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 9/1/2014 5:04 AM
Bill Price proving what a simp he is again.  I am reading this off a script which is in the link in the drop down box so you can read this or listen to this as you please.

Bill Price had a real opportunity to do something great with the spearhead 6 years or so ago when he founded it. It was the one place in the man-o-sphere that ALL the serious writers flocked to and it had a huge readership by the standards of the day. So I spent a couple of years over there trying to get those morons to listen to the truth. As usual they did the "circular firing squad" thing and lots of men attacked me and lied about me and criticised me.

In the end I was banned.....or at least I think I was...I can't remember. I might have only been put on moderate and I generally do not speak in places where I am moderated. I haven't been following Spearhead closely for some time since Bill has decided he is not interested in helping fix the issues for men....but rather he is interested in talking about the problems.

Anyway? One of the young men I know brought this comment from this article to my attention. And I thought it was worth a comment. I put a comment on the article itself and I am making this video to post to twitter, fb and the mens rights facebook just to make sure this simping by Bill Price does not go unnoticed. 

So. Bill Price is teaching young men so be simps again. If you take a look on this link

You will see this comment.

I also have to say that I’m not too impressed by her boyfriend, Eron Gjoni.Sharing all the intimate details instead of sticking to the basic facts of a failed relationship is bad form. It’s a high school level of self-indulgence. For those readers who might be tempted to do the same, don’t. It’s best not to name names, post photos, publicly air text messages or trash the other party, even if they are in the wrong, because it reflects poorly on you.

So you young men should consider this. Bill Price says that when a woman makes a false rape allegation, or commits perjury in the family courts to steal your kids and your house you should just SHUT UP about that because if you do not that “reflects poorly on you”.

That position is called aiding and abetting known criminals and it also qualifies for shaming language because he is trying to SHAME MEN who stand up to criminal women publicly.

If you do not believe me? Then click on this link.

ARE CRIMINALS, he would do a whole article on me criticising me for exposing a false rape accuser, Rachel Cassidy.

Nearly a year later in the Rachel Cassidy case NO

What does that mean? It means that Rachel Cassidy WAS the woman in the video. That she DID make a false rape allegation. And that the university and police LIED to COVER UP THE FACTS OF THE MATTER. And we all know that university staff and police LIE A LOT OF THE TIME. No one with a brain would believe anything a rad fem university professor would say…and COPS? Come on?! They lie more than used car salesmen.

I was 99% sure Rachel Cassidy was the woman in question when I decided to publish the story. That the story got picked up and went viral was GREAT. Now? I am 110% sure the woman was Rachel Cassidy because of the lack of denial on an affidavit.

So..while Bill Price tells you young men that you should not criticise criminal women publicly? Bill Price publicly criticised me for exposing a criminal woman.

And Bill Price calls feminists? Hypocrites?! Give me a break.

Next. Try this article by Al Martin.

Al Martin publicly slanders me with the full support of Paul Elam and Dean Esmay so as to try and convince young men like you that you should not listen to me. They even have a picture of a crazy guy in a straight jacket on the top of the article. A guy who is NOT ME and has NOTHING TO DO WITH ME. But there he is, right? This is called “propaganda”. To slander and paint a negative picture based on no facts at all that grabs at your emotion and is not a presentation of evidence for your logic and reason to consider. The whole article is a grab at your emotions. “Peter is a danger to himself and everyone else” the headline screams. And yet? In the article? There is no presentation of any evidence that suggests I an a danger to anyone, not even myself.

Gee…who else uses emotional headlines with unrelated highly emotive pictures in the article to grab attention and grab at emotions to bypass logic and reason.

WOMEN…especially feminist women. Just look at any womens magazines.

So here is the #1 Mens Rights site in the
US doing a slander and hatchet job on me. Surely Bill Price would have something to say about THAT, right? After all? Slander is a crime, right?

Nope. Bill Price was as silent as a church mouse as the largest mens rights site “reflected poorly on itself and all men” by committing a crime against another man.

So..young men…if you want to be a simp like Bill Price and take the position that it is ONLY WOMEN that people should not expose as criminals? Be my guest. Go right ahead. Of course many of you who hear this
ARE such simps you WILL take Bill Prices hypocritical advice to never criticise a woman, not even a criminal woman.

But just notice that Bill Price has NO PROBLEMS criticising an honest man of honour and integrity who is exposing criminal women.

MAN. Nope…no comment on that.

So you young men make up your own mind what you will do in your life. Will you be a beta, loser, simp who allows women to commit crimes and will to be too afraid to denounce such criminals?

Or will you be an alpha, winner
MAN who speaks his mind fearlessly? Will you be an honest man of honour and integrity?

I can assure you? If you choose the latter? You will be in the tiny minority like me. But it is a minority worth being in because I can look in the mirror and admire the man I see for his character.

Bill Price can’t.

Thanks for listening.

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