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 7/21/2012 12:42 PM
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Rather than put up a text entry for TNS is Ireland I thought I would do a video this time.
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 7/21/2012 12:43 PM
 Modified By host  on 7/21/2012 12:49:07 PM

Statement for TNS.

This is the link to The Truth Be Told.

Hi Vince,
I thought I would do a video for this entry rather than a written entry. The main reason is that so many people in the so called “Sovereign” area are such man-haters that whenever a man speaks up for himself he is falsely taken to be “angry” and “bitter” and “upset” so the men in the Sovereign area come back with bullshit like “get over it”, “man up”, “you deserved what you got etc”. You and I have both seen this a great deal over the last three years.

The hypocrisy of western men in the Sovereign area is nearly as disgusting as the hypocrisy of the western women in the sovereign area and western women in general. The assertion that any man deserves to be criminally victimised by a woman, and that this is a commonly made assertion by more than 99% of men in Ireland, shows you what a bunch man hating, sexist, discriminatory bigots Irish men are. Irish men will almost NEVER denounce a criminal woman. They are just too gutless. Certainly they will not demand a woman found guilty of a crime gets the same punishment as a man as women demanded they should have. Remember equality, eh?

I wanted the members of TNS to see my happy smiling face as I made this video. I want them to understand that I am VERY HAPPY to be divorced and to be rid of the albatross of “wife and kids” around my neck.

My second book, The Truth Be Told has now had more than 1,800 downloads. This is something that I am very proud of. I am telling as many young men as I can that their women are liars and hypocrites in the 99.9% majority and then presenting with them the PROOF of that statement. The lads are getting the message and they are getting it in spades. There is nothing that any women or any other mangina men can do to stop the word getting out.

Any woman who attempts to deny the truth is being put into the man hating women forums. Any man who jumps in to “defend the equal and empowered women” is being put into the IgnorMANus forums.

When men and women are exposed in public by name for their hatred they stop it VERY fast. This is what should have been happening these last 40 years. Women who spewed hatred at men like “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” or “a woman can do anything a man can do”? Those women should have been called the man-haters they were then and there.

Now I have to do the job myself. My mate John Rambo is doing a great job of denouncing man hating women as well. And the women are getting very upset. GOOD!! We MEAN them to get upset. The very fact they get upset confirmed for the lads that we are telling the truth. If we were lying and the women were really NOT liars and hypocrites they would simply deny it just like I deny I am a paedophile or a wife beater or a woman hater when women call me those things. I just tell women they are doing name calling like 5 year olds and I am not about to get upset about it.

If a woman persists in slandering me like that I tell her that she will be put on trial for slander and my price is EUR10,000 for slander of my name. I learned not to take notice of kids calling me names on my first day of School Vince.

Now….As you know I called for the women of the TNS site to put my ex Jennifer on trial in October 2009. I later called for men to put Judge Griffin on trial in October 2010. In the case of Jennifer only three “so called sovereign women” agreed to serve on the jury for Jennifer. This was not enough and so I let that slide for a while. In October 2010 we only got a few men interested in putting Judge Griffin on trial. Registrations at CAF Ireland remain almost none existent.

So I can say with all confidence that the so called “self described sovereign men and women of Ireland” are nothing of the sort. They are quite happy to see a man criminally victimised by a woman and refuse to give such a man a community supported path to justice while at the same time claiming that said man must not kill his ex and kids thereby achieving his own path to justice his own way. In short Vince. The self described sovereign men and women of Ireland are liars and hypocrites because one of the first obligations of being sovereign is to give your fellow sovereigns the protection of the law they need when they are criminally victimised.

If I said publicly that when a woman is bashed and raped that those around her had no obligation to assist her recover and no obligation to find the man who bashed her and raped her and bring him to justice I would be hated on.

Yet this is exactly the position that 99.9% of women and 99% of men take in Ireland when the perpetrator is a woman and the victim is a man and the bashing and raping is criminal abuse of the man via the criminal family law. It is all just lies and hypocrisy and that is what I am telling the young men. 

And I have used my case to demonstrate this. No one argues that Jennifer did not commit the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse. Everyone who views the evidence agrees these crimes were committed. They were committed in late 07 and early 2008. So why is it that I am here in July 2012 and there has been no remedy eh Vince?

Do you know any women who have identified a man who raped them that have waited this long for justice to be done in Ireland?  Do you know any women who have been bashed or robbed where the perpetrator is known that have waited this long for a path to justice?

Well? Do you? I can point you to THOUSANDS of men who are waiting for justice in Ireland and who are restraining themselves from acting like the saints they are.

So here is my next proposal to put the so called self described “sovereign men” of Ireland to the test. So far the so called “sovereign men” of Ireland are still too gutless to put a judge on trial. And that’s fine. I can take care of Judge Griffin myself if Irish men are too gutless to put him on trial and make my path to justice a community supported one.

But I want to know if Irish men have got the guts to put Jennifer and my former children on trial for their criminal acts against me. Jennifer for perjury, kidnapping, extortion and theft. Joshua and Josephine for aiding and abetting a known criminal and accepting the proceeds of a crime. Both crimes they committed once over the age of 18 and were given fair notice that they were committing these crimes.

I am putting this video up to call for all fathers who are self described sovereigns to heed my call for a community supported path to Justice. DaveKey will perform the role of secretary for this trial.

Those fathers who wish to answer my call can register to the CAF Ireland site which is in the link below.

Naturally, should the self described sovereign fathers of Ireland refuse to provide me with a path to justice I reserve the right to dispense summary justice myself at the time and place and in the manner of my choosing. The self described Irish sovereign men have a right to put Jennifer on trial but a right not exercised is a right waived. I have NEVER waived my right to justice and remedy for the criminal acts against me.

This challenge will, once and for all, show me where Irish sovereign men stand on the question as to whether women are to be held accountable for their actions on the basis of “equal before the law” to men.

Failure to form this jury, where there is no risk from the guvment, will demonstrate to me and to all the lads out there that the sovereign men and women of Ireland are all talk and no action.

Now. As to the result I expect.

Since Jennifer has already admitted her guilt I expect that she will not make too much of a fuss over being called guilty.

The remedy I require is, as a minimum, as follows.

1. EUR21,000 for the fees I paid to the criminal Piarais Neary of Tracy Solicitors.
2. AUD45,000 for the fees I paid to Watts McCray.
3. AUD300,000 for the theft of my house.
4. EUR200,000 for the destruction of my company.
5. A to be determined amount for pain and suffering.
6. A to be determined amount for the kidnapping and abuse of my former children.

I am interested to know what sum the Irish sovereign men will put on the head of a child and the kidnapping and abuse of a child. The current system says I would get 5 years in jail for what Jennifer did. So I want to know what Irish Sovereigns say on this point.

Further. As the Mens Business Association starts up any man in Ireland who is an associate who kidnaps his children and takes them to places unknown will not be liable to any greater penalty than Jennifer is given in my case. There were no extenuating circumstances in my case. There was no need to kidnap my former children.

We will protect and defend any such associate with the force of arms which means deadly force. So I expect that the remedy given me for the kidnapping and abuse of my former children will be a very significant remedy that will be enough to deter anyone else from doing the same in future, male or female.

Now…since it is obvious that the criminals in the parliament are not willing to provide me with a path to justice out of their delegated responsibilities and paid for by the tax euros of the people of Ireland? It is clear that the sovereign people of Ireland must make proclamation of their own courts and run their own courts which will be, by definition, superior to the commercial courts being run by the criminals in the guvment.

Vince? As you and I would say…it is time to piss in the pot or get off, eh? The so called sovereign men of Ireland can not have it both ways. They can not claim to be sovereign men and able to govern themselves while also claiming that when one of their number commits a crime she can do so with impunity just because she is a woman.

For all those men who have killed themselves in Ireland between the beginning of 2008 and now? Shame on every man who claims to be a sovereign man that my exposure of the criminal activities of the family courts was not listened to earlier. A lot of little Irish boys are growing up without fathers because his father killed himself in divorce these last 4 years.

None of those men needed to die. None of those little boys needed to grow up fatherless. It was only the pervasive man hatred in Ireland that killed those men.

Well Vince? How about it? Are the sovereign men of Ireland going to give me a path to justice as the precedent for all those men behind me?

Or do I need to arrange for the dispensation of summary justice to Jennifer, Joshua and Josephine to happen in such a manner that I at no time commit any crime?

If I do not have the protection of the law and ALL men and women are equal before the law, then Jennifer, Joshua and Josephine do not have the protection of the law. No sovereign man can raise any argument against me dispensing summary justice as I see fit if those sovereign men do not provide me with a community supported path to justice.

Then all the women who have committed crimes against men do not have the protection of the law. Should the sovereign men of Ireland refuse to give me the protection of the law given I have asked for such for more than four years now? The lads of Ireland have every right to take the law into their own hands.

Now is the time for the sovereign men of Ireland to make their decision known.

I await to see how registrations go to CAF Ireland.

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