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 6/23/2011 4:06 AM
 Modified By john  on 6/23/2011 4:16:07 AM
It is about time fathers had a site like this one, what fathers need is new ideas and very different ideas.

If fathers protest they get moved on, if women protest its like oh god those poor women.

Ireland has turned its back on fathers so i find it hard to understand why fathers fly the irish flag.

If fathers put on union jack t-shirts and flags and a cut-out of the queen in protest for her to rule over ireland, Every newspaper would cover it here and the uk front page, Fathers so pissed off they have turned there back on ireland.

The garda would not dream of arresting a person in a union jack protesting for rights, The uk would be up in arms to see there flags been ripped by the irish garda, Lets not forget northern ireland how will they take it. 

You can bet from the top down the orders will be do not touch those guys while they carry those flags,

People would gather to watch the dail gates been swamped with union jacks. Union jacks which cant be touched.

Sein fein wouldnt like it, to see irish men flying that flag.
psychologically we dont support the uk but can we not use it for our gain anyway, never been done before, will send some shockways in the media.

Fathers will have the protection of the queen,as in Id like to see the garda who tries to take a full size cut-out of the queen from the dail gates, The garda can do many things but he aint that stupid, Plus wheres he gona put her, A cop car i dont think so. The media would go to town on it.

Tds in the dail wouldnt know whats going on, theres irish people outside flying union jacks, Can we move them, Eh no we cant, not with them flags, how would britain take it, 

Why are they doing that says one td, they are fathers who have given up on ireland, Gerry adams would hit the roof and say it has come to this now, fathers have been let down so much they are prepared to fly the union jack.

I for one dont care for ireland anymore, just look at the way fathers are treated in ireland, Why not fly a flag which is a different ball game, A flag where the garda must keep there distance, You can be sure the uk government would love every minute of it.

We could have demands in the media the government step down and give rule to the queen, Why cause we are fathers treated badly here,
Thats gona be a big WOW,
Could ask the media to get ready for the front page picture, this irish man is gona bow to the life size cut-out of the queen while standing on the irish flag with the names of irish judges marked on it. Thats gotta hurt them deeply in the dail, and thats what they badly need.

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