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 1/18/2014 6:54 PM
 Modified By host  on 1/18/2014 8:11:14 PM

A short news item with respect to an old topic.

Vince Byrne formerly of TNS called me today to discuss the donation I made to him to keep the radio station on the air back in 2010.

Some months later Kev made the claim that he had never seen any such money. The full thread is here.

I was not aware of this thread as I had been banned from the site by the time this thread was being posted and so I did not follow it and was not aware of it.

I did a phone interview with Vince tonight to set the record straight.

The donation I gave to Vince was at his request to keep the radio station on the air. Period. I told Vince, and I can quote this: “Spend the money as you see best fit.”

The radio station stayed up and running and I presumed whatever needed to be bought was bought and he was able to make ends meet.

So I am surprised, and disappointed, to see comments like this.

“Hi Kev, one question….do you want a copy of the advice slip from my donation to TNS?


I question why Kev has to say it was not personal donation with an exclamation mark in capitals. A personal donation would have been something like paying Vinces rent and putting food on his table for him and his family to eat. Something I have done for other men. That is personal. My donation was directed at what was asked for, to keep the radio station on the air. Period. That is what Vince asked me to support.  I was happy to support it. The radio station stayed on the air for many moths to come.

More than anything we received before or since and these funds were supposed to trickle down to be used for guidebooks, flyers and another Gathering presentation – to my knowledge no one has seen any of this (?) and he (Vin) hasn’t mentioned it since.”

 This was the comment that caught my eye. Vince and Kev were having a personal dispute and Kev said this. Firstly, MY donation was NOT for guidebooks, flyers, and another Gathering Presentation. So at that time I was wondering if he was even talking about my donation…perhaps someone else had made a promise of a donation? Who knew. You can see I even specifically said “I do not know what this is all about”.

“Why would Globalman contact me, urgently, asking whether his donation to TNS was received, worried that Vin had not contacted him? It must be that it was not intended as a personal donation but rather to ‘pitch in’ to TNS which was Tír na Saor at the time.”

I would contact him URGENTLY because he was making the public claim that Vince was a lair and a thief. If this were true then it would be important to immediately settle the matter. If it were NOT TRUE  then it was equally important that Kev retract his statement and apologise.

Kevs contention that “It must be that it was not intended as a personal donation” is total rubbish and I absolutely refute that this was in any way my motivation for contacting him. There was enough strife between these two guys and enough harsh words being used that I wanted to ensure that the question of this was settled immediately.

You do not go around accusing someone of being a liar and a thief in public without STRONG EVIDENCE to back up your claim that is made immediately available to anyone who asks for it. Especially the other party involved being me.

Also…I would bring attention to this comment.

“Globalman emailed me again on the 5th of September:”

I emailed Kev on 29th of August saying to him specifically of his post “I do not know what this is all about”. It is right there on the thread. I was writing to ask him “what is this all about?”

I did not get what I felt was a satisfactory answer and I followed up with a simply question as to whether he would like to see the advice slip to prove the donation went from me to Vince on 5th September using the SAME thread as on 29th. The thread of the 29th was marked “urgent” because of the accusations Kev was making.

Yet Kev is presenting this as

“Why would Globalman contact me, urgently, asking whether his donation to TNS was received, worried that Vin had not contacted him?”

He highlights “urgently”…but this is 7 days after I contacted him “urgently” to get the bottom of his accusation. I happened to use the same email thread…it is nearly 4 years ago and I think that is what happened and how that software worked.

“It must be that it was not intended as a personal donation but rather to ‘pitch in’ to TNS which was Tír na Saor at the time.”

No. It was to get to the bottom of accusations that Kev was making against Vince. If Vince HAD not invested the money into the radio station then it was up to Kev to show that. It was not to “pitch in” to TNS. Most people on TNS who spoke to me hated me. Most people on TNS who responded to me openly slandered me. Why would I pitch in to “TNS” in general?

I had little time for the vast majority of people on TNS. I had time for Vince, for Dave and a few others. But that number does not go past 6 men. The other 3,000 or so people? Especially the people who made it clear that they would not sit on a jury to hold Jennifer accountable for her crimes? Why on earth would I want to "pitch in" to buy guidebooks and stuff for people who CONDONED THE KIDNAPPING AND ABUSE OF MY CHILDREN which is what 2,990+ of the TNS members DID by the way. No. I would not donate money to them. They are not very nice people and they can pay for their own guidebooks etc.

I pitched in for one and one reason only. I was of the opinion Vince was doing a great job at great personal risk to himself and his family. He did a great job on the radio show. I felt it was an important public service to keep the radio show on the air. THAT was the conversation. And since Kev was NOT involved in the conversation he has absolutely no grounds on which to say what “must” have been on my mind when I was asking questions to determine if it was the case that Vince was a subversive or it was the case that Kev was making baseless claims against Vince.

I had no way of knowing who was being dishonest and I would have liked to have gotten to the bottom of who was being honest and who was being dishonest.

To date no one has brought me any evidence that Vince has done anything dishonest. Period. And it is FOUR YEARS later.

These comments by Kev are ill considered and calls into question his honesty in my opinion. But that’s just my opinion. The fact that Kev did not PRIVATELY get me and Vince on the phone and settle the matter PRIVATELY also does Kev no favours.

There is also the issue that Kev had previously been untruthful about me and criticised me unjustly which I had let pass. I was already well aware that Kev was more than willing to jump to false conclusions about an honest man, being me, and so I was wanting to make sure that Kev had some basis or some evidence on which to make these claims against Vince.

Kev had no idea I had been the one to provide this donation to keep the radio show on the air so I guess he was a little put out that a man he had mis-represented, boarding on slandering, and a man he had extensively criticised, was the man who kept the radio station on the air. Perhaps that had something to do with the situation. I do not know. You can ask Kev.

However? In the end, “Dave” and I met with all the most senior and most experienced members of TNS in October 2010. I flew over especially to meet everyone face to face and to work on the process of getting our first jury trial organised in “The Peoples Courts of Ireland”. The turnout was only 5 men other than Dave and myself.

Dave and I also attended the Sunday Meeting at the castle and went for coffee at Vinces place afterwards. I put the question to the assembled men as to whether they would call for and support new juries and new courts so as to be able to put those who committed crimes against me on trial so as to establish the precedent.

The answer from the assembled men was no, they would not do this. I did not ask for reasons as reasons why not would not be relevant.

Dave and I discussed this meeting at some length later and we determined that there was no likelihood of men in Ireland being willing to form new courts and new juries for the foreseeable future. So we very much wound back our efforts to do such leaving the men of Ireland to suffer more oppression until such point in time that they were willing to create said courts and juries.

How sad that here we are in 2014….and these so called “men” in Ireland are slinging mud at each other rather than organising new courts and new juries. Whoever this other guy Kevin Flanigan is? If he spent some energy actually defending the children of his land rather than call Vince a liar and a thief that might actually be useful.

The men of Ireland ought to be ashamed of themselves…..really….that is my comment.

They endless talk about things that are pointless and useless while they will not agree to sit on a jury to hold criminals accountable for their crimes. And because of their cowardice I have claimed into existence a state of WAR on their land.


So I would repeat. The so called "good people" of TNS, all but a handful from THREE THOUSAND PEOPLE openly condone and support the kidnapping and abuse of my children. They OPENLY SUPPORT an adulteress, prostitute, criminal child abusing woman who committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse over an honest man of honour and integrity who actually put his hand in his pocket to help keep an important public service running. Some even accused Vince of allowing me to "hate women on the forums" because I helped keep the radio station up insulting his integrity rather than facing the truth.

The idea that I would donate money to PEOPLE WHO HATE ME rather than donate money to a man I believed to be an honest man of honor and integrity to spend as he sees fit? Kev must be smoking some good shit to think I would want to donate money to people who HATE ME SO MUCH THEY WILL NOT FORM A COURT OF LAW AND A JURY OF 12 TO REMEDY SERIOUS CRIMES AGAINST ME.

Really? Kev? What ARE you smoking? Mail me some. is January 2014. The people of Ireland have made it abundantly clear to me and every other man who lives on that land that women are above the law and can commit crimes with impunity, all the way up to EVERY MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT. I have, in return, claimed into existence a STATE OF WAR because all men have the right to wage WAR so as to defend their life, liberty and property.

Maybe if THIS post is passed around in Ireland a few men might have an attack of conscience. But I am not holding my breath.

If anyone has EVIDENCE against Vince Byrne? By all means bring it forward. But if you want to bring such evidence forward? You want to present to me your track record at the same time to establish your credibility in my eyes. You establish your credibility? I MIGHT listen to you. And one of the first questions I will ask you is "what have you done for me in the last SIX YEARS" I have been asking people for help? If nothing? Don't be insulted if I do not show you any respect or give you my valuable time.

Peter-Andrew: Nolan©
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