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 7/21/2012 12:51 PM
This is a video I have released to the Irish Parliament.

Basically it is denouncing them as a bunch of criminals and telling them that since they are attempting to interfere with my ability to earn my income that they will be charged fees for this.
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 7/21/2012 1:34 PM
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Statement to the members of the Irish Parliament.

This is the link to the new book.

Link to Lawful Notice to the members of parliament.

Hello to my brothers and sisters in the two houses of parliament in Ireland. I will not try and pronounce how that is said as I was not born in Ireland.  I would likely only make a mess of if and not do the name of the parliament justice.

Speaking of justice. That is, of course, why I have made this video.

Although this video is addressed to you, the members of the Irish Parliament, it is also intended for the broader audience of the Irish people. That is people with a small p meaning the people who live on the land and not “People” with a capital P meaning your Illuminati friends that you serve.

I want the people who live on the land of Ireland to know exactly the character of the people who are pretending to serve them in the government. This video has been four and a half years in the making. I have scrupulously gathered up the evidence of the criminal acts against me and made them available to all members of the parliaments in both Ireland and Australia.

I can now tell you that the strategy I chose to adopt was to try and get as many people in guvment to commit some form of crime against me and then to put them on trial for that crime. This strategy turned out to be more successful than my wildest imagination four years ago.

For some reason every single member of both houses in both Australia and Irelands chose to commit a criminal act against me rather than just toss the minnows that that had committed the initial criminal acts into the “judiciary hopper” so as to save your own skins.

What really staggers me is that as soon as I brought this matter to the attention of Brian Cowan and Mary McAleese in October 2010 the best course of action for the members of these two houses would have been to immediately prosecute the criminals calling themselves Judge Griffin of the family court of Ireland and Jennifer Marguerite Toal, being my ex wife. But they did not.

Should Brian and Mary have prosecuted those two people at that time then my efforts to expose the entire membership of the guvment as criminals would have fallen flat on it’s face. Judge Griffin and Jennifer are minnows. They are irrelevant. It truly staggers me that you ALL chose to defend these criminals by committing a criminal act yourselves thereby making yourselves liable to being accused of crimes, losing your positions in parliament, losing your houses and losing your pensions.

I certainly hope you all think that being man-haters and hating on me and denying me a path to justice, and protecting Judge Griffin and Jennifer was worth your jobs, your houses and your pensions. Because that is what it is going to cost you. IF YOU CO-OPERATE FROM HERE ON IN. 

If you do NOT co-operate from here on in you desire to protect Judge Griffin and Jennifer may just cost you your life and the lives of your spouse and/or your children.

Now. Before any of you lie and pretend to be “upset” that I am putting your spouses and your children on to the battlefield with your false claims that they are “innocent” and had “nothing to so with your criminal acts” let me remind you of something.

In the service of the Illuminati Agenda to destroy the family and to incite hatred and violence between men and women you and your predecessors have waged a propaganda and legal war on our wives and our children. With poisonous feminist propaganda you promoted hatred of men by women in such insidious ways as to have our women be victims of their own victim mind set.

You turned wife against husband and rewarded her handsomely if she would choose to believe the poisonous propaganda you and your colleagues fed her and falsely accuse the husband via your criminal associates in the Family Courts. You people directly attacked our children by subverting the mothers and having them remove the natural father, the protector of the children, from the family. You then fed those children, especially the boys, very damaging drugs as well as poisons via the food, water and even air supplies. You also fed those children a poisonous array of man-hating propaganda via your compliant stooges in the schools called “teachers”.

All in all. The members of these two houses and your predecessors have viciously and callously attacked the men, women and children of Ireland by weaponising the family relationships via the way of the courts and having members of the family, especially the women, attack the men and abuse the children.

Since you have attacked the family with such vicious, insidious, callous criminal acts I, for one, place your spouse and your child on the field of battle and I do so absolutely unapologetically. So as you listen to this video you want to keep in mind that the only way you can remove your spouse and your children from the field of battle is to step forward, admit your guilt, stand trial and accept the remedy instruction from a jury of your peers like a man.

Basically, you are being challenged to “take your punishment like a man”. We will see how many real men there are among you. Especially among my sisters in these two houses.

How many of my sisters are willing to take their punishment like a man, eh?

Now. To specifics for the benefit of those who have not heard of my case or myself before.

I will note that all the supporting documentation for what I am about to say is in my new book called The Truth Be Told. This book has had more than 1,800 downloads now. There is simply no way to stop that book from circulating. That book is intended for the young men of the western English speaking world between the ages of 16 to 30. We are telling those lads that the older generations have betrayed them and their future. We are telling the lads that their so called “political leaders” have betrayed them and their future. We shall see what the lads make of that.

The link to The Truth Be Told is in the drop down box below along with a link to the text of this statement. Those of you in these two houses might like to read it so that you know what we are telling the young men of Ireland.

On the 8th of November 2007 Jennifer Marguerite Nolan, them my wife, committed the crime of perjury. She made false statements under oath. These false statements under oath were then filed in the Irish Family Court on the 9th of November 2007. Because of this crime of perjury EVERYTHING that happened after that point in time as a result of that action is the consequence of a crime and I am LAWFULLY ENTITLED TO REMEDY for everything that I have had to tolerate since that time. I have had to tolerate a lot of further criminal acts since November 8th 2007.

Subsequent to this crime of perjury another criminal calling himself Judge Griffin stepped in to commit a series of crimes against me. The crimes he committed were theft and extortion. He was also complicit in the kidnapping of my former children. Judge Griffin justified his criminal acts of freezing my personal and company bank accounts on the perjury of my wife which while failing to even ask me if the statements were true or false. As a man, he was obliged to ask me if what was being said about me was true or false before taking any action against me. He knew where to find me. My web site is That he pretended that he was obliged to BELIEVE PERJURY AND ACT ON IT WITHOUT TALKING TO THE MAN INVOLVED demonstrates the criminality of the man.

That he even put in writing the claim that faxing documents to third party companies in third party jurisdictions, and by that I mean faxing documents to a client of mine in Germany, constituted good service of documents demonstrates the criminality of the man. That he threatened to jail me if I refused to pay EUR6,000 in extortion money each month despite the fact that he had already frozen my bank accounts further shows the criminality of the man.

The criminals Judge Griffin and Jennifer Marguerite Toal did not take into account that I actually had some REAL FRIENDS who would give me money to help me out. They did not bank on the fact that they could not financially destroy me in their crime of extortion because I could arrange another source of finance.

Just as an aside. It should also be noted that every cent I spent on Lawyers is repayable by Jennifer because I only had to pay that money on the basis of her crime of perjury. That is EUR21,000 with the criminal Piarais Neary of PW Tracey Solicitors and AUD45,000 with the criminals called Watts McCray in Australia.

Now. My brothers and sisters. On 2010-10-15 I issued lawful notices to the criminals Brian Cowan and Mary McAleese. These criminals were handed the FULL bundle of evidence of the criminality of the criminal Judge Griffin. They were asked to deal with this criminal in their delegated responsibility for dispensing justice to ALL those who commit crimes on the land of Ireland.

Brian and Mary chose to suppress the evidence of this criminal act and chose to refuse to perform their delegated duties to ensure that justice is done for the crimes of a Judge. That Mary and Brian allowed this to happen demonstrates that both Brian and Mary were aware of the criminality of the courts as early as November 2007 thereby making the “bank bail out” an odious debt that does not need to be repaid. The people of Ireland will be thanking me for that one.

I then waited a while as we were not able to even find 12 men in Ireland who had the bravery to form a court to put judge griffin on trial. With the election and a new guvment I decided to put the next lot onto the hook as soon as possible as well.

On 2011-09-05 I sent a Lawful Notice to Alan Shatter. This lawful notice was also sent as a copy to all members of these two houses in a Lawful Notice on 2012-01-27. In that Lawful Notice I gave Alan, as the Minister for Justice as well as the Minister responsible for the Citizenship Processing, the opportunity to deal with the issues at hand in the private. Alan spurned this opportunity. Thankfully so because it then gave me the chance to put the rest of you criminals on the hook. Thanks for that Alan!!

So I sent a Lawful Notice to all members on 2012-01-27. I followed this up with a Lawful Notice to you all on 2012-02-24 to advise you that Alan Shatter had further criminally violated my claimed rights by pretending to have the sole discretion to deny my citizenship application with no process of appeal.

As if any public servant can actually do that. It just goes to show how the members of parliament are a bunch of criminals who write legislation for their colleagues who will come after them and pretend that the criminal legislation written has nothing to do with the criminal member exercising it. It’s a great scam when both houses of parliament work for the same masters while pretending to be in opposition to each other. The criminals in parliament are told what legislation to write that will be of use later because those who are telling them what to write know the long term plan. Each politician might be a bit part short term actor, but those who are telling them what do to are in there for the long term and know what is planned. This is how the game works ladies and gentlemen. We all know it now.

On the date of 2012-04-13 I sent the letter at the link below.

The issue at that point in time was that my so called “residency permit” which includes a work permit was about to expire. I offered all members of both houses the opportunity to involve themselves to ensure that this visa was not allowed to expire. This reason being that to allow said visa to expire would be the crime of attempting to obstruct the path of justice by unlawfully interfering with my right to work.

The guvments of Europe actually do not have the right to violate the right of a man to work but you pretend you to with the whole work permit scheme. You also punish harshly business people who “break these rules” which is also a criminal act because it is based on fraud.

It now turns out that I have been offered numerous contracting jobs in the EU since the date of 2012-04-15 when my so called work permit expired. So I am letting you know today the following.

When I came Ireland 11 years ago my daily rate was around EUR1,500 per day. My job was such a specialised and difficult and high level job that these rates were easily achieved in those days.

In these days of recession and the difficulties you politicians are creating for me I have only been able to achieve around EUR800 per day of late. That is, of course, more than enough to keep one man in modest surrounds.

Since I have had numerous offers for jobs in this sort of range and I am unable to avail of them purely because all the members of these two houses are choosing to obstruct the course of justice by trying to “starve me out” I am letting you know that in addition to your criminal acts of aiding and abetting the known criminals of Judge Griffin and Jennifer Marguerite Toal you will also be given a bill for EUR800 per day for each working day from July 1st 2012 until I regain a Work Permit such that I can continue to go about my business.

I will charge you this fee whether I am able to generate my income some other way or not. The money will be used in my charity to help boys whose fathers have killed themselves because of the criminal abuse of women using the criminal family law legislation that the members of these two houses have refused to denounce. It is only right that the members of these two houses put the money in for such a charity.

Now….my brothers and sisters. Your actions have gone from the criminal to the comedic. Alan Shatter has actually claimed that judges can commit any crimes they like to commit and that the members of these two houses will do nothing about ensuring a path to justice for those criminal acts. Every member, male and female, has openly condoned and supported the criminal acts of Judge Griffin and Jennifer Marguerite Toal since you were informed of them nearly six months ago.

No member of these two houses has any credibility left. Those of us who know you for the criminals you are will be spreading the word just as fast as we can. We are coming to the trial phase of your exposure as criminals. Currently I am calling exclusively on FATHERS to be the jury members and to run the courts. The reason I want fathers is that their life experience will give them a better perspective of what will be a fair remedy for each of you.

But I did want to let you know this. If I can not find enough fathers I will call for young men who are not fathers to sit on these juries. These lads are MUCH angrier at you politicians than the older men. The younger men realise that you have sold our their futures, impoverished their homeland, and are the cause of forcing them to leave their homeland in search of work via your banking scams and your betrayal of the Irish people.

The young men are far more likely to give you a far harsher remedy instruction. The young men are far more likely to respond badly to your efforts to continue to perform your criminal acts against them. They are far more likely to be unhappy about you politicians taking the position that you can give them less legal protection than a STRAY DOG and get away with that.

So. My brothers and sisters. Consider your positions carefully. You are going to be put on trial sooner or later. Your names and faces are too well known for you to run away anywhere. And if you try to we will put you on trial in absentia and then send men to come and find you to carry out any remedy instruction that is determined by the jury of your peers.

My advice to my brothers and sisters in these two houses is to confess your roles in what you have been up to and start to co-operate with us so as to secure the future for future generations of Irish Children….for it is the future generations of Irish children you are betraying.

Thank you for your attention. It is much appreciated.
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