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 5/31/2015 6:55 AM
Hi All,
I met this guy called Alan Sherry from Dublin on line. What a loser jerk. 

Anyway...he says "You have not asked me for any help" I made a video and I will give it to Alan. 

This is Alans Facebook.

This is the video asking for help.

If you want to help me? 

Please click on this link and pay me AUD19 for my 19 days in jail.

Please pass this link to all your Irish Friends so they can also pay me for my 19 days in jail and show some support for those of us willing to risk our lives and freedom for THEIR childrens benefit.

And here is a link to my book Living Free.

And here is a link to my list of documents produced...note many of them have been taken down because I am sick and tired of being lied about.

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 5/31/2015 7:50 AM
 Modified By host  on 5/31/2015 7:52:41 AM
Here is the facebook thread from Alan Sherry.

Hi Guys,
this turkey Alan Sherry says "well you never asked me for help".

So here is me asking Alan Sherry and everyone else who reads this for help.

Alan Sherry​

The help I am asking for is to be paid AUD1 per day for my 19 days in jail here in Germany.

If you think spending 19 days in a small jail cell in a 19th century jail cell with 3 chain smoling muslim men is worth AUD19? Please click the link.

If you are not sure? Please listen to this video and consider helping me because I am asking for help professionally and politely for help.
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 5/31/2015 7:53 AM
And his ridiculous reply.

Alan Sherry You were unable to prove any of your claims. I put it to you that your whole online persona exists for one reason and one reason only - to shake people down for money. You have FAILED to link to an independent news source which proves any of your claims about being in jail.or threatening a judge. Instead you link to clickbait sites which you probably manufactured yourself. You copy and paste almost everything you write. Prove to us via an independent news source that you are not a con man. Or else stop whining like a bitch and go make your money honestly. Spammers and online scammers are the lowest form of scum there is. Now if you can prove anything at all you will not take it personally as though you had a vagina. It's your move. However I do expect you to take my telling you to make your money honestly personally. Anything that happened to you in your life happened as a result of your own choices and life does not provide compensation. Another lie of yours is your outlandish claim to be important in mens activism. I have verified this to be UNTRUE!
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 5/31/2015 7:54 AM
And so I put these comments on my facebook.

  • Peter Andrew Nolan Hi guys....just an update...this loser blocked me. Ran away like a little girl. Feel free to go post on his facebook what a "girly man" he is.
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  • Peter Andrew Nolan Here is Alan Sherry asking me if I can provide NEWSPAPER REPORTS about what I have done, because, you know, if it is not in the NEWSPAPER it did not happen! LOL!!

    Alan Sherry
    Independent news. One does not threaten a judge without it being reported. What is your full name , your birth name, your date of birth and your address ? Where is the news reports in German media ? Dont worry. I can speak German.
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  • Peter Andrew Nolan Also gents,

    I wrote this reply but the "girly man" ran away before I could send it...

    Would someone like to post this on his GB page please?

    Peter Andrew Nolan
    "Independent news. One does not threaten a judge without it being reported. "

    LOL! So if it did not get reported in the Illuminati controlled newspapers it didn't happen...LOL!!

    You have been asked politely and professionally to help me. 
    Whether you will or not is up to you.

    Vince has posted the video to PIR and you are named on that video and in the CAF link. Everyone has been told you claimed "you didn't ask me for help" and so I have publicly asked you and every other adult on the land of Ireland for help.

    Here is the link.

    If you wish to check if I told Judge Griffin I would kill him if he jailed me?

    You can call Piarais Neary.

    Piarais was my solicitor and it was Piarais who relayed the request to Judge Griffin.

    Piarais is Irish. He lived in Dublin. He is your peer.

    You want confirmation of what I have done?

    Ask him.

    You call me a liar?

    Ask Piarais. I am sure he will tell you the truth.

    Now. I asked your for help. As little as AUD19.

    Will you pay me AUD19?

    Or are you going to call me a liar?

    And if you pay me AUD19 and give me the help I am asking for?
    Then please go to as many other Irish men as you know and ask them to pitch in too.

    After all? I owe men who are NOT Irish and who are NOT involved in this fight a great deal of money.

    Funny how men who are NOT IRISH and who are NOT involved in this fight have been MAN ENOUGH to provide the help I have asked for, massive loans, against only my word that I will pay them back while men like you call me a liar and refuse to believe what I say...hmmm?
    After all? I have NO PROOF I can repay these loans I have taken out. If I am killed those men will not be paid back.

    But you? You call me a liar and pretend like you need PROOF of what I say before you will pay me a lousy AUD19.

    That is why you are not my friend and never will be my friend.

    My friends do not question my word....ever.

    Best Regards

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 5/31/2015 7:55 AM
So..basically, if an honest man of honour and integrity who stands for truth and justice and equality before the law asks for help he will be called a liar, a scammer, and other lies will be told about him. 


Starting to get the picture of how men who ask for help are treated?

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