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 3/22/2011 8:12 AM
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Well Fathers? It was a sad end to Jennifer being the love of my life for 23 years. On October 15th 2007 she hurled such abuse over the telephone that I had not heard in wharfs or mines or when working in a steelworks. The attitude of this woman as to how she could speak to me was astounding. 

Having heard her speak to me in this manner she finally managed to kill the love I had for her and I could never love her again. She questioned me a week or so later as to whether I might be willing to have a change of heart and I simply told her that she had been so abusive for so long that I no longer loved her and there was no possibility at all that I could ever love someone who had chosen freely to be so abusive and cruel to me over such a long period.

I actually congratulated her on being the ONLY woman in my life whom I had loved to manage to destroy that love.  I am not sure she was enjoying her achievement.

In any case. Jennifer promised all and sundry that our divorce would be amicable and that she did not want any more than a reasonable share. In her mind that equates to 100% and I am given to understand that she’s disappointed she only got 95%.  Hhmmmm.

Indeed. On the weekend of November 11th 2007 I had dinner with my ‘family’ with the only missing member being Kristen. Jennifer promised the children that the divorce would be amicable and that she would not attack me in the Irish courts. She made that promise having signed documents on the prior Thursday and having them filed on the Friday. Yep. This woman lied to the faces of her children. She also lied to the faces of her father and mother. She is going to be one LONELY woman when I am done with exposing all her lies and crimes to as wide an audience as I can.

I have published the perjurous documents that Jennifer submitted to the courts as well as some of her email trails that shows she knew full well what she was doing. I had kept the name of her web site out of the public eye in the anticipation that her father, Bill Toal, would eventually talk some sense into her and she would make amends for her crimes rather than be exposed widely across two countries as a criminal.

Well? It seems she wants to be exposed as a criminal and it seems that I am required to convene a de jour court to have the jury decide what protection of law I am entitled to. Jennifers argument is that I am not entitled to the protection of the law. We shall see what a jury says about that. And whatever the jury says? I will insist that ‘men and women are held equal before the law’. After all, women have been claiming they want ‘equality’ for 40 years now. Let’s see if they meant it. Jennifer will be the first such woman put on trial as far as I am aware.

Here was my initial notice to Jennifer of the crimes she committed. No rebuttal has been forthcoming so she has agreed and admitted that she is guilty of these crimes.

Just to round out this post. Here is a link to the perjurous court documents submitted by Jennifer to the Irish Courts.

And to all those who would slander me and call be a ‘woman-hater’ or pretend that I harbour some hatred or resentment for Jennifer.

Thanks for your opinion, it happens to be wrong.

I had expected Jennifer to show me the respect I had earned from a life lived very well from which she and her children greatly benefited. It came as a great surprise to me she treated me so badly and an even GREATER surprise so many women joined in abusing me and refused to show me the benefit of the protection of the law.

It came as a GREAT surprise to me that women chose to be so sexist and discriminatory when I have heard them scream at men about how we are all ‘male chauvinist pigs’ at the slightest HINT of saying something that is perceived as ‘negative’ about a woman. I have noticed that, in just the last three years, that men in the MRA area are being FAR harsher in speaking to women than they ever were previously. All that hatred that women have been throwing at men for so long is bouncing back with something FAR worse. Indifference and the loss of ‘womens privileges’ accorded them by men. You can see this happening all over the world if you just look for it.

Anyway. Since women were quite happy for me to be the victim of crimes? It’s about time us men put her on trial under the lawful maxim ‘all men and women are equal before the law’ and see what the jury has to say.

I had also expected Jennifer’s parents, Bill and Irene to step in and stop Jennifer from committing crimes against me. For reasons unknown to me, Bill and Irene chose to support Jennifers crimes against me, and that has led me to releasing the following letter to the people of Wagga Wagga to warn them that the Toal family are willing criminals.

Should the honest men of honour and integrity of Wagga Wagga allow the Toal family to commit crimes without penalty then they can hardly complain when more MEN start committing crimes as well.

It is a sad end for the Toal family to have their name plastered onto a web site like this to be ‘Named and Shamed’ as criminals all to support one of their own committed crimes. It would have been MUCH easier for them to simply discipline their criminal daughter, make amends, and all live happily ever after. But this was not the choice they made.

And it is also interesting to me how many people tell me that I should just ‘forgive and forget’ the crimes committed against me. I really despise these people. Why? Because it is not for ME I have done this. It is for the estimated 4,000 men a year who kill themselves from the crimes being committed against them by women wielding the criminal family court.

In my book I have proposed that ‘women who claim equality be treated as equal before the law’. I even created a template bonded affidavit for them to do this. For this I am hated by women. Fine. I was also hated as a great father and husband too. I can handle hatred by women. What I will not tolerate is slander by women OR by men as well. 

It seems that there are very few non-sexist people around. Women love the sexist notion of ‘chivalry’ and chivalry IS sexism. And most men are also very sexist in that they will leap to the ‘defense’ of a ‘damsel in distress’ while allowing an estimated 4,000 men a year to commit suicide from crimes committed against them. That’s pretty sexist and discriminatory if you ask me.

If women wish to be ‘equal’ as we have had them screaming at us they wish to be these last 40 years? Then they are going to have to be ‘equal before the law’ and they are going to have to suffer the same remedy as a man for the same crime. Today? Sex is the #1 factor in determining the punishment for conviction of the same crime. And women also get FAR better treatment in terms of offers to plead guilty to a less severe crime than men do. Western women can kill a man and reasonably expect to suffer little or no punishment if she claims ‘abuse’ or ‘mental illness’. It happens all the time. Men in the MRA area are sick and tired of reading of men being KILLED and the woman suffering little to no punishment while MEN are being sent to jail for 20+ years for stealing food to eat because they are hungry.

The level of hypocrisy in the claim of ‘equality’ is so blatant that in the 2 years I have been levelling that accusation at women I am still awaiting the first woman to actually try and disprove the blatant levels of hypocrisy that exist and are considered ‘acceptable’ in western society today.

Particularly this one. “If a man hits a woman it is assault. If a woman hits a man it is humour.”

No. If woman hits a man it is assault. Pure and simple. And the day is coming when men hit back as a matter of course.

So. Fathers? The question for each of you is this. Should women who claim equality be held as ‘equal before the law to men’ as in ‘same crime same punishment’? You might ask the women around you if this is their position or not.

And if you have a wife who has been committing crimes against you? You now have the example affidavits in front of you such that you can prepare them and present them and get ready for your own common law court case against your criminal wife or ex.

I take the position that women who have been claiming ‘equality’ must be treated as ‘equal before the law’ to men. If you have a different opinion? Well? You are welcome to it. But I believe you are betraying your sons if you do not take the position they are just as entitled to the protection of the law as are women. And if you tell your sons that they are not entitled to the protection of law? Are you also going to tell them that they must obey the laws they do not get the protection of?

We shall see how we go with the criminal Jennifer Marguerite Toal. We will see how many women agree a woman should be ‘equal before the law’ and we will see how many women hate on me for putting her on trial. 

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 4/9/2011 8:36 AM
So. Gentlemen. The arsehole, Michael Toal, has directly threatened to make false police reports to harass a client of mine for no better reason than the client is a client of mine.

I wrote to Bill Toal and Michael Toal that I will now release Jennifers Photo and last known address to the public.

That address would be:

Lawful Notice To Respondent:

Ms. Jennifer Marguerite Toal

12 Brighton Lodge


County Dublin


Now. If you men want to see what a psycho woman who is cruel, callous, vindictive as well as a criminal looks like with her husband? 

This is what one of those deceivers looks like.

This is what a woman looks like on her 40th birthday when she has a terrible husband who has abused her all her marriage. I am sure you can see the fear and hatred in her eyes from all the abuse she has allegedly suffered.


Next. This photo was not so long before she attacked me in the courts...

A number of women have told me that the fact she placed her bag between us for this photo taken in Germany indicated that she had already 'left' the marriage...most likely already sleeping with another man.

As you can see. She was obviously demonstrating to me how traumatised she was to be around her wife beating, child abandoning husband. This photo was taken in the same time period Jennifer alleges I had abandoned the children. You know. By going to work as the sole income provider for 16 years of an 18 year marriage. THAT kind of abandonment. A lot of us men 'abandon' our families every day when we go to work. 

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ForumForumDublinDublinDublin Parent ForumDublin Parent ForumName and Shame ...Name and Shame ...Jennifer Marguerite Toal. Criminal.  Jennifer Marguerite Toal. Criminal.