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 3/22/2011 8:21 AM
 Modified By host  on 3/22/2011 8:51:18 AM
For those of you who don’t know quite what a bunch of criminals your judges are? Let me introduce you to ‘Judge Griffin’.

This man was the man who woke me up to the Illuminati and how they legal fraternity were nothing but a bunch of scumbag criminals. That he would risk his life (and he IS risking his life) by abusing my children was astounding to me. I could not believe ANY man could be so stupid as to risk his life by criminally abusing a man he never met. That man he is criminally abusing might just happen to be a man like me. It was that he WAS risking his life that I realised that he must be being told to do so by someone else. Someone he feared very much if he dis-obeyed. And that was certainly not my ex.

Nope. Right from the start this whole process was VERY suspicious. When I pointed out to Piarais Neary that “Judge Griffin” was risking his life Piarais tried to tell me “You can’t threaten a Judge” to which my reply was “He’s just another man committing crimes. I can do with him whatever I please.” Piarais was not best pleased.

I am someone who does not believe this bullshit about ‘no violence ever’ being spouted by, eh-hem, the people committing the MOST VIOLENCE, the guvment.

As a man who walked fearlessly onto a football field all my young days I have no problem at all in violence delivered fairly and justly. A criminal is mugging someone? The police have my blessing to arrest him using all necessary violence and force.

Similarly? A police officer mugging someone? The men around him have my blessing to arrest the police officer using all necessary violence and force.

You see. I am not a spineless whimp like most Irish men now.

I am a man who knows the difference between right and wrong and will stand up for what is right. Even if the criminal IS a satanic judge like our friend “Judge Griffin”.

Since Judge Griffin took it upon himself to associate himself with the kidnapping of my former children and the stealing of my property he is going to make amends for these crimes. There is no doubt about this. It is a fact. A foregone conclusion.

The only question to be settled is whether Irish Men provide me a moderated community supported path to justice, which I would prefer by the way, or whether I have to dish out summary justice myself.

And all readers here, especially the betrayers in the Guarda, should have no doubt that I am perfectly capable of dishing our summary justice given that the Guarda no longer uphold the rule of law in Ireland.

If the Guarda choose to uphold the rule of law in Ireland and I get my “Peoples Court of Ireland” up and running? I’d be pretty happy to put a case before that court and see what result is returned for the Remedy Instruction.

If I am satisfied with the Remedy Instruction there will be no need for me to take any action at all against “Judge Griffin”. So the people of Ireland and the Guardians of the Peace have a choice. They can hold “Judge Griffin” accountable for his crimes or they can walk away from that responsibility and leave it to me.

Please note. I have already given my word that any money I gain from “Judge Griffin” will be given directly to Vince Byrne over at TNS.

So. Dear reader. Check out the attached documents. They show “Judge Griffin” issuing “orders” to freeze my personal and company bank accounts. They show the perjurous testimony of my ex. They show me billing Judge Griffin for his “order” and thereby proving that no man is required to pay alimony or child support in Ireland. They show the judgement against “Judge Griffin”.

Have fun reading.
 PAN-Notice To Family Court Ireland 02_new.pdf
 Jennifer Toal Perjurous Court Documents.pdf
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ForumForumDublinDublinDublin Parent ForumDublin Parent ForumName and Shame ...Name and Shame ...Irish Family Court Judge "Judge Griffin". CriminalIrish Family Court Judge "Judge Griffin". Criminal