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 11/15/2011 10:46 PM
 Modified By host  on 11/15/2011 6:00:13 AM

Dear Ladies,
I have created this post to make it easy for me to just send the link to you.

Some women are wishing to register to my site. This is fine. My site is NOT a 'free speech' zone it's a site for moderated speech and I am the moderator.

Some women tell me 'I want to help'. To these women I say the following.

Over the last 2.5 years I have asked, quite literally, HUNDREDS of women I know personally to assist me. By extension across forums I have asked THOUSANDS, if not more than TEN THOUSAND women to 'help' in the cause of stopping the planned culling of the population starting with stopping the crimes happening in the family courts so men are less distracted.

Of all the women I've asked? A small handful have made a few public comments condeming the crimes of women in the family court. The relative effort for the relative 'help' has been 100x unjustified. I had thought in the beginning that help would be forthcoming. I was sadly mistaken. Western women are playing gender politics 110% of the time. I think that's sad.

So those of you who come along and want to 'help' now? Please take it up with the thousands and thousands of women who refused to that they ruined your credibility in my eyes for you.

Edit: 2011-02-26. Ladies. I have updated my position. I am tired of talking to women who claim 'equality' but are not actually working on achieving it. My position is now this:

"Until women are 51% of war dead, workplace dead, homeless, incarcerated, alimony payers and child support payers. Until women have given meaningful remedy for all the crimes their sisters have committed with false allegations (perjury) and stealing mens kids and the child abuse that is. I don't want to talk to you. If you are not PERSONALLY campaigning for these things? I label you the liar and hypocrite you are."

Now. That said? If you really want to help? You can do these things.

  • You can download all my documents on being sovereign.
  • You can learn how to be sovereign.
  • You can learn how to fairly and justly try women for their crimes against men.
  • You can write letters to the Julia Gillard and demand that all the misandry in the media is removed.
  • You can write letters to each premier in Australia and demand that the unlawful and slanderous domestic violence law that unjustly states words to the effect 'domestic violence is predominantly committed by men against women and children'.
  • You can publicly denounce any woman committing crimes or openly lying, just like men do.

Ladies? You have decided for yourselves to destroy your credibility by allowing women to commit perjury with impunity for nearly 30 years now. You have only yourselves to blame for men not trusting you any more in such large numbers.

If you wish to restore your credibility you will create de jour common law courts and you will give any man who is willing to bring evidence and an affidavit to you of a crime committed against him an opportunity to have a fair and just trial of the perpertrator of the crime. If you should find her guilty you may issue a Remedy Instruction. What us men will do is use your Remedy Instruction as our guide to how we will punish men who commit crimes of a similar nature.

  • If you do not punish a woman who commits perjury? We will not punish a man who commits perjury.
  • If you do not punish a woman who strikes a man in anger? We will not punish a man who stikes a woman in anger.
  • If you do not punish a woman who kidnaps a mans children? We will not punish a man who kidnaps a womans children.

We are going to do "men and women are equal before the law". You are invited to get in first and prove to us your credibility. Should you refuse? Well? Men would rightly rate your credibility very lowely.

Further. Women now hold 50% of the jobs in the US. They are approaching 50% of jobs elsewhere as well. They use the force of guvment to inflict themselves on hapless employers. Well? You want equality in the workplace? We insist on a little bit of equality campaigning here as well:

  1. War dead...currently 98% men
  2. Workplace dead...currently 93% men.
  3. Homeless....currently 90% men.
  4. Incarcerated....currently 90% men.
  5. Alimony payers....does ANY woman pay alimony other than Britney Spears?
  6. Child support payers....98% men.

Until I see women out in the street waving their placards for 'equality' in these areas as well? I will give western women no credibility and no respect at all.

And not until women are 51% of each of these groups will I allow a woman to sit at my table as my equal. You demanded 'equality'? Well? There it is. Make those numbers 'equal' or be called the liars and hypocrites you are.

How DARE you women claim equality when the war dead and workplace dead for the last 10,000 years has been so predominantly men?

How DARE you show so little respect for these men who willingly died for you?

Well? You showed so little respect for these men? Let's see YOU go out and get yourselves dead to 'protect the men and children'.

We always hear about 'protect the women and children' but we don't hear about 'protect the men and children'. And that's just not equal.

Once you ladies have done all this and cleaned up the mess you decided to be complicit in making? THEN I might let you talk on my site. Until then? You know what you have to do. You have to actually BE equal before you can claim 'equality' if you do not want to be called a hypocrite.

By the way? You women seem to have a real bee in your bonnet about 'equality'. You are not equal to us men and you would be happier if you would just accept that. You are different to us men, and by the way? We like that difference. We can't have babies. You can't do any job better than men on average. Not one. The only jobs women can do better than men on average is give birth and breast feed. And all us men accept you are vastly superior to us in the birthing and breast feeding stakes. We don't try to compete with you there. Why are you trying to compete with us everywhere else?

In the near future I will be releasing a book written via myself. It will show men how to rescind their consent to be governed. This will mean you will lose the coersive power of the state to abuse men. I suggest that women would do well to start mending the rift they have been so want to collaborate in creating as soon as possible.

I have recommended that to MANY women but they keep attacking us men instead.

Well? I am writing the book that will neuter your attack. When that happens? If women haven't already made HUGE inroads to making up for their crimes these last 40 years? Men are going to clean that up for you. And they might not be as nice as me about it.

Now. Do as you will Ladies. Your men are watching and they will judge you based on your actions. Not your words.
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