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 8/11/2012 10:53 AM
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Ladies and Gentlemen,

1. Introduction.

My apologies for interrupting your busy day. I am writing this as an email rather than a letter in PDF so that you do not even have to click on a PDF.

This email is also being posted to this link on our global Crimes Against Fathers (CAF) site.

I will keep this brief and the links in this email will take you through to much more detailed information.

My calling is Peter-Andrew of the Nolan family of Wagga Wagga Australia. If you want to know more about me click this link.

2. Why Am I Writing to You?

Martin Luther King said “Injustice anywhere damages justice everywhere”.

Over the last 4.5 years I have faced a long line of criminal acts against me. So have many millions of other men. My injustices were committed by my wife, Jennifer Marguerite Toal and various members of the Australian and Irish Judiciary based on the lie that if the crime benefits a woman then it is ok to commit the crime against a man. The crimes included perjury, extortion, kidnapping, theft and child abuse.

This is perfectly ok. I am perfectly well able to deal with criminals who commit crimes against me. However, very early in the piece it became clear to me that “Judge Griffin” of the Irish Family Court was a criminal.

It did not take too long for me to realize that the entire “legal system” that is in use in the western world today is a criminal cartel.  Of course, those of you on this list, being politicians and close to politicians, know full well that the legal system is a criminal cartel and you have remained silent on this point.

This email is to make the point that there is no longer any way that the vast majority of the worlds politicians in the west can any longer deny that the legal system is a criminal cartel.

If you want to know what evidence I have for this? Then I recommend you click on this link.

This is my video from the Australian Federal Magistrates Court. The man at the front, David Dunkley, refuses to answer the question “are you serving under oath today”. He refused to do so TWICE meaning he was committing the crime of impersonating a magistrate. This was November 26th 2009. This information was handed to the Prime Minister and Attorney General of Australia in December 2009. It was handed to ALL federal politicians in April 2011.

The result of all this work is the FACT that all members of the Australian Parliament have been denounced as criminals and we are moving to create “The Peoples Courts of Australia” so as to put all members on trial and to remove them from office. Naturally they will not receive their pensions and may have much of their property taken from them in this process.

If anyone wants to read details of what we are doing in Australia then please click on this link.

Further. The criminal acts of the family court judge calling himself “Judge Griffin” in Ireland have now led to the position that all member of the Irish Government have now also been denounced as criminals and we are moving to create “The Peoples Courts of Ireland” to put all these criminals on trial as well. If you want to know more about the Irish situation please click here.

Full details are available in my free eBook called The Truth Be Told which you can retrieve from here. This is a book intended for young men telling them that they have been betrayed by their elders, especially politicians like those on this list.

Now. You might think “Well, this is only Australia and Ireland, what has this got to do with me?”

Let me explain to you what this has got to do with you.

I was recently in a court in Germany challenging a German Customs Officer to PROVE her claim that I was subject to the legislation of the Federal Republic of Germany. The Customs Officer was not only unable to prove this but given EIGHT MONTHS to prepare her case did not even try. The judge in question, who shall remain nameless due to his guilt, made the claim that he could ENFORCE UNDISCLOSED CONTRACTS ON ME. 

Do I need to remind any person receiving this email what happened the last time a German National Leader claimed he could use FORCE on members of the local german community even if the “contract” was not disclosed? Well? Do I need to remind anyone?

I strongly denied to the judge that he had any right to enforce undisclosed contracts, contracts I have not seen and not signed. The most concerning thing about this is that there were FOUR POLICE OFFICERS PRESENT and NONE of them noticed the German judge just said that he could ENFORCE SLAVERY.

Further, recently in Germany a judge declared that the STATE had jurisdiction over the penis of a small mulsim boy in preference TO HIS PARENTS. That is a judge declared that he/she could stop ALL jewish parents circumcising their sons. Naturally this has caused uproar in the muslim and Jewish communities in Germany. Do I need to remind ANYONE on this list what happened the last time a German leader supported the idea that the German state could violate the rights of jewish people? Really? Do I? Here is one link on this.

Further. In the UK we are now seeing the government lock up 85 year old World War II veterans like Norman Scarth for recording a court meeting. But as my video above PROVES it is LAWFUL to record court meetings no matter how much those who want them hidden claim that the meeting can not be recorded. That Norman Scarth was JAILED at the age of 85 for doing something that is LAWFUL shows that this cancer of criminality in the courts is evident in all English speaking countries as well as many others. Here is the DISGRACEFUL act of JUSTIFYING the jailing an 85 year old WAR HERO by the british guvments propaganda machine called the BBC. This article shows you the UTTER DISGRACE that the “legal system” is nw.

The injustices that are being perpetrated WORLDWIDE in the name of “justice” are many and varied.

They extend to the UNLAWFUL WARS in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now Syria. What is next? Iran?

There have been MANY calls by people to our SERVANTS in politics to stop these crimes. Our calls have fallen on deaf ears.

We have called on our POLICE OFFICERS to heed their oaths and to stop committing crimes and to help us stop the politicians and legal fraternity committing crimes. Our Police Officers have ALSO spurned our calls for them to live up to their oaths.

So I am writing to all you people on this list to give you the copy of my court room video and to tell you we KNOW that this is what is going on in court rooms all around the world.

We know that court rooms are full of criminals pretending to be judges and magistrates are committing criminal acts and all the while YOU POLITICIANS KNOW THIS IS HAPPENING.

The LAUGHABLE OBAMACARE decision by the US Supreme court demonstrated the criminality of the Supreme Court so clearly no thinking man can possibly think that any member of the Supreme Court of the US is not a criminal.

This email is to let you know that this level of injustice is happening in a VERY WIDESPREAD MANNER and that men like me are exposing you all as WILLING ACCOMPLICES.

There will be no way people on this list will be able to deny they got this email as I will post the email list here.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
you are faced with a choice. Continue to support the criminality of the “legal system” or join us to become one more person exposing the criminality of that system. What you no longer have a choice of is to try and deny you know the “legal system” is, at its core, a criminal cartel.

3. The World Passport and a Mans Right to Travel, live and work where he pleases, especially in ones ancestral homeland

Lastly. I wish to bring one more thing to your attention.

The World Passport and the inalienable right for a man to live and work where he pleases on GODS EARTH, especially in his ancestral homeland.

You politicians like to tell the lie that you have the right to violate the right of travel of other people. You tell the lie that “passports are for your protection”.

We know that ALL TERRORISM IS STATE SPONSORED and that those who control you politicians from behind the curtain use terrorism to scare people into accepting the legislation that you politicians so eagerly pass in order to control and oppress people. There is no way this can be denied any longer. No one of any significant intelligence believes the “official 9/11 story”. We know the “war on terrorism” is a fake. We know it is being used as an excuse to further oppress people. It is the worst kept secret of this decade.

So we are letting you know. ALL MEN have the right to travel and live and work where ever they want on GODS GREEN EARTH. You politicians in guvment have NO RIGHT to issue such a thing as a “work permit” or “residency permit” because YOU DO NOT OWN THE EARTH. No one of any intelligence believes you are working to the best benefit of the people. We know you are working to the best benefit your mates in the banks and beyond.

A man has an inalienable right to work and to live and to provide for his family should he wish to and this can not be violated by ANY agent of any guvment. But that surely does not stop you from trying, does it!

The World Passport is one of the most important symbols of freedom of a man in the world. It is the symbol that a man is free to travel so long as he does so within the standards of the community he is traveling in. When in a muslim land be respectful of Islam. When in a Christian land, be respectful of Christianity. When in a Hindu land, be respectful of Hinduism.

Here is a link to the World Passport so that you know what one looks like.

I have one of these and so do almost every world leader. You might want to order one.

The reason I bring up the World Passport as such an important document is this.

I have challenged David Cameron and Angela Merkel to PROVE they have ANY RIGHT to have their guvment agents violate my right of travel and to refuse to accept the World Passport at their self defined “border patrol”. Both have failed to produce ANY EVIDENCE that they can violate my right of travel. That means the right of ANY man to travel. I have discussed this with border patrol officers in both the UK and Germany and are unable to produce PROOF that they have any right to violate any mans right of travel.

In a German court recently I handed my World Passport to a judge along with all the documentation provided by myself and the World Service Authority and demanded that the Judge PROVE that the Federal Republic of Germany has ANY right to violate my right of travel.

He FAILED to do so. He then UNLAWFULLY declared I was “guilty” of some imaginary crime of violating legislation that he could not even prove applies to me. I guess this is what we should expect from people who claim to have jurisdiction over little boys penises!! The claim to have jurisdiction over a little boys penis is about as lawful as the same courts claim it can violate my right of travel. Both are nonsense.

Naturally I denied and denounced this obviously FALSE claim I am guilty of any crime on the basis there is NO PROOF OF THE CLAIM that I am subject to the legislation of the Federal Republic of Germany or any other government legislation for that matter.

So I am letting all the people on this email know. A man has the RIGHT of travel ANYWHERE ON GODS EARTH so long as he does so respecting the people who live on the land he travels on. No guvment has ANY right to violate a mans right to travel once properly claims AS I HAVE.

The best symbol of this right is the World Passport.

Further. A man has the RIGHT TO WORK where ever he likes so long as he respects the people of the land he lives in and causes no injury, harm or loss to any other person. The guvments of the world have NO RIGHT to violate a mans RIGHT TO WORK. Men certainly do not need PERMISSION to work as you politicians pretend they do.

Further. I am of Irish and German heritage. The Irish and German people have sent emigrants to all corners of the earth over the last 200 years. Sometimes peacefully, sometimes using force to seize territory from native peoples as was done in North America and Africa by Germans and Irish alike.

Yet? When I returned to my ancestral homeland of Ireland I am treated like a common criminal and abused by the very guvment whose job it is to safeguard my rights!!

What HYPOCRISY from the Irish People after 200 years of exporting emigrants to all corners of the earth!!

The criminal calling himself the “Minister for Justice and Equality” Alan Shatter actually denied my citizenship application while granting that of both my criminal ex wife and former children. How UN-JUST and UN-EQUAL can treatment be? This criminal act is known by ALL members of the Irish Parliament yet they ALL condone such criminal acts!!

I even have a letter from Alan Shatter that says, in legalese, that judges are not accountable to the law! He claims that when a judge commits a crime it is none of his business! And he calls himself the MINISTER FOR JUSTICE!

That is how criminal the legal system is in the west now. The MINISTER FOR JUSTICE claims that when a judge commits a crime it is NONE OF HIS BUSINESS!

This can NOT be ignored by the politicians of other countries who do business with the Irish. You now know the guvments of Ireland and Australia are PROVEN criminal cartels. To continue to recognize them is to make yourselves accessories to their criminality. It is time for each person who reads this to decide for themselves.

“Will I stand up for Justice like Martin Luther King or will I stay silent and allow injustice to flourish?”

Well? How many Martin Luther Kings are there among you? I would like to know!

Since I was criminally victimized by the Irish I relocated to my other ancestral homeland, Germany. Even though Angela Merkel would not DARE make the case that Jewish people do not have a right to return to Israel even after many hundreds of years of not living in Israel, Angela Merkel is making the case that me, a man of German descent not 100 years past, does not have a right to travel, live and work on the land known as Germany.

How DARE Angela Merkel make that claim!!

I am using my case to bring to the attention of as many politicians in the world as I can that all this talk of “passports” and “work permits” and “residency visas” and “control of the people” is ALL UNLAWFUL.

If any one of you want to learn the TRUTH about a mans rights try reading your bibles. This text is common to Christianity, Islam and I believe also Judaism.

In Genesis 1:26 (King James Version) these comments are made:

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.


This is considered to be the “Word of God”.

Please note “dominion…over all the earth” is very clearly stated. So the Holy Bible quoting the very “Word of God” establishes my claim that I and ALL MEN have dominion over all the earth.

What does dominion mean? Reference.

“the power or right of governing and controlling; sovereign authority.”

So, according to no less that GOD,  I have sovereign authority over all the earth. I have, according to no less than GOD, the right of governing and controlling over all the earth.

Therefore what this means is that I have the right of governing myself, controlling myself, with sovereign authority, and I can do this anywhere over all the earth. Because all men are equal before the law no man can force man made rules onto me lawfully. I am subject to Gods laws, not the legislation of man, unless I consent to the legislation created by men.

I claim that NO GUVMENT can impose regulations in excess of what GOD HIMSELF has stated are the birth rights of all men. “Dominion over all the earth”.

I have sent this quote along with much other evidence to His Holiness THE POPE and he has not seen fit to answer. Hhhmmmm…..

So. Those of you who are reading this who are politicians.

You are now FULLY AWARE that you have NO RIGHT to violate a mans right to travel, live and work ANYWHERE HE CHOOSES as that man, being a creation of GOD has DOMINION OVER ALL THE EARTH.

If any person who reads this email has ANY PROOF that they have HIGHER AUTHORITY THAN GOD I would like to SEE IT.

In ending.

I am using my cases to bring to light the criminality of the “legal system” all over the western world, especially English speaking countries. Criminals in so called “courts” are criminally victimizing hundreds of millions, if not BILLIONS of people. This not about me except that I am a man who is standing up to the criminals in courts and guvments and exposing them as the criminals they have chosen to be.

I have brought out the VIDEO EVIDENCE of such criminal acts and meticulously documented my cases.

Since the politicians of the world have been criminally negligent in doing their duty we have created a completely separate system that we will invite men to participate in. We call it The Mens Business Association. We are telling young men how they have been betrayed by their elders and their politicians.

The Mens Business Association asks nothing of you politicians because when you were ASKED to do the jobs you are being paid to do YOU REFUSED.

So the Mens Business Association has just one thing to say to Politicians.


We want NOTHING from you politicians. We are merely informing you that we wish to be LEFT ALONE and that we will defend our freedom as we see fit.

We will have our own courts of law. We will have our own Peace Officers. We will have our own Peace Officers because when we have asked Police Officers to live up to their oaths THEY TOO REFUSED TO HONOUR THEIR OATHS. Police Officers are also NOT WELCOME in the Mens Business Association for their betrayal of their fellow brothers.

So you politicians are well advised to let your colleagues and the members of staff in YOUR gvument organizations know about the Mens Business Association.


Let them know we have the RIGHT OF TRAVEL and we will use the WORLD PASSPORT as the document to be presented at your fictional border patrols.

Let your colleagues know that if you violate the RIGHT OF TRAVEL of ANY MBA Associate then HE/SHE will be HELD RESPONSIBLE.

Let your colleagues know we have the RIGHT THE LIVE AND WORK WHERE WE PLEASE.

You politicians have email systems. Make sure YOUR colleagues know THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO VIOLATE OUR RIGHTS.

Those of you on this email will be HELD ACCOUNTABLE for making sure that YOUR COLLEAGUES do not violate OUR RIGHTS.

Example. I have told Angela Merkel that if I am criminally victimized by any of HER COLLEAGUES then SHE will be held accountable.

Same thing for the 50 governers of US States receiving this email. If anyone from TSA Violates the rights of an MBA Associate the Governor of the state will be held responsible. So you Governors had better inform ALL your TSA staff about the Mens Business Association.

The best way to make sure your ignorant colleagues do not criminally victimize our MBA Associates? Give us the paperwork that they will recognize for the asking.

Example. I have asked Angela Merkel very politely on NUMEROUS OCCASIONS to simply provide me with the correct paperwork such that her ignorant staff called Police and Border Patrol do not criminally victimize me out of IGNORANCE. Angela refuses to do this and that makes HER ACCOUNTABLE AND RESPONSIBLE for any criminal victimization I might suffer due to ignorance of such people.

Again. To make it clear.

I have challenged a German Judge to demonstrate that the German guvment has any right to violate my properly claimed right to travel, live and work in my ancestral homeland and he failed to provide ANY evidence of any such claim.

I have challenged David Cameron to demonstrate that his colleagues have any right to violate my properly claimed right to travel, live and work on the lands calls England, Wales and Scottland. David has been unable to provide any such evidence.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Absent some PROOF OF YOUR CLAIMS that you can violate the DOMINION OVER ALL THE EARTH GOD GRANTED TO ALL MEN you are party to serious crimes every time you violate a mans right of dominion over the earth.


You have been told about the Mens Business Association.


Failure to respect our rights will result in the DUE PROCESS OF LAW which will be performed in OUR COURTS because YOUR COURTS ARE FULL OF CRIMINALS!

I wish you a good day.

Best Regards

Your brother peter.

 Letter To Politicians.pdf
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 8/11/2012 11:30 AM
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I have decided not to release the list of email addresses used to the public. Our friends the nigerian scammers would just have life too easy.

I think it is sufficient to say that I I mailed as many email addresses as could be found for the following people. I did not gather up this list of email addresses myself. They were sent to me by a man who is a fellow man of peace who wishes our politicians cease and desist in their wars and oppression of people. I am sure he will not mind me loaning the list to send along a similar message.

The list covers the following members of the following groups. There were 65 emails in all. They are numbered.

3.   Irish Members

6.  Norway Parliamentary Party Groups 

7.    Members of the New Zealand Parliament 

8.   Members of the Australian Parliament 

9.   Senators of the Australian Parliament 

10.    Chief Minister; 

11.   Premier of Western Australia Cabinet Ministers and Members 

12.   Members of the Queensland Parliament 

13.   Members of United Kingdom Parliament 

14.    Senators of the Canadian Parliament 

15.   Members of the Canadian Parliament 

16.   Members of the European Parliament 

Czech Republic 
United Kingdom

17.  Cabinet of the European Parliament

18.   United States Senators  

19.    United States Governors

20.   United States President Mr. Barack Obama 
White House E-mail: 

21.   Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II; 

23.  Dr Rowan Williams; 
Archbishop of Canterbury; 
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