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 1/21/2014 6:22 PM
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Peter Photo

Our Vision

To re-introduce the rule of law into all CAF Countries so as to secure the rights of men and their children.

To secure equality before the law for men and women in all CAF Countries.

A Final Word on Kevin Flannigan

So. We have had a few days for this saga with Kevin Flannigan for things to shake out. Kevin has had plenty of time to reply to me and to put his reply in a place where I would see it. You can catch up by clicking on this link and this link.  

I have had some replies come in and they are in the append below. You can read these replies for yourself I will address the actual comments in the next section. This section I will keep crisp.

Kevin is asking you to believe that I would willingly donate my hard earned cash to him and his cronies that he openly admits had tried to silence me.

He would have you believe that I would willingly donate my hard earned to people who openly supported an adulteress, prostitute, criminal, child abusing woman who committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse via the avenue of your criminal family courts.

If you believe a man who claims that? I have some waterfront property in Arizona to sell you.

I can assure any listener/reader that I absolutely did NOT intend my donation to be given to people who were lying about me and trying to silence me to spend as they saw fit.

I absolutely did NOT intend my donation to be to the benefit of people who openly supported an adulteress, prostitute, criminal, child abusing woman who committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse via the avenue of your criminal family courts.

If anyone would like to argue that I am the sort of idiot who would give my hard earned to such people? Please make that argument in public in your own name and see how your credibility goes from that point forward.

Kevin Flannigan has ruined his own credibility. And any man who goes along with what Kevin is doing and saying is well advised to remember that Kevin is a man who publicly and openly takes the position that women can commit crimes against men with complete impunity.

No man should forget that is Kevins position and has been his position for more than FOUR YEARS since he was well aware my wife committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse in 2007/08 when I was on the site in 2009.

It is now FOUR YEARS since 2009 and Kevin has NEVER, to the best of my knowledge, made the statement that Jennifer Toal should make remedy for the crimes she committed while living on HIS LAND.

So I think we are pretty much done with that topic. Kevin wanted to attack me personally after all these years? Well? The truth is now in the public about Kevin. People can make up their own minds.

Me? I am an honest man of honour and integrity. I mean what I say and say what I mean.

I have a track record lasting a lifetime as my evidence of that fact. The very fact Jennifer had to make up lies about me in divorce, lies that everyone in my family KNOWS were lies, shows you just what an impeccable life I have lived.

Those of you who like to criticise me? Lie about me? Slander me? It is because you know you could never do what I have already done. Bad luck you.


Dealing with some of the Quotes Below

Now. I think I will deal with some of the quotes on feedback today. Many of the comments are hysterical. That men can be this stupid really does beggar belief. It is no wonder there are so many Irish jokes about men being stupid. It is no wonder these men have made no headway for the last three years since Dave and I pretty much ended our efforts to start new courts in Ireland.

"Kev: It's true, I do love women."

I said you were a female idolatror Kevin. Idolatry is not love. Love is constructive. Idolatry is quite destructive. It is also clear you do not only not love men, it is clear you are a man-hater as you have done NOTHING to raise the issue of the criminal victimisation of men by women in Ireland despite the fact you have PROOF this is common in Ireland. You are no mans friend Kevin. You are an idolatror of women to the detriment of men and every man with a brain knows that.

"Kev: He's done me a big favour there. Thanks for for validating every word I've said. God the Shite ya have to deal with."

LOL! Talk about good reasons for Irish jokes. When shown to be a liar and a man hater he claims "victory" because he does not have an argument and hopes that his fellow Irishmen are just stupid enough to believe him! LOL!!

"Kev: Kevin Flannigan, liar, criminal slanderer, man hater, idolatror or women. GlobalManiac is pissed"

No. There is no need to get "pissed" at a small minded man like you Kevin. This is simply a statement of FACTS that I can prove in a court of law before a jury of 12 of your peers if you wish it to come to that. Just remember that if you require that I assemble a jury of your peers that you will be liable for their costs.

Your current position is that you have publicly called me a "woman hater". You asserted this as a fact, in public, even after very fair warning that any slander of me will be pursued anywhere in the world.

So now the onus is on you to PROVE YOUR CLAIM that I am a "woman hater". If you are not able to PROVE YOUR CLAIM than you are required to pay me EUR10,000 which is the amount I put on my good name for such slander. So right here it is being put to you. Can you prove your claim?

And guess what? That OTHER LIARS agree with you does not make a lie true. You are required, as a matter of law, to produce proof beyond a reasonable doubt that I "hate women". If you can not produce PROOF BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT THAT 12 MEN ON A JURY WOULD AGREE IS PROOF OF WOMAN HATRED? You have a very severe problem on your hands. A problem worth EUR10,000.

"Kev: Ahh no derdie, they're trying to make it about the splut, make me about to be a liar but c'mon...if people can't see through this shit, well, what can I say"

Your trouble Kevin is that people CAN see through the shit you are presenting. You openly said in your own voice that you tried to suppress the truth I was presenting by trying to get me banned, along with other moderators, and that you were not successful in banning me. You then started telling lies about my global man persona. These lies will be well remembered by honourable men like Dave.

You THEN claim that even though I knew you were lying about me and even though I knew you were trying to get me banned I would donate my hard earned to your benefit or to be spent by you and your cronies who were trying to SUPPRESS THE TRUTH with the lie that I hated women.

Yes Kevin. Men can see through the shit all right. Men know that men rarely donate money at all to other men. And men know that no man would donate money to a man who is a liar and telling lies about him and trying to silence him. Your claim that Vince is a liar is based on your claim that my donation was intended to be used as YOU and YOUR cronies might see fit. You claim is that my donation was intended for the benefit of the broader TNS community.

This is an OBVIOUS LIE and any man with a brain can see it for the obvious lie it is. As I have said, the donation I gave to Vince, what he asked for, what I donated for, was to keep VINCE ON THE AIR DOING HIS INTERVIEWS. That is what I donated to. I put my money where Vinces mouth was because he acted towards me as an honourable man of honour and integrity. He did not judge me or criticise me. He did not lie about me. He let me have my say and present my story. A story I have since presented IN WRITING thereby PROVING what I was saying is true. Every, single, last word of it. 

Then on facebook there is this comment:

"Well Globalman couldn't have done me a bigger favour there. He obviously knows feck all about the law. Slander must be FALSE and he's just proven everything I said to be true. Seriously??

And this is one of Vins buddies?? Vin supports this guy? Gave him a platform? Accepted money from him?? Thank Globalman for probing me right."

He then goes on to quote me from my letter last night, but he left out the first bit....seemingly conveniently I will include the WHOLE quote and colour in blue the piece he conveniently left out.

"Lastly? Because the vast majority of men in Ireland are gutless mongrels like Kevin Flannigan and will not hold women accountable for their crimes? I have claimed into existence a STATE OF WAR on the land known as Ireland. It is now LAWFUL TO KILL ANY WOMAN OF VOTING AGE WHO IS MENTALLY COMPETENT WHO IS NOT MUSLIM ON THE LAND KNOWN AS IRELAND.


So you mangina men want to protect your women? Prosecute the criminal women among you. Then we will leave ALL your women alone. Refuse to prosecute the CRIMINAL WOMEN among you? Then ALL WOMEN who fit that profile are legitimate enemy combatants that can be attacked and killed in the street the same way they condone women attacking men in the family courts."

Interesting to see he dropped the bit that makes it clear the REASON I have claimed into existence a STATE OF WAR is because the gutless mongrels like him have FAILED to hold criminal women accountable for their crimes and have, in effect, eliminated the protection of the law for MEN. So I am RESPONDING to the elimination of the protection of the law for MEN with a similar elimination of the protection of the  law for women. Notice too that I have only claimed the removal of the protection of the law for WOMEN where those women are represented by the MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT to whom the claim of a WAR OF AGGRESSION on their part was made and the claim of a WAR OF RETURN is directed.

Since Muslim women are not waging a WAR OF AGGRESSION they are exempted. Since women who are not of voting age or not mentally competent can not be said to have voted for the members of parliament? They are exempted.

Indeed, ANY WOMAN who is willing to say in her own name in the public that she is willing to sit on an all womens jury in an all womens court can create a userid on the CAF Ireland Womens Site and publish her own name there. If a womans name is published by that woman on CAF Ireland Womens site and the email address is in line with the womans name then she will be exempted and continue to have the protection of the law.

It is ONLY those women who openly support the members of parliament conducting their WAR OF AGGRESSION against ALL PEOPLE IN IRELAND but especially men who are legitimate lawful enemy combatants. Further, Kevin has not mentioned that this STATE OF WAR includes all members of parliament, all members of the law society, all police officers and their families. The STATE OF WAR is not limited women. It is directed at those who are openly supporting a WAR OF AGGRESSION against ALL PEOPLE IN IRELAND but especially men. And it is only necessary because there is no reason to believe that a peaceful remedy to this WAR OF AGGRESSION can be achieved through new courts and new juries since the men of Ireland are such gutless mongrels they will not act as jury members and will not serve as peace officers or soldiers to defend the children of their land. 

So this claim of Kevins that this selective quote from me in any way "proves everything I have been saying" is laughable and any man with a brain knows it to be laughable.

Kevin Flannigan is a gutless mongrel who is so gutless he would not even agree to sit on an all male jury in an all male court and fairly and justly judge a female accused of criminal activity on an equal before the law basis to men. Period.

Now. Kevin Flannigan has been accused of the crime of slander. Kevin made the claim I hate women. For that statement to be true Kevin Flannigan has to PROVE that I hate AT LEAST TWO WOMEN because the word "women" is the plural. It implies TWO OR MORE.

Now. Since I do not hate ANY women Kevin Flannigan is going to have a very hard time PROVING BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT BEFORE A JURY OF 12 MEN THAT I HATE TWO OR MORE WOMEN.

Let's see him try, eh? 

Let him put his PROOF into the public domain.  Let him be judged by his peers in the public and if he will not accept their decision let him be judged by a jury of his peers. Let us see if he can get TWELVE MEN ON A JURY to agree that I hate TWO OR MORE WOMEN.

A Word on The Broader Issues

Now that we are done with the man hating, liar, criminal slanderer, female idolatror, Kevin Flannigan, there is the broader issue of the TNS community, and the broader community of MEN and women in Ireland.

I have PROVEN BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that Jennifer Toal committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion and theft in the period November 2007 to November 2009. The PROOF of these crimes is freely available to the public on this link. Jennifer Toal does not deny any of this evidence. Indeed, she was quite proud to get 95% of assets in what is very clearly another crime of theft. No one deserves 95% of assets, especially not an adulteress, prostitute, criminal child abuser like Jennifer.

The broader issue is that these crimes were aided and abetted by the man calling himself Judge Griffin of the Irish Family Courts and that they have further been consented to and supported by every member of the Irish Parliament.

Further, for bringing these crimes to light Alan Shatter (and Enda Kenny as his direct superior) has seen fit to further criminally victimise me by denying my citizenship application without cause in a criminal act of discrimination as well as deny a MANDATORY and OBLIGATORY residency visa. Alan has done this to cause me injury, harm and loss in my ability to earn my income. The full details of these conversations I have had with the entire membership of the Irish Parliament can be found on this link and this link.

Via these crimes that I was a victim of I have been able to PROVE BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that ALL MEMBERS of the Irish Parliament have committed the crime of AIDING AND ABETTING KNOWN CRIMINALS as well as aided and abetted in the further criminal victimisation of me by Alan Shatter. Indeed, I was slandered in the Daily Mail which is a national newspaper in the Republic of Ireland so it can hardly be said to be true that ANY of the members do not know about my case. They would have to be living under a rock to not know about this case that has been presented to them.

Now. The reason I went so hard and head first into direct conflict with the criminals in the government of Ireland was because I knew.

  1. That time was short and that plans to collapse the Irish Economy were at hand. And this proved to be true.
  2. That plans were afoot to start major wars and that the process of turning men against women was a part of the depopulation program. I said exactly that when Vince interviewed me and that interview from 2009 or so is available on this link
  3. That if it were not possible to re-introduce the rule of law and ensure that all people living on the land of Ireland had the protection of the law that widespread social unrest, perhaps even civil wars, might break out.

Certainly we have seen, since 2008, that the Irish economy has collapsed. Many tens of thousands of young Irish people have had to leave the country as economic refugees, at the same time I have been denied the ability to set up my business interests in Ireland. Business interests that brought EUR225K in foreign revenue into Ireland in my last full year there by the way.

We have seen tens of thousands of Irish people lose their homes. We have seen thousands more Irish men kill themselves from the criminal abuse in the family courts. We have seen tens of thousands of Irish children left fatherless.

We have seen more than a hundred thousand Irish men pushed to the very edge of existence from the criminality of the family courts with extortionate demands for alimony and child support.

No one can deny that over the last 4 years, since 2009-11-26, the day I PROVED my remedy in the Australian Federal Magistrates Court, this is what we have seen happen in Ireland.

And how did the people of Ireland react to me, a man not even born in Ireland, just happening to live there and be of Irish Heritage, when I was willing to put my life on the line to defend the children of your land? Well you HATED ON ME of course. Why? Because the person who committed the crimes that were the trigger for me to do this happened to be female.

And because the person who committed the initial crimes against men happened to be female you want to stop her form being prosecuted and that means you will not support my cases against ALL MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT to remove them through a transition process of new elections and moving out the old and in with the new who are sworn to server the actual people who live on the land and not their british masters.

In short? The Irish People, knowing full well that ALL your members of parliament are scumbag criminals, and knowing that NO OTHER MAN has been willing to create the cases to remove them all, decided to attack me and hate on me in my efforts to re-introduce the rule of law into Ireland SOLELY because you wanted to protect ONE WOMAN who is an adulteress, prostitute, child abusing criminal who committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse in her divorce.

THAT is what I call "female idolatry". You will sacrifice the future of your children, you will refuse to defend the children of your land if it affects even ONE WOMAN NEGATIVELY.

And female idolatry is EXACTLY WHY no one has been making ANY GROUND in Ireland in dealing with the criminals in your government for all these years. Because the women WANT to have the ability to commit crimes against men and use the violence and force of the state to enforce their crimes and to not be held accountable for their crimes.

In short? Since the remedy has been available since 2009-11-26 the ONLY reason that Irish people have suffered since is because of FEMALE IDOLATRY AND MAN HATRED.


And now we are in 2014. And STILL we see the VAST MAJORITY of Irish people, the TNS community especially, openly practicing FEMALE IDOLATRY AND MAN HATRED. And in doing so you are betraying the children of your land.

How about that?

Now. My calling is very public. My efforts are very public. Everyone can see that I am an honest man of honour and integrity who put his life on the line, in part, to secure the rights of the children of Ireland and to defend their futures WHEN THEIR OWN MOTHERS AND FATHERS SHRANK FROM THAT TASK.

Let us not forget that Irish mothers and fathers have shrunk from the task of defending your children from the criminals in government and as a direct result of your cowardice many tens of thousands of your children are now fatherless and many tens of thousand more of your children have been forced into economic refugee status.


A Word on The Broader Issues (contd)

You women and men refused to secure the rights of your children and you have betrayed their futures. Period.

I, a man not even born in Ireland, did your fighting for you, did your job for you, worked to secure the rights of your children for you. And you repay me with slander, lies, demonsation, vilification, and unjust criticism. EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.

And you did this merely to "save" an adulteress, prostitute, child abusing criminal who committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse in her divorce from being prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Now. I always knew history would judge me and I always knew that people would come to see the truth of the matter as to my character. The truth of the matter is that I am an honest man of honour and integrity.

One of my projects is to re-introduce the rule of law to the land known as Ireland, specifically meaning the jury trial process, and ensuring that women and men are treated as equal before the law. The Irish people, in the vast majority, have resisted this project based on PERVASIVE MALE HATRED AND FEMALE IDOLATRY.

The women of Ireland do NOT want to be held equal before the law to men and they have mobilised to get weak minded men like Kevin Flannigan to attack those of us who are working to hold women as equal before the law. And there are PLENTY of weak minded men like Kevin Flannigan around I can assure you. Those men who will pander to a woman are in the VAST MAJORITY. That does not make them RIGHT.

So? Now that everything is out in the open and published and public? The members of TNS and the member of the broader Irish community have some questions in front of them.

The first questions I would put to you, dear reader, are these:

  1. What is it worth to you, the individual reading this, that I risked my life defending the children of your land when the VAST MAJORITY of Irish mothers and fathers were too gutless to do so?

    EUR1? EUR10? EUR100? EUR1,000?

    And whatever you think the work I have ALREADY DONE was worth? Please feel free to  go to this page and click on the CHF Charity button. If the sum you would like to send me is significant? Then contact me on and I will give you a bank account number in Switzerland where you can pay me for my work.
  2. What is it worth to you to have a book that details front to back exactly the position in which your young men find themselves because of your betrayal? If it is worth CHF10 to you? Then feel free to click on this link and buy a numbered copy of my second book The Truth Be Told for the princely sum of CHF10. The book Living Free in the Femnazi World will remain free. 

Now. I will say here that I FULLY EXPECT that NO ONE WHO READS THIS WILL PAY ME ONE CENT for my efforts. That is my expectation. And whatever turns out to be the case? I will make that public.

Those who read this could spread the word and many thousands of people in Ireland could pay me for doing your jobs for you thereby helping me in this period while I am being persecuted by YOUR GOVERNMENT. Or not. And if or not? You can explain that to your young men. Why? Let me share something with you.

Now? I will show you a comment from a young Australian man who is 26. I would very strongly recommend you go and read his words. He knows that his future was betrayed by the older men of Australia and he does not mince his words. You can read his full statement on this link. The piece I want to bring to your attention is specifically as follows:


"You are one such man Bill. You disgust me with your cowardice. You are no friend of mine. You are no friend of ANY young men. And we know you are no friend of us young men. We know your older male readers are no friends of us young men. We know you are cowards. We know you pretend to not believe what Peter has published to hide your cowardice. We know that it is not that you do not understand what he is telling you when he says "legislation is not law and you can rescind your consent to be governed." We know that you are only pretending to be stupid and ignorant because appearing to be stupid and ignorant is better then being known to be a coward.

But the cowardice of you older men is very clear to us young men who are well informed. You disgust us. The sooner you older men die off or are killed in wars the sooner us young men will fix the mess you older men are were so happy to
PAY TAXES TO CREATE. If you older men think we will be paying for your pensions in your old age? You can think again. We will give you your demise pill and tell you to go kill yourself for your betrayal of our futures.

So Bill, and all your older male readers, we have a saying in Australia. "Consider yourself told". Consider yourself told you are no friends of us young men. Consider yourself told that we will not be paying for you in your older age. Consider yourself told that we think you are "gutless mongrels" as we say in Australia. Consider yourself told that we know you older men are nothing like Peter. You older men are not worthy of licking his boots."

Ouch, eh?

We are teaching the young men that their women peers and older women and older men have betrayed them and that they owe you nothing. They will not be paying for your pensions. They will give you your demise pills and tell you to "go kill yourself for betraying our future".

And the women who are their peers who do not turn their backs on the older generations who betrayed them? Who do not demand women are held equal before the law?

They will not find young men willing to be unpaid body guards in the street. They will not find young men willing to be slaves in marriage raising children. They will find young men much more pre-occupied with their own interests.

So all those who read this? Think very hard about this next question:

Are you willing to sit in an all male/female court on an all male/female jury and hold ALL PEOPLE NO MATTER THEIR SEX equal before the law via the jury trial process?

Women sit on womens juries and men sit on mens juries and the mens juries are superior. All decisions made by womens juries are appealable to the mens juries because of the sexism and discrimination exhibited by women against men when it comes to criminal acts by women against men. 

If the answer is "yes" then register to the portal for your sex.
CAF Ireland for Men
CAF Ireland for Women

And ladies and gentlemen? The young men of your community are watching. They are watching to see whether you have the guts to put your peers who are criminals on trial. And if you do not? They will condemn you for it.

Now. I think I have said enough.

Do as you will.

All I will do is make sure that the actions of the people of Ireland are reflected to your young men. They will the decide for themselves how they will live their lives.



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 1/21/2014 6:29 PM
These are some screen shots I was sent today.

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