1109 Oh... what's that? You've had 2 long terms and they dumped you because they were gold diggers? How can that be? I mean, I thought you said your Eastern women were AMAZING. If they were so amazing, you'd be with one right now. I just feel sorry for you. You've obviously never felt real love and that's why you're sexist and call all girls leeches. You enjoy your solitude, because not all woman are the same... and you're missing out.

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  • The irony here is that in his situation, he almost certainly would've had WiFi, and easily could've used the Verizon iPhone for the exact same thing he did in that commercial.

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  • @flutterby3211 Ah sweetie. You just can't shut up can you. EEW are just fantasic. They STILL want what all women want though. 'Babies and money'. And they were very honest and open about that. You western women are total liars about wanting 'babies and money sans man'. As for 'love'? LOL! Women are not capable of love as men understand it. More men are learning this. Western women are liars and hypocrites in the main. More men are learning this.

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