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 5/15/2014 8:23 AM
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Our Vision

To re-introduce the rule of law into all CAF Countries so as to secure the rights of men and their children.

To secure equality before the law for men and women in all CAF Countries.

1. Open Letter to Alan Shatter

To: ####EmailSalutation####,

Hello and welcome to this open letter to Alan Shatter. I am placing this letter in to the public and I am sending it to all members of the Irish Parliament, as many members of the Irish Media I can find, and my personal email list of more than 500 now.

It is my opinion that when a man takes on the job of "Minister for Justice and Equality" and then sets out about the task of making sure that he criminally victimises men and denies men their peaceful, rightful, swift path to justice, that such a man must be exposed for the criminal man hater he is.

Since I am not sexist I take the same position for women.

2A. Open Letter to: Alan Shatter - Shattered

My Dear Alan,

This is what a criminal, man-hating, sexist, discriminatory, bigoted, feminist looks like, eh? Well done!

Alan Shatter Photo

You do not look very happy in this photo Alan. About has happy as I was when one of your mates decided to steal my house, eh?

Now. I wrote to you privately in 2011 as soon as you came to the high office of Minister for Justice and Equality in Ireland.

I gave you 6 months to follow up on the crimes committed by Judge Griffin of the Irish Family Court and Jennifer Toal my ex wife. I gave you full details and evidence of these crimes, in the private, and asked you and Enda Kenny to follow up on them.

In your wisdom you chose to refuse to ensure that your tax payer funded staff appropriately prosecuted those two cases.

Further, in February 2012, you were faced with the question as to whether you would criminally victimise me further. This was by deciding whether you would agree with the position that a known woman, criminal, prostitute, child abuser who committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse in divorce would be granted citizenship by your predecessor and whether you would grant an honest man of honour and integrity, who has been brave enough to be a whistleblower of the crimes in the family courts, the same.

2B. Open Letter to: Alan Shatter - Shattered

As we have all seen. Your decision, made solely on your responsibility and say so, was to criminally discriminate against me and to attempt to deliberately and with malice of forethought cause me injury, harm and loss by refusing said citizenship application.

Further, you did not even do me the courtesy of an explanation.

That you took it upon yourself to unilaterally deny said application despite the fact that I was the sole income earner, father and husband of the household during the entire qualification period is irrefutable evidence of your deliberate criminal effort to victimise me. There were no reasons to deny that application other than I am male and a whistleblower.

That such garbage was presented by your department to the previous Minister for Justice as "there is no reason Mr Nolan can not return to the state" when the only way I kept myself out of JAIL was to GIVE MY WORD to Judge Griffin that if he unlawfully jailed me then I would KILL HIM.

I can hardly say that having to take the position of giving my word to KILL A MAN if he commits a crime against me is "no reason not to return to the state". Many of my friends in Ireland have been criminally victimised by the scumbag criminals who call themselves Gardai.

So, my dear Alan. You decided to cross swords with me. And now your masters have "resigned" you in disgrace over a complete pantomime. There is no one with a brain who knows what is really happening in Ireland who believes this pantomime about "police whistleblowers" and you know it. Now every member of parliament and most serious reporters in Ireland know it.

Everyone knows that you were becoming an embarrassment because of my continued public denouncements of you as the criminal you chose to be. Your masters got tired of you being such a clear target and such an obvious criminal. So they invented this pantomime to remove you. Like the willing serf you are, you went with barely a whisper.


2C. Open Letter to: Alan Shatter - Shattered

Your wife, your children, and any grand children you ever have will know that you are a scumbag criminal who openly and solely on your own recognisance decided to criminally victimise another man and you decided to stick to your guns after you did that.

You ordeal is not over Alan. Of this I can assure you. I am going to take a great deal of property off you. Then we will see just how much your wife and children "love" you when you are no longer able to keep them in the style to which they have become accustomed.

I rather suspect it is exactly how much my former wife and former children "loved" me when I was criminally victimised and impoverished. Like so many other men who have been criminally victimised and impoverished. NOT AT ALL, right?

Now. Moving right along. You have consented to a state of WAR being claimed into effect in Ireland. I can tell you this from my heart. I absolutely hope and pray that some good and decent Irish Man, a father, that you criminally abused, an honest man of honour and integrity. I hope he tracks you down to your house and I hope he puts a bullet in your head or cuts your throat as you sleep for your complicity with the British Law Society and your betrayal of fathers and boys in Ireland.

I mean that most sincerely Alan. I will not do it myself because your criminal scumbag thugs calling themselves Gardai would just love to shoot me down in the street like a dog. But you have been responsible for the deaths of many hundreds of Irish Men. You have been responsible for the destruction of many thousands of Irish Families. You have been responsible for the abuse of many tens of thousands of Irish Children.

Any man who puts a bullet in your head or slashes your throat as you sleep is a HERO in the service of the Irish Men and boys. Should a decent upstanding Irish man do so we will afford him the protection of the law.

Any criminal scumbag calling himself a "Garda" who even asks any questions trying to find such a man will have his name published and he will be denounced as a traitor and hopefully some decent man will go kill him too. 

And Alan. I will add this. Since your wife and your children are still standing by you and supporting you rather than demanding you face punishment for your crimes? I also hope and pray that some decent Irish man will KILL THEM TOO. I really do.

2D. Open Letter to: Alan Shatter - Shattered

That women and children take the benefits of being married to you criminal politicians, benefits which are the proceeds of crime, makes them just as guilty as you. So yes. If some decent Irish Man killed your WIFE and adult children? I, for one, would call him a HERO because Irish Men would not have to kill many wives and children of you criminal politicians to get you to cease and desist in your crimes.

WAR IS HELL Alan. And you politicians were given every chance to cease and desist your crimes and agree to a peaceful re-introduction of the rule of law in to Ireland. It was you politicians who turned down that offer.

It is very clear you criminal politicians will not cease and desist in your crimes until some of you are killed in acts of WAR.

Now. Alan. I am a man of peace. But like my step-grand father Frank Trainor and his ANZAC mates knew, offers of peace must be accompanied by promises of WAR should the terms of the peace not be negotiable. Your Irish ancestors knew this of the British too. In your position as Minister for Justice and Equality you were offered Peace. YOU chose WAR.

Now you are a casualty of that WAR. You have been removed peacefully from your office. You and your family MAY be LAWFULLY removed violently and forcefully from this planet.

I, for one, certainly hope that is the case BEFORE you accept my next offer.

My next offer to you is this.

  1. You publicly admit your crimes against me.
  2. You issue me a formal apology in writing over your signature. I see that you are good at written apologies.
  3. You make offer of a VERY substantial remedy offer for taking the position you would deny my citizenship application AND deny the OBLIGATORY residency permit so that I could return to work without fear of causing my clients problems with their governments.
  4. You make a VERY substantial remedy offer for failing in your obligations to hold Jennifer Toal, Fiona Brassil and Judge Griffin accountable for their crimes.

2E. Open Letter to: Alan Shatter - Shattered

When I get a letter from you and I can publish it to Crimes Against Fathers for Ireland I will then put right next to your letter a notice that says you and your family have the protection of the law and the state of WAR on Ireland no longer includes you and your family because you have made your peace with me.

If you choose to not accept this offer, which you can do, you will continue to choose to be equal before the law to me which is to say you will choose that you and your family have no protection of the law.

That is the same lack of protection you showed me as Minister for Justice and Equality.

That is the law Alan. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. You chose, as Minister for Justice and Equality, to take the position I was not entitled, as a right, to the protection of the law.

In return, I claim, as a matter of LAW, that you have no protection of the law and that you and your family can be killed LAWFULLY.

Should you choose not to accept this offer, you, your wife and your children will remain subject to this STATE OF WAR until such time as we have convened a jury of your peers, put you on trial, found your guilty, issued you a remedy instruction, and the remedy instruction has been voluntarily complied with by you.

If you are not willing to admit your crimes? If you are not willing to face a jury of your peers? If you continue to wage your WAR against myself and all fathers and boys in Ireland? Then that state of WAR is reciprocal.

Now. You know how to find me. Your minion at the department sent many letters to on your behalf. NONE of them worth the paper they were not written on.

When you write to me to admit your crimes and offer a remedy that is acceptable? I will be the first man to wish you and all members of your family long lives.

2F. Open Letter to: Alan Shatter - Shattered

Now you have lost your job and your reputation is in the garbage for this laughable pantomime of "police whistleblowers".  Everyone knows that the police involved are also criminal scumbags who are just playing their parts in the pantomime.

Any man who hires you that I find out about? I will also publish his name and details and denounce him as aiding and abetting a known criminal scumbag like you. He will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for aiding and abetting a known criminal.

It is impossible for you to get a job in Ireland and for me not to know who with. If you take private clients? We will do our best to find out who they are. We will also prosecute them to the full extent of the law for aiding and abetting a known criminal scumbag like you.

If you do not make your peace with me I will attack you and persecute you and denounce you and make every effort I can make to RUIN YOUR LIFE AS IT IS just like you and your colleagues did to me Alan.

That is the meaning of "do unto others". You do these things to a man like me? You have no one to blame but yourself when one of your victims fights back and exposes you for the criminal scumbag you chose to be.

And let me assure you. Your mate Enda Kenny is not far behind you. Enda Kenny also bears responsibility for your crimes. He knew full well you were committing crimes at the time you committed them. Throwing you under the bus is not going to save Enda Kenny. He is on my list. He will be dealt with most harshly.

Enjoy your life as it is at the moment Alan. Because your life is about to be RUINED just as you and your scumbag criminal colleagues have so willingly ruined so many other men's lives. Me included.

Let's see if you can recover from having your life ruined as I recovered, eh?

Best Regards
Peter-Andrew: Nolan©

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