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 7/12/2011 10:00 PM
 Modified By host  on 7/12/2011 4:01:31 AM
  • Saturday
    • Peter i can see where you are coming from with the courts but you must remember that not all women are like that and i disagree with all your statements stating that i am one of the women. 
      I came from a 13 year abusive relationship with a male he also abused my son after i had left the marriage. I was scared for a good 12 months that this man was going to murder me and my son but i didn't stop him seeing his son.
      His son lived with him for a couple of years before realizing what sort of person he was.
      I suffered at the hands of this man and so did my son. I had done nothing to him to deserve the treatment he gave me.
      I didn't go to the courts i paid child support to him and he used it to buy drugs.
      When my son came to live with me i had to go and buy him new clothes to go to school in. I couldn't send him to school the first day cause his trouser where ripped and had holes in them his shoes were too small for him and all this time i had been paying his father to buy these things for him while i struggled to have food in the cupboard.

      So don't tell me that i am one of these western women that you call liars and have everything given to them. Cause i know different and i know that i am not the only one that has been in this situation.
      Get your facts right before you sprout your mouth off. And please stop calling women that reply to your notes on her bitches. Just proves to me what sort of man you are not a very nice one.
      Think about it.
  • 20 hours ago
    Peter Nolan
    • xxxxxxxxx,
      " not all women are like that"

      This is the most pathetic excuse women have. Please try it over here.

      Virtually ALL western women condone the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion and theft. This has been proven. I'm really not interested in any more women telling me lies.

      Fix up the crimes you women are committing...then get back to me...

      And also sort yourselves out as per my notice to women.

      I've talked to thousands of women xxxxxxx...they are all full of the same shit.

      It's like talking to tape recorders who don't know they all say the same thing.

  • 13 hours ago
    • I don't like being called a liar Peter. If you cant take the truth as the truth then you have some major problems. You seem not to be able to accept that some women are not like others. It is the same with men.
      Perhaps you should open your mind a bit more and listen to the shit that women are saying to you if you have heard it all before.

      Fix up the crimes you women are committing.

      You mean the way the women get the kids in divorce and how they get everything. Is that what you are against. Can you please expand on this.
  • about a minute ago
    Peter Nolan
    • xxxxxxxxx,
      If you do not like being called a liar than I recommend you do not condone women committing perjury and you do not condone extortion, kidnapping, theft and child abuse. To remain silent is to condone these crimes.

      You may also wish to read my notice to the ladies. You women have claimed equality for 40 years yet I can not find ONE group of women IN THE WORLD campaigning against the ‘oppression’ of under representation in these 6 categories. Nor can I find ONE group of women willing to run courts and juries to fairly and justly try women who commit crimes against men. If you know of such groups? Please show me.


      Western women are liars and hypocrites in the main. If you are not a liar and a hypocrite then you would not be in the least bit concerned by me saying that. You would simply say “I am one who is not”. And then I would ask you if you are willing to sit organise yourself and other women to create juries to put women on trial who commit crimes like my ex did. And, of course, if you do not take immediate action to do that you would have to accept that you are a liar and hypocrite.

      You women claimed ‘equality’. Yet you have refuse to act on this for 40 years in areas where being ‘equal’ to men is detrimental. You want all the ‘privileges’ of the top 10% of men but none of the dis-advantages of the other 90% of men.

      Your lies and hypocrisy is being exposed. All there is to do is to accept it and then decide whether you women will do anything about it. Because us men ARE doing something about it.

      So please do not waste my time until you have organised courts and juries of WOMEN ONLY. You can talk to John Wilson who would be only to happy to accept women nominations for jury members. Remember. I have said I am quite happy to see all women juries as lower courts and for them to issue remedy instructions on the basis that they would like to see us men issue the SAME remedy for the same crime.

      Best regards 

New Post
 7/12/2011 10:38 PM
and a bit more...

    • And then I would ask you if you are willing to sit organise yourself and other women to create juries to put women on trial who commit crimes like my ex did. 

      this is the part iam not sure you are wanting women to do. 
      please explain what you are talking about.
  • 2 minutes ago
    Peter Nolan
    • xxxxxxx. 

      I have explained this until I am blue in the face. You women simply WILL NOT LISTEN and WILL NOT ACT.

      I invited the assembled 300 women on the Irish Free Man Group in October 2009 to put my ex on trial for the crimes she committed on the basis that I would accept the remedy they issued on the basis that NO IRISH MAN would be more harshly punished in the future.

      Remember. In a trial the Accsuer does NOT get to say what the remedy is as the presumption is that the accuser has a conflict of interest. The accuser merely gets to present the evidence, under oath, nothing more, nothing less. The accuser might be asked questions by the jury and is to answer those questions under oath.

      The accused is required to rebut the allegations or admit guilt. The jury might ask the accused as to extenuating circumstances.

      It is then the role of the JURY to decide innocence or guilt and the JURY to decide the remedy instruction.

      I asked EXCLUSIVELY WOMEN to create said court and offer me a remedy on the basis of ‘equal before the law’ and they REFUSED. Only three of 300 stepped forward and one of them was verbally ‘abused’ by other women for being willing to do so. How about that?

      So. You can read in this document (link below) that I have OPENLY PROPOSED WOMEN ONLY COURTS AND JURIES as a lower court. And if the man is satisfied with the remedy instruction he has NO NEED to go to the higher court.

      I refuse to accept women on the jury of the highest court because they have PROVEN they are highly sexist, discriminatory and biased. They have PROVEN they can not be impartial.

      For the women to develop their track record of fair and just decisions? They are going to have to ‘play in second grade’ for a while. 

      Diana Bryant just this week claimed no mother should ever be punished for perjury. You think us men accept that you women are honest when the chief justice of the family court says that? No xxxxxxxxx. We don not accept you are honest. Perjury is a crime and must be remedied on an ‘equal before the law’ basis.

      Now. If you wish? You can go and organise your women only juries. Should you do that? I will use your courts as a lower court to the mens court. I have cases against Louise Henderson and Julia Gillard that I would be quite happy to put before an ALL WOMENS COURT as long as I have the right to appeal the remedy instruction. 

      But if the womens court gives me a remedy instruction that I find fair and just? I will have no need for the appeal and women will have won one point in the credibility stakes to go up against their endless lies these last few years.

      Best Regards 

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