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 2/28/2013 5:06 PM
This email is going out to the identified 3,112 email addresses that were the result of the initial mailing to over 6,000 email addresses. We had duplicates and bounces that brought the unique number of email addresses down to 3,112.
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 2/28/2013 5:06 PM
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I apologise for interrupting your busy day but I am confident you will wish to hear this momentous news.

I am writing to you to inform you of momentous changes that are now taking place around the world.

This is news of global importance. I am doing my level best to make sure that this news is put into the public space.

This email is going to 3,112 confirmed email addresses. This includes but is not limited to:
  • US Congresspersons
  • US Senators
  • US Governors
  • Members of the Canadian Parliament
  • Members of the Irish Parliament
  • Members of the UK Parliament
  • Members of the EU Parliament
  • Members of the Australian Parliament
  • Members of the New Zealand Parliament
  • As many of the worlds press as we could find email addresses for
  • Other sundry groups where we have been able to find lists of their emails

I would very much appreciate your effort if you would let your colleagues know about this email and the links in it.

1. Joseph Ratzinger and Elizabeth Windsor found guilty of crimes against humanity

In November 2012 I sent this email list an email to inform you that Joseph Ratzinger and Elizabeth Windsor, better known as The Pope and Queen Elizabeth II, were to be put on trial for crimes against humanity.

This email is to inform you that Joseph Ratzinger and Elizabeth Windsor have now been put on trial by a properly convened court of competent jurisdiction called The International Common Law Court of Justice. This is a court formed by The International Tribunal on the Crimes of Church and State. The ITCCS.

Naturally there is a great deal of information to now be released by ITCCS. Those of you who receive this email might wish to start with the next link. The link announces the Guilty verdict and announces the juries decision for a prison sentence of 25 years without the possibility of parole for both Joseph Ratzinger and Elizabeth Windsor. This is a momentous event and is spreading via the alternative news channels like wildfire.

28 other parties were found guilty of crimes against humanity. All have received the same sentence. 25 years. No parole.

All parties refused to defend themselves. The applicable maxim of law is "silence is consent". The crown courts all apply this maxim and will put people on trial ex-parte. So Joseph Ratzinger and Elizabeth Windsor can have no complaints as they have agreed that their courts apply this ex-parte rule for criminals who refuse to show up to trial.

Indeed, these two people apply the ex-parte principal in family courts to fathers who are not even told the hearing is happening and have no knowledge of the hearing. Under "do unto others" both Joseph Ratzinger and Elizabeth Windsor have agreed that they can be put on trial in their absence.

Should you wish to visit the video channel for the information presented I recommend you go to this you tube channel.

This trial and the guilty verdict have been a major contributor to the resignation of the Pope who has had his last day in office.

If you wish more information I direct you to the ITCCS Website.

I am keeping the email messages being sent by Kevin Annett to his email list on the link below. If you wish to read what he has sent out in recent times then you are welcome to click on this link.

What has been demonstrated by
The International Tribunal on the Crimes of Church and State in convening The International Common Law Court of Justice is this.

In the face of the blatant refusal of the various agents of the governments around the world to perform their delegated tasks, we the people, reserve the right to form proper common law courts of competent jurisdiction and to place on trial any man or woman who is properly accused of crimes.

We the people reserve the right to then issue instructions to our servants, police and correctional facilities staff, to seize and imprison guilty parties according to the decision of a properly convened court of competent jurisdiction.

Should our servants, the police and correctional facilities staff, refuse to do as they are instructed by those of us who are paying them to do so, we the people reserve the right to perform "citizen arrests" and place guilty parties into the care of correctional facilities staff.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The age of agents of government refusing to perform the jobs they are paid to do, maintain the rule of law, are over. Those of you who have committed crimes and thought you would be protected might start thinking about how you might confess to your crimes, beg forgiveness, and make remedy for the crimes you have committed.

Those of you who have committed crimes will know in your heart that you have done so. You are best advised to turn over a new leaf and start to be honest now. Because we have now proven that we can put even The Pope and Queen Elizabeth on trial and gain a lawful guilty verdict.

If you want to watch a very good video about honesty and how the best result is achieved by admitting your crimes and turning over a new leaf after making remedy I suggest you click here. 

Disclaimer: I am not a member of the ITCCS and I did not participate in this process. I am simply a man with an email list of 3,112 email addresses who is letting you know about this momentous occasion. I am a vocal supporter of ITCCS and Kevin Annett.

2. Crimes Against Fathers Global Website

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The achievements of The International Tribunal on the Crimes of Church and State have profound implications on other areas of social life in the western English speaking world.

The main area of which is the issue of the criminal abuse of fathers and children via the unlawful so called "Family Courts" that have been put into place by the agents of the governments in the western English speaking world. Some other non English speaking countries have similar issues but I do not speak their languages so I will not speak for them.

Kevin Annett has said words to the effect: "The International Tribunal on the Crimes of Church and State is the spark that we hope will set fire to others to step up to taking on the powers that be where they can."

Many tens of millions of men, perhaps as many as one hundred million men, in the western English speaking world have been victims of the unlawful "Family Law Courts". I am one more such victim of this criminal cartel. However, I was a very poorly selected victim since I was willing to take the fight back to the agents of the government involved.

I have established the global website "Crimes Against Fathers". You can find the global portal on this link.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
We fathers are tired of our children being stolen and abused by their mothers. We are tired of our houses being stolen by women who professed to love us when we bought these houses and laboured so hard to pay for them and maintain them.

We are tired of the crime of extortion masquerading as "Alimony" and "Child Support". We are tired of those who professed to love us destroying our businesses. We are tired of those who professed to love us driving us into poverty. We are tired of those who professed to love us so criminally abusing so many of us that they drive tens of thousands of us to suicide every year.

We are tied of the agents of the government and the criminals in the so called "Family Law Courts" providing the force of criminal thugs with guns, tasers and cages called police causing us injury, harm and loss for no better reason than the pretence of satisfying the unsatisfiable greed of so many mothers when we know the real agenda is to victimise men so they will not stand up against you criminals who are agents of government.

We are tired of the likes of 95% vs 5% asset split after an 18 year marriage where the woman did not work for 16 years of that marriage against the mans expressed non consent. You made it clear to us men that 5% is the new 50%. We object.

We are tired of the slander and lies. We are tired of the lie of "dead beat dads". We are tied of the the lie that "all men are potential wife beaters" and "all men are potential rapists" and "all men are potential child abusers". This is no more true than "all women are potential prostitutes".  Potential does not mean ACTUAL.

Some men are wife beaters. Some men are rapists. Some men are child abusers. But many MORE women are prostitutes. Maybe us men should be saying so more often, eh? We are tired of your "shaming language". We will no longer tolerate it.

In the face of the endless criminal victimisation of fathers and the betrayal of us fathers by our women folk when we have asked them politely and professionally to stop their crimes against us and hold women accountable for their crimes: I have called for ALL fathers who wish to stand up for truth, justice, freedom, and equality before the law for men and women to join the CAF portal for the land he lives on.

To date many men have not joined because they can not believe that it would be possible to put these criminals masquerading as "Family Court Judges" on trial and get a result.

The International Tribunal on the Crimes of Church and State has PROVEN that NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.

Not The Pope. Not The Queen. Not a Prime Minister. And most certainly not a "family court judge".

In the light of this momentous achievement by The International Tribunal on the Crimes of Church and State I again repeat, and make louder and wider my call: 


Please, for the sake of the children of your land, join the Crimes Against Fathers portal for your country and make OATH that you will extend the protection of the law to your fellow fathers so that they can guard their children against ALL who would do their children harm.

We most especially want to protect our children from mothers who have shown in their tens of millions that they are willing to use their own children as weapons against their own fathers and are willing to injure their children emotionally and mentally FOR LIFE for their own personal gain. No one can deny this is what has been going on.

On this email list are MANY MEN who are fathers. Men who are politicians who are supporting these crimes in the "Family Law Courts" are just as liable to become a victim of a lying criminal woman in those courts. On this email list are fire MEN, and police MEN and MEN who are reporters. You men are JUST AS LIKELY to become the victim of the criminals in the "Family Law Courts" as the next man.  Remember. In order to get in to the "Family Law Courts" the woman who professed to love you has to betray your love and your trust. She has to break her VOW of "until death do us part" in most cases.

Tens of millions of women have already broken their marriage vows for personal gain. Virtually ALL the other women stand by and let this happen. You know this to be true because you have seen it with your own eyes. No man on this list can deny what is happening in the criminal "Family Law Courts". You are turning a blind eye and you are just as likely to be next.

I call on ALL FATHERS to take a leaf out of Kevin Annett's book and be willing to stand up not only for those children who have already been killed or abused by their mothers but also for those children who WILL be killed or abused by their mothers if fathers are denied their natural role of being the GUARDIAN of their children by criminals masquerading as "Family Court Judges". "Judges" who use thugs and unlawful violence and force to violate a fathers right to be the GUARDIAN of his children.

We will be forming common law courts of competent jurisdiction very similar to The International Common Law Court of Justice. If you are a father who has been criminally victimised and you do not join then you can have no complaint. If you are a father who has not been criminally victimised and do not join and one day you are criminally victimised? You can have no complaint.

I hold the opinion that serving on a jury is an OBLIGATION for a father. I hold the opinion that you are OBLIGED to provide the protection of the law to ALL the people of your land. And when the agents of government that you pay with your tax money are not doing this job then you have the OBLIGATION to stop paying those who are not doing their jobs and do their job properly until you can find more reliable servants.

If you, as a father, did not do your job properly you would expect to be fired. Well? Your politicians and legal fraternity are not doing their jobs properly. Fire them. Stop paying them. Do their jobs properly until you can find more reliable servants and a new way of ensuring the rule of law and a path to justice. Crimes Against Fathers is a part of that remedy.

The qualifications for registering are on the front page of each portal.

Here are the country portals for you to select from. Please notice we have women's portals and we are proposing that women can choose to form all women's juries in all women's courts should they so please.


Republic of Ireland

3. Mens Business Association

Ladies and Gentlemen,
A part of the momentous changes that are taking place is a rapid global awakening that our governments have been colluding in criminal acts for many years. All across the world people are starting to realise "politicians are not just incompetent as we thought, there are many criminals among them". Today, many around the world mistake your crimes of collusion for mere incompetence.

How many people have said "I can not believe how incompetent these politicians and bankers are" over the last 5 years?

Those of us who are awake realise that the vast majority of people who are the agents of the government are not incompetent at all. They are criminals and they know they are criminals. I have PROVEN this in my own cases with the Irish and Australian agents of government. I have also addressed the issue of the criminality of the global legal system being known and supported by vast numbers of those of you who hold political office as well as many police.

Those of us who are awake know and understand that the monetary system, legal system and therefore political systems, are criminal in nature. Slowly but surely more and more people will wake up to this fact and they will no longer believe the propaganda that is pumped out 24x7 by the compliant media.

In the coming years there will be many initiatives started so that those people who want to leave the current criminally corrupt monetary system, legal system and political systems may do so.

I am the founder of one such initiative. I have called this "The Mens Business Association".  I have offered to run the Womens Business Association if women would pay me to do so. Women have so far indicated they do not want to pay me, and they are welcome to make me an offer if they change their minds.

The Mens Business Association will provide the ability for men to leave the existing political and legal systems and perform their business activities, in whole or in part, outside the jurisdiction of any government and inside the jurisdiction of the Mens Business Association.

We will have our own MBA Law Courts, Contracts, Passports, Bank, Money/currency, Peace Officers, Private Investigators, Residency Permits, Work Permits and associated web sites to be able to trade with each other globally while also being able to provide the protection of the law to all associates.

All honest men of honour and integrity are welcome to register their interest in becoming an MBA associate.

This is an introduction as to how the MBA will work.

4. Preparations for World War III

Ladies and Gentlemen,
My last point is, perhaps, the most important one. Many agents of various governments have been making preparations for vast levels of civil unrest that look suspiciously like preparations for World War III. Many who do not know what is happening will write that statement off as "crazy talk". Just like they called the idea of putting the Pope and Queen Elizabeth on trial "crazy talk" less  than a year ago.

All over the English speaking world we are seeing the police militarised based on the LIE of "protecting us from terrorists".

Everyone who has looked into it knows that 911 was an inside job. Everyone who is awake knows Osama Bin Laden was a CIA asset. Everyone who even checks out what regular beat police on foot patrol in their area are wearing knows that the police are being militarised and that they are carrying automatic weapons to intimidate people and get people used to seeing heavily armed police in the streets.

Ordinary police officers walking around shopping centres and food courts are carrying automatic weapons like 10 "terrorists" are going to leap out and try and bomb the food court. All over the world those who are pointing out this militarization of police and crimes of agents of the government are being reclassified as "domestic terrorists" in preparation for being able to indefinitely detain these people without trial.

Those of us who have kept a keen eye on the situation over many years and can remember what a "beat peace officer" looked like 40 years ago can see the preparations for tyranny and oppression. Around our schools we see high and unscalable fences being erected while the football pitches, and cricket pitches and tennis courts fall into ruin. We see CCTV being placed into schools to ensure children get used to the idea of being under 24x7 surveillance from a young age. We are seeing school children under electronic surveillance. 

It is all sold as "for your protection" when it is quite clearly preparations for a total surveillance society the likes of which George Orwell so frighteningly described. A surveillance society that Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Amin, Pot and others could only dream of having.

So this email also brings this to the attention of all who are receiving it. Look around you. Look at the preparations for the total surveillance society. Look at the preparations to being able to record your every word, every movement. This is not for your benefit.

For example. In most countries you need to show id to buy a pre-paid sim card for a mobile phone. What is the justification? Because "terrorists" might get a mobile phone and we might not be able to find them. The very idea that a "terrorist" would not be able to find someone to get them a sim card in such a way as not to be found really IS "crazy talk".

At every turn we are told "we are watching you for your protection". Every person reading this is well advised to remember what Benjamin Franklin is alleged to have said:

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Given that many brave men have gone to great lengths to prove that agents in our governments are committing criminal acts and are using the judiciary to protect them from prosecution for those crimes, every man who reads these words is well advised to ask the question:

"Is it possible that the agents of the government are not our friends and that they are lying to us about securing our safety via the total surveillance society?"

And does not the fact that when agents of the government are PROVEN to have committed crimes against men and the judiciary PROTECTS those agents of government lend very considerable weight to the argument that agents of the government are NOT our friends? For if the agents of the government WERE our friends would they not hold to account criminals among their number?

Those of us who are awake can see the preparations for World War III are well under way. We can see the total surveillance society is well underway. We are telling each and every one of you with this email to "look around with your eyes open" and you will see this too.

Many who read this email will have been made promises as to your benefits for supporting the "New World Order". No matter what reward you might have been promised, if World War III starts all bets will be off. It will be "every man for himself". No one will protect you or your family. There will be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide for the vast majority. All "promises" will be broken. As many of you receiving this email are politicians or reporters who cover politics the idea of "broken promises" is no stranger to you.

The only solution is to make sure World War III does not happen. As far as I know the only way to do that is to have Common Law Courts of Justice, both domestically and Internationally, exactly as has been created by the The International Tribunal on the Crimes of Church and State.

We must put on trial those who are properly accused of crimes and remove them from positions of public service.

We must then start to dismantle this total surveillance society and global military industrial complex that has been built over the last 70 years. For if we do not do this there is a very real chance that a very major conflict will break out. Many of the innocent children of our lands will perish in such a war.

No promises of benefits for any person receiving this email are worth the lives of these innocent children. Their blood will be on the hands of any man or woman receiving this email who refused to answer the call of supporting the creation of courts of competent jurisdiction. Is that how you would like to be remembered? Failing the children of your land?

Best regards

Your brother
Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)
aka. Joschua-Brandon: Boehm(c)

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