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 3/26/2014 5:18 PM
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Our Vision

To re-introduce the rule of law into all CAF Countries so as to secure the rights of men and their children.

To secure equality before the law for men and women in all CAF Countries.

1. Welcome to this Open Letter to Alan Shatter

To: ####EmailSalutation####,

This open letter is addressed to Alan Shatter. The Orwellian named "Minister for Justice and Equality" who believes in neither Justice nor Equality. As "Sir Humphrey Appleby" said in "Yes Minister" many years ago "Get done with problems right up there in the title so no one looks further into the detail."

This Open Letter is also to all members of the Dail, the Irish Media who have chosen to be accomplices to the crimes of the politicians, legal fraternity and police by suppressing news of these crimes, as well as to the Irish People themselves.

The Irish People themselves must be wondering just how criminal their "Minister for Justice" is. Just how criminal their TDs are. Just how criminal the legal fraternity is. Just how criminal their police are.

Well? To the people of Ireland. I can tell you just how criminal these people are. They are criminal scumbags of the first order and this latest "scandal" is merely a smoke screen to try and tell you that they are not "so bad" and that they actually do try their best to help "whistle blowers" and fix situations like this. Don't believe them.

This latest "scandal" is nothing but a psyop to try and convince you that these criminal scumbags are not as big a bunch of criminal scumbags as they really are.

After all? Alan Shatter himself has made it clear judges are above the law in his email to me dated 2013-01-22 which can be read on this link.

I have given Alan Shatter every opportunity to act like a decent man. He has spurned these opportunities at every turn for nearly three years now.

So his public humiliation these last two days has been well deserved. Alan Shatter is a criminal who will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Period. 

All details are on this link.

Peter-Andrew: Nolan©

2. Open Letter

Alan, Alan, Alan. Oh the tangled webs we weave, eh? Did your mother not ever teach you that "honesty is the best policy"? After all, if you chose to be an honest man, which you did not, you would not have to try and remember the lies you have been telling, right?

Now. You have been told, by me, personally, that the legal fraternity in Ireland is a criminal cartel. I presented to you, in 2011, immediately on you coming to office, privately, proof positive beyond all doubt, of the criminality of Judge Griffin of the Family Law Courts.

You were presented proof positive of the crimes committed by Jennifer Toal, my ex, in the full knowledge of her family law lawyer Fiona Brassil.

You were given every opportunity to take this privately presented evidence on board and to see to it that Judge Griffin, Jennifer Toal and Fiona Brassil were prosecuted for the crimes they so obviously committed. But, as the "Minister for IN-Justice" you decided to allow these crimes to stand.

Even in the matter that Jennifer Toal embezzled EUR18,000 from our company you allowed the crime to stand. Women stealing is ok by you. You did not insist that the crime be investigated by the Garda. You did not insist that the Department of Public Prosecutions prosecute Jennifer, Judge Griffin or Fiona Brassil. And you did this for a period of TWO YEARS.

Then, when it came time for you to make your decision as to my citizenship application? A decision where, from a family of 4 who were living in Ireland as one family during the entire qualification period and beyond, the woman and the two children were granted their citizenship application THREE YEARS EARLIER? 

You showed your MAH-HATED and SEXISM and DISCRIMINATION by rejecting my citizenship application without cause, without explanation and claimed you were not even answerable to the people or the courts for doing so.

Of course, now the WHOLE OF IRELAND, as well as your wife and children, know what a SCUMBAG you are. It will not surprise your children to have repeated to them that you took it upon yourself to criminally victimise me merely to try and make my life more difficult in exposing criminals in the Irish government.

Well? That bomb has gone off in your face these last few days, hasn't it? I have been on the social media denouncing you as the criminal you chose to be far and wide.

So far your criminal colleagues in the Media like Ali Bracken, Brian Carroll, Eoin Reynolds, Patrick Flanagan, Mary Regan, David Mahoney and all the other journo HACKS have conspired to suppress the evidence of your crimes against me despite the fact I am so well known for being slandered as a "terrorist" in the Irish Daily Mail by the criminal slanderer Ali Bracken.

I mean Ali Bracken slandered me in a national newspaper where "terrorist" is the newspeak for "whistleblower" and "patriot defending the rights of children" and NO OTHER JOURNALIST WANTED TO GET MY SIDE OF THE STORY? Really?!

Talk about JOURNO HACKS! LOL!! They are LAUGHABLE!

These journo HACKS are being exposed as the collaborators they are because they are falling all over themselves publishing this smoke screen story about recording people in Garda Stations while NOT PRINTING ONE WORD about how I have PROOF POSITIVE that the entire membership of the Dail are criminals!

They are NOT PRINTING ONE WORD about how Judge Griffin is clearly a criminal and how the family courts are a criminal cartel. Indeed they are NOT PRINTING ONE WORD about how the entire legal and governmental system is a criminal cartel.

They are NOT PRINTING ONE WORD about how the Garda are so scared of me they will not even WRITE to me because they know I will put them on their oath of office and require them to support "The Peoples Courts of Ireland" and bring to justice all those who have committed crimes against men.

I have produced all the evidence and published it to the public and these journo HACKS can't find it? They can't contact a man named in a national newspaper as a "terrorist" and ask "So can you explain to me your side of the story"? Really? I could not make this up!

The problem that these journo HACKS have is that they have facebooks and twitters and they have many people who follow these things.

I am exposing you, Alan Shatter, as the criminal you chose to be.

I am exposing these journo HACKS for not reporting on your previous crimes for TWO YEARS while falling over themselves on the current story.

Funny how every journo HACK in the country is falling all over himself and herself to print this story about the Garda recording people but NONE of them are interested in reporting how you have claimed JUDGES ARE ABOVE THE LAW because there is no process in place to prosecute a judge who issues a criminal court order.

Funny how in 90 years of being a "democracy" no one ever thought to put in place a procedure to prosecute judges who are criminals. I guess all judges were saints, right? None of them committed any crimes in their court rooms, right?

And then, of course, having tried the line that you can deny a citizenship application, unilaterally, without cause, without explanation, without recourse to arbitration, in a clear display of discrimination to try and silence a WHISTLEBLOWER?

You THEN refuse to follow the legislation that Ireland is signed up to with the EU as follows:

"The right of all Union citizens to move and reside freely within the territory of the Member States should, if it is to be exercised under objective conditions of freedom and dignity, BE ALSO GRANTED TO THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS, IRRESPECTIVE OF NATIONALITY. For the purposes of this Directive, the definition of "family member" should also include the registered partner if the legislation of the host Member State treats registered partnership as equivalent to marriage."

Your criminal colleague Judge Griffin criminally victimises me for TWO YEARS based on the claim that I am the father of these two children Joshua and Josephine. But then, when it comes to granting my permanent residency based on the same presumption I was just criminally victimised over for the last few years, you refuse to grant that either?! Really?

Really Alan. How does it feel to be revealed in front of your own children to be such a criminal scumbag?

What do you tell your children Alan? Do you tell them that the Jewish people are "Gods Chosen People" and that to commit crimes against a Goy is ok for a Jew?

Is that what you tell your children? 

A lot of Jewish people are very good people. They do not like Jewish people who rise to important political positions to use that position to criminally victimise people they see as Goy.

When Jewish people openly and publicly victimise people they see as Goy that gives ALL Jewish People a bad name.

There is a reason that "anti-semitism" exists Alan. And that reason is JEWS LIKE YOU go about criminally victimising people you see as GOY because you think you are "Gods Chosen People" and the rest of the people are GOY to be exploited.

Well guess what MR JEWISH ALAN SHATTER? I am not a GOY to be exploited. I am not a GOY to be criminally victimised.

The members of your JEWISH COMMUNITY would do very well to take you to task for your heartless, criminal, vindictive abuse of me because if they don't I will have every right to stand up and say:



That would be the truth. That some Jewish people would try and spin the TRUTH as "anti-semitism" or "hatred" merely exposes them to be the sort of person who thinks s/he is "Gods Chosen People" who is "entitled" to treat others like GOY, Alan.
You have not only disgraced yourself Mr. Criminal Alan Shatter. You have disgraced your family. You have disgraced your Jewish community. You have disgraced your religion.

You have done so by being willing, as the "Minister for IN-Justice and IN-Equality", to commit the crimes of sexism and discrimination against a whistle blower who brought PROOF POSITIVE of crimes to you in the private and asked you and your Prime Minister to deal with these crimes in the private.

Yes. Anti-semitism exists Alan. And it is caused by men JUST LIKE YOU. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with people holding something of a negative attitude towards Jewish People if they do NOT ensure that criminal members of their community who are so widely and publicly denounced are not brought to justice.

You are the "Minister for Justice". You are the FIRST MAN who should be brought to justice if you commit a crime. Which you have.

If your Jewish Community are not willing to bring you to justice? I will denounce them as loudly and as long as I denounce the Irish Christian Community and western Christians in general.

I am PRO-JUSTICE. Not "anti-catholic" or "anti-christian" or "anti-jewish". It just so happens that Western Catholics, Western Christians, and Western Jews like to commit crimes and get away with them.

So. Alan Shatter. Today in Parliament you said:

"I therefore wish to correct the record of this House that the whistleblowers "did not cooperate with the garda investigations that took place".

I acknowledge that this statement was incorrect. It was never my intention to mislead the House and I believe it is appropriate that I apologise to both and withdraw the statements made.

It was never my intention to cause any upset and if any upset was caused I hope that my correcting the record of the Dail today will put this matter to rest."

A charming apology Alan. Well done.

It seems you can apologise and admit a mistake when you make it, no matter how small that mistake and no matter how much of a pantomime and psyop it is.

A good example for your children for once, eh?

So Alan Shatter?


When are you going to APOLOGISE TO ME for willingly, knowingly, openly, brazenly committing crimes against me so as to injure my ability to blow the whistle on the criminality of the family law courts?

When are you going to APOLOGISE TO ME for vindictively refusing to grant my citizenship application where the other three members of the SAME FAMILY were granted theirs THREE YEARS EARLIER?

When are you going to APOLOGISE TO ME for vindictively refusing to observe the EU Legislation requiring you to provide me with a permanent residency permit?

You have been willing to "apologise" over this manufactured storm in a teacup. But are you willing to apologise for your crimes? And are your Jewish community friends going to require you to apologise to me so as to save themselves from the accusation that they condone you treating me like a GOY?.

Or are you going to leave the situation such that it would be true that the FIRST JEWISH "Minister for IN-Justice and IN-Equality" can continue to be denounced as a sexist, discriminatory, whistleblower persecuting, criminal thereby bringing dis-repute on ALL of "Gods Chosen People"?

I can tell you one thing Alan Shatter. I would not like to be in your shoes. You have raised the spectre of "anti-semitism" and you have given it fangs to bite and legs to run.

As the one and only Jewish member of the Dail in such an important position of "Minister for IN-Justice and IN-Equality" you had the opportunity to do "Gods Chosen People" proud and show the world how a Jewish man can discharge the authority of that office in a Catholic Country without fear or favour, without bias or discrimination.

Unfortunately you did not hold yourself to that higher standard Alan. For doing so it may be a very long time before anyone trusts a Jewish man in such an important position again in this Catholic country.

I hardly think "we will do better next time" is going to wash. You have not done your religion or your people proud Alan. The very opposite indeed. You have brought shame and suspicion on them as a whole because they continue to support you despite the  fact you have been so publicly denounced as a criminal.

So. Alan Shatter. The sole Jewish Person in the Dail?

Are you going to now admit your crimes against me? 

Are you going to offer me a remedy for what you have done?

Or are you going to give the spectre of "anti-Semitism" fangs to bite and legs to run by continuing to attempt to get away with your crimes against me by your silence?

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